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  1. That's the point of a poll though. You take a sample size to represent the whole because polling the entire population in this instance is impractical. While your point of delimitations is valid, I believe that my polls results do represent the target population reasonably well. However, if you wanted to objectively disprove my claim or make a mirror poll on other sites i would glady welcome that.
  2. Yesss thankfully we cant make a delectable frozen treat using an easily killed eldritch horror's disembodied eyeball for the purpose that would be broken
  3. You merely adopted the dragonfruit. I was born by it, molded by it. I am thirty y days to harvest dragonfruit in real. And this time i will actually make pie out of it.
  4. While I was [[LAUGHING IN CUTLASS SUPREME MAIN]] I had a serious thought What if DST introduced its own variant of the Cutlass Supreme through the Rockjaw?
  5. I most certainly going to change my name into The Loathsome Dung Eater and enter pubs as Wormwood when my hectic college schedule allows. Fear me.
  6. It looks absolutely beautiful and horrifying in a way that reminds me of lviathans from Subnautica. Ah, what could have been, and what could be...
  7. On another note: - Shipwrecked doesnt have much for me to go on aside from "who made the volcano altar of snackrifice and does it have a morbid secret tied to actual human sacrifice" - Hamlet lore as a whole has so many loose ends and unanswered questions. Hamlet ruins, who made them, why hamlet pigs are more sophisticated in Hamlet, is the Ancient Herald and Aporkalypse and the Living Water connected to main Them lore in any shape or form, who made the iron hulk, who used to live in the BFB nest house to name a few questions i have off the top of my head - also, the OCEANSILHOUETTE lines for each character present in early Turn of Tides updates which implied, well, a massive ocean silhouette and therefore boss fight.
  8. - maxwell red bird quote implicating the fire lands - woodie lore - how do shipwrecked and hamlet connect to the constant as a whole? - despite their return we stull cannot fully comprehend Them - the archives sealed portal and the rest of the decorations which provide no current lore significance despite them ostensibly being a massive lore dump
  9. Oof, that's a roadblock... I hope you find a workaround of sorts, otherwise you gotta grind for those EVs... but only if you want those EVs, ahaha so much systems in Pokemon are hidden
  10. Glad i was able to aid you on your journey hopefully the next one bears more fruit.
  11. Speaking of changes of heart, im tempted to swap Zoroark with Honchkrow, but ive used the former more than the latter
  12. Spoiler

    so they really are voting the dictator into power.

    i'm so sick of this all.

    research in the end is a futile attempt. nobody gives a rat's ass about it here.

    that will extend to my polls on this forum. i am done wasting my time on fruitless pursuits and convincing myself of their nonexistent value.


    1. Waoling


      Is everything okay? I don't follow politics much what happening in your country?

    2. SecretPizzaMan


      That all sounds horrible. I wish for you the best in the coming years. 


    3. minespatch


      Stay safe, compeer.

  13. The day of reckoning arrives. 

    May goodness and justice prevail, for a brighter tomorrow. 

    1. minespatch


      You alright? :wilson_shocked:

    2. GetNerfedOn





      i feel ill.

      all this madness and stupidity is too much to take

      plus i only had two hours of sleep and had to walk back home

      crashed, feeling groggy


    3. SecretPizzaMan


      Oh damn. 

      There's been a lot of political turmoil in pakistan too this last month as well.

  14. I think that while the eyebrella is a good item and should be given to the person who needs it most, preparing protective gear for everyone per season is best and most courteous.
  15. Remember my joke suggestion during april fools, in the DST kart update? Accelerondo? The song that gave speed to everyone around her for a time? Yeah i want that
  16. believe me i have suffered as you have, too - 20 choices per poll *question - no input options for (Other) choices, or convenient drag downs, or even an option where you can write an essay to kingdom come as a choice - no limit for choices for a respondent, it's all or one lmao - oh right speaking of, no in depth results data analysis save for the bar graph you have to get all the numbers and work from there (which is also why i don't take my polls too seriously lmao) rest now brave loop, you have truly done God's work here
  17. you have officially performed a feat not even i can dare commit, in the name of data. For that I say bravo! Take the crown from my unworthy hands O maestro, you are the true paragon of polls now.
  18. "Wagstaff... Do you think love could bloom on the battlefield?"