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  1. Sad day for her majesty.
  2. casually posing infront of Woodie's dad.
  3. They finally arrived. Yay! For now without Willow due to financial issues but I will order her soon as well. They are so cool and I love the details. Wilson has a backpack with the Eyebone looking out. and little Chester is adorable
  4. TIL, frozen bats look hilarious
  5. Aww. The free skin is amazing. Thank you Klei. Also really love the new vignettes.. Well done!
  6. No deaths hall of fame
  7. And here I sit. Getting slow clap for the second time but not the rest
  8. Somehow I'm unable to disable ALL mods. I tried several times and removed the selection of every mod and clicked "apply" and when I check again to see if it worked the mods I just unchecked are selected again and also appear in-game. Most obvious is the minimap Hud. No use for it in Forge but I always have to remove it. I will unsubscribe the mods for now. Also, when a friend asks me and I join the game via Steam (no invitation!) I'm missing my profile icon and the portrait frame. I always have to leave the game lobby and just click the things again, even though they're still checked. I'm not sure if that's only me or the way I join but generally I don't have the game open, when I'm asked to join, so I right click in the Steam chat-window of the friend and then "join game", which opens DST and then the Lobby of the custom game room. I just opened a custom game for myself to see if the icon and background are missing but they're both there.
  9. When everyone chooses "random"