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  1. i think you can get 20 shroom skin with one seconstruction staff (5 use) for cost of 2 gem. but finding 2 green gem is not as hard as getting 20 shroom skin.considering how many gem you can find in a world, you really don't need to kill Toadstool again at all. dont forget that dragonfly can drop 1-2 green gem too.
  2. hi. by reading the title you probably know what i'm about to say.i'm pretty sure other people mention this (glitch?) before. but since game is getting update recently its not a bad idea to do it again. as you know you can farm 2 of the most important boss items: "scales " and "shroom skin " by simply using "seconstruction staff " on "napsack " and "scaled flooring " as long as you have green gem. for people who don't know how exacly: but doesn't an item like mushroom lights supposed to be represents of hard work and rarity? i mean was this mechanic intended to be? or its just a non fixed glitch? personally don't think its fair. and it need some tweak. which developers usually not doing it with old update related stuff. :/ sry for bad english
  3. if you're host and dont want anyone join you. set a password.
  4. hi again since when you host a game with cave there is 2 server running and you have lag even in offline mode. i wanted to ask, make a "only cave" option for host. that would be nice for we potato pc people or if its possible, make an in game toggle option to turn off cave or surface. like when nobody is on them, you just turn it off and get rid of overload .
  5. i think faster or predictting or a totally unique hunt + tame other creatures like varg and goat is not a fighter thing. its a totally new character.
  6. about the that some saying new items are not good because of "Picked and dropped". what if some of her items could be used just by herself?. like, when other players want to pick her advanced spear they say: an experienced fighter can use it, not me or about saddle too. give her a saddle that just herself can ride with it.
  7. Falling Into Water

    is it bug or its really a thing? i was running and hit this corner. then screen goes black, i drop all of my items and something like waking up with 100 wetness. Edit: looks like i lost 50 max hp too
  8. On nitre

    i usually lure bearger to petrified trees area. one aoe hit, and there you go.
  9. 1- im not sure when exacly. but i remember there was no cave 2- i read the forum in 2013 but make a acc in 2014 3- download some mods (wasn't buy the game yet) 4- one of my friends keep telling me to try the game. and i rly didnt want to. glad i listen to him 5- i was playing sand box for a long time. it wasnt very hard for me.
  10. Criteria for good world gen?

    i like small peninsula (sometime it happen, but its very very rare). and narrow paths that surrounded with water, or may be rocks like a valley that lead you to somewhere bigger.
  11. its my dream to have a home in dst. especially when its raining. but not exacly like hamlet. i prefer to do it like a project, set the base and keep adding resources.like 1k logs and 500 stone. something like that
  12. -so how life going on me: