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  1. Would be kinda neat if the DLC character this year is Witherstone. Though if Klei keeps the trend of making DLC non-important (non-human) to canon than I guess it's not likely.
  2. I was summoned by Fish-Themed Skin Collection.
  3. Not so sure how I feel about a special season leading into another special season, but I'm all for a Lunar Eclipse season to parallel the Solar Eclipse (Aporkalypse) from Hamlet.
  4. I actually prefer her normal form to her buffed form... What to do...
  5. Can someone post in-game screenies of the skin? Away from home atm, but I need to see. O_O
  6. Yep it's for unidentified/unregistered/unimplemented things. Call back to when I redeemed a Proof of Purchase code but the skin wasn't in yet:
  7. This is most certainly highly concerning, and even incredibly disappointing. Assuming everything pans out in the best possible way now and forever onward—I can't say I won't continue to be incredibly conflicted on supporting Klei with the Tencent name now stapled on. It might wind up working well and helping Klei achieve new heights, but is the ethical crutch really worth all that? I'd much prefer a 'less impressive' but more honest & moral Klei than the contrary. However I'd venture to guess that at this point (a public announcement) that the damage is already done, and the future we're headed for is sealed. Quite frankly I'm sad. I'm not really sure how I'm personally going to proceed for the time being, and I doubt my conflicted feelings are going to disappear any time soon. I hope for the best moving forward, but the 'best' that we're at now is already heartbreaking.
  8. Careful here. You've twisted a quote into a specific that isn't necessarily the truth. This is the quote. Maxwell is astounded he didn't know of the place—not that he didn't know the Ancients once worshipped the moon. Meaning the more accurate contextual meaning is "Did They know of this place?" Not, "Did they know what this place was for." With that said, I do agree that it's more likely that They are simply the shadow entity we've believed them to be all this time. "They're" influence is in the deepest parts of the constant while the "Moon's" is in the highest. So it would probably be more of a surprise to the Shadow Entity to find traces of Lunar stuff within their 'territory'. But I suppose the Moon could be just as surprised to find remains of its influence in the enemy's cradle. ... It is interesting to realize how little "They" are actually mentioned though—Maxwell's Nightmare Throne speech, the accomploshrine, the lantern, and of course the moon statue. That's really all I found with a quick search. Only one of the four is even related to shadows specifically. Granted this singular instances spells it out pretty well. A lantern isn't really going to keep the Moon away, but it will keep away things relating to the dark. If we wanted to play devil's advocate a bit, there is this quote. It's structured in such a way that it's impossible to tell whether or not the 'they' here is in reference to Them simply because the the sentence starts with it. ... Ultimately, it's entirely possible Klei is misguiding us in certain regards, but for now it's safest to simply know the Shadow Entity as "Them" and the Lunar Entity as the "Moon".
  9. She's in a really good spot right now. Merm King & Merm AI in general just need to get touched up and she'll be perfect.
  10. I don't count Fruitfly/Treeguard/Spider Queen. They're mini-boss status.
  11. It was certainly something that crossed my mind due to the pun, but I'd prefer bosses/giants to have unique components. Thus Dragonfly takes dragon off the table.
  12. I definitely think he's more interesting. Naturally he is easier as well, considering the numbers were changed in his favor. Ultimately I wish he had more farming-related perks, but he's in a good spot right now so it's not a huge deal.
  13. I already have everything in this collection, but that's super awesome of you Klei! Always nice to give new players/busy people another shot at some cool cosmetics.
  14. Really cool Mark of the Ninja avatar frame on steam!

    1. Zeklo


      Oooo and Hot Lava!

    2. beanboy12
    3. ADM


      @beanboy12 Nope, DST still only have the 2 animated stickers yet, I do hope they add some sick stuff

  15. Not gonna lie, I would totally buy some of these sweater designs irl. Very snazzy.
  16. Yessss, I was so hoping we'd get farming music but I didn't want to get my hopes up. Super awesome!
  17. I kinda wish weeds had summary cards, or their own tab. Feels weird having everything but them as a summary card.
  18. I think this one works as an irregular ratio example: [2x2 Plot] Pumpkin x2, Pepper x2, Garlic x1, Tomato x3, Potato x1 [Per Plot] Prioritizes the Pumpkins, Pepper, & Garlic for giant growth. Self-feeding, but inefficient. Dunno what circumstances you'd want to use it under, but it exists. EDIT: I actually managed to get giant tomatoes too (not the corners). So I'm even more confused on the range for family bonus. Makes this a lot more efficient than I first thought though.
  19. Never seen the left one before. Love it even more. I need it Klei
  20. Me: I will not become a Warly main.
           I will not become a Warly main.
           I will not become a Warlu main.

    Klei: *dope farming update*

    Me: *grits teeth*

    1. beanboy12



      plays wormwood after awhile

      me: isnt bored only when playing as wormwood even without a wicker

      game: no true wormwood rework

      me: goes monkey because me sad

  21. Its important to note these aren't all the possible combinations. These are the "perfect combinations" that are ideal for specific giant crop growth. However, as long as the nutrient values are not in the negative you can get away with weird things like 5 crops of 1 and 2 crops of 2. Naturally this results in less giant crops, but is great for early game and variety farming. In short, experiment around aswell!
  22. AFAIK The worry is more towards mass twigs/grass farming—which are very basic resources that get rapidly consumed with mega-bases.
  23. That's precisely why I think it's more confusing. I think people are more likely to think of it in gains and loses. Positives and negatives. Ups and downs. Not the more... thematic means of what's literally happening. EDIT: People were reading it properly originally. The problem was that Growth Formula & Manure were switched. That's where the initial confusion sprung—not the original symbols. At least that's my take.
  24. The new Plant Registry art for the nutrient arrows is more confusing now imo. Why does down equate to a gain of that nutrient in the soul?
  25. The farming update makes my real title finally sound relevant.

    "Later Bloomer"

    Better later than never.