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      Klei Entertainment support staff will be out of the office from December 24th and will return on January 2nd in observance of Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukah, Krampusnacht, Holiday, Newtonmas and/or Festivus. During this time; support staff, development, janitorial staff and animal handlers will not be in the office and will instead be in their homes or somebody else's home, doing whatever it is we do when we aren't in the office at this time of the year. Some of us will be around on and off and we will be monitoring servers, tickets and forums to make sure nothing explodes; but we will not be running at full capacity until we return on the 2nd. We have put together some information about our most common issues that should help you. And here you can find a list of resolutions to our most common issues on our support site: https://kleisupport.desk.com/customer/portal/articles/1398961 You can also find a resolution to most tech support related issues or general questions on our forums: http://forums.kleientertainment.com or on the support site at http://support.kleientertainment.com. Generally an answer to most every question you might have can be found in both the support site and forums. If you do not find the help you need on the forums or on our top issues list, send us a ticket on the support site. We will prioritize issues that require immediate attention, so if your issue isn't time sensitive it will take a little longer before we get to it but we might be in the middle of an argument with our Nana that we really do like the the set of fuchsia towels she gave us last year. We just keep them buried deep in the back bathroom closet because they are so nice we don't want anybody to mess them up. Thanks for your patience during this time. Happy whatever holiday you do or do not celebrate sometime around this time of the year. -Klei Entertainment-


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  1. In my save file repairpigs are spawning an absurd amount of hammers. I don't know exactly how does it happen.
  2. i've tried this but it doesn't work for me... tbh this bug is such a fun killer...
  3. it's a known issue by now
  4. Hamlet Aporkalypse

    its not moving
  5. Screenshot showcase

    day one no exploits xD
  6. Hamlet Aporkalypse

    xD im on day 82.. .already postponed once.. when i returned to the calendar was bugged..
  7. doesnt work for me besides... "relogging 10 times" shouldn't be the way of solving this issue..this needs a proper fix
  8. Hamlet Aporkalypse

    im not in the aporkalypse... im trying to prevent it
  9. tbh this is over for me playing hamlet for now... i dont have any idea what to do at this point.. im on day 82 and i dont see how i am gonna be able to use the calendar effectively if this is bugged like that... we need a fix ASAP... tbh i've seen tons of people with this issue already... even people on consoles are having this issue... it's not like it's a casual occurrence @Jason pls.. T_T besides.. it's not only visual.. i tested returning back to town and the villagers told me the aporkalypse was coming after just returning from there
  10. Aporkalypse Calender stuck.

    same here my save file for testing save.rar
  11. same here but on pc... it seems to be as buggy or even worse than the volcano is shipwrekced... the problem is the aporkalypse can end you run while the volcano is just annoying :/
  12. my aporkalypse calendar is bugged... can't move buttons... after relogging only the middle sphere moves... the calendar is seriously malfunctioning today I was watching on twitch a person with the same problem...