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  1. Can the Cawnival bush hat skin also reskin berry bushes? We have the paint brush item… it would make for a really nice aesthetic change. Lots of potential for world & base building and it would only make sense. It’s a niche use item and half of that use comes from hiding from players in PvP, something you can’t really do if you’re in the ONLY orange bush.
  2. The new biome looks nice, it's just very empty. This update seemed to focus the devtime towards fixing boats. It just doesn't make sense how there is just shallow water in the middle of the ocean that allows for the grass gator to walk along and for trees to sprout from, it would look way better and feel more immersive if they added new islands around these waterlogged biomes. Right now, the direction Klei is taking the ocean is: structures in the middle of nowhere, niche use, no incentive to visit them often. Salt, cookie cutter shells, sea weed sprouts, seed shells, barnacles, and now figs all serve the purpose of filling up the ocean without having any meaningful gameplay implications. Salt you only really need to make one trip for. The rest is not worth it at all, there's no positive gameplay loop or replayability to 90% of the ocean content. Even fishing is not worth the hassle and materials.
  3. Beta, there will be more to come with this updates full release. Such as the new island they teased.
  4. I would guess because it's such a tiny update
  5. I think you forgot to announce when the ice biome was coming out
  6. Can we fix Merm followers not returning to their homes, and being lost forever. It's been over a year and Wurt is suffering
  7. Why were some of these scrapped, honestly? The lunar grass gecko would have been greatly appreciated... the moon island feels very, very unfinished. The only mobs on there are the saladmander, carrat (added soley to prepare for Year of the Rat, and is in the ground 99% of the time) and the spiders. As if we didn't need more spiders. The ocean stuff especially, it all would have added so much more life in the ocean. The current ocean feels more like a desert than the actual desert.
  8. Please, can the garden hoe be applied to the golden one.
  9. You could always test this by turning the event off in the settings. I tried and no, he does not spawn nor do his crow children when Cawnival is off. The option to ring the tree is gone
  10. Oh cool, I always wondered why people asked for those. I have a better idea now, thank you!
  11. The game crashes when you chop the Cawnival tree now