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  1. There should be a new wind instrument that summons rain, crafted with a Narwail horn or something
  2. I don't understand why Walter stops when he's firing his slingshot on Woby. He shouldn't take any movement penalty while he's mounted and using his slingshot.
  3. Klei be like da patchnotes or da roadmap for today
  4. This is separate to spools. Spools remain the same.
  5. A gingerbread pig house skin would've been nice. I hope the Year of the Carrat event brings a bunny hutch skin! And maybe some permanent mechanics/items instead of event exclusive stuff. The pigs have been somewhat fleshed out, with the kind of gameplay lacking pig king (is he a magic user, is that why there are obelisiks around him and why we can't hit him?/why he doesn't turn to a Werepig? What's their culture like? The Elite pigs give us a tiny glimpse of that) but the bunnies haven't been explored at all. Is there a hierarchy? Why do they turn to beardlings? Not the point of my post, but it would be awesome to have a way to strip the pig king of his Were-curse immunity to start a giga-Werepig boss battle
  6. This is anecdotal, but I've noticed these crashes happen most frequently at the beginning of a new day (when the save icon appears on the bottom right). The times it crashed, from what I can remember, were when I picked up an item, wrapped/unwrapped something, or equipped something.
  7. You all at Klei sure are bizzi. Thank you for the transparency, I'm looking forward to what the team has in store for us post-holidays!
  8. I mean, that was just an alternative. Deerclops drops the eye 100% of the time every winter. I was suggesting you wait, but if you somehow desperately needed six eyeballs you could cheese Klaus.