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  1. Radio of Don't starve? Do you mean Voxola PR-76?
  2. Well, despite it's not a major opinion but I suppose Wagstaff can be added in future.
  3. A little typo here~! No dot!

  5. Most useless items

    Well, sometimes sculptures could be used as barricades.
  6. Most useless items

    Bee Stinger- Yeah, I know there're several crafting recipes with stinger but.. I just feel they're useless. Everyone knows what it feels like, right?
  7. I can even hear the sound the community market backpack price going up. Ahoy! Thank you for this enormous improvement anyway, Klei!
  8. You can make it at structures tab without any stations. Works similar like Festive tree planter.
  9. I was at death's door by heart attack because of this delightful surprise! eck
  10. Yup. another jesus meme potential here.
  11. It seems Honey spices doesn't work in this cases I've found: -mining stone fruits as werebeaver. -every digging actions (i.e. grave, tree stump, etc.) I'm not sure this is intended or not, though.
  12. [Game Update] - 383468

    I'm surprised as always by the point Klei heard player's opinion and reflected their suggestion right away. Thank you for such improvements!
  13. Not sure if there's other bosses that elite pigs can't target.
  14. [Game Update] - 381550

    unexpected buncha skins! thanks klei!
  15. [Game Update] - 380289

    Such a drastic improvement..