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  1. While having multipurpose beard would've been great, it sadly wouldn't be very realistic considering how hot summer is in DST world. In real life even a short beard in summer will be driving you insane because of all the sweating. How about having a magnificent beard restore tam-o-shanter level amount of sanity per minute? After all, It's called magnificent for a reason, and Wilson can grow beard in an environment where adult men like Wolfgang or Maxwell can't which probably would make him feel entitled.
  2. 1 bone shard per antler doesn't seem like a fair trade-off, it's feels like wasting. Also, inserting antler is useful by starting a boss fight so it kinda makes up for spending it without good loot, while hammering will make it no longer usable for starting boss fights and should give better loot in exchange.
  3. Klaus can only be fought once a year and you only need 1 antler to start the fight. Since at least 6-no-eyed-deer herd will spawn during autumn and each one will drop an antler if it collides with a tree, you can get 5 antlers surplus after each winter and they also don't stack. Why not let those be turnable into bone shards if you have too many antlers (like snake bones in Hamlet can be hammered to get bone shards). Antlers seem to be large enough to provide 4 bone shards after being hammered. (This will most likely never become a thing though)
  4. I didn't check any of those, but here are some ideas I can think of right now (based on removing main source of resource, requiring to resort to alternative sources. Hamlet and DS adventure mode style): Set grass, saplings, spiky bushes to none; tumbleweeds become almost the only source of those (unless tumbleweeds loot is also affected by setting grass and twigs to none). You can also get grass from withered plants in caves. Set spiders to none and tumbleweeds on the surface and blue webbed mushtrees in caves become the only source of silk. If you also set regrowth to none in caves, silk will become finite because new blue mushtrees won't spawn. Set bee hives to none; you will have to find 4 bees in tumbleweeds and get 1 honeycomb from Gigantic Beehive to make Bee Box (won't work because gigantic beehive will also be removed if you set bee hives to none; would've been a nice challenge). Set trees to none; you will have to pray on Catcoon awarding you with pinecones and birchnuts to get your first wood. Set pigs to none; you will have to make pig houses from pigskin obtained by hammering pig heads. Set boulders and meteors to none - get minerals from moleworms and earthquakes. (Moon rocks can be farmed via moon stone) Set moleworms and rabbits to none - get them from earthquakes, tumbleweeds and catcoons. Set reeds to none - get them from catcoons and tumbleweeds. Set birds to none - get them from catcoons. Set ice glaciers to none - you guessed it, catcoons. And so on.
  5. So clean and organized. Do you accept newcomers on this server?
  6. It's actually pretty sad to think that by coming up with an idea and posting it in suggestions forum someone would be making it less likely to ever be implemented than if he/she never mentioned it so the devs can come up to it themselves and not be worried about 'copying'. It also means that if QoL updates are planned their design phase would take much longer than if some of the ready community suggestions were implemented. Perhaps a pinned topic regarding current suggestions policy in corresponding suggestions forum will be more noticeable (so people would consider whether to post their idea or not) than a single post in a non-pinned topic in _general_ discussion that will go down the first page within few days. But that's just my opinion.
  7. Whaaaaat? How do you obtain it outside of the event?
  8. Seems too complicated considering how not-very-durable armor is at the moment. Same goes to repair function. Since currently thulecite is mainly renewable via resetting ruins by killing Ancient Fuelweaver, I can see Thulecite stuff being self-repairable on their own as a nod to thulecite's renewability itself. It also would resemble old DS-style Woodie - they are very good at what they supposed to do, but use them too much in a short amount of time and they'll "let you down". Drop few 1% Thulecite Clubs after boss fight at Toadstool and when you come back for another fight they'll be 100% again.
  9. This tool would replace current pick/axe made of thulecite and will allow all 4 basic actions instead of 2: chopping, digging, mining and hammering. It would either have infinite durability or large durability that slowly regenerates overtime. It will definitely be worth to keep such a powerful multi-purpose tool in your inventory since you will no longer need separate tool (and separate inventory slot) for each action and it will also come in handy for ruins raid when you need both a hammer and a pickaxe. Additionally it will solve long-lasting problem of many tools lying on the base waiting for the perfect moment that never comes and make thulecite tool worth crafting, unlike it's now.
  10. Almost all of Warly's recipes are mediocre and even if they weren't exclusive to him nobody would still make them. You can also try to find logic in making most exclusive dishes require farm crops for a character that's supposed to collect and cook food on the go.
