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A thread like this existed before but I'm afraid it fell deep into the archive, so here is a new one. You can post funny, odd and terrible pictures that you made while playing DST.


Here are some from my collection:

Love this one because it looks like as if the third bunny from the right (not counting the bunny behind the hut) is throwing the small bunny.



My dear Wolfgang managed to trap himself while being sane and of course I mocked him by taking a screenshot and weeks later finding myself trapped in this too while being sane.


Wigfrid is able to fish in carpet. Who would have guessed.



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"Why hello there, JesusGobbler!"



Enchanting corpse in the night on a public server is.. most enchantingly enchanting:



The sand fishing in the Sandstorm was going pretty well that night I must say:



When a wild Wigfrid sister is suddenly running past you from her not-too-beautiful-yet-very-fashionable blind date:



Kamikaze Bird (?!) doing the flip dance in middle air:



A "frozen in the battle of time" family portrait dare I say:



Printscreen best described as "unspeakable eldritch horrors in the night":



"Examine Wet Bug". Not just a bug, but a wet one (also a pretty darn happy-looking bug). Just when you thought you've seen them all:



Have no fear my weary traveler, Bunny Crusader (against meat eaters?) is here:



"Quickly, no time to explain, hop in the pit!"


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"I swear It's not me that get crushed here" 5a9c45d20c0f5_Capturedecran2018-02-01a23_10_03.thumb.png.2f13582a7a7ac6a60c42801b63a78ed3.png


"Feels good comfy night"



Last save before merging this RoG world with my Big SW world. It is now a sanctuary where the 2 sisters lies. (A tombstone took the place)



"Glow in the dark Boof ; during full moon"5a9c4620b84f8_Capturedecran2017-04-29a10_00_08.thumb.png.705390de32c89cd5c69a0a055cde8c3b.png


"Me and my 2 Boof buddies during a cold night"



"Somehow this slurp offended Wendy :'( "



Thats it for now 


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4 hours ago, Szczuku said:


"This is my side. You can't go here."

Ohh come on man! Give some life to your screenshots! It needs to be more flashy with tons of things going on!

There! Way better like this isn't it?


Craazy stuff! 

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this gonna trigger some peoples buuut the best ss i got was definitely from the 2k server



When you have so many wires from the ruin reset





This one is definitely my favourite, one of my friend decided to pass jerky along and release the bunnymen, turning the camp into chaotic, game of tag, i had a stomach cramp from laughing too much.



20180224084918_1.thumb.jpg.6895828f59e47eba52b9ae34dc0c8abd.jpg20180224214114_1.thumb.jpg.e91d2ef13ebd1896a7cbad007d302b03.jpg20180220121008_1.thumb.jpg.159804d246342aa07d35f4535a825b62.jpgi don't know what to caption this with so i just put it here




oh no.

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So many nice and funny pictures! :D 

So, hm, what could I share that is unique for me... oh yes.


This is a road from my base that I filled with my memories.



Each sign marks a death in my solo world. I thought it would fit to Wendy's style... so I noted the time and cause every time I died.

This is the world where I learnt the most of the advanced (or sometimes still basic) technics how to survive in DST, so I died many times in the first 1000 days, mainly to fighting with pigmen, in the ruins or bosses. Funnyly, I still die quite often, usually because of ridiculous reasons, like picking up meat at the bunny farm.

From coop worlds:


Did you know that Dragonfly can hypnotise? It's true! Tho it usually hypnotises itself...



How to train kill your dragon, DST version.



Last but not least:



Well, I forgot what awaits me down here. 


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Okay, let's see what I got.


