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      This week on the Rhymes with Play Dev Cast, join us as we play, discuss, and answer questions about the incoming Outbreak Upgrade for Oxygen Not Included! As always, the live stream will be going live Thursday (August 24) at 3:30 PM Pacific / 10:30 PM UTC. Outbreak Upgrade is coming to Oxygen Not Included August 24th, 2017. More information: https://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/81341-upgrade-imminent/ Where is it? 
      On our official Twitch Channel: https://www.twitch.tv/kleientertainment When is it?
      Twitch Stream Date: August 24, 2017
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  1. the incompatibility @Mobbstar is talking about is related to a different game entirely, ergo DS vs DST.
  2. my status badge in the forums says I'm an "Alpha Contributor" but I can't get access to the OnI Alchemy Engine skin. I'm confused :/
  3. I agree with you mostly but on this point: Wickerbottom is not "too powerful," she is useful IMO. Every character has his advantages and disadvantages and I don't see why Wicker needs to change. Not sleeping is already a big pain in the a**, specially if you are playing in a small group of people. And the stale food penalty can screw you big time as well. WX has his overcharge and upgrading, Maxwell has his minions, Wolfgang has his mightyness, Wigfrid has... everything.. lol... etc, etc Willow and Woodie on the other hand need a serious buff. It makes little sense the HUGE nerf they got in DST. Willow could be the Dragonfly specialist, now she is reduced to an annoyingly weak character that can't even resist the normal heat dmg. Same goes with Woodie with cold resistance and his miserable DMG in Beaver form while his sanity drain like crazy. And that's why the topic "rebalance" is such a delicate matter. The Willow and Woodie cases prove that a change can make a character boring as in the case of these two. Ik there are some Willow and Woodie's mains here and I'm not saying this as a critic on your character's choice, but on the note that most people find these two particularly tedious.
  4. Looking for Someone to play with

    I added you on Steam Where do you live? I live in Europe
  5. Looking for 1 or 2 goodfellas!

    HI gonna add you as friend.. I live in Europe too.. I couldn't find your profile. Is it private?
  6. Hi guys Just looking for nice and cooperative people to play with. If you live in Europe and speak English or Spanish, please answer here or contact me directly
  7. Shipwrecked en Español

    acá te explico cómo
  8. for having OnI, I guess?
  9. these were supposed to be added in a mod code
  10. Aquí lo tienen... Y me había olvidado ponrlo por acá Por fa comentenme cómo quedo gracuas
  11. ya lo hice... pero me olvide ponerlo aquí gracias yl lo siento por la cosa del audio mezclado
  12. Si eres nuevo en el juego y no habías hecho el Puzzle de Cyclum, este es el video para tí Todo está explicado en Español y hecho con mucha dedicación Me quedó con un pequeño error al inicio cuando se filtró una voz al inicio.. .sorry! En todo caso, espero que te guste mi video
  13. You finally did it!
  14. Happy anniversary guys! It seems like April is a release month for you, isn't it?? DS was released in April too