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  1. Who's next?

    I'm assuming we'll get the entirely new character and then a Wendy rework next.
  2. A biome that requires winter gear year-round would be quite interesting.
  3. What's to test? The goose can't attack.
  4. What are you anchoring her age to? The letter? Just because the mother hasn't seen the twins doesn't mean they were iust born.
  5. Would love you to see you try and apply the same concept to the Don't Starve models. Curious how a scarf would look.
  6. There's no signs for anything in this thread. Hence speculation. My point was, we already know that Maxwell likely played a part in said earthquake—an event we know is relevant to lore—where as the spanish flu has never been relevant, and the timeline for that is a bit off as well. As far as recognizing Maxwell, Wendy does recognize a "connection" but that's it. You can amount this to age if you so desire.
  7. It's an interesting fight due to the new mechanics, but with no way to effectively combat being pushed around it can become quite tedious and, as others have said, annoying.
  8. Absolutely agree. It's a bit redundant, and would provide further incentive to actively seek out the island.
  9. I'm still a firm believer that Abigail may have died during the San Fransico earthquake as a side-effect of Maxwell's final act—the timing and location is too perfect to dismiss. It's already an event we're aware of occurring, and we know Jack headed West, so it's not unbelievable. It wouldn't be out of the question to say family would come and see Max's "big act".
  10. I use the oar for quick movement. Sails take a while to adjust and are great for setting the direction but an oar is good for maneuvering, especially for sea stacks since sail position won't change in time.
  11. A better oar is kinda neccessary though. The sails allow for a higher max speed and the faster the boat is moving the more force required by an oar to actually push it properly. The beak remedies that.
  12. Wormwood's idle

    Wormwood's idle doesn't play with non-Wormwood skins.
  13. All the bosses have that component. I'm pretty sure all it does it prevent dealing more than 8000 damage at once—so it's pointless for bosses with less than that amount.
  14. Perks that require you to die are hardly perks at all. You're better off playing a character with less chance to die then one who has a small safety net for failure—the goal is to not fail in the first place. I could see these being things. Heck maybe even make her sanity not drain when there's a ghost character—only problem with that is the point of said drain is the promote the revival of said dead character.
  15. The reason the listed bosses "can't" be killed by gunpowder is due to their massive health pool. They very much can, it's just not feasible. Malbatross has much lower HP thus gunpowder is viable. I don't see the problem.
  16. Normal islands?

    They currently do not, and we have no word on whether or not they'll be a thing in the future.
  17. I think a rework that would be sorta crazy, though highly unlikely, would be the ability for Wendy to "give their soul" to Abigail essentially switching characters. So Wendy would become the ghost and you could play as Abigail (the main issue here being the name, and potentially if they're non-identical twins). Each of the twins would have different abilities as a character and as a ghost or something along those lines.
  18. If I'm not mistaken the Cookie Cutter Cap has 70% defense, 525 durability, and 35% waterproofness. So, worse defense, better durability, and better waterproofing than a Football Helm. So... I could see if being somewhat useful for ocean combat, and saving space on boat expeditions... but again—it seems a lot of the ocean content feeds into the ocean content. And even then, a Football Helm is still probably a better bet. Not everything is like this of course. The Salt Box is an amazing addition that outclasses the Ice Box when it comes to ingredients. Salt is fairly useful for preserving things until Bundling Wrap is available. Stone Fruit makes for great filler early on for a similar reason—it won't spoil until opened. But yeah, I'm worried the new ocean content is going to feed into itself—sail the ocean so you can... sail the ocean better.
  19. It be like that. (Original/Format by Shen Comix)
  20. Eh. This sorta thing was kinda covered in another thread. Can small number tweaks/general changes make certain characters more viable? In some cases. But Klei seems to be trying to make characters fresh & flashy, and I support that. I used to play Wendy a lot but Willow's rework made her similar to the summoner playstyle that I liked. It's true Abigail is more of an AoE thing but even then they're a bit lackluster now.
  21. Salty Dog Spoilers

    Yeah I'm not really sure if its destruction is meant to be unavoidable. Seems a bit unfair. As for the land thing.. Doesn't seem like it's viable anymore:
  22. Promised where?
  23. It was more or less sorta stated on another thread. The Lustrous version of it has been removed from the files (and that version had those extra animations), so they were slapped onto the normal one.
  24. That's uh. That's a very nice image ya got there. A very nice cropped image ya got there. Whoever made the original is uh. They're probably uh. Super cool.