The girls and I on a night stroll...5a9caa12e4276_ScreenShot2018-03-05at10_22_36AM.thumb.png.00ebaa35eb9e59e1c61e1d4af31a3a76.png

Spooky boys waiting for Wolfgang to join them in the afterlife5a9ce195e1a03_ScreenShot2018-03-05at2_19_02PM.thumb.png.3f153046cde9479fda34b1f46bc4dbae.png

Invasive species hunting the local wildlife

When you introduce friends new to the game and everyone sucks/is screaming222D334E03B13AD6420DFFA6FF5A58AA8F96D6A5

When you tell those same friends to huddle for a cute picture and capture the moment Wilson starves to deathDC5EC7F5F54811E072A9E10FD359768C70EB02C7

When you introduce friends to play the Forge for the first time and you 6 noobs somehow manage to win8C505C719791A30026EF6B7CA56485DC197910C0

Another one since I mentioned The Forge...it was a golden deathless run too (:F3CF97E206BF6AD0F312AE65FCBD42D4026F88F8

Merry Christmas feat. Treeluminati™0D69CE4843D366796EBE32FDA56637BBAB1A5915

Improved aesthetic base (we were growing carrots and corns to craft mod items)A021BACF9DB5F16C75C4053123F9BC2F7B0AC01E

Me and the ladsC23FF8494929AB7EC0A09C6BADB5912D1BF048A3

That is all. <3


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Ironic, or...efficient?  : P

Let's see...I show screenshots here all the time already, but let's see if I can find some specific ones...


From my latest "March of Civilization" chapter--the shaadoooowwws are closing iiiinnnn...!

Never mind that this was actually just a few seconds before dawn.  : P


Walani and the Forest of Stone (aka the picture that inspired me to randomly throw her into an oldschool text adventure...for one chapter.)


BEST DEERCLOPS-DISPOSAL IDEA EVER. (To be fair, none of the actual _creatures_ hit me. Not even once.  All the HP loss was due to cold!)




One of my favourites--from the original "Starvania", I present: Don't Get Rained On Together.


One of my Steam friends nicknamed this:  "My Neighbor Catcoon".  XD  (Cherry Forest mod)


Sharkittens.  On land.  Surewhynot.  (Megarandom/Multilands mod world)


One of my oldest screenshots--this is from vanilla singleplayer!

Come on down to Winona's Tree Emporium!  We got ya big trees.  We got ya little trees.  We gots any kinda tree you wants...as long as it's pine.  (Ish.  Probably more like fir or something.)


An oldie but a goodie:  "And Jesus Cat slept upon the waves, which did glow with a clear radiance like unto the light of Heaven.  And it was Good."


Willow's camp from Sims 3 HEEEEEYYY, how did _this_ get in here...?  ;)

(She's even got a teddy bear!)


One of my all-time favourites:  The Oasis Catcoon! Aka AAWWWWWW....!!!


Another classic that some newer members might not have seen:  AAA!  THE ANTLION IS TRYING TO TAKE OUT THE PIG KING!  IT'S STARVING THRONES!


Last year's Valentine's picture:  "You set my heart on fire!


And we'll end off on Chinese New Year, 2017.  Mind you, these are just selected from the pictures I already had uploaded here.  I have way too many on Steam...


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So I'm not sure this belongs here, but I dont think it deserves a post in itself either. 

Here I introduce you the official DST SLAUGHTERHOUSE! The most efficient, easy and fast way to execute your livestock! Nah thats just for fun ;)

1. Here I use a telelocator focus to teleport the koelefants in the pen. It is optional.



You open the first inside door so only one animal enters the entry hall.


2. here the beast is attracted to the salt lick at the other end of the death corridor. Open the next door so it begins


You need 17 toothtraps on his way so it dies at the very end. You can casually pick up his detached flesh after that.

Excellent for meat stew!




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Actually I wasn't in any real danger, I just took the picture because it looked all DRAMATIC.  Heh.

And I was referring to the touchstone-in-a-graveyard thing from the post before mine as :"efficient", anyway.  Not ME.  I'm never efficient at this game, and I know it.  : P


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That is my solo world so the drop is useless for me. I usually leave him alive and run to an open area when he drops the boulders.

I should have logged off, but I thought it was going to be fine, I literally just walked to the kitchen and back, it took me 10 sec. :( Bad timing I guess.


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