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  1. Both bananas and pomegranates are already in game. Regardless, I really want to see a farming/cooking overhaul. Tons of potential there.
  2. I think we'll get some neat designs from it, but other than that I don't expect much.
  3. I'm not sure what you mean. Woby had outline issues and left over particles. These just seem to be affected by season color. Unless I'm missing something.
  4. To be failed recipes. Players realize "oh, I shouldn't make this, it's a waste". Then you learn to never make that recipe again lest you waste ingredients.
  5. Cheese - Using existing mechanics/bugs/exploits to achieve a result in an unintended way. Cheat - Using external means such as console/mods/hacks to achieve a result. Edit: Major bugs like invincibility, out of bounds, etc would fall under cheating (imo), but the hope is these types don't exist in a game.
  6. Uh. That doesn't really change anything I said. Instead of needing to purchase a DLC, they have to purchase/already own a separate game + DLC. Sure, Wormwood has another way of being obtained—so yeah they might be considered easier to obtain. Very marginally though. The numbers are still going to be heavily swayed by accessibility in comparison. I agree? I'm guessing you're just quoting me for a minor portion of the argument here, but uh... yeah I don't like Warly. Split here. Yeah Wormwood's style of play tends to be vastly different unless you're doing challenge runs or have a Wortox, but I like that particular style of play. Opinions. Wholeheartedly agree on the punishing in combat thing, though that's kinda of the point. Warly's outlying problem is his pick & swap potential. I personally don't kind his downside fun (opinion), and it can be circumvented entirely via Celestial Portal while still reaping the benefits of his perks. This is a glaring issue. Wurt is a bit all over the place. With some merm interactions being clunky (guards walking into the unknown for the rest of their existence & etc) and not having a specific niche. To me, her downside is the most enjoyable aspect, but it's not a particularly challenging one—her perks just don't captivate me the same way as others do (opinion). Wormwood is, as you said, punishing. He's not a great pick for tackling those raid bosses or whatever, but that's over all fine? This is only really a problem when playing solo (which is why I picked him less in Hamlet). Here though, he's an absolute joy to play in a group (imo), and yeah naturally "support" roles aren't very favored in most games. MMORPG? MOBA? High demand for support but not as many players. Wortox isn't even that far behind the others in terms of active players (as I said, DLC are bound to be at the bottom due to accessibility), yet the vocal majority loves him. And the thing is, the only complaints is that he's borderline OP. Like seriously, he's ridiculously easy to play, and I'm not even that great at this game. Still at the bottom though—not because of any "punishing" downsides. Simply because of accessibility. You seem to have pinned me as your "enemy" despite my rather neutral comment on a simple thing to consider. The one other post I made on this thread was very critical and skeptical of the DLC characters perks/downsides—an opinion I still hold. So don't vilify me for your convenience, please.
  7. Warly & Wes are excused, but the DLC characters are naturally going to be lower than the free characters due to accessibility—doesn't mean that's the entire story, but an important distinction.
  8. Didn't know they added Mr. T into Don't Starve Together.
  9. I think it's 1,000 posts to manually change own's title. However, on rare occasions people will be granted a title (though I don't know if this is something that still happens). I, for instance, have manually set my title to "Fish Tale", but you'll see among my badges I have a little wand with wings—hovering over that shows my granted title which is "Late Bloomer".
  10. I've frankly never been a fan of this theory but I do have an interesting possibility for it (based on nothing but the fact that it's interesting). Webber could be Wilson's future son after he escapes the Constant. We already know the way time works in relation to the real world and the Constant is wacky. So why not? Maybe a lil Webby ends up unearthing one of his father's old machines: the portal. Do I believe this? Not really. But it's fun to think about.
  11. I hope it won't be a boss because it looks stationary. I really really want there to be an impressive swimming sea-boss. One you have to sail after and actually utilize the boat to fight. The other two fights so far have just been more or less anchor down and wail on with some minor differences. I know Klei can make it work.
  12. They don't though. The only one that's slightly confusing is the survivor since Woby is hiding in a bush.
  13. The only thing I really want to add, because it makes for excellent food for thought is: while it is most likely that Woby is from the real world (due to appearance and what naught), it's also entirely possible that she's a native creature of the Constant that someone ended up raising, naming, and etc. It's far less likely, but opens up possibilities of there being some other presently unseen character whose current situation is unknown. On the complete other side of the spectrum, a simple answer could be that she's just a normal dog who ended up fiddling with a very particular object, at one point, much like Walter did. Animals do tend to mess with things. Ultimately I do hope this is a plot point that'll be expanded upon later, and not just new developments with no end goal.
  14. A lore excuse is still an excuse. A pet/mount perk could have been a new character's entire gimmick. Maybe they could befriend other animals like hounds or interact with No-eyed Deer & Volt Goats in new ways. Who knows. Yet it was tacked on to Walter to give him instant mobile storage & a free easy beefalo. It escapes his theme, and doesn't add a whole lot apart from a shortcut from other mechanics (and a lovable pet of course). My best guess is that maybe Woby was going to be his dog, but they wanted a way explain the transformation. Who knows. Maybe that would make me be able to digest it better, but probably not. If Woby could be used to sniff out tracks or something—a perk that feeds back into the outdoorsy theme—then I could see it. Just not this. I still love it. Just find it a bit of an outlier.
  15. I'm absolutely fine with Klei beefing up characters, because it ultimately makes them more unique and individual. There's only so many basic perks you can do before you just can't make any new characters. That's why a lot of mods already resorted to it, because you'd have to really reach if you wanted to make something unique, fun, and fitting. The only one thing I find odd about Walter is frankly Woby. I absolutely adore her don't get me wrong. I love the lore implications, etc etc. But she doesn't really fall into his theme. It's not like Wendy where the gloomy dark-minded child is being haunted by the ghost of her dead sister. Walter is a scout and each of his other perks/cons play into that well, but Woby just feels like something that was tacked on, and could be tacked on to any other character.
  16. Is Walter not draining sanity from things like the Dark Sword/Suit intended? Seems less about courage and more like the nightmare fuel draining your sanity directly. Just like staves and stuff.
  17. I kinda feel like we'll get more and more unique character-perk skins eventually. Like Woby skins and even Werebeaver/moose/goose skins. It's just that those kind of things especially have a lot of art assets. So we'd probably get one at a time, and very slowly.
  18. I just realized Walter can't adopt Critters due to Woby I guess. It's unfortunate, but I understand why. Not sure how I feel.
  19. Thought something looked off about Woby and finally realized what. She's not outlined entirely in black! Oddly enough, certain parts are though.
  20. Could you link the posts these originate from? The whole point is to reward people for keeping up with news & whatnaught. If they just become freebies, we may see less of them.