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  1. actually I've mentioned this a couple of times lol. Specially when Walter appeared (DM) and then with Wigfrid's rework (Bard)
  2. As per usual. No point you do can be made without a ton of extra UNNECESSARY sarcasm. As a person that once was on that side of the spectrum, let me tell you. It gets old very fast. the difference between those and the mod ones isnn't really the size itself BUT the extra dramatic ornaments. DST aesthetics when it comes to weapons, they follow a CLEAR streamlined concept. Both those reskins aren't FULL of bunch of extra leaves, extra mini bats on the hilt, etc. If they are big then they go for slick. If what that mod offers is your jam when it comes to aesthetics then that's all ok, but looking at all the weapons so far I don't think the concept is to turn DST characters carrying all oversized, hyper adorned weapons as in most JRPGs and therefore I don't see them getting any time soon as part of the vanilla experience.
  3. I don't think any of these weapons really fit DST's aethetics. They look like typical anime oversized extra dramatic weapons. Don't get me wrong they are very pretty but they won't blend very well with most of the current designs.
  4. Soliloquy need a bit extra duration tbh... and I'm so damn confused as to why do we need the Fireproof Falsetto UNLESS there are more fire based bosses coming... I see really no worthwhile use for this
  5. Imma rob this idea ehhmmm I mean.... I feel very inspired by this
  6. Any idea if the animation bug when her feet are misplaced is getting fixed too?
  7. Damn never expected Wigfrid's vid to be packed with so much lore. Really cool!
  8. Aw... That was very cute and I felt like the dialogue came from a very honest place.
  9. Super excited about the new performance abilities .... DST is getting more and more like a DnD fantasy lol.... we got the Bard now :P
  10. Normalmente las personas que entran no necesitan instalar los mods porque el "host" es el que proporciona la base en la que corre el servidor. El otro mod es Admin Scoreboard
  11. Hola. Parece que no puedes hacer cambios porque no estás como administrador y en ese caso necesitas haber jugado por lo menos 20 días para poder proponer un voto en servidores públicos. Algunos mods que pueden ayudar si tu creas el mundo y "hosteas" son: Camp Security y Admin Noticeboard. Esos mods ayudan a controlar quien está troleando. Puedes quitarles el inventario, darles la patada y bloquear. No es algo que quieras hacer o abusar pero es necesario para asegurar que la demás gente pueda seguir jugando en paz. En todo caso, también puedes usar c_rollback()
  12. oh I see... yeap... but if you compare them from the angle some of the shading got engulfed as well due to the darkness of the outline... the border is so dark and the middle shade is so light there isn't that much volume and dimension as a result. I think the old texture simply looks more realistic.