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  1. Do worldseeds work on dedicated servers running via command shells instead of the host game menu? I added Gemcore to my server and I have no clue how to specify the world seed. Usually I find some modconfig options but thats not the case here. Second question: How would world seeds interact with a mod like 'Force Biomes' ?
  2. Great mod! Are strings supported as worldseeds too?
  3. Birds disappearing from cages

    Had this happen as well.
  4. Had this happen to me in the beta of Return of Them. Found the panflute in the deciduos biome next to the pig king's village here. Usually the panflute spawn next to glommer's statue. I guess this time the glommer statue sunk into the sea... Poor glommer. You will be missed. c_gonext("statueglommer") does nothing. So it actually was overwritten by the sea.
  5. Had this happen to me in the beta. Might have happened because I do have a mod enabled that increases the amount of wormholes generated per world a little. But I've used said mod for really many times and never had this happen so far. No matter how I tried to move the camera, jumping through this particular wormhole always made me jump out into the sea instead of the land.
  6. This doesnt even need a gold nugget. Anything that can be given and will be rejected wakes up a sleeping pig. Try it with seeds for example.
  7. Craft from Containers

    I tried to use this mod but it doesn't seem to work for me. Is it incompatible with customised containers? Tried to refine stones inside a 5x5 chest to cut stones. But the crafting menu did not show the option to refine. The chest was opened while I tried to craft, as I've seen in the Spotlight made by Hast. Unfortunately I did not understand what he said, because I don't speak Polish. My Game has the RoG and the SW addons, and I am playing RoG.
  8. (abandoned) RPG HUD

    The Ornate Chest mod unfortunately crashed with my game, but I read it's code and compared it to yours. Then I took its 5x5 textures, added them in the Assets section. Now, I'm using the vectoring of the Ornate Chest mod within the RPG HUD mod (because it was more symmetrical than my first approach) and replaced the container.tex with the 5x5 texture. Works perfectly fine. At least limited to 5x5 chests. And thanks, that Storm Cellar is compatible with my game. That's a really nice storage.
  9. (abandoned) RPG HUD

    Thank you, actually meanwhile I found the line of code in your lua script that sets the container size and I modified that into a 5x5 chest for testing purposes by simply going from -4 instead of -3 for y and going to 4 instead of 3 for x without editing the vector dimensions yet. The container would not be perfectly placed if it was significantly bigger (growing only up and right but I guess that could be solved editing the vector formula) and the boxes left the container background, which is a bit sad, but then again just cosmetic. Editing container backgrounds seems like the most difficult part to me, personally.
  10. (abandoned) RPG HUD

    Is there any chance for an option to get even larger containers than 4x4? Most user friendly of course would be a customisation option "Default / 4x4 / 5x5 / 6x6 / 7x7" If multiple choices aren't possible, then maybe a 'huge containers' version of the mod? I would rather like to have one big chest contain my stuff than dozens of them with remembering what I put where. The Maxwell Chest mod I found seems outdated and doesnt load properly. I'm playing Don't Starve my RoG and SW. Not DST.