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  1. Had to make this "in a hurry" before the refresh and it no longer becomes relevant. I've had this comic idea for a while, but never got around to actually make it. It was funnier in my head fhdjsakgfdj
  2. AAaaaaaa missed opportunity! >0< Didn't think about it at the time ;u;
  3. A little bit XD ----------------------------------------- Not as alone anymore.
  4. Long time didn't upload. Here's a sheepish Wilson to start things of.
  5. Another art dump with Wayne. A smaller one this time. Some spooky stories. I referenced a really old comic of mine here. The very first one where I featured Wayne. I'll put it under spoilers Someone gave him a cutlass supreme for Winter's Feast :3 An here's a piece of him in his Snowfallen skin.
  6. I tried to redraw this moment of the Inevitable musical short, cause I really like it :3