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  1. Trash bags would be a new type of bundle craftable by player meant as a quick and cheap way to get rid of accumulated junk. The recipe would be 1x nightmare fuel, 1x cut grass. It would use existing bundle mechanics present in the game, however, the trash bundle itself would have several features: 1) it will not return anything besides its contents when unwrapped (same as most bundles except wax paper bundles); 2) it would vanish in 2 days after being left on the ground (preferably with the same hand animation that removes fire from stagehand); 3) unwrapping it would cost 50 sanity (to prevent people from using it as cheap bundles). The idea is inspired by several facts: 1) trash bags are usually black in color and so is nightmare fuel; 2) all types of bundles sink regardless of their content (so you can toss those into ocean water to get rid of them instantly); 3) I already use gift wraps learned during winter's feast to dispose of hound teeth quickly due to cheap recipe.
  2. Due to both having same prefab name, introduction of warrior costume pattern led to confusion in tumbleweed loot table. Originally reported here.
  3. I'm pretty sure this is a bug. Warrior Costume Pattern has a prefab name of "war_blueprint" and tumbleweeds can contain "WAR_blueprint", which refers to a random non-rare blueprint of Fight tab (known as WAR tab in the code).
  4. The thumper has a huge downside when it comes to harvesting compared to bearger or stalker (or even Maxwell or Woodie) - it's not portable. You are limited to small 2.25 tiles area around it and can only do small harvests at a time. If you need a lot of wood at once (such as for cobblestones), you are better off using aforementioned means. E.g. it's convenient to keep wood supplies in check, but loses when it comes to mass harvesting. I think it appears to be overpowered in hamlet setting due to lack of bearger or skeleton in hamlet world to compete with.
  5. Have you actually played Wagstaff in single-player? His thumper isn't the only unique thing about him, there's a lot more stuff to play. Furthermore, it wouldn't be most broken item, it just would be more convenient early-game option than using bearger or forest skeleton to farm trees (forest skeleton basically does the same - farms logs while keeping treeguards neutral to you). And there are definitely reasons to play as him long-term due to peculiar items mechanic which allows you to get extra valuable loot from trees and boulders, as well not having to bother going for desert googles since he got his own. And the short-range telipads require maintenance costs of telebrellas which, while relatively cheap to craft, don't last long (only 10 uses per telebrella) and can't be mass produced in huge amounts at once due to slow regrowth of flowers in the world.
  6. Hello! I think it would be nice to have fish box functionality expanded based on its nature by making it able to produce more fish of same kind if 1) 12/15 slots (80%) are filled with same kind of fish 2) there are no other fishes in the box. If these conditions are met, new fish will spawn every 2 days and take up one of empty slots (which means amount of fish farmed this way would be capped at 15-12=3 slots). Considering that you put medium fishes for max hunger output, a single fish box would provide you only 25 hunger per 2 days, or 1/6 of your hunger lost, which is still pretty balanced in my opinion (you'd need 6 fish boxes to sustain a single player on a boat and the space on the boat is very limited). This feature seems to provide extra incentive to go ocean fishing - for your effort, patience and preparation to catch initial amount of fishes and not eat them all - you are eventually rewarded with a compact and portable food farm that doesn't depend on luck (lureplants) or being first to raid the world for mob drops (pigs, bunnymen) and can be used by all characters (monsters like Webber/Wortox and vegans like Wurt).
