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  1. yes ty ik what that means BUT they also said the Varglets should appear after a year and they showed up at day 34 and in general it seems like the number of dogs increased in new worlds which I don't think it's intentional.
  2. @ScottHansen dunno but I'm getting kinda a lot of hounds in new games - 2nd wave we got 10+ when playing total of 2 players... ?? (doesn't seem to be reduced to me) - and on day 34 I got Varglets! Probs something to revise more pls!! specially the Varglets on day 34 was a bit much
  3. Great idea. Thanks for sharing it! On the same spirit, I would add some suggestions of my own: - Merge Food and Cooking in one tab to avoid confusion. This would free a new space for another category. - Allow to move items up and down freely in the favorite tab.
  4. I'm not telling you not to use any mods to make the your experience better nor am I judging u in any way. As you have your opinion, I'm telling you my experience so far. it has been positive even if a bit confusing at the beginning, I personally find it much better moving forward for mods that add different structures to the game and also for the game itself adding more items in the future. Do what you feel it makes te experience better for you. "Your game, your rules" but by the same token we all have different opinions that are valid. This is a game to have fun. Not a religion with a set of hard rules.
  5. I personally find the tabs useful and intuitive and ofc some elements will be double cuz they belong in both. Besides we also got a search bar if u are looking for something concrete. Just give it a bit of time to get used to a new system. Change can be hard sometimes but this is a step in the right direction to avoid bloated endless scrolling. Also more open for mods as well to include their items in the different categories.
  6. It seems to be the best way to go forward. Thanks for giving some extra inside on the matter. Now with that cleared I hope we can all move on and let the devs focus on more pressing matters.
  7. Ohhhh I see. Thanks. Well they aren't highlighting them tbh. some words need to used to refer to the mod this change is affecting and mentioning which mod vs giving a shoutout is a big of a stretch.
  8. I also think the new crafting station is fine. In fact is really cool specially the favorite bar. Only things I would suggest are just having one food and cooking tab to avoid confusion and allow us to move the order of favorites up and down at will. Rn to that you pretty much have to delete them and do it all again in the order u want it.
  9. check for the mod number shown in the log the mod number is 343753877 that's the one causing the error
  10. haven't been this excited over an update for quite some time! so many cool changes ps. yes I'm alive
  11. we need this now!! I mean we have been asking for this for a while now.. AG needs some urgent love!
  12. I have my own opinion on Walter... but all these other changes aren't for sure intentional.... I expect they will hit the backstep watch soon :P