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  1. Imo DST is all about preparation. I always build a mini base in the lichen zone with at least a chest, a croc pot and a fridge. It's super cheap in mats and useful. So in that scenario u describe to me is such a non issue having a portable croc pot tbh. And having one as Wolfgang would be simply absolutely broken, cuz u are gonna offset the only thing that makes Wolfgang sorta vulnerable. If you want to turn your game ez game then go ahead and download a mod for portable croc pot in dst, but I'm 100% sure the devs are not gonna officially introduce it in dst for the sake of balance.
  2. ? Tbh I don't get that idea of a portable croc pot being so important... The mats for croc pots, are very easy and you can simply precraft and place them later...
  3. [Game Update] - 307715

    Can we expect a revision for SW characters too? I think Woodlegs and Walani need a bit of love when not in SW
  4. the devs mentioned in reddit that their focus is not to nerf but to give a unique experience with each character..
  5. still waiting for the Día de los muertos event... one can dream
  6. I really adore the base for the character rework... It's what I always wanted... Less focus on an artificial scale of perfect balance between characters (which is boring and unrealistic imo) and more like giving a unique gameplay experience for each character... Ty so much devs Ty for listening... And doing something about it...
  7. Suggestion for Royal Crown

    U can kill the Womant by day 2 btw... I would love if the devs could buff her instead
  8. Creating a translation using the PO Format

    @Bigfoot I'm superconfused rn with the "correct" file I should use to translate Hamlet.. Sometime ago we used to take the file in the latest dlc folder before C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\dont_starve\data\DLC0003\scripts\languages/strings.pot can u pls clarify which one is the correct one??
  9. In every event u can weave the skins from the past iteration of the same event... For instance winters feast, forge, etc... I don't mean to get them as drops but that u can weave them during the new Chinese year event. Anyways... To much said on the topic... I hope the devs allow us to weave them during the year of the pig event, I've seen other people too who missed the event like myself and it might be nice to be able to weave them. This also applies to the portrait icons and backgrounds, emoticons etc Actually I did ask u what u meant.. And u answered that doggo could mean anything... When I clearly said doggo helmet ... Sooo... whatever
  10. Viktor said this... I think it's pretty clear what he said... He is either confused about what a doggo or a helmet means imo.. Anyways... Dunno why sometimes people cannot just admit they didn't understand something..
  11. there are only three football helmet skins... I think it's pretty ez to tell which one is the doggo one xD
  12. ??? I said doggo helmet... as in dog helmet skin for football helmet... what are you talking about dude??
  13. My own DST Character!

    LOL... Now everything is a flex apparently xD
  14. Hmmm. Are the devs gonna enable the year of the dog skins to be available again for the year of the pig event? I've been waiting for so long to get my doggo helmet... Feelsbadman
  15. My own DST Character!

    as I said on stream.. I like the aesthetic of the mod... it looks polished and it also has all the emotes anims which shows a lot of love and commitment .. but i think it needs some balance tweeking cuz it has a lot of advantages and very small disadvantages IMO... tbh it needs like a clear story.. IMO having both speed and dmg it's more like 2 characters in one... but that's my opinion... congrats ... it's a very pretty character