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  1. Haven't tried a beta in a bit, but this looks super cute!
  2. I've always seen playing Warly as a slog. I love support characters, but it just feels like I'm shooting myself in the foot. I much rather just character swap to them to make food, switch back, and get the benefits without the annoyance.
  3. If people are intent on showing they're "EA Players", yes it does matter. All it takes to prove I'm an EA Player is to direct people there. Done. Sure it's not something that can be done simply in-game, but proving "EA Player-credibility" isn't exactly a necessary feature.
  4. Assuming this is a genuine question—it's not a setting. People can view the rarity in your Steam Inventory. If someone is intent on boasting they can just direct people there.
  5. Is having something 'limited' or 'rare' neat? Yes. Is not having something 'limited' or 'rare' unfortunate? Yes. I'm lucky to be in the first camp for DST, but I've been in the second for countless other games—and it bothers me each and every time. For that reason, I'm glad it's available. The joy of many easily outclasses the 'prideful joy' of few. I've managed to stay on top of all Loyals EXCEPT THE TREEHOUSE. Why? Wrong place. Wrong time. I got unlucky. The Bottomless Fire Pit isn't all the different. I happened to see a video on the game, and I ended up getting it. I got lucky. Am I proud to be 'an OG'? Absolutely. I can take pride in that without needing to lord it over with an inaccessible skin though. If you want to flex, flex because its Timeless rarity. Not because people want it, and can't get it. That's just inconsiderate.
  6. I thought it was Wagstaff as well until the first little silhouette flash. The description makes it clear there's anther person though, if anyone still has doubts.
  7. Ah shucks. I was two hours short. Guess I'll be waiting for it to pop up in Klei Rewards.
  8. I haven't posted any new lore videos recently, but to clarify this— This statement was initially said to differentiate The Shadow Creatures from "Them". However, with the introduction of Alter there is now the possibility that "They" are plural, but in reference to multiple "higher beings" (Lunar Being & Shadow Being, etc) I'm not fully invested that new theory due to a lot of quotes regarding "Them" seeming specific to the shadows/darkness, but it's something else to consider.
  9. I mean I can absolutely see adding a large function like a Pause to a previously unpausable environment to have a whole plethra of bugs to discover. Beta's aren't for people to get a new glance at content really, they exist to test and weed out issues.
  10. I'm no modder, but I figure pausing is a pretty serious change? Like, probably took some serious integral work to get functional. Sure I'd love some more balance tweaks, but this is pretty substantial.
  11. Yeah I'd just like an Ancient Guardian complete rework in the future. Don't think anyone would complain about that fight getting a fresh not-Rook-body set of paint to make it thematically, and gameplay-atically engaging.
  12. If you can run DST, you can run Notepad++ to create & edit lua files. You don't really need any intensive software.
  13. That's understandable, but at the same time it's advertising content for a game I already own and literally just booted up so I dunno if it would matter too much. The lil news widgets still exist anyway.
  14. A compass? A pocket watch? Curious what Wanda is holding. Ah. Then a pocket watch.
  15. So does 64bit mean it could be possible to widen the ocean a little?
  16. Shame the other "Brightmares" never made the cut. Enlightenment is very bare imo. Otters looking super cute as expected. AND PUFFERS? YO KLEI? NO BIAS BUT LIKE SHOULD TOTALLY IMPLEMENT THEM!!
  17. Amazingly well done animatic. - Connection to Wagstaff confirmed. - Amazing attention to detail regarding quotes. - Never seeing the front of Webber's face. These three alone nailed my every hope.
  18. Bringing this relic back— Me and the Squad waiting for Webber's rework be like:
  19. Song-That-Might-Play-When-You Get-Banned-By-JoeW.wav
  20. Wagstaff definitely isn't evil. But that doesn't mean his problematic morals won't put him in the position of an antagonist.