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  1. Facebook and Instagram didn't work for me. Unsubbed, resubbed, pressed f5, no change
  2. some screenshots from a world with a work in progress base. really appreciate the mod that adds the gorge cosmetics. they are lovely
  3. I actually received three elegants during one game
  4. I got the placeholder today as a daily gift
  5. Sad day for her majesty.
  6. casually posing infront of Woodie's dad.
  7. They finally arrived. Yay! For now without Willow due to financial issues but I will order her soon as well. They are so cool and I love the details. Wilson has a backpack with the Eyebone looking out. and little Chester is adorable
  8. TIL, frozen bats look hilarious
  9. Aww. The free skin is amazing. Thank you Klei. Also really love the new vignettes.. Well done!