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  1. Warly's honey seasoning effect can also be applied to stone fruits. Use On Tentacles to bunnyman farm to mass-produce grape-flavor meat and spikes. The way to demolish tier 3 spider nest during a day without any armor - using spider hat. Equip it and hit the nest. The remaining spiders jump out from the nest will immediately become your side and join your demolition, attack the nest till it'll be destroyed. Recommend to Webber users. And this.. Another use of domesticated beefalo - nightmare fuel farming. Since armor durability doesn't decrease when riding on a beefalo, you can stably hunt nightmare creatures while not scratching the bone helm. Plus BERNIE! could be the cherry on top.
  2. That's exactly the same feeling I have about Wagstaff. He became my favorite character among don't starve franchise from the moment he introduced.
  3. Many game sounds are not heard

    Where's my beefalo? Mod Or Extended map icons mod causes this bug.
  4. And why so many people wants Wagstaff or Wheeler as DLC characters? I know the reason : hunger for speed.
  5. The official trailer fooled players
  6. We're get bored of totally common 145%(or 150%, whatever) speed boost of cane and magiluminescence. It's time to give DST further speed boost thingies!
  7. After his rework if he doesn't equip anything, He can dig without a shovel Chop without an axe Mine without a pickaxe Deal 34 damage Has 240 insulation to both overheat and freezing And has 80% armor. Everyone in every server was playing as Wes. It was my worst nightmare I've ever had.. Spooky
  8. Boomerang bug

    Cursed boomerang
  9. Hmm.. Was Willow able to cook faster before Warly arrives?
  10. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    When I enter a public server: When I leave the public server:
  11. I found that Warly can use Willow's lighter to cook any ingredients. This way Warly can preserve meat longer by cooking them instantly right after obtain those. Or can get fresher meal by cooking the ingredients right before cooking those using portable crock pot. I'm not sure this is a bug or not.. But I strongly speculate this perk is intended. What a beautiful synergy, anyway! It is always a pleasure to find hidden things of the updates.
  12. I suspect that silhouette belongs to Wendy!
  13. As I know.. Waterballoon was designed for taking out the fire.