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  1. hello i dont know if anybody report this bug before me or not. but i thought its better to do it, just in case. i was playing in a public game (beta). and when night arrive, it wasnt dark. i could see anything and charlie attack me. plus in winter there was no season color filter. it was like fall season.
  2. anybody know is there any chance that we be Able to wave gorge items... ?
  3. hello i have a problem with a specific part of the cave. most of the times (60% 70%) when i go to this part. i see game generate it like this. make it very hard to go across the path which you have to face an army of spiders ty
  4. can you plz tell me with what mods/tools you made this? thx
  5. why you can buy forge skins but not gorge... i want that glowing cane
  6. i play on this one just for fun.... ingor mods plz