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  1. Hello everyone, I am giving away a few Wilson Funko Pops. No item code, just the figurine and the box. Terms and conditions: Only one funko per person and household. Offer valid only as long as supply lasts. You have no legal entitlement for the giveaway if you behave like a ****. You must cover shipping and packaging via paypal before I send you the funko pop. I live in Germany so national shipping should be around 5€, within the EU it is around 9€ and elsewhere it's probably not worth the shipping cost. Including picture to show that I indeed have an excess of Wilsons and am not trying to scam people.
  2. I encountered that bug once when one of my boats was saved at the same location as a sea stack which got damaged but never destroyed. Was able to fix the savegame by finding the correct sea stack entity and changing it's values. Also helped one or two other guys in the bug report forum to do the same thing to recover their savegames. Good that you found a solution to prevent that from happening. Edit: for those interested here is the report and my solution
  3. Thank you Scott, the changes to Horticulture are almost what I suggested in the first topic except for not effecting Stone fruits bushes anymore. I will probably miss my lunar Island based stonefruit lureplant farm but I can just stock up on stones before retrofitting will apply to my long term world once Reap and Sow leaves beta. Could you please tell us how retrofitting will effect already existing Applied Horticulture books? Will they continue to work like the old unnerfed Horticulture but be uncraftable when old stock is eventually gone? Or will they gain the effect of Horticulture Abriged instead? Or will they just get deleted / replaced to have no effect at all? Or something else? I'd like to plan ahead for this change.
  4. I am not in board with the changes to Applied Horticulture. First of all when announcing reworks for all characters you, the Klei developers, promised that your approach to reworks would not be to nerf the stronger characters but to buff the more overlooked ones. The Horticulture nerf is a direct nerf to Wickerbottom's current abilities and therefore you are breaking a promise you have given to us loyal players. I get that you intend to overhaul how farming vegetables works. I might be ok with that. But in regards to non-edible plants I strongly feel that Applied Horticulture should continue to work just the way it does right now. Therefore I make my second point: Lureplant farms for twigs, grass, reeds and even stones with stone fruits (although the latter qualify for the edible category) are a wonderful thing for players who Like to megabase in their worlds with 3 or 4 digit day counts. They provide a conveniant and elegant way to stock up in basic resources for endgame players without spending tedious hours of holding space like the earlygame players do. Thus giving the endgame players more time to tinker with the game and building fun and interesting projects in their worlds. Terraforming the whole constant in your unique way after mastering the survival aspect of DST is very fun and entertaining. Holding space for an hour or so to collect basic twigs, grass and stone is just tedious and boring after a particular point in the game. Since this is an early Beta and you the devs are asking for feedback to finetune the next update please consider to leave lureplant farms intact for twigs, grass, reeds and also for stone. If you consider stonefruit-lureplant farms too broken, then add a different option to quickly amass stones. Waiting for meteor showers is not a fast and conveniant option for megabases. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
  5. I love this and can confirm that the limit of curios has been increased.
  6. Please don't ruin my bae Wigfrid, Klei. You have exactly one job now!
  7. I got my redbird icon with 28971 so 30k isn't the threshold. I also had 11 or 12 eggs and no rotten eggs. Maybe also the amount of good eggs factors in.
  8. It's visible on the ground for me. Must be your client. You might have a client mod installed that replaces items with "HD" graphics. I used one of those for a while and when the nordic skin set was released suddenly Wigfrid's battle spears were invisible on the ground for me but not for other people I played with. Disable this mod in your mod menu and try again.
  9. [00:00:03]: [string "scripts/saveindex.lua"]:303: SaveIndex:GetSaveData: Encoded Savedata is empty on load [session/55E301DD4EC7F7EC/0000000233] LUA ERROR stack traceback: =[C]:-1 in (global) assert (C) <-1--1> scripts/saveindex.lua:303 in (upvalue) OnLoadSaveDataFile (Lua) <294-313> scripts/saveindex.lua:317 in () ? (Lua) <316-318> =[C]:-1 in (method) GetPersistentString (C) <-1--1> scripts/saveindex.lua:316 in (method) GetSaveDataFile (Lua) <315-319> scripts/saveindex.lua:335 in (method) GetSaveData (Lua) <321-340> ... Remember to make a backup before deleting or editing save files! Try to open the save file 0000000233 of your caves server with an editor like notepad++. Most likely it will be empty or truncated somewhere. You can try to delete the broken/empty save files. You might have to check which of your overworld saves corresponds to the next-recent caves save and also remove more recent overworld saves.
  10. Your save file seems corrupted. Upload the whole log and your save files and I might take a look at it. You might also make a backup of your save files and then keep on deleting the newest save and try to restart your game until the game hopefully loads. (The backup is in case all of your saves are corrupted and there is no working fallback)
  11. Out of curiosity: can you upload the files 0000000047 and 0000000043 ? I also had a case where my server would crash and shutdown everytime I tried to boot it. For me the save file got corrupted by a single illegal value. Your log suggests that the save file is actually empty instead.
  12. Dear Klei Devs, we decided to rollback for a day after a wildfire cought part of our base on day 333+ I am using some mods on this server but until now even with some rollbacks everything always worked fine. After the last rollback our save files seem corrupted. The return string for GetPersistentString() is truncated in the server log and therefore the error code -1 is returned instead. This happened with all saves from 362 to 359 so far which I then removed (making a backup before) from the save session folder. Now I only got 358 and 357 left to try and I'm scared that those will be corrupted as well. When I open those corrupted save files notepad++ though, they seem to be normal null terminated strings. Is there any chance to fix this or at least to revert the world back into a previous playsessions state and avoid this corruption? Or is there just too much information on this world (has a custom size huge) and a corruption of a savefile in a modded world is in inevitable past a certain date? My playgroup invested quite some hours into this world so far and we would be really sad if we have to start completely from scratch again. I am including a copy of the server log with the crash trying to load save file 359, as well as the whole Cluster folder of my Overworld and Cave server parts including the broken save files I already tried to exclude and my server launcher. Is there anything else that would help? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Edit: So apparently I found and fixed the bug. Somehow a wobster_den ended up in a state with an illegal 'workleft' value given as workleft=1.#QNAN so Not_A_Number instead of an integer. I think I got an idea what might have caused this. After a server reboot my boat bridge to lunar island for which I had not used anchors was all over the place and one of the boats was glitched under a wobster den and flickering positions. That was very annoying so I put a bit of grass on there, took a fire staff and set the flickering boat ablaze. This might have triggered the illegal wobster den workleft value. After setting it manually back to a legal integer (i tried 9 which i found in TUNING.lua) the save file is loaded properly again. I also tried to set it manually to 1 and it was indeed the particular wobster_den which took fire damage from the glitched boat burning underneath it. When workleft was set to 1, it was destroyed after one swing with a golden pickaxe. server_log.txt Cluster_3_Overworld.rar launch_preconfigured_servers3.bat Cluster_3_Caves.rar
  13. Same error for me. Something something hermitcrab and compare number to nil. Dedicated server command window closes itself.
  14. I got a reply from a dev that the result for the database query of your DST Steam inventory is limited to something a bit above 3000 items. If you happen to have more items they will not be lost but some items will be missing in the query result and therefore not appear in your Steam inventory or game client.