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  1. Lucky. The first time I saw a sack drop, @GetNerfedOn killed the Krampus, picked it up, and mocked me with it for hours. I promptly stole it at the soonest opportunity.
  2. Hear me out: Shipwrecked-related hijinx with Woodlegs and his crew, Walani, Wildeye Weston, and *MAYBE* Wilbur and Warly. The latter disappears later on, and idk Weston dies or something, spoilers.
  3. Plants have feelings too. #GoCarno
  4. I don't, so I can hear anything and everything around me. Although, I never get "ambushed" by hound waves, so I guess it wouldn't hurt. Maybe I should...
  5. I found a showcase of SCP-049 on youtube. It's in Russian.

    Too bad there's a language barrier. I love it nonetheless.

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    2. minespatch


      Congrarts on a mod showcase. ^^


    3. galaxybread


      Your mod is shown by a russian gud fo u

    4. LunarCat


      congrats m80, you deserve cake

  6. Canis' SCP Art Thread

    So instead of my usual cartoon style, I decided to try something new and go a more paint-esque route. Here's more SCP-049.
  7. So I'm SCP trash, and instead of filling my other DS-related art thread with SCP stuff, I decided to throw it here. First off, let me dump all of my "bad" art that I made a hot minute ago. My artstyle and skill has since changed. Now onto actually competent, recent drawings. Here's a doodle of a very simplistic 682. A (botched) Wendy pestering 049. Not a ship, I just thought this'd be a funny situation. Here are some comparison images of SCP-049 and SCP-049-2 in the DS/T mod. Both crappy sprites were made in February, the new 049 sprite was made in August, and the new 049-2 sprite was made in November. I can't believe there was a time where I thought these old sprites were okay. Just did this one today, here's some spooky bois. More 106!
  8. During recent times in @GetNerfedOn and I's misadventures:
  9. May just be sushi, with all the fish-related stuff going on at the moment.
  10. So we feed on holiday cheer? That just sounds like a reverse Freddy Krueger.
  11. Imagine you're in a pub and you see a wendy or something get killed by hounds but instead of a ghost you see their skeleton stand up.
  12. If generators could only be refilled by Winona, for example, that'd remove her sole purpose of a swap character. I'd be such a small change but such a huge and integral one at the same time. You could argue that this game is about cooperation and having each others backs (ie being able to refill the generator when Winona isn't there) but this isn't Dead By Daylight; not everyone should immediately know how to work a generator. (/s, kinda)
  13. Are we not going to talk about the fact that Axelocke just summoned Handsome Jack into existence?
  14. I'm pretty sure y'all just came to the conclusion that Wortox is basically Sans.
  15. Canis' SCP Art Thread

    Do we... even have an 055?
  16. Or has a chance to be questionable anime material and lower your sanity, it's a gamble .
  17. I currently have a "character" mod in the works that's based around managing constantly decreasing max HP, as in it ticks down with time rather than being a penalty for something. I think that's a pretty neat mechanic that could be utilized with magic or some other supernatural aspect, perhaps.
  18. >Not including the quote.