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  1. Gonna be so sad if they don't include the hunchback.
  2. Implies she might come from the gorge as a transformed goat.
  3. This.... Exactly this
  4. so.... weird flex for people bying stuff they only can use? is this the EA forums? NO TY @ImDaMisterL
  5. Count to 200 without interruption

  6. @Instant-Noodles could you pls break down how weekly drops are awarded? how much game time,etc? I think I have a mod affecting drops cuz I played 3 hours yesterday and got only one weekly .... I'm a bit confused
  7. Woodlegs in DST

    Omg... This thread is getting a bit silly... Stay on topic or move to wilba thread. This is just dumb now.
  8. Birds dropping flint

    Working as intended.
  9. Screenshot showcase

    Stuff of nightmares.... MonkaS
  10. Ban link cuz he can't read _________________________ Ban GetNerfedOn because I like hot chocolate.
  11. Ban GetNerfedOn cuz birds are singing outside.