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  1. I spawned in with 0 hunger and I was trapped in an obelisk box. What does this mean?
  2. WX is a clockwork, but he is in no way related to the clockworks Maxwell created. I don't like this because it doesn't fit thematically and wouldn't make sense in the lore. I do really like the upgrade system idea, they could perhaps give us some seasonal ones (two doodads and a thermal stone create an upgrade that heats WX up for the winter, and he would be able to cook things in his chassis). Stuff like that would be neat!
  3. That doesn't make a difference, from personal experience. I think she should try making a new world on Endless mode, go AFK and just revive at the Florid Postern every time she dies. If she doesn't have a gift by an hour then you might want to message Klei's support
  4. Can't wait until one of these reads: · Wormwood can now use growth formula to activate bloom · Wormwood can now pick crops 100% faster
  5. Wormwood should be able to use growth formula on himself to get bloom! Or an increased farming speed. Picking/planting crops!
  6. What do giant crops do and also I'm not a fan of how different the plants look compared to the actual crops when you harvest them
  7. Yeah... to cover up the lunar fissures so the island doesn't spawn gestalts...