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  1. As the title says, beefalo can eat almost every kind of vegetable, but cannot eat lichen (prefab "cutlichen").
  2. As the title says, beefalo can eat almost every kind of vegetable, but cannot eat lichen (prefab "cutlichen").
  3. When you see the calendar, and if tomorrow is :
  4. DST characters have its own animation when the characters are hungry or insane, but currently there's no specific animation when the characters are "wounded". For now there's no way to know others HP in vanilla servers until they told you their HP via chat. You have no idea other players are healthy as a horse or at death's door. It can potentially greatly improve the gameplay experience, letting the cooperative players to know other players' condition easily and help them while not spoil the game's atmosphere that much, especially for Wortox players (and possibly Wigfrid, since she has heartrending ballad). Luckily I'm not the first one who thought about it, and there's even a mod about this - "Extra Animations" - on steam workshop. here's the link : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=827934475&searchtext=animation I sincerely hope the "wounded" animation added to the base game. It may not seems to be important, but it would be a massive QoL improvement for those who play Wortox, include myself.
  5. Oh, and here's the clip of mine I posted last time too. It's really annoying problem to deal with for sure, hope klei fix it...
  6. Players can't bundle things while riding on a beefalo. Not sure it's intentional though..
  7. As the title says, player can't harvest mushroom planter and drying rack while riding on beefalo. While player can harvest farm crops and composting bins, this feels inconsistent. Seems like a bug.
  8. I'm very much likely to be willing to pay for beefalo skins.
  9. Now I can start domesticating beefalo again in public servers and don't need to be forced to abandon my beefalo in the horde of beginner players who struggles just not to die when I leave the server thanks to the beefalo bell. Lovely.
  10. So in the recent beefalo QoL changes allows picking up stuffs while riding a beefalo. This also applies to picking up statues, what is a MASSIVE improvements to base building and decorations. A huge thanks about these big QoL changes! This is how it works : Anyway, the recent beefalo QoL changes are personally really satisfying in general, but there's one inconvenience still remaining about big Woby. He tries to run away every time when I try to open his container. Especially like in this situation : It's so annoying thing happening so frequently while playing as Walter. If this one is fixed I couldn't be any happier than that.
  11. Now I can pick up items using space while on the beefalo, thank you so much!
  12. Technically a beefalo bonded by the beefalo bell is similar to chester and glommer. The beefalo will follow the bell. However unlike chester and glommer, the bonded beefalo does not wake up and follow at night if the bell is moved far away enough from beefalo.