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  1. been wanting this for ages!! I would be so cool and colorful!!!
  2. the first step into getting your world fixed should be to check your mods and then see what the problem might be... also report to the Bug Tracker section where people can actually take a look at your specific problem
  3. That chest looks amazing!!! And finally made it for the drops!!
  4. I would prefer a rework on food recipes in general. Some really need some love
  5. After a couple of tests I was able to make the change to endless but not survival... dunno maybe there is something in there that allows much more easily to change to endless instead of survival coming from wilderness? weird... but hey!! ty so much! at least I get to focus on base building
  6. I tried this but it didn't work yeap I did that but when I relog the game is still in wilderness
  7. I didn't realized I created a world in Wilderness for a basebuilding run. So wondering if there was a change to fix it otherwise i might have to restart the run.
  8. I agree with reverting the nerf to the marble farming cuz it takes a lot of time and effort but I don't think the changes to the marble armor need to happen cuz in the end marble suit is not utilized as much. Increasing marble drop rate won't really break the game even with existing marble suit recipe. It would just make the decoration aspect for marble structures much more rewarding and fun this is a great idea! but then keeping the current drop rate
  9. afk streaming doesn't work if the person is not listening. mute afk "lurk" doesn't count for views, even the trick of muting the tab instead of the stream doesn't work either. I've tested this.. unless a person has a dedicated computer or device they use to get their drops and watch a small streamer in another (which to be completely honest seems unrealistic to me since it's just a lot of work for a commitment to a small streamer) the new system is just made to consolidate viewership on some people. that obvs can be bad for people that really just milk the system but it will disproportionately affect newcomers to the system the most. the new system just makes really hard for a small streamer to get into the community. the reality is that the drops significantly boost viewership and being automatically out of the system will make your growth much much difficult.
  10. this is probs just gonna kill small people trying to get into DST cuz noone is gonna watch a 2 viewers person that doesn't have drops... that's just the reality of things