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  1. just let people express their opinions. I think the devs can determine if they want to change it or not. Telling people to "shut up" is not the point of the forums.
  2. ok this is probs the closest to my irl dnd sessions lol... now online
  3. minespaaaattchhh.... pls make a dnd version with some dice in there pls? that would fit too lol
  4. Omg I love him already.. I love his abilities and he also has a doggo?! Damn devs that's awesome.
  5. finally a decent range character... about time! xD
  6. as a graveyard keeper player.... I see no problem with it... but alas... so many people can't think of a nuanced take on things.... maybe add an option for "I don't care"? It's a videogame not real life... can't agree more... tbh I hope the devs move from working so much on cute cosmetics to more groundbreaking content... and yes... I'm still alive... just lurk mode activated :P
  7. i think that most people prefer Klei focusing on fixing the good old characters ... I mean Abi and Wilson need a bit of love. and as we vets kinda know already this is just a bit of info à la Klei with few specifics. what I'm mostly excited about is LOOOOOOREEEE lol....