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  1. I think Wanda's alarming clock feels like a proper ranged weapon for me more than Walter's slingshot. The slingshot consumes so much resources and the dps is annoyingly slow as a main source of damage, it could really use some buffs.
  2. An endless, stationary mob wave event works simillar to the combination of the Forge + moonbase event!
  3. Slingshot ammo is an efficient way to farm slurtle slime. The slurtles will even gladly consume the poop pellets to produce slime.
  4. Scanning other playable characters for the recipe sounds very creative!
  5. I would welcome the base stat nerf gladly if they give more circuits for modification in return
  6. Here are just my 2 cents. How about making circuits 1-time durability and give four pieces of those when crafted? Simillar turf crafting recipe. It could be an alternative way to make managing WX's inventory quite more conveniently. ( 1 circuit that has 4 durability -> 4 circuits that have 1 durability) And in terms of combinating various circuits I think the total 6 prongs are vaguely short imho. Some of the simple stat boost circuits might have a possibility to be changed to 1-prong circuits to motivate using more combo. ( Slot 2 for 150 hp -> Slot 1 for 75 hp) But, overall this rework is so much more interesting than the WX before and I really appericiate their concept! Despite it needs a little more polishing.. Also, thank you for the Wurt QoL changes, too!
  7. The world is worthy place to live because of you guys
  8. After killing celestial champion you can craft moon-tier items using the celestial orb. The problem is there's only one orb at a time, and can't be brought under caves. In this beta we can permenantly learn several recipes like turfs and adverts, so why not the upgraded celestial orb recipes?
  9. I love you everything you did in 2021, klei. Please keep the great work as you did!
  10. First bee queen hat, second FW drops, seems next is deconstructing mobs and players?
  11. The QoL update is very interesting! I really like that we can finally get honeycombs a lot more than before. By the way, the premier gardeneer hat now costs thulecite fragments.. Since there's several recipes requires fragments, it would be great if we can make 6 fragments using 1 thulecite by the pseudoscience station. It will be much more convenient than crafting thule walls, placing and destroying those.
  12. I must be dreaming After the long waiting, Klei finally gave Walter a proper fixing. Thank you so much!