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  1. screen shot show case

    kept clopsi around for a while
  2. @xxVERSUSxy Nice! I see this is one of your older worlds. Do you have several bases around your map? I love this. Returning to a base you haven't seen in a while. It makes me feel saver.
  3. Hey! This thread is still open. Does anyone have new base creations and would like to share it?
  4. I had the same issue. I copied everything under " Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether", not just the cluster folders and now it works for me.
  5. I read that you can trap giants or vargs in there. The obelisks come up when you get close but I haven't tried it. The obelisks go down when you leave them which can cause the varg to escape. After trapping it you could seal it with normal stone walls and farm the hounds. I think it looks cool. In my current world it is right south of my base but after a while it gets on my nerves hearing the sound of the obelisks when walking past it..
  6. screen shot show case

    Excuse me Ma'am, would you mind handing over my cane, please?
  7. Three classy this time.. Guess I'm lucky?!
  8. My new sanity station. Special thanks to @Kittydub
  9. @Amanda Pikachu Nice as always! Although it is weird to see all the stuff that's not there regularly. Anyway thanks for showing and keep it coming ^-^
  10. Neat idea! Can't wait to see it when it's finished. Thanks for showing.
  11. You can have items lying around AND make it tidy by placing them very close together and also make it look nice and less like you just dropped somewhere.
  12. Now I see it! Haha. Looked like a rug to me that covers some of the meat effigy.
  13. @xxVERSUSxy Very nice! Thanks again for showing your progress! What is that rug like thing in front of the meat effigy? It looks like it's covering tentacle spikes. Which mod is it from?