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  1. This new turf of archive biome is obtainable by pitchfork, but cannot make from anywhere - not from Terra Firma Temper nor Celestial tab. I hope there's more way to get more of this new turf type, without spoiling the scenery of archive biome. This turf is truly gorgeous one. Didn't check if this report is dupe or not, sorry!
  2. Goodness... Your skins are just hidden, they'll come back if your DST items are below 10,000. So your skin will NOT be deleted, they'll just become unavailable. Still in your inventory. You can find the relative information in this page - update 426792. Increased the item server inventory limit to 10,000 curios.
  3. Back in early 2017, at February 23, the atrium and the caution-taped ancient gateway was introduced. And approximately one month after, at March 22, the ancient fuelweaver came to the game. So if everything goes perfect, the next main content related to this mysterious energy will be released in November... But don't be over-optimistic, because devs need to prepare Hallowed night and Winter's feast event too, and most of all, the COVID situation will delay the release a few more months. So let's be patient everyone, hastening doesn't bring quality content. Anyway I suppose there'll be obviously no more new content in this 'Forgotten Knowledge' beta branch. We'll need to wait another future content update.
  4. Willow. She is one of the most tanky character in the game if used correctly. More than merely a base-burner.
  5. I am the one who thought feathered wreath fits quite well with feather hat when it was released. But since it became a garland skin long time ago and maintained as a garland skin for a long time... It would be difficult to change current status for now.
  6. More like Pig King "Mystery" than Pig King "Bug".
  7. Looks like it's proper time to release another torch skin to me.
  8. One vote for Wagstaff here! He has a lot of extraordinary gears and interesting downside. Oh, and the lore, of course. 1 character from Hamlet, 1 character from shipwrecked, and 1 character from vanilla don't starve. Seems fair enough.
  9. Latest character refreshes' direction is buffing characters; making characters more powerful. With the buffs of characters even ruins and the hardest bosses of them all are now not that much challenging. So I suggest the concept of : an endless waves of monsters in limited area, like kinda a combination of the moon stone event and the forge event. Players enter with their supplies and get out with materials for exclusive items with unique ability. Although the current developing direction is focused on sailing, I'm sure this could be a nice touch to satisfy both beginners and experts. I'm just suggesting the concept of this, and maybe klei might add such a thing some time.. What's you guys' point of view here?
  10. Don't you all agree how irritating treeguards are during chopping thousands of woods? I voted for Werebeaver.