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  1. Oh, so gender classification of names was wrong all along. Thank you for pointing that out, a lot of people over the centuries were misquided but at least people at the forums had been blessed to see your post and as such exposed to the truth. I think if a girl is named Alex then most likely it's a shortened form of Alexandra, female counterpart of name Alexander. Also, if it's just a name, what are the reasons you bother providing examples to argue other than reputation farming? Just accept Klei's oversight with name's gender mismatch, no need to carry out investigations out there.
  2. Well, unlike most of those, Wurt is an actual name. I looked up and it seems of to be of Anglo-Saxon origin meaning "Worthy" and it also clearly stated to be MASCULINE, not gender-neutral. Following your logic, if there's at least a single person having a name of opposite sex then this name does not belong to opposite sex anymore.
  3. Once a month and only for the first page of bugs. The rest will have pending status forever.
  4. Isn't Wurt a male name? Oh man, what a great griefing potential. You can surround portal with like 4 merm houses and they will take down any player that joins. Also good for griefing, other character won't be able to survive because only griefing character can craft the protection item. Very nice. I think it would work the same as Warbucks keeping oincs in his inventory to gain sanity. Perhaps that would even surpass Maxwell's natural sanity regen, like Warbucks' did. Nice. Finally some food-related challenge that doesn't require these awful farms. Oh wait, it does. Ugh. Fistful of Jams and Butter Muffins, looking forward to you. Unless durians give at least 150 hunger I'm not going to bother doing farms the way they are right now. Really wonder if Klei will make more characters with farm-related perks without buffing farms beforehand. I think that means only one of wetness' negative perks is absent (slippery tools). The rest (sanity drain, perceived temperature decrease) remains. Sounds like some Forge mechanics to me. I'm against bringing stuff from custom modes to the main game, as in Warly case it made the character less appealing to me and many other players. Let's hope it stays optional thing and we might as well as let this perk have situational use and let Merm King die when we don't need him. Absolute majority of people hate and avoid stuff that requires maintenance, like pets or domesticated beefalo, so let's see how this one is going to be desiged with that point taken into consideration.
  5. Ok, thanks. I'll rearrange stuff and see if that works. Perhaps it didn't work because I spent these days in caves.
  6. Sorry for bumping this up, but do anenemies still function while unloaded? I've tried killing bearger blocked by few lureplants with 2 anenemies placed just before lureplants but when I came back almost a season later bearger was still alive.
  7. Thulecite armor and weapon should slowly regenerate durability for 5% per day, so they can be fully repaired after 20 days (same cooldown as ruins regen). Then they can be used as everyday gear that doesn't require periodic replacement, because you don't fight stuff often unless against bosses. And the thulecite club will take place of hambat since it always does fresh hambat damage.
  8. This is so true.
  9. Thought I was the only one with this problem. Every single sound has variable volume and ambient sound just disappears randomly. Had to turn volume off not to go insane.
  10. Wendy and Webber are terrified by looking at the mirror and seeing the way they were drawn. Can you get old artists back, please?
  11. [Game Update] - 371293

    RIP shards farming with the help of maxwell miners during full moon.
  12. Too bad if she'll end up having 10+ different types of surfboards with different perks that last for 5 to 30 seconds each so it's not too overpowered. And maybe 10x faster hunger drain while using surfboard. And goodbye 20% faster drying from wetness, this perk made her op for sure.
  13. Revealing Map as Player

    Luckily, Klei won't fix it even if you report in bug tracker. Time for exploiting, thanks for sharing
  14. [Query] On Turfs

    Who knew living logs were actually made of nothing? Green staff has finally exposed their imaginary nature.
  15. I think it was fixed, I am not able to reproduce this bug anymore.