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  1. What does Webber look like?

    Does he look like a b?
  2. Hello, I would like to ask someone to make a mod that shows the timer for each crock pot food eaten in last 2 days with a timer until food can be eaten again for no penalty. (Or at least help me make one myself).
  3. do we need more polls?

    That poll is a spy, there's no option named 'poll'.
  4. Best achievement would be - get killed by picking a rose.
  5. The worst thing with Warly is that if he for some reason loses his crock pot (for example, recently died and had to go to portal to be revived or simply forgot to pick up dismantled crock pot), he'll starve to death refusing to eat unprepared food. Words can't describe how ridiculous it's to die of hunger having lots of food on you.
  6. I'm unable to start my server. Tried turning off mods (I only have client mods), rollbacking, reinstalling game, etc. I believe I was able to play on this revision (356040) for a single game session, but can't launch anymore. Cluster folder is in attachment. Cluster_1 2.zip
  7. It's not Lucy that chops faster, it's Woodie's own ability to chop faster with any chopping tool. If moon glass axe didn't lose durability in his hands, it would've been better than glass cutter, at least for Woodie.
  8. Please, dear Klei, unless you already have complete idea over Woodie refresh, take into account this little suggestion: Instead of Lucy the Axe taking over, make any axe not lose durability while in woodie's hands. So these moon axes will be very valueable for Woodie.
  9. You know, criticism really sounds venomous sometimes, especially fair one. Something being in beta, especially public beta, doesn't mean it should be as "raw" as closed "pre-alpha" development stage. Normal bugs that take some effort and dedication to be found are somewhat welcome, but such obvious bugs that can be always be run into upon making a new world really reveal lack of attention.
  10. Internal Testing

    It doesn't seem they even have some internal division. That's why bugs delay content updates and vise-versa, when they work on content bug tracker remains unchecked by them for weeks. Same people working on different stuff, ultimately spending a lot of time on switching between them.
  11. Another game-breaking bug brought with the new update that could have been easily discovered before releasing to public had they at least somewhat bothered to test it out first. Typical Klei. Please leave your "Confused" reaction on my post, dear fanboys.
  12. Good thing he's free for all. I play offline most of the time and paid characters (even if owned) are unavailable to play, which is not good at all. I wish all characters were available to be played on offline servers, as a sneak peak before buying or weaving them.
  13. Did anyone manage to guess closed beta password for Warly branch on steam?
  14. Plenty of characters have been reworked in DST. Woodie, Maxwell and Wigfrid come into my mind, for example. I didn't even think of Willow.