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  1. Quick question, will Webber be able to craft Shattered Spider Hole and spilagmite? I think there should be some server already destroyed all of them, making them renewable will be a very interesting move.
  2. The only game company WX-78 admires (Of course besides our beloved Klei) :
  3. It's useful when you burn bee boxes to farm honey without killer bees. And it also provides fire protection from varg farm at summer and autumn, which is really helpful.
  4. What about using "Fix structure bug" mod in workshop? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1839974973&searchtext=structure+bug
  5. This also effects on wet light bulbs. This makes not much sense for me either, but not sure it will be fixed.
  6. Less laggy gameplay is always a welcomed one. Thanks.
  7. Seems meaningless but can the weight of koi be a clue? Haha Plus crops :P
  8. Thank you. Despite pretty much nothing is changed, for now I'm just happy I can finally enjoy this update in public servers now.
  9. The eye of the storm update is actually significantly decent - quite interesting permanent full moon event, plus new raid boss that is highly relevant to lore. The update itself is nice, but the overall RoT update feels a little bit incomplete. Since the RoT started on May 2019, many items and crafts are added to base game, still most of them were ambiguous and situational. What we really need is powerful, unique, revolutionary game-changing items and gadgets we can craft! In my humble opinion, ever since the Willow rework, the devs seems to be unnecessarily afraid of introducing overpowered items or characters. Weather pain, ham bat, dark sword, deconstruction staff, star-caller's staff, bone armor & helm and Wickerbottom's books, those items are sooo powerful and game changing. Yet they didn't break the game, in fact they actually made the game funnier and enjoyable. So I think the devs can be more confident about introducing new powerful items into the game! (Personally I hope there'll be more unique crab king loots, additional usage for broken shells, more diverse celestial items and more ocean contents.)