  11. Battery Kit would reside in Light Tab and used to permanently upgrade capacity of Lantern, Miner Hat and Moggles. It would be made of 2 Glow Berries, 10 Light Bulbs and 2 Electrical Doodads. 9 Battery Kits can be used to reach maximum capacity, which is 10 times the base one of light source (1 base capacity added per battery). Additionally, Battery Kit can be placed in Glow Cap to act in the same way as Festive Lights do - providing light for 160 days. Battery kit would be refuelable with glow berries (25% restored) and light bulbs (5% restored). Only 100% battery kits can be used to upgrade capacity of Lantern, Miner Hat and Moggles. Why this would be great: It will encourage people to hunt worms instead of avoiding them; It will bring a use for glow berries other than crock pot filler when you don't need them for Moggles; It will mostly remove the necessity to visit caves every now and then to refuel light source; It will provide a non-spoiling item for use in Glowcaps outside of Winter's feast event, which means it can be put on hold if to-be-lit area is empty and doesn't require light source in the absence of players. Several tweaks would also be welcome: - Miner Hat and Lantern have their capacity changed to be exactly 8 minutes instead of 7,8. (This is mostly done for easier calculation - light bulb would restore exactly 20% of each.) - Glow Berries would restore 50% of Moggles' base capacity. Whenever Lesser Glow Berries are used to refuel something that is refuelable by Glow Berries, they'd restore 25% of their refuel value instead. - Lesser Glow Berries stack to 40 instead of 10 (like light bulbs).
  12. My Anti-Lag Presets

    It's mostly not the stuff set in worldgen options but the one that gets stockpiled overtime. As a general rule, try not to let stuff be lying on the ground at all. Stuff that lies across the world makes server lag and stuff that lies densely like at base also makes clients lag. General suggestions: 1. Always keep the ground clean. If you have spider hats, boss sketches, empty backpacks, rot, tools, hound teeth, bone shards, bee stingers or other junk anywhere in your world get rid of them. Use up tools till you have 1 of each left. burn rot and backpacks, feed everything else to eyeplants. Throw flint to the water. 2. Don't make too many structures, especially close to each other. I usually don't make drying racks and farms at all. 3. Avoid plants, mobs and structures that constantly or often run animation. For example, farms have several growth stages and run an animation switching between them. Stone fruits keep growing and discarding fruit all the time, so I don't even move them to the base anymore, at least don't have more than 6-8 bushes. Moleworms underground moving animation is very laggy and they are usually the reason why cave bases have so much lag. Don't have too many moleworms and dig up the burrows periodically because the stuff they stored here also contributes to lag. Bull Kelps are the worst of all, always running idle animation when grown. If you have planted some near your base, don't be surprised that you have lag. 4. Grass geckos should not be kept close to places where you often pass through. They should also not be startled by other mobs like chester, pigs or bunnymen. The grass that they drop doesn't auto-stack like rot or hound teeth, so if you are not careful you will have hundreds of cut grass dropped densely one by one in no time that you'll never get to use and will have a hard time collecting. 5. Twiggy trees are a plague to the world. Even disease is not hated enough compared to them. Each tree drops 2-3 twigs around itself, and there are perhaps a thousand of these trees across each world. However, they can't spawn on artificial turfs and rocky turf, so try to cover up their spawn areas with those turfs.
  13. Most items in game that don't have durability also stack, however. some of them don't, which leads to a problem storing them since you'd need a separate chest for each 9 of them. Most players don't bother doing that and just drop these items on the ground, which causes game engine to render each instance separately and negatively affecting performance. Please make the following items stackable to fix this problem: Sketches (especially the ones dropped by bosses. If you see a sketch outside of the desert it's most likely dropped by boss); Blueprints (Antlion spawnpoint is usually surrounded by Lazy Deserter blueprints); Telltale Hearts (usually just lie on the ground in the middle of the base); Crumpled packages (usually opened after fishing session because of their non-stackability. Had these been stackable, people would have stored those for newcomers to open because their chance to get rare blueprints from package is higher).
  14. Chance of getting specific rare blueprint from crumpled packages decreases if this blueprint was already learnt by the person who opened the package, making the chance to get trinkets or unlearnt blueprints higher. It would've been great if Klaus gifts rare blueprints probability also varied this way. I mean, I got three Green Funcap blueprints in a row from Klaus and I already knew how to make it thanks to Misery Toadstool. Gifts' content is generated when Loot Stash is opened with Stag Antler so the knowledge should be checked of person who used Stag Antler.
  15. To keep their pets alive maybe? Otherwise they'd be terrible pet keepers. Argh, didn't think of that. I guess I don't have much experience yet at explaining contradictive design. So many pets to release back to the water for immobile merm king. I wonder if poor self-proclaimed royalty will ever realize that awarding for returning fish to the wild through him doesn't really help them much. Merm logic: let's keep this fish as pet outside of its natural environment for joy. Oh, it's dying - its skin almost dried off and most of their internal organs are failing to function. I guess I'd better release this fish back to where I caught it for it to live few more days until it dies agonizing death and catch myself a new one to torture keep as a pet.