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  1. I run a stock dell inspiron and while that one QoL update in the past really helped my framerate i still get pretty bad spikes and jittery frames every now and then
  2. oh good lord whatever happened to posting biweekly anyways, so sorry, here, have a tierlist to peruse DST CHARACTERS BAKE A CAKE.
  3. having created the Princess Rosalina mod i main it like the simp i am, and constantly look out for bugs and improvements. Apart from that, in normal gameplay QoL mods are fine by me, although in recent times i've been going through solo playthroughs to sharpen my deteriorating skills, because i've grown way to reliant on rollbacks and qol mods
  4. Then again it is important to note that in Wilson's lack of ability the other characters gain even more effectiveness with their special perks and playstyles leaving Wilson with little to nothing to show for himself in any given playthrough. While yes, you don't have to worry about character specific problems like vegetarianism or carnivorism or a faster hugner and sanity drain, you also don't get the potential any other character gets. He can't harvest as quickly as maxwell, slaughter spiders like wendy, traverse the caves like Wortox.
  5. Sorry for the lack of uodates i feel extraordinarily lazy lol but here we are! The three out of seven buds that made it: Further development: A day before bloom: And finally, bloom! Now in forty days i expect them to fully ripen! I especially cant wait for what Ibara's fruit will look outside and inside, and taste like too!
  6. i think i'll make a poll based on this comment if you dont mind edit: several actually
  7. to everyone who says theyre pro hi pro im getnerfedon
  8. no punctuation and continued use of slang in the edit i should note
  9. walter seems to be consistently perceived as weak and i'm curious as to why exactly
  10. tho bear in mind that only 8 people have voted so far and that is just the tippy-top of the iceberg. perhaps things may change with more votes cast anyroad
  11. Yes, precisely that. Solo world would have been a better term, sorry
  12. After seeing another poll regarding character powerlevel i decided to make my own but with different characters and two different settings. As always, vote and discuss in the comments freely!
  13. Ro Bin on a side note most followers get in the way of my placing struxtures so i have that amount of anger for them all equally
  14. does planting seeds on Tilled ground directly as wormwood without hoeing the ground enable the production of giant crops?
  15. I personally have not bought anything ever since i splurged at least PHP500 for the Forge Season 2 skin bundle, save for the occasional backpack skin purchase. Was saving for GoH Wendy but now i;ve woven her, so that takes care of that.
  16. i understand that; however, i should have clarified a bit more with the introduction of RWYS not only did this get removed: but i've also heard people say that the new crops in the RWYS system are: - immune to random summer smoldering - do not wilt due to summer heat anymore having not played for a long time certainly doesnt help
  17. also Mods in Menu compatible and enabled mod characters can be used to play Zardy's Maze the Crow kid minigame
  18. The budding season begins again... Apart from the previously sickly plant finally putting out lots of buds to show, the special dragonfruit I rescued from the trashbin has also began budding, too! Hopefully all these buds survive and grow into full Dragonfruits :)) Also, for ease of reference, I shall proceed to name my dragonfruit: My prized, largest plant which has produced all the flowers in the past: Betsy My second plant which used to be sickly but now produced lots of buds: Maria The special plant which I rescued from trash: Ibara The sick plants above the cr (which are thankfully in recovery now, but still need to be monitored): Wormwood and Wart
  19. thank you for clarifying, although i must note that it did seem very rude especially to people who a.) take things on a serious thread too seriously, b.) do not have context, or c.) both