  7. Hello! I think this topic has been coming for a pretty long time and finally reached the point when even my laziness can't prevent me from writing it. During the last few years amount of pointless animation has been greatly increased for literally no reason. I believe it started with characters making poses during changing clothes which was both bearable and explainable, however, most of recent animations have no purpose at all other than being annoyance throughout the game. Most of those annoyances force me and, as I believe, many other users to purposefully avoid screens and popups with too much animation that just plays non-stop over and over again. Here's the evergrowing list: main screen animation, usually update/event related. Usually includes characters doing various motion like moving a bit, lifting things like carrot and such. Since you don't stay at main screen for too long, that wouldn't be much of an issue if the size of that animation wasn't like 2/5 of the screen. I usually skip that screen straight to server list just so I don't have to bear the look of that huge animation driving me insane. Item collection screen includes all characters taking like half of the screen constantly doing something, like scratching butts, waving, hugging plushies and some other weird stuff I definitely don't want to be seeing each time I visit that screen. Why are they here? Are there really people who want to see all characters at once all doing some pointless activity. i don't think so and probably nobody does. reworked/new characters idle animation e.g. Warly constantly smelling non-existing smell, Wigfrid bowing whenever possible and so on. It makes you feel these characters have some psychotic disease that makes them unable to stand still longer than few seconds. In most games idle animation turns on after you stood still for very long and even then it's very subtle. DST's recent idle animations are quickly invoked and spreadout, which means if you have to idle at least several seconds, you are better off to as minimize the game as well. recent invention - characters' facial animation in tab menu and on character selection screen. Honestly, that beats both previous points in terms of annoyance. Why would you want to be exposed to be seeing characters' facial animation every time you go to players list? It's incredibly creepy and annoying. And you can't skip or disable it. I don't like the direction of having every single static image in the game eventually being replaced by an animated one. Animation is good, but it should have a purpose, otherwise it'll just spam the brain with useless information. DST increasingly gets the feel of some chinese game where everything constantly blinks, flashes, pops out of nowhere, moves back and forth and so on. Please stop it, that's too much animation already.
  8. I have a really old world back from 2014-2015 era that I recently returned to and I'm really saddened that I have all of Return of Them and most of New Reign stuff retrofitted in that world while lacking RoG content such as Desert and Decidious with associated mobs like catcoons, moleworms and volt goats (not to mention lack of cacti and tumbleweeds). As such, New Reign content that's supposed to spawn in these biomes - Antlion, Dragonfly, Klaus, Deers and Oasis - are missing permanently. Since I believe it was impossible to retrofit new biomes back then, it would be nice to make it possible to get those now that even caves can have large lunar glotto + ancient archive island added into them via no-sanity wormhole. I totally wouldn't mind having decidious + desert island accessible some distance away from mainland, be it via wormhole or boats, to not having it at all. Please.
  9. Since birds have been recently changed to be attracted to crop seeds in addition to regular seeds and you get quite a lot from giant vegetables, I thought it would be nice to have an actual way to protect areas from birds spawning so you can hammer all giant veggies at once without worrying about losing crops seeds to birds that land near them. Thankfully, there's already a structure that can be redesigned to do just that - Friendly Scarecrow! Instead of replacing crows with canaries like it does right now, it would prevent all birds from landing/moving within its range (basically acting like a large "birdblocker" as its called in the code). I'd probably also suggest increasing current range as well to make sure it can also be used around areas of interest to prevent them from being polluted with seeds/seeds-turned-rot from birds. Implementing that will make original function (spawning canaries) impossible so I suggest passing it to guano turf from caves, which would also be logical for several reasons: 1. Type of bird is generally defined by the turf it lands on. 2. You mostly need canaries for Toadstool and its spawners are located on guano turf - players can draw the connection. 3. Birds spawn guano when fed with seeds. 4. Guano turf doesn't naturally spawn on the surface where birds spawn, so you won't be able to get canaries on surface by accident, you'll need to manually bring guano turf up from caves in order to get a canary.
  10. I had several worlds already where moonstone and beequeen hive spawned on water tile and that was considered a success. I provided a single example of what it looks like (yellow staff was placed by me to show that moon stone is reachable from land).
  11. If you don't want to repair a leak on your main boat after attacking a gnarwail, craft an empty boat from 4 boards and attack him from here. Leaks gnarwail makes on that boat will eventually destroy it, leaving 4 boards behind - exactly the amount that was spent on it, allowing you to rebuild the boat kit afterwards + get a gnarwail horn with little effort. Repeat until you have more gnarwail horns than you'll ever use.
