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  1. I didn't know Woodie was Australian. Do they have beavers in the outback?
  2. bbq collection

    These are hilarious. The WX is so amazing
  3. After the holidays they said.
  4. Can't wait to see the skins! I'm hoping Wormwood gets one.
  5. I'm not hoping she'd be able to upgrade him at the same rate that gears do... and you could also say not having a Wickerbottom would only disenfranchise WX-78 and Wurt players. Early on, they were thinking about giving Winona the ability to upgrade multiple characters. For example, Winona being able to give Bernie a cybernetic augmentation or something like that.
  6. That's a shame that the new recipes are event exclusive. We could always use new dishes. Especially that pumpkin pie...
  7. THANK YOU! As a console player, I understand the delay. Happy Holidays!
  8. [Game Update] - 384348

    I guess. That means we'll get the event in 2 weeks. Maybe even later on console.
  9. New Weapons and Armor

    I want more variety. I like that Klaus has a second phase, and I especially find it cool how he uses a life giving amulet. It makes the world feel more alive. Giving the bosses certain resistances and weaknesses is always welcome.
  10. I like the idea of her being able to upgrade WX-78. If Wagstaff doesn't get added, that is. Maybe make her a crafting bench that could only be used by her. It would allow her to repair armor and weapons at a high cost.
  11. Already been corrected, but thanks! I elaborated on my quarrel with cluttered boats though, on console you can't click on what you want to interact with. Sometimes it feels like raft-roulette.
  12. A character with a sweet tooth. Taffy, pumpkin cookies, waffles and ice cream could have improved effects on them and they'd crave a sweet every 4 days or so. If you ignore this craving, normal food values will be reduced and your character would suffer from withdraw. A weak hit modifier, 5% slower movement speed, and a passive sanity loss would ensue. When consuming more than 10 sweet points (each sweet is valued differently, a taffy is 1 point, cookies are 3 points, waffles and ice cream are 10 points) they'd go into a sugar rush. Increased movement speed, passive sanity gain, slower hunger loss and faster gathering and building speeds. The character could also come with a sweets cart they can place down and passively create cotton candy/craft more sweets for the price of one recipe. For example, if you put one ice, one berry, one butter and one honey in the cart, it would produce 2 servings of ice cream. Hopefully they add other sweet recipes along with the character, like they did with Warly. Hoping for some summer exclusive cocoa beans to craft alternatives to jerky. Chocolate bars would be nice long-lasting sanity treats.
  13. Correction: Wilbur is not a splumonkey nor a prime ape. He's a circus monkey from our world judging by Maxwell's quote and his different appearance. I don't mind them adding Wilbur to DST honesty, he fits amongst the other circus folk like Wolfgang.
  14. [Game Update] - 383468

    From a post in 2016 regarding aiming the Spyglass: I'm not entirely sure if this would flow to well on DST, as the right stick is also used to scroll through inventory and crafting tabs. However, I don't think the up arrow has any use. Maybe this could act as a toggle to the free-aim. We could maybe tap the up button, activate the right stick's functionality to adjust aim, and press the up arrow again to lock in the range that we set.