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  1. ty ---------------------------------------- hi @JoeW Dunno if someone has reported this but it seems like some skins aren't getting registered as owned in the Klei rewards page. I own all these skins and yet there are showing up as redeamable: - Knitted Puppy Hat - Cherub's Heart - Stolen Heart - Staked Heart - Clucky Winter Hat - Daggered Heart - Pig King Hat
  2. how is calling a person ignorant something positive? Having more knowledge on a thing doesn't give people entitlement to be a jerk.
  3. couldn't agree more with this! if skins are partner only this will crush upcoming streamers in the community
  4. OMG!!!! this update MIGHT bring me back :P I think the issue is that the measure is called Griefer Spawn not really anti-griefer which is what I particularly wanted meaning preventing a Griefer from.... well griefing your base. I hope that comes into place at some point cuz that is the bulk of people complaining in public servers also, I think public servers should be on Endless. that would make things much more amicable when people new to the game die.
  5. aw. that's such a wholesome gift! I love when people do presents for the people they love!
  6. can a mod pls move this thread to suggestions and feedback
  7. I've commented on this already on the forums and this is the first problem I had so far with the drops. I've watched pretty much non stop (ty covid) and even though my account is linked I don't seem to get the drop no matter how much I watch. I've reported this pretty soon on the forums and yet I have seen no response. I've waited sooo long for this and now this is not happening. This is getting really frustrating not getting any response. my twitch Added On Oct 05, 2018
  8. I didn't. that's the issue. I never received the drop the first time cuz I missed the last hour or so of the drops while I was kinda busy and distracted. this is def not the case. went over my whole history and the eyebrella was not there!
  9. @JoeW Sorry for the tag BUT I've been watching for longer than 6 hours and no eyebrella skin!
  10. any chance we can check the accumulated watched time for the drops? By my calculations I should have the umbrella skin already but I don't...
  11. ty so much devs. this is amazing! so happy I'm finally gonna get a chance to get my eyebrella skin! yay!