  12. A quick suggestion to bring an extra use to fireflies - make them tend to farm plants on the same tile while in darkness (including when the area is unloaded).
  13. The concept is based on the idea of eyeplant-harvesting grass/twigs/reeds/stone fruit farms. Those farms, while providing a lot of resources at once, are hard to be improved to full potential (due to weird spawning pattern of eyeplants) and are somewhat locked behind Wickerbottom. For that, I suggest a way to make lureplants useful for farming for all characters at the cost of time dedicated to small minigame. First, you need to obtain the lureplant bulb itself. Second, you need to find the lunar island. Third - find a lunar grotto and dig some moontated turf (or get moonshrooms to craft it). Finally, you need to replace the turf near one of celestial fissures with moontated turf and plant lureplant on it. After 20 game days, the moontated turf will turn into lureplant turf, which can be dug up and replanted somewhere else. Everything pickable within the turf tile will be picked with effect similar to orange amulet. If there's a container (like chest or backpack) within that turf, it will be placed inside. Insulated containers like salt/ice boxes are prioritized (e.g. filled first). If there's no free slots in the container, nothing will be harvested (to put the farm on hold). Like another thing found on lunar island - the mighty anenemy - lureplant turf functions while unloaded, allowing to fully automatically get large harvests overtime from a single turf tile. Since some of the plants found in game can't be relocated (but the turfs underneath them can), this can be exceptionally useful. Some of the uses I can think of at the moment (to confirm the usefulness). Replanted grass/twigs/stone fruit farms (largest yield due to ability to be planted densely); Reed farm (every reed within the tile will be collected once it grows for 1 cut reed every 3 days, or 18,33 cut reeds per year). Plant several turfs throughout the swamp to get largest harvests and visit them once a year. Rot farm with light flowers/lichen/natural berry bushes growing on top. Leafy meat farm to harvest leafy meat as soon as lureplant grows it (and preferably build salt box on the same tile). Use plant's offspring to rob its own parent. Automatic meat/horns pickup from anenemy-based goat farm (amplified with saltbox built next to it). Quick pickup of mob drops from loaded farms (like hound tooth fields, bunnyman only/bunnyman-spider farms) to avoid loss of loot to mobs themselves. Harvest of tumbleweeds in case their spawner has been discovered by an eagle-eyed player. Collecting stone fruits first by mining standing on the tile and only having salt box/ice box on that tile. (Reduces initial spoilage before use) Koalephant/beefalo based poop farm - they spawn poop offscreen if there's none nearby. Pen them on avoid them walking away from the tile. Similar to previous example, guano farm near cave entrances, which is spawned by batilisks. Harvesting large amounts of gold from pk trades by replacing wooden turf with lureplant turf. Collecting logs from the player planted forests that got beavered or beargered. Performance-optimized grass gecko farm (due to grass not lying on the floor one by one). Automatic retrieval of glommer's flower at full moon if you don't have time to go for it due to moon event/werepig farming. Collecting crops/weeds as soon as they grow (by making farm soil on top of lureplant turf) and preferrably putting them within salt box. Please let me know what you think of the idea. Lack of automated farms to bypass routine picking actions always bothered me and lureplant always seemed a possible solution that's tricky to properly utilize.
  14. Light radius based on color seems to have been unintentionally changed at some point during Q3 of 2020 (at least that's when I noticed it). I don't recall there being any difference based on light color and there's no direct mention of radius variability based on color in mushroom light code. I believe it was first mentioned here on the forums. I'm personally using mushlights instead of glowcaps as a temporary workaround as they always give intended (e.g. largest) light radius.
  15. If you hammer down a waxed giant vegetable, it will drop a single rot (instead of wax and giant vegetable loot, I guess).