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  1. two confessions: - i made the Rosalina mod because I had played the existing one on the workshop and felt it was lacking after maining it for like a year. No offense to the mod maker tho, he's awesome even got plenty of skins for his Rosa mod while I haven't yet - my general admiration for rosalina has led to me sometimes going as far as roleplaying as her online (to the dismay of Watermelen), which in turn leads people to thinking I'm a girl when i'm a cis male, which i don't actually mind and find quite funny.
  2. Ban pablo because i've been less active than before ciz ofnhow burnt out i have been to dst
  3. now im getting back into DST gdi but i still got it not even close
  4. does this mean we go back to the start? in that case, 1
  5. Why must you come up with that sort of response instead of a more interesting one?
  6. Ban ShadowDuelist because there's no need to think, the chicken obvs came first
  7. Her abilities vary wildly thanks to spinoffs but basically it boils down to "weirdo on spaceship"
  8. Initial credit to @1bubbainpa: Do not rummage a Walter's Woby without their permission.
  9. Ban aqua for claimung theybdont have one. And ban Zee for ninjaing me.
  10. Isn't there entirely no need to answer the question above you for so long as you just manage to ask a question?
  11. Ban ARF because on the contrary they have, allowing me to pull a Chekhov's Ban
  12. Ban ARF for assuming i was female when i am in fact male
  13. Ban A Raandom Furry because i've been reading SCPs since last year.
  14. Ban A Random furry because i surely double- and triple-checked for memetic cognitohazards before posting my post, therefore nullifying any chance of reading-related strokes.
  15. Isn't Rosalina just a weak nerd living on a spaceship? An what did you say about bugs?
  16. Ban a random furry for having a random furry but themselves get banned whenever someone attempts to ban them
  17. Ban arf because that is hardly an odd reason to ban the person above them.