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  1. Bulbous lightbugs which were recently introduced in new beta can be put into mushroom lights. This is actually great for boats or single-mushlight bases, as they starve in 8 days while in mushroom lights and can be fed with veggies (like bull kelps) to be restored to maximum freshness. I, however, suggest further improving them: During full moon, lightbugs in mushroom lights will turn ripe. Ripe lightbugs will not starve in inventory. Further more, they can be planted to make lightbug flower that will spawn lightbugs. With these changes implemented, 2 main chores will be handled (if the player goes through the additional but one-time chore of catching lightbugs and making sure they are kept alive in mushroom light during full moon): 1) Having to go for lightbulbs to caves once in a while. Lightbug flowers planted on the surface will provide players with light bulbs to recharge lanterns/miner hats. 2) Powering up mushroom lights for large bases. Since ripe lightbugs don't starve in inventory unlike unripe ones, they will keep mushroom lights lit forever. This idea inspired by saladmander ripe/unripe transition based on heat and glowfly from Hamlet which doesn't spoil.
  2. The game window doesn't even appear. Client log ends on "[00:00:01]: Mounting file system databundles/ successful." line.
  3. It also crashes immediately on OS X. