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  1. @JoeW Will Wigfrid keep her damage reduction, damage multiplier and most important: life and sanity drain on hit? Please?
  2. Meanwhile somewhere in Germany...
  3. An interesting observation right now is that China has 4927 servers running right now but the script counts only 2689 players from China. The US have 1764 servers and 2687 players connected.
  4. In the great sovjet union having perks must be considered to be a trend of the corrupt bourgeois. All comrades are supposed to be equal.
  5. Oh, I'm just used to input fields clear their string when you click them so I tried to delete 'United States' but couldn't. Alright, I can enter text. In regards to your infographic and the regional differences you could have included each characters global average percentage to illustrate the regional outliers even more. It would also be super neat if you could click on one of the countries in the map and that would select this country for the regional result.
  6. I didn't mention that since it seemed so obvious to me even as a non-native speaker. And I think to see that there are alot of characters being played less than 'no character yet' is funny in a weird way.
  7. I can't change the region. Is it supposed to be a dropdown? Apart from that it's a very interesting website. I like stats like these. On a sidenote: Who are Wadix and Madeleine? I think custom characters should be excluded from this.
  8. We did it boys and girls! The technology is finally here! The inventory limit for curios was increased to 10.000 with todays QOL update.
  9. I love this and can confirm that the limit of curios has been increased.
  10. Please don't ruin my bae Wigfrid, Klei. You have exactly one job now!
  11. Unfortunately this is not true anymore. I spoke with PeterA about this and there were some updates on the information stored for each drop. Now each item logs a history of previous owners and that increases the 'data weight' of items that went over the marketplace. PeterA also told me about said 1MB limit after a bit of research. Well, I'm the guy in the original post and both my main account and my pack mule are over the limit. My main account lists 2400 items (not 3000 because alot of them came from the marketplace) while my pack mule lists 2060 items (because all of the items stored in there have one additional previous owner which is my main account). Both accounts probably actually have alot more items than the numbers shown. Sometimes I just can't hop in a game and play the DLC characters or find some of my elegants not shown in the character creation even with a designated pack mule which needs 5€ a year spent on steam games to be able to keep trading items.
  12. I can't find it in the workshop but I want to subscribe it. That's hilarious.
  13. Here are my three wishes: Please remove the inventory limit for DST drops on steam. If you own too many items and the DB query exceeds 1MB then all other items you got won't appear in your game. Those can be elegant skins you wanted to use or even the DLC characters which you can't use then until you reduce the amount of items in your inventory. Please give us a meaningful way to cure diseased plants with a craftable item or something instead of just having to dig up the plants on time. There exists a mod that does this but I'd like to exist that in the vanilla game, too. Until then every of my worlds will have disease disabled. Please give us more options to prevent and extinguish wildfires in summer. I know people use oasis or cave bases for that but additional options would be nice if you want to have bases somewhere else and not move for summer. Since Mossling egg duping was patched you could give us a rain staff that makes it rain for a few days. That way you could prevent wildfires from happening for a certain amount of time instead of carrying a luxury fan for emergencies.
  14. I got my redbird icon with 28971 so 30k isn't the threshold. I also had 11 or 12 eggs and no rotten eggs. Maybe also the amount of good eggs factors in.
  15. It's visible on the ground for me. Must be your client. You might have a client mod installed that replaces items with "HD" graphics. I used one of those for a while and when the nordic skin set was released suddenly Wigfrid's battle spears were invisible on the ground for me but not for other people I played with. Disable this mod in your mod menu and try again.