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  1. How to make new beefalo herd that will repopulate itself to maximum capacity (12) from a single beefalo: 1. Craft beefalo bell. 2. Find a beefalo and bond it. 3. Go where you want the herd to be. 4. Disconnect with bell in your inventory. Beefalo will leave the world with you. Since beefalo is not longer present in the world, it will be considered lost and unlink from its herd. 5. Connect and unlink beefalo from your bell. Beefalo will make a new herd at its current position as it wasn't linked to existing herd. You can also use this method to make beefalo herds in caves since moving between worlds unloads beefalo from worlds as well, breaking their connection to their herds.
  2. This expansion feels more unfinished than Hamlet. 2 years of updates that added a lot of stuff most of which never got a purpose to exist.
  3. Equipping enlightened crown (or opening it while equipped) while walter's slingshot is also equipped with cause the ammo slot to disappear. Ammo slot will reappear if you reequip slingshot (also causing crown's slots to disappear).
  4. Previously, bats would come out with a significant delay, allowing to dispatch them one by one. Now they get released in a very short succession (like all bats within 2 seconds).
  5. How do you deal with mobs glitching through the statues when unloaded?
  6. It would be very nice if carrying fuelweaver's statue sketch in the inventory would result in 100% chance of correctly assembling 8 fossil pieces together. It gets really annoying when instead of just using different forms of reanimated skeleton straight away you end up wasting time and hammer durability rebuilding it over and over again.
  7. As much as want Wagstaff added, similar style is probably just a coincidence rather than a hint.
  8. I didn't add a single mod since the update. With these amount of mods I was able to load fairly quickly, now this takes much, much longer. That means that at least in my case this caused a regression rather than an improvement.
  9. @zarklord_klei I added client log to the report.
  10. I'm experiencing very slow loading time when connecting to servers/shards (at least a full minute instead of usual 10-15 seconds) since the updates that claim to have improved the performance (the ones that came after march qol release). This is not specific to servers and in fact happens even on my local server (both dedicated and client). client_log.txt
  11. Mac version has not been updated, still stays at 455744 and crashes on startup.
  12. Due to both having same prefab name, introduction of warrior costume pattern led to confusion in tumbleweed loot table. Originally reported here.
  13. I'm pretty sure this is a bug. Warrior Costume Pattern has a prefab name of "war_blueprint" and tumbleweeds can contain "WAR_blueprint", which refers to a random non-rare blueprint of Fight tab (known as WAR tab in the code).
  14. I had several worlds already where moonstone and beequeen hive spawned on water tile and that was considered a success. I provided a single example of what it looks like (yellow staff was placed by me to show that moon stone is reachable from land).
  15. If you don't want to repair a leak on your main boat after attacking a gnarwail, craft an empty boat from 4 boards and attack him from here. Leaks gnarwail makes on that boat will eventually destroy it, leaving 4 boards behind - exactly the amount that was spent on it, allowing you to rebuild the boat kit afterwards + get a gnarwail horn with little effort. Repeat until you have more gnarwail horns than you'll ever use.