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  1. gonna share pics of these chests cause i think they look lovely
  2. Please don't show mine. I totally derped on my submission and made a better one but it said my previous one was already accepted. Fwiw, here is my new one.
  3. So I submitted my picture and just now read the notes at the end of the main post. I included screenshots of my favorite characters with costumes i thought looked funny but i only got the idea to do that after i printed my photo. Is that still acceptable or against the rules? Don't just want to submit it again and spam you guys.
  4. Facebook and Instagram didn't work for me. Unsubbed, resubbed, pressed f5, no change
  5. some screenshots from a world with a work in progress base. really appreciate the mod that adds the gorge cosmetics. they are lovely
  6. I actually received three elegants during one game