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  1. costume with tail

    The Wortox pants are true revolution of DST fashion culture nobody noticed. It is compatible with any other hundreds of Dresses when you wanna pop up tails, because it's pants.
  2. wilson rework?

    I thought about wilson a few days ago.. Here's my ridiculous ideas Throwable flasks like napsack You can make 3 kinds of flasks by mushroom caps red one makes enemies movement and attack speed down blue one makes allies movement speed faster green one give additional armor points to allies
  3. Make Willow can burn florid postern so any more Willow griefers cannot join in and ruin Willow's reputation
  4. I came up with sparkling idea of some items quite related to Quality of Life. 1. Item can let us know other teammates' HP after launching Wortox, as I worried Wortox can waste his souls while busy boss fight, because he can't know other players HP before they tell it to Wortox. Thus It's hard to use souls to heal teammates efficiently. So how about this item: an item that let you see other players HP? We could do this in the Forge, then why we can't in the vanila survival? For example, in my opinion : Red moonlens or kinda thing? 2. Item can make flammable structures fireproof We've suffered from Wildfires and Fire hounds(They appears even in autumn!) for infinite time. We couldn't get any hope about happy small base that has lovely campfire in the middle.. instead of ugly flingomatic. If we can make some structures fireproof, then the possibility and freedom of building a base will be greatly increased. For example) Fireproof coating solution?
  5. On Healing Items (Redux)

    Wortox's Soul ability is the most preferred method to heal I'm using right now Problem?
  6. So many people says "Hey Klei! Why you don't give us your output of hard working for free as you did it several times before?" Bah
  7. Well that's quite brilliant idea, but your opinion is situational, imao. There's some people who don't own that skin, and Wortox player still can't know other people's hp unless they tell it to Wortox player, in regular situation. seems that's not right. we'll defo use healing ability in mid-combat. Although there's no firm answer in this game. In base there's much more effective and comfortable ways to heal yourself. But situations like mid-combat, the instant-healing near allies feature does great advantage to other players. and yes, I don't play with friends. lots of dst players don't. but they co-operate with each other despite they are not friends. in other co-op games, we need to help each other players via healing, or supporting, even they're random-matching pals. No, thing had a health bar by default in Forge, as I said. so there's a possibility to add that feature. also you can't heal your allies with healing salves unfortunately. you can just give 'em to your allies' pocket.
  8. Wes could be a challenging character in single play, but co-op play Wes isn't "challenge character". He is an "useless character". What a shame that he's one of the main character, Klei. I hope the remake should make Wes high-risk high-return character instead of high-risk no-return character.
  9. So.. he has that "healing allies nearby" ability, and that's the point our problem rises up. 'We can't know other player's hp exactly." We can't know how other players injured actually, unless the player tells how injured he or she is. Maybe we can notice other people's hp quite approximately, sometimes through server_only_mod, like show health and sometimes through status announcement, but we should consider vanila situations. there's lots of people who doesn't use those mods. Imagine two person typing these words with there bare hands while killing klaus urgently: "Hey Wortox dude I'm on fire and just about to die" "Okay I'll heal you How many hp remained" "I'm 12 hp and my max hp is 75 because Im Maxwell you know" "Right my healing does 30 per one shot then you need 2 shots so wait a second" Well, guys, this is Ridiculous. We even know how much health other players have in the Forge. I hope the function let us know other players' hp should be introduced to original game. At least the devs should introduce some item that allows us to know hp into the game, as a QoL update.
  10. and it's almost time to.. 'nah Wes needs nerf' comment to come out!
  11. New character this month

    Celestial portal abusing awaits!!
  12. Willow now can deal 50 damage with fire staff! nevermind, just joke
  13. welp, Winona is the first character who has her own structure recipe. if you pre-build some stuff like spotlight, catapult, generator as Winona, they won't be disappeared after changing your character at florid postern. You still can't build that stuff as other characters. the crafting tab will be disabled. although, you can build your pre-built structures again when you back to Winona! so, feel free to pre-built that stuffs!