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  1. Another art dump with Wayne. A smaller one this time. Some spooky stories. I referenced a really old comic of mine here. The very first one where I featured Wayne. I'll put it under spoilers Someone gave him a cutlass supreme for Winter's Feast :3 An here's a piece of him in his Snowfallen skin.
  2. I tried to redraw this moment of the Inevitable musical short, cause I really like it :3
  3. Thank you so much Aaaaaaaa!! ;A; Oh my gosh missed opportunity! XD
  4. When your Don't Starve OC meets another Don't Starve OC who has the same name. 


  5. Oh gosh thank you so much! ;O; Hope you're enjoying the forums ^^
  6. Oh man, let me catch up with all the art I've got in store :0 I'll just post it all in to one post, sorry if it gets long. Firstly, got some Wayne art. All from OCtober. Day 11: Best Friends Wayne had two co-workers/flat mates/best friends back when he lived in San Francisco. Gabe Darrow (left) is a Scottish immigrant, and Thomas Shawn (middle) has lived in the city his whole life. They believed Wayne passed away in the tenement fire the night he was abducted to The Constant. Day 14: In Formal Attire Day 19: As a Child Day 21: Watching Stars Wayne had a particularly bad day the night he was abducted. He tried to calm himself down by looking at the stars from the roof top of his tenement home, and that was the last thing he ever did on Earth. Day 23: Exercising Day 29: Another Artist's OC (Or in this case, other artists' OCs) Drew a bunch of my discord server friends' DS OCs together =u= (last one isn't from the DS universe). Also I apologies if I didn't tag you directly here; I'm not entirely sure which ones of you are at the forums ;_; Wayne - Yours Truly Whyatt - @AretMaw Waylyn - @UnluckiestCat Wenzel - the-valiant-valkyrie Levi - tinkering-survivor Kage - @DragonMage156 Veronica - @Andyfire123 Watt - Atarsto Windell - InspectorCrayon Waleska - @vixenine Jeremy - SNBX And then we have something that is not OCtober related. That's all.
  7. Oh dude thank you so much! OwO Yes, that is indeed a custom brush. I have a selection of splatter brushes in my program =u=