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  1. i think that most people prefer Klei focusing on fixing the good old characters ... I mean Abi and Wilson need a bit of love. and as we vets kinda know already this is just a bit of info à la Klei with few specifics. what I'm mostly excited about is LOOOOOOREEEE lol....
  2. Wendy rework comfirmed? I mean that house. It has to be Wendy.
  3. tbh i think OP has very good points and I don't get all this flare cuz OP was a bit sarcastic at the end. We all know that some items need a bit of love and bashing someone that took a lot of time trying to analyze some underused items is a bit undeserved. It's just an opinion and we all have our own. OP has the right to express his points and I agree with some of the ideas. If you disagree just point out the things you find different in your experience in a precise and non condescending way. I've learned the hard way that being an ass proving a point doesn't take you anywhere.
  4. Happy new year guys. Let's hope for lots of growth and cool new bosses for this year.
  5. Darkest Dungeon vibes... I approve
  6. sweet winter time.. so excited Gingy's torture scenes... *shivers* way too real
  7. Count to 200 without interruption

    treinta y nueve rosas negras
  8. Best Wes skin [POLL]

    not popular choice.. but I really like the Verdant... it's so cute
  9. Best Winona skin? [POLL]

    why pick something else other than perfection? xD
  10. ty so much @Instant-Noodles really handy to have all the anims and new skins updates in an organized format
  11. Re-Gorge-itated mod

    Wow u guys this is awesome. Pls keep me post it
  12. [Game Update] - 371739

    This.... Exactly this