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DST Return of Them: Troubled Waters Now Available!

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50 minutes ago, mathem99 said:

How many do you need for it?

I think you need 30000 at least. This is one of the rare times where I got really annoyed that I actually won.




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3000 -> 30000
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I'm trying to buy the skin pack, but it's not allowing me to purchase it since I don't own Wurt :wilsondisappointed:

I'm planning on unravelling her head for spools, since I really want all of the other skins. Is this supposed to happen? I'd really love to buy the skin pack!

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The new Wurt skin is like:
And honestly, I love it.

Something everyone needs to keep in mind here is that skins have tons of different factors as to how they're going to look in-game. For example, you're likely always going to be wearing a hat and backpack, and the game's going to have one of like 10+ different color filters on you at any moment. For example, here's a picture of Roseate Wurt at night in spring wearing a tam, that I got from a stream:
Personally? I love this a lot. The tam's a bit floaty, but it doesn't fit any character perfectly anyway.

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1 hour ago, Umbrae said:

In reference to the QOL update, crops feel a bit outdated. For me, I think the problem with crops comes from the difficulty in obtaining the crops that you want. For example, if the player wants to try out some of the new crockpot recipes, they first have to go through the trouble gathering resources for farms, and after crafting, the player then has to wait and hope for the crops that they want. There is too much of a random element involved. The player is not able to obtain wanted crops without investing a lot of resources into farms. A simple solution would be to have various crops spawn randomly around the world like carrots currently do. This would allow players to more easily get the crops they want while also not ruining the game by making it too easy to get food. The player would then be able use the new crops in recipes or use them in farms to get more of the crops they want. 

With all that said, I also want to say thanks. There aren’t a lot of game companies that inform and involve their community in the game roadmap and updates.

i think the problems is more about the time to gather it. Each animation adds at the end a lot of time to the cycle of plating, harvest, feed the bird...

but im not against an improve of the bird

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3 hours ago, Superwolfkid said:

I just wanted to point out the beautiful detail of Wilson and Willow looking absolutely stressed out and panicked as I feel it perfectly reflects the in-game sanity! Huge props to the animators and Great Visuals expressing the fear!Screenshot_20200716-131534_YouTube.thumb.jpg.b67af014c4776c1cb434795198804b3f.jpg

I love the new updates, but the animation is what really made me <3. Maybe it's because it's my ship, but... seeing them interact in such a detailed and expressive way is AWESOME!

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5 hours ago, Jason said:

If you have things that you would like to see in the next QOL update, now's the time to let us know!

A few ideas:

