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  1. Yeah... to cover up the lunar fissures so the island doesn't spawn gestalts...
  2. Yeah my old neighbor used to be a colonizer so I'm glad he was removed. I agree
  3. I made a similar suggestion but thought that the rot should disappear after a longer period of time, 30 days or so sounds good.
  4. Farming desperately needs a rework. It is not worth it, leafy meat and stone fruit have rendered farm plots and even Wormwood useless. How about make it so each seed yield 3 crops? Either simultaneously receive three crops when they sprout, or once one is picked, the next crop will begin sprouting until all 3 crops are picked from the plot. Or how about make seed bundles a tradable commodity? Akin to Pearl, the Pig King could have dialogue and quests requiring the player to build up the Pig Village, some of these new buildings could be shops (think Hamlet) that would have seeds for Dragonfruit, Potato, Chili and etc. Two birds, one rock slingshot round. Farming would be buffed, and the Pig Village of the Constant would finally evolve and have a purpose other than getting gold for eggs. Both features need to be fleshed out, it's long overdue.
  5. More like the non-existant adventurer at this point
  6. I wish his bloom lasted longer, or that there was a way to self-inflict bloom outside of spring. His skins are all so cool and it's lame that their full glory is limited to a few days in one season.
  7. Can Wormwood's bloom be buffed? As in the duration, it just feels irrelevant being active only 8 days of the year. The skins for Wormwood are fantastic and it's unfortunate the stages are locked to a few days in Spring.
  8. Maybe something like 10 manure = full bloom for 5 days. I like this idea.
  9. All of the new content is great, it just feels underwhelming because nothing seemingly connects. Malbatross, okay, why? It's been a year and the beak is still useless. Lunar Island only houses spiders and passive mobs. The crafting tab can be overlooked. Crab King is way too difficult (destroying the boat and freeze-locking you every 20 seconds) and the Trident could use a buff. The She Sells Seasells update was fantastic, it gave us trading, treasure, quests and lore. I would like to see the Lunar Isles function as a Ruins 2.0, high reward for a high risk.