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  1. Dat Big Event #2... I wonder when it will be... Is this hotfix "Big Event #2", by any chance??? (just kidding)
  2. In my opinion, next update (that Big Event 2) will be possibly.. Rose puzzle?( = like metheus puzzle.) or.. Finally Forge returns!! (Man, It's painful to wait more for the forge!)
  3. dark sword skin (personally I wish it's Long sword style) tent skin any hat skin that makes the hair visible(like eyebrella, or thulecite crown)
  4. when wear both Rose collection head base and Bee queen crown, Woodie's forehead disappears. As I experimented, this isn't the problem of other skin collection of Woodie. please fix this problem faster. thanks.
  5. Wickerbottom says "This seems to have medicinal properties" when examined a blue cap. without dot. and says "Camouflage" when examined a bush hat. also without dot. This doesn't seem to be deliberate.. Should it be fixed? and anybody knows any problem like that? (Anyway, has someone reported this before me?) +wickerbottom quote on bug net +wolfgang quote on batilisk wing
  6. Will the forge re-open?

    Welp... In short, the forge event won't come back soon, but it's obvious The forge will return! So the answer is Time and Patience. Nevermind a crow profile icon now, sometimes incomplete collection is valuable itself.. Thanks for replying my topic, everyone..
  7. Will the forge re-open?

    I see. So what I can do now is praying to god (or klei) for re-opening the Forge.. Urg, How feeble.. Thanks for replying.
  8. Will the forge re-open?

    But it seems they imply they'll re-open it rather than not doing it...
  9. Will the forge re-open?

    thanks for fast replying. I hope it will be true..
  10. I'm one of the maniac skin collectors. I had all of Forge skin collection... until just a few hours ago. That time, A few hours ago, I unravled my "crow" profile icon into spools accidently. and then... after that I finally realized I can't reweave that icon. At first.. my feeling was &$*!)#(*%&#@?!$&@, and still it hasn't changed. it won't. Holly Jolly Jesus Christ! I'm deeply regretting my action.. WIll the forge event be re-opened, and I, all of us will be able to weave skins of the Forge collection during that future period? That's what I just wanna ask.
  11. The new black deerclops' laser doesn't reach to very near mobs like tentacles. I'm not sure it was intended... if it wasn't please fix this.
  12. Among new rose collection skins, only Winona's 'Coral Rose Slacks' don't have it's required SLEEVES. unlike any other sleeve-have distinguished Body dresses, this one doesn't have it's sleeves. Those should be there according to Winona Roseate Portrait! Please solve this problem.... :I