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  1. Not much use anyway since the lighter itself can't be refueled and only has 100 uses. I wouldn't even bother carrying it around to occupy a precious single inventory slot when you almost always have grass and logs in the inventory to make a campfire (or even have one prebuilt) and cook everything at once.
  2. I don't think snurtles/slurtles would be unwise enough to consume salt. However, making salt be able to work like fire damage (damaging by being in proximity) would've been great - first you'd make a snurtle/slurtle hide in its shell to prevent it from moving away from salt damage then watch it die as continuous salt damage prevents it from going back from hiding to move away from it. Cheap and efficient way + you can reuse salt indefinitely and drop several salt crystals to stack damage. Also, by the way, the shells snurtles and slurtles hide in blocks fire damage in addition to physical damage, unlike the armor you get from them. So, kinda fair to have an alternative to fire damage to kill them indirectly.
  3. I don't think anything can ever escape the Constant - the path is one way only. Earth is definitely safer this way, we can't be sure that survivors don't bring new diseases along with themselves if they return. I definitely wouldn't want to have a world overrun with creatures who feed on fear they themselves induce. Sorry, survivors, but you are trapped there forever.
  4. A counterpart to regular Hammer, with 3 moon rocks replacing 3 regular rocks in the recipe. Would require a science machine to craft. Returns twice as much when destroying a structure, which means 100% for non-burned structures and 50% for burned ones. Has several major applications: 1) Early game - easier to set a temporary base and move on as you go. Craft structures, use them, hammer down and pre-build to place somewhere else next time. 2) Middle to late game - moving large bases at once at cost of grass, twigs and moon rocks only, when otherwise it would've taken a great amount of various resources. 3) Nomadic playstyle, be it due to griefers on public servers or due to player's own preference. Obtaining moon rocks itself would suit nomadic playstyle, where you travel to meteor biome once in a while when you run out of moon rocks for moon hammers. 4) Tool of choice for perfectionists - when you accidentally place something 0.5 unit away from desired location and then have to lose half of the resources to hammer it and place again, hoping it won't happen again. 5) Moving naturally found bunny hatches/pig houses without having to lose valuable materials.
  5. Well, it looks specifically like a Hamlet ripoff. One can only hope that licensing fee profits will be big enough to at least partially go towards Hamlet development while DST is being milked to fund current passion projects. Then I wouldn't really mind existence of this ripoff, just please don't bring stuff from it to DS and DST.
  6. I checked the code and scaled chest's own spacing is 1.5 units, and it's the same in single-player DS which I believe hasn't changed much in at least a year. I definitely don't recall scaled chests being able to be put as close as regular chests do (1 unit). On the side note, why would you bother making scaled chests on the boat that itself is not fireproof?
  7. Previously it was possible to kill a bird in two hits with a cane if it was sleeping or frozen. After Walter update it's no longer possible as the bird flies away after the first hit. For characters with low damage modifiers such as Wendy or Wes, it makes boomerangs useless as birds can't be stunned to be picked up.
  8. Unless you are about to craft moon dial, you most likely not have moon rocks in your pocket as well whenever you're about to use blue gems. Moon rocks are not hard to get, but they are definitely not as common as materials for spear. I think double freezing efficiency actually comes from slow shooting animation - much slower than the one of ice staff. However, it this state its only viable to use against targets that require exactly 2 hits to be frozen. Otherwise, ice staff is always cheaper and faster. That's not something you'd expect from character-specific item - being worse than its common alternative in every way. Shooting speed should depend on type of ammo. In case of freezing pellets, it should be as fast as ice staff in order not to be inferior to it. Make it as efficient as ice staff but make 20 pellets from single blue gem. And obviously, moon rock has to go.
  9. - Pigking is surrounded with green turf that spawn red and blue bird which give 2 naughtiness points - Golden pellets do 34 damage, enough to kill a bird - 10 golden pellets are crafted from a single gold nugget - Birds are killed during day and dusk - Walled baits are used to attract and stockpile Krampi - Fire pit is crafted next to pigking. During night it's fueled with feathers and morsels are cooked to restore hunger - Excess morsels are given to pigking to replenish golden pellets supply - Feather Hat can be worn to increase farming speed - Walter doesn't lose sanity from dark, as long as he's not damaged he can manage all 3 meters by eating cooked morsels only. Thanks for perfect character for farming Krampus sacks P.S. Anenemy can be planted next to baits to automatically kill Krampi as you farm birds.
  10. Out of those who argued against Warly being underpowered, is there at least a single person who regularly plays him? UPD: Nvm, there is one, let's see how many more are in there.
  11. I recently noticed how similar Winged Sail requirements were to Palm Leaf Hut from Shipwrecked, with driftwood being bamboo counterpart as structure's carcass while feathery canvas serves as "useful part" instead of palm leaves. Perhaps there can be a structure working similarly to Palm Leaf Hut but made from same materials as Winged Sail, to serve as an alternative of spending Malbatross feathers other than building Winged Sails. Even though rain is not much of an issue in DST compared to SW, such structure would be invaluable since it can be placed on a boat and move along with it, removing the need to carry and repair wetness protective items for EVERYONE on the boat. It would resemble a large beach umbrella. However, since Palm Leaf Hut is easier to make than its proposed counterpart in DST that requires boss drops, the latter would receive several buffs to make up for it: - in addition to providing full wetness protection, it would also grant 240 overheating protection (same as eyebrella) - It would have a larger radius, same as fully charged Glowcap (to allow loose deploying few units away from boat center and still cover the whole boat, as well as to allow doing stuff other than standing right beneath it) - It wouldn't require much free space around it (like masts and glowcap/mushlight, to allow placing it after everything else has been built) - It would prevent stuff (including itself) within its radius from wildfires in summer (same as sandstorms do), being a maintenance-costs-free alternative to ice flingo, as well as a way for people to build megabases on the surface in biomes other than antlion desert.
  12. 3 cooked juicy berries restore 56,25 hunger points, or 75% of daily hunger, or 90% of meatballs hunger. Using them as crock pot filler is a waste unless you're Wigfrid or Warly.
  13. This update sadly feels like a way to squeeze more skins into the game than an actual QoL update. I mean, only QoL changes are decrease of recipe requirements for Insulated Pack and Marble Suit and increase of Thulecite Club's durability. There's plenty of stuff that needs changing and it was discussed a lot in the past few months, but instead the first QoL update in months barely changes anything and instead brings something I doubt was ever requested. Like, beard skins? Character info outside of Character Selection screen? Favorite food for characters? Boss sculptures? Do those pass for long-desired tweaks to game content?
  14. It doesn't seem hermit crab knows about other pearls in the world, only if she had already given it once. Like, if you spawned a thousand pearls by console before you are ready to get one legitimately, you'd still get it from hermit crab. Same applies to cracked pearls, you can spawn them by console and give all of them to hermit crab. On the side note, being irreplaceable doesn't mean there can't be more than one instance of a prefab in the same world. You can get more if there are ways for that, but you can't destroy those that already exist. How do you know it's supposed to be one of a kind? I was hoping to get multiple celestial tributes for decorative purposes. Very sad if it's intended to be like that.
  15. I have managed to defeat crabking high on pearl's pearl and got cracked pearl back. I then proceeded to return cracked pearl to have it "repaired" and given back to me by the time crabking respawns. However, now 20 days have passed and crab king respawned, I have repeated several tasks in order to get another pearl but only got bundle of thanks. I have also checked the code in hermitcrab.lua and there doesn't seem to be any mention of pearl's pearl being obtainable once you got it once. Was anyone able to get more than 1 pearl's pearl in the same world?