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  1. I found it on Instagram by chance, in relation to Steven Universe, about a week ago. It's currently lost in the sauce, but I'll put up the source when I manage to track it down again.
  2. And the well of sympathy was empty. Got the idea from a meme I saw once. I feel kinda bad for making this XD
  3. Aw thank you so much! ;W; I'm happy to hear! Ikr, he's too scared of getting bitten A very happy bug UwU
  4. Here to dump another batch of ask art; all of them about Wayne as usual. -------------------------------------------- He's stuck. Modern AU Wayne during quarantine. Someone admired him. He learns about spontaneous human combustion. How fast are your reflexes when a monkey throws feces at you? His reaction of receiving a "water dragon". Some Webber and Wurt quality time. Keeping a broodling isn't for him. And lastly a triumphant doodle referencing a certain music video.
  5. Walter you doing here? Excited for the new character!