  • Alt-Tabbing (maybe just during loading screen) results in the cannot drag items in inventory bug or just generally messes with the LMB. Alt-tabbing again fixes it, but I've seen many people completely exit out the game to achieve the same.
  • Telepoof always on screen and frequently miss-clicked. Could this text please be removed and changed to double click?
  • Full key-bind ability (and to additional mouse buttons)
  • Lunar island being joined to mainland (and seriously messing with world-gen)
  • Lucy doesn't shut up, is she even still relevant as a talking axe (or Woodie psychosis) after the rework?
  • It would be nice if Woodie didn't transform when sleeping in the tent
  • Would be nice if Moose/Goose/Beaver could lower the anchor to avoid some cheap deaths
  • Wormwood can cheese sanity by digging and replanting
  • Hunting for seasonal fish can be very annoying, perhaps RNG could be steered after not getting a seasonal fish for a while and, of course, the Squids and Gnarwail not being sure to turn up to eat them when you finally get a spawn.
  • Ability to place marker floats in the ocean which appear on the map.
  • Ability to place cheap marker items on the map to mark POI and keep exploring (or maybe just add the marble pieces on the map)
  • Ability to configure servers as "Drop items on exit" with a white (exclusion) lists for players and item filter (Eyebrella, Walking Cane, Tam etc.)
  • c_freecrafting added to console autocomplete
  • Brackets added to console autocomplete click (so the commands actually work)
  • Boss spawn radius (Deerclops/Bearger) is a little large resulting in damaged bases and, sometimes, having to hunt for them
  • Time limited event skins (especially with a small window)  being offered again next time around; e.g. "Year of..." Clucky Winter Hat and Valentines (oddly one Valentine skin was offered again at one point, not the others) or added to community market or store.
  • Ability to trade-inn for elegants
  • Wes is OP
  • Can't use Warly's portable crockpot (for regular recipes) or grinding mill, but we can make use of other character's crafts. As long as it isn't unbalanced there are some character specific items that we should be able to use (but not craft)
  • Worm-hole generation could be a bit smarter (I'm looking at you wormhole that moved me 1 screen away)
  • Default rotate camera are the wrong way around, Q should rotate counter-clockwise and E clockwise (granted you can modify these but we're talking QoL here)
  • Telelocating mobs should set their home status so we don't have to inch them across map to zoos.
  • Jerky should be able to be placed in salt-box
  • Some representation of Beefalo domestication (certain amount of chuffs when petted? Also add in beefalo petting!)
  • Mini-sign standard scaling. The gold nugget is massive
  • Destroying tackle receptacle should dump out the adverts or just be blueprints like other unlocked crafts
  • Logging in and out sometimes has invisible bundling wraps or condition text/colour. Mainly seen in backpack and Tin Fishin' Bin
  • Change Ewelet craft to Phelgm instead of steel wool so we can't say it's uselss anymore
  • Uses for critters (Lunar moth is the odd one out for actually having a use)
  • Rollback x2 in Server Action menu
  • Ability to reverse 1-0 inventory hotkeys so "1" starts from the far right OR picked up items don't occupy a currently equipped hotkey slot if there's an alternative
  • Remove durability loss (maybe entirely) on thermal stones
  • Increase set-piece spawns after world-gen and completely barren biomes (e.g. Savannah) are identified. I rarely see guard pigs anymore.
  • Penguins shouldn't destroy structures when spawning and locating to glaciers
  • Golden spear - 42.5 damage or just increased durability to 200. Wiggie's battle spear would still be a good craft since it has both of these attributes
  • Cookie Cutter Cap increased armor rating considering the effort required to get it
  • Salt should drop on the same side (i.e reachable) from where it's mined or in a smaller radius to reduce the PITA it is to collect
  • No correlation between sinkholes on overworld and stairs in caves in terms of geographical location. I would imagine a closest suitable point relative to overworld location when generating the caves would be good enough
  • Stop god-mode and free-crafting being lost when entering the cave
  • Geometric Placement, how is this not integrated yet?
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  • Developer
22 minutes ago, Imagionary said:

I'm planning on unravelling her head for spools, since I really want all of the other skins. Is this supposed to happen? I'd really love to buy the skin pack!

Nah, it shouldn't be constrained, it should only be a warning. I must have configured that incorrectly. I'll take a look, thanks!

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Here go all the suggestions I can think of at the moment (including those I already made in the past), arranged in level of expected difficulty to implement. Please consider including them in QoL update.


Lesser glow berries stack to 40 (currently 10).

Blueprints, sketches and adverts stack to 40 and can be washed clean in the water to get 1 papyrus.

Shelmet's drop chance is increased to 25% or 33%.


Rabbit Earmuffs are craftable without Science machine

Dapper Vest is finally dapper, restoring 6.67 sanity per minute. Considering it takes up body slot which is mostly occupied by backpack and that it lacks decent insulation and reduced hunger drain unlike Hibearnation Vest, that makes it more desirable to use for those who don't use backpacks.

Rain hat wetness resistance is increased from 70% to 100%. It's already inferior to Eyebrella since it would only be useful during Spring, lacking overheating protection.

Breezy Vest has 120 insulation (up from 60) and its silk requirement decreased to either 4 or 6. Craftable with Science machine (currently requires Alchemy engine).

Winter hat would require Science machine to craft, while Beefalo hat would require Alchemy Engine.


Klaus always drops Gift Wrap blueprint upon death.

If Klaus loot was to contain a single Moose feather, it would contain a stack of those (10). Krampus sack chance is 25% for regular Klaus and 100% for enraged one. Spider hat, desert stone and steel wool are removed from possible contents.

When picking a rare blueprint, loot stash excludes those already learned by the player who used stag antler on loot stash. If the player already knows all of rare blueprints, random one is picked. Lazy deserter blueprint is removed from possible outcomes.


Sunken chests contain 1-3 starfish (aka Anenemy) and contain blueprints for event stuff, allowing revisiting past events (like Year of the X). Sunken chests can also be opened with deer antlers to keep them as low-cost Scaled chests which can be moved around without hammering.

