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  1. I like to think of WX as having HK-47's voice.
  2. after a lousy accident involving attempting to hide a post of mine in the previous and hiding the entire thread instead, imma make a new post with the same forum game. Forgive me for the inconvenience why am i still here? just to suffer? and what is this strange highlighting on my text?
  3. Ooh, thanks for reviving this topic! - Wickerbottom reads stories to the kids every night before they sleep. Webber and Wurt are genuinely interested while Wendy gets bored quickly, bu sticks around just because Webber wants her to.
  4. So, taking inspiration from @Mike23Ua, I've decided to start a thread like this based on the forum wars. Here are the rules: - You may tack in a sentence to the story at a time, and that only. - There must be a gap of at least 3 posts between your posts. - Your sentences must be coherent and must correlate to the sentences and the general plot before them. - Above all else, follow Community Guidelines. - Errant posts shall be dealt with accordingly. The tale begins begins as GetNerfedOn/Rosalina, sitting on a rocking chair on the Terrace of the Comet Observatory/Sanctuary in orbit and waiting for the rest of the residents to return, observes at first with amusement as the Church of Klei and Latter-Day @nome-ists finish their latest Tuesday Bake Sale, then with horror as they are suddenly caught in a brutal bloodbath between the @Canis Italian Mafia and the @reverentsatyr Syndicate.
  5. It's useful as it allows you to access other character's roles and kit, e.g.: - Winona's catapults - Wicker's books - Warly's spices - Wilson's beard when you're in a forest-only world with no other access to beard hair - Wig's helmets - Wig/Wolf's damage if you're playing Wes/Wendy - Wormwood's decorative plants I personally use it to gather metric tons of spice-empowered powder cakes and create tentacle fields.
  6. The Chronicles of Klei - Upheaval

    The Luma urges her Mama to return home and rest as she's been extremely overworked to the point of having to lose a corporeal body once, and Mama agrees reluctantly, urging her daughter to find out the goals of Canis and Reverent.
  7. the only thing i can offer is Wagstaff's quote stating that the day cycle, specifically the sunset, is "conspicuously rapid".
  8. Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?
  9. Ban Fuchsia because their fanpersoning is getting way overboard.
  10. The Chronicles of Klei - Upheaval

    The Luma manages to get away quickly in a great state of fear, desperately wishing to get back to Mama, but at the same ime trying to restrain her fear such that she can gather more information and thus help Mama.
  11. Showcase for tidy bases [3]

    While still work in progress, i managed to clear the Sanctuary's floor of debris.
  12. Since the previous threads got archived, and there haven't been any threads like these for a time, I decided to make a new one because I feel that in the coming days and the new updates we may see more innovative and nice base designs (like seabases for example) and I also feel that the previous threads have lots of good base/megabase/world designs we can all appreciate. Original idea of course goes to the wonderful @disies. My bases aren't so tidy as of now, but here's the general idea: Just a central oasis settlement surrounded by farms. Pretty simple. I'll post more recent photos when i have the time Do feel free to share your base designs too
  13. The Chronicles of Klei - Upheaval

    Anyways, back to the story: Meanwhile, a stray Luma wanders on Earth searching for answers to all the chaos, stopping to rest in a mafia-controlled park.
  14. Canis' SCP Art Thread

    I would like one of my favorite, 4999. Or 2662 XD
  15. Small Details You Like

    the potato cup it's very existence is a blessing
  16. consuming a red cap to complete a skit @Canis and I were doing
  17. GNO's wrath has been provoked.


    My country's poor management of the SEA games is making me angry, but then again, what did i expect from my country? 

    Still, though, it pains and angers me to see such a horrifying travesty done with a budget of 5 billion pesos.

    first, there's this bloody logo:

    What thoughts of sustained, chronic insanity were they thinking? That something which looks like it was done hurriedly on Paint could represent this prestigious event? What does this even represent?

    Next, they waste 50 million pesos on this stupid cauldron.

    Image result for cauldron

    And now reports are coming in on various mismanagements regarding the event itself:

    Athletes of different teams not being provided enough food and even having had to wait many infuriating hours for transports, only to be taken to the wrong hotel, and being stuck in the infamous Manila traffic jams too. The list goes on.


    There's this too.

    Image result for sea games welcome banner

    Seriously? This kind of advertising? With a budget of 5 billion pesos?

    This display of mediocrity and poor hospitality shall forever leave shame and dishonor on our Inang Bayan and washes away the good hospitality and sense we Filipinos are supposed to be renowned for.

    I'm sick and tired of trying to love a country so bent upon its' own denigration, with masses of both leaders and citizens alike contributing to the mess.


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    2. minespatch


      They use pesos as a currency there???

    3. GetNerfedOn


      We use Philippine pesos, as a side effect of being a Spanish colony in the years from 1500-1800. Aside from our national language and culture being heavily influenced by spanish.

    4. minespatch


      Ah, news to me. I didn't know the currency. Thanks,

  18. As far as i see, there are still "OCEAN_SILHOUETTE" strings in the character speech files which denote a large, aggressive creature. Let's hope it gets implemented.
  19. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    i legit forgot that, having played a NErfed Wicker Rosalina too much who could sleep instead of Wicker herself; TL updated for your convenience. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  20. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Next up: How characters deal with traffic jams!
  21. Wx's referencing Real Steel has me in stitches.
  22. Silly Tier lists

    Next up: How characters deal with traffic jams!
  23. In the vein of Smash Tier Lists Which Absolutely Make Sense, this is a thread dedicated to the wackiest tierlists possible. Tier lists are generally too serious as i have seen; let's lighten 'em up, shall we?? Lemme start with: HOW CHARACTERS EAT NOODLES! I shall update this post to the best of my ability every week or two, so stay tuned! I'll also post my lists in the Memes thread If you wish to, leave your own tier lists in the comments!
  24. Why did Johnny Joestar have to die as he did?
  25. Ban NormalPinkerton for finally having broken his limit and gine where I have gone, which is to ban themselves.