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  1. Wicker's Age?

    I don't think Wicker is older than 60.. She doesn't have gray hair and her posture doesn't indicate she is older than that. Besides, there aren't made librarians working after turning 60.
  2. I'd think they necessarily need to team up.. but if I play as one or the other... I like some company in case of large amounts of tree guards or nightmare creatures, specially considering Woodie is not heat/cold/wetness resistant and has no armor in Werebeaver form.
  3. exactly... I don't rely on them... but they have their value and just saying they are useless outright it's just not true imo. ofc they are situational... but they prove their value specially in the caves cuz they don't require extra space in your inventory if you have one precrafted.
  4. hmm.. pls read the thread's title
  5. picking them up doesn't have any impact on how fast they are "chopping" them.
  6. stumps decay over time anyways... only with the exception of birchnut trees.
  7. I'm sorry, but this is just a bit.. weird.. to say the least.. what does saying tents are actually something good have anything to do with people that starve to death using a tent? IMO that it's just very unlikely to happen and u are inventing scenerios that are just so unrealistic. In the imagination many things can happen.. I guess. It is not your calling trying "to steer people away from" anything. This game is about experiencing things by yourself, but u are just trying to completely deny other people's experiences. Besides, how can u compare tents with camping near beefalo at all? Anyways-- this is my last post directed to u, cuz from I can see, you feel this is a crusade for a "holy" cause instead of a discussion.
  8. Best way to find Ruins?

    there are fissures in the lichen area, but not everywhere.. u can still have a good spot to have a mini base there with no fissures at all. Plus, it's always nice to be around the lichen for filler since they are veggies too Besides, lightbulb area is technically not the "natural light" area... They are usually the green areas (also where the bunnymen are) when u can actually have bee boxes and farms ,etc.
  9. "missinformation" dude.. what missinfomation is that using tents is a good strat. This attitude of "Ik it all" it's just extremely irritating and I can assure u many people do use tents, as many people here have said so. How recommending tents to people is gonna get them killed or making them do more mistakes? are we talking about the same topic here? or are u just blowing this issue out of proportion for the sake of traying so ahrd to prove u are more versed in DST's core mechanics?.. Please stay in topic and leave your negative attitude and insulting comments.. and if you can't then just "move on" as the devs said before.
  10. Best way to find Ruins?

    the lichen area (start of the ruins area) can be easily found if you border the big swamp area with lightbulbs. If u find the blue mushroom area, there is usually a path that connects to the lightbulbs biome. This is a recurrent world gen pattern, but it's not 100% guaranteed all the time. Ruins in DST are on the same "floor" as the normal caves, just way farther back pass the lichen area. I recommend u make a mini base in the lichen area with a meat effigy, amulet, croc pot, fridge and tent in case u need to make a pause to explore and can recover in case of things going wrong. Also craft if possible moogles asap, they are amazing items for ruins exploration. I hope this helps
  11. Judging from what I've seen in the comments of this thread, no wonder many people here have to play alone all the time. Geez. How about a lil tolerance and making a point without attacking personally your interlocutors? Or showing there is "the way, the only way" of doing things in the game. Cuz, sorry, there is isn't. That's the beauty of DST. U can solve problems differently every time.
  12. dude... that's not at all true... I'm not refusing anything... I'm just saying we shouldn't trivialize the benefits of sleeping in the game. if u have a 8 croc pot set up, it's just fundamentally false it takes u more time to make 8 regular food + sleep, than the time u need to spend gathering cacti + cooking it (specially when u cannot cook in bulk), cooking Taffy, etc. moreover, u need to manage the inventory space for extra items. the only thing I'm trying to say is u shouldn't undermine sleeping as a downside cuz it is in fact something useful.
  13. xD I'm not assuming anything.. u said sleeping it's not important.. and not that useful and I disagree. Ik the many ways u can recover sanity and health.. but as I mentioned before.. and as u actually forgot to mention in your reply.. all this implies u need more inventory space... while u can just have a bunch of meatballs and a sleeping tent precrafted and have a sanity-health recovery pause in your ruins exploration with the same food u use for hunger. one inventory space. while Wicker needs at least other extra slot/s for having other food or in bundling wraps. again.. u do seem to undermine how good sleep can be cuz u don't do it.. but don't just negate basic good core mechanics that any "moderately skilled player" knows and uses. and I don't think being insane all the time should be a must late game strat for nightmare fuel. As a matter of fact, I consider this strat noob late game, when u can farm splumonkeys for that and more. No need to waste time killing one shadow creature at the time when u can have tons of that at the end of one single nightmare phase + food + poop + hair. and if u wanna meme that phrase.. go ahead... xD.. idc people trying to prove a point when tents are no doubt useful craftables for health and sanity restoratiion. Besides.. for all the other items Wicker needs to use to restore health and sanity, she actually needs to spend more time gathering all those resources, while normal food and tends are way more convinient for the same result. U seem to count only times she spends on the surface.. but also in the caves tents are a really nice thing to have. and by killing some spiders for meat + lichen + sleep u can really get things done, while she needs to bring extra resouces or have a considerably large bunnymen/pig farm for jerkey or other items like honey, etc. It's more time in the kitchen, less time exploring.. and that's a fact. and I used "meatballs" as an example of a the most basic food recipe that combined with sleep has an amazing result. But talking about "asumming" u think this is the only recipe ik... xD.. who is assuming now?
  14. dude... sleeping means not ONLY sanity.. it's also health restoration... ik how the game works (1500+ hours here).. but having extra ways to restore both sanity and health while sleeping it's actually super good... if u don't utilize it.. that's just decision.. but don't undermine the immense power sleeping has in the game. cuz with wicker u need extra ways and extra inventory slots in your inventory what a sleeping tends and a bunch of meatballs can do for the rest of the characters.