Boats can be upgraded (covered) with scaled flooring to become fireproof (but stuff on them can still burn).


Instead of being Immune to fire, Night Lights have wildfire priority (like lureplant), always being the first to smolder during summer and working as cheap alternative to Ice flingomatics. When night light finally ignites, shadow hand will quickly put out the fire before it spreads (like Stagehand)

Orange staff and and orange amulet can be refueled with desert stones. Additionally, orange staff can be used to teleport player to nearest Lazy Deserter at the cost of one use, even if it's outside of screen range. When fully depleted, orange staff turns into walking cane instead of disappearing.

Orange and yellow amulet stay at 0% like lanterns and miner hats until they are refueled.

Telelocator Focus can be socketed with 1 to 3 iridescent gems (the ones you get by deconstructing Moon Caller's staff). Unlike purple gems, iridescent gems stay after each use and if all 3 sockets are occupied with them telelocator focus itself will have infinite uses (but telelocator's staff durability will still be spent as usual)

Equipped moon caller's staff will apply a cooling factor cost-free. (late-game thermal stone)

Night armor only drains sanity when damaged (no passive -10/min sanity drain while worn).


Insulated pack is an upgrade to backpack instead of actual backpack (like Mast upgrades). That means it can be attached to any backpack, applying insulating properties to it while inheriting number of slots from backpack it was used on. Renamed to insulated backpack kit. Additionally, 1 slot would cool down thermal stones and prevent ice/ice cube from melting with ice taking priority, forcing players to choose between keeping a thermal stone or a stack of ice.

Bucket-o-Poop is deployable item which can be used to grow medium-sized plants like trees, grass tufts, saplings and probably stone fruit bushes too. Plants within never petrify or go diseased, but take twice as long to grow (probably grass tufts and saplings yield 2-3 grass/twigs at every harvest since it would take a lot of space otherwise to get a decent amount of those). Trees don't drop cones/birchnuts and regrow from stumps. Mostly oriented on being able to live on the boat and not run out of basic resources + not having to worry about replanting trees/disease.

Onions, potatoes and garlics can be found in the wild (like carrots).

Thulecite armor and club restore durability at the rate of 5% per day, making them preferable for seldom use, until the player gets involved into heavy fights. 5% per day means they would get restored from almost broken (1%) to 100% within 20 days if not used at all - same period as ruins reset cooldown after defeating ancient fuelweaver.


Farm crops stay in the farm plot after harvest until the farm plot runs out of uses, afterwards they can be dug to obtain crop seed, refertilize the farm and replant the seed. Crops can't be fertilized to speed up growing process. Crop seeds can only be obtained via planting generic seeds and waiting for them to grow (caged birds won't accept crop seeds anymore), forcing a long cycle of selection (planting random seeds, waiting for them to grow, digging and planting random seed again) until desired crop is obtained per each farm plot. Grown crop can be dug at any time to obtain crop seed. Digging crop withered from summer heat will not return crop seed until the plant revives in autumn.

Ground crops (planted by Wormwood) also stay in the ground as long as they are collected by Wormwood. Picking ground crop as any other character will remove the plant from the ground.

Chef Pouch is no longer a early-game item, nor it is a backpack anymore. It's revamped into non-equipped container (like tackle box or bundling wrap), resembling thermal bag. It can be filled with 4 stacks of items, reducing spoilage rate of perishables by 75% for vegetables (raw/cooked/dried) and 50% for everything else. It has to be dropped on the ground to interact with contents (like tackle box). Crafting recipe changed to 1 rope, 1 steel wool, 5 salt crystals.

Bat Bat is revamped into Ham Bat like weapon, having infinite uses while fresh. It does 51 damage per hit (up from 42.5) and rots in 6 days (like batilisk wings). Its damage output does not decrease overtime; instead, its leeching ability decreases as it spoils - from 6.8 hp restored per hit when fully fresh to 3.4 hp just before turning to rot. Crafting recipe changed to 2 batilisk wings, 2 twigs, 4 nightmare fuel. Optional - bat bat blueprint is rare drop (2-3%) from batilisks instead of shadow manipulator tier.

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Okay so how do you actually beat the new mini game? I build eggs and then they prevent me from reaching numbers below them, you can’t like crack the eggs or swap them together.. they’re just there on the board and in my way of completing my Mini Game- Which by the way teaches kids (and maybe some adults) basic maths of adding numbers together.

It reminds me of a really really REALLY old PC game my grandfather got me to play when I was little called “Number Munchers” and playing this brought back a lot of memories of that with him. 

So once again thank you Klei, He’s been dead since 2012 but it’s still hard to believe he’s actually gone.

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1 hour ago, KeshS said:

I think you need 30000 at least. This is one of the rare times where I got really annoyed that I actually won.

I got my redbird icon with 28971 so 30k isn't the threshold.
I also had 11 or 12 eggs and no rotten eggs. Maybe also the amount of good eggs factors in.

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4 hours ago, Viktor234 said:


Looks like a new minigame.


Can we call him "Mr. Game n watch" now?

4 hours ago, ArubaroBeefalo said:


Soooooooooooooooooo Is wormwood and Wortox both tail bros now?

4 hours ago, Dr. Safety said:





1 hour ago, KeshS said:




arielbadskelly.png.25fab21223130d2398cf9ec93e5ee281.pngWould there be a way to toggle the new Wilson glasses onto Piggsbury....? If there was a way? I always wanted a Wilson with glasses skin but I also really love the Piggsbury skin.

So yeah, Winona is still acknowledged on this arc but somehow Wilson picked up Willow. I guess winona died on the lunar island and Wigfrid died by the time they reached Malbatross?

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Dang, does this mean every character's getting Verdant and other skins? Sign me up.

The only really thing that I could ask for more now is more skins. You guys have got me exited for more skins, and it's my dream that every character gets a skin set.

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Love the new skins, but I'm rather disappoint to see that, a week after the one and only patch the beta received, here have been no changes to Wavey Jones. It makes absolutely no sense that having <75% sanity is worse than having <15%. (Might not be the exact numbers, but you get the gist of it.)

The latter spawns Terrorclaws and the worst those can do is kill me. One meat effigy/life-giving amulet and 10 minutes of my time later, I've mostly recovered.

The former, however, spawns an indestructible entity that can sink my boat in the blink of an eye, undoing hours of work. Spending the whole night, especially in winter, babysitting Wavey Jones is no one's idea of a fun challenge and if you fail to do it, you have to spend God knows how long grinding boards, silk, rope, yadda yadda yadda to rebuild your boat. Not to mention that you'll lose any fish you are carrying with you, since they will drop into the sea and despawn. Particularly egregious with Ice Breams and Scorching Sunfish, who can only be caught on their respective seasons.

Messing with your lights, masts, anchor and wheel is fine and, arguably, the pulling of boat patches isn't a bad idea. But taking 50 damage to a 200 HP boat every time a patch is pulled is simply overkill. And/or there should be a way to get rid of Wavey Jones for good (until the next night, of course).

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33 minutes ago, Mike23Ua said:

Okay so how do you actually beat the new mini game? I build eggs and then they prevent me from reaching numbers below them, you can’t like crack the eggs or swap them together.. they’re just there on the board and in my way of completing my Mini Game- Which by the way teaches kids (and maybe some adults) basic maths of adding numbers together.

It reminds me of a really really REALLY old PC game my grandfather got me to play when I was little called “Number Munchers” and playing this brought back a lot of memories of that with him. 

So once again thank you Klei, He’s been dead since 2012 but it’s still hard to believe he’s actually gone.


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Oh my gosh yet another excellent update!! And I'm excited by the skins!

If I may come with a suggestion for the next QoL update:

I would like to be able to rotate the characters in the curio cabinet. I don't know how much it would impact the general experience, but I would love to be able to get a better look at every angle of all the characters in different skins. Not just to appreciate the in-game art, but from from an artist's point of view, it would also help tremendously with references.

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image.thumb.png.e810d9be30714d3efcb56fea71d2c3f5.pngNice to see the ol' Verdant chest.


Seeing the new Wilson skin with a pack next to him really feels closer to me as a Wilson main.:wilson_goodjob:


The new minigame gives me some minor Curio Collector lore. Looks like he's expecting us to help us with bird cultivation. I recall also in the wrappers game how he had "mouths to feed", I wonder when we'll ever get to see those "mouths". I'm including the quote from the holiday game due to the fact that in both the wrappers and festive matching game, he really does not like those birds but in this minigame he wants to maintain only robin eggs. Very curious.

image.png.0d0a7b931a1b98934ec104cba484907d.pngI'll try getting the new twitch skin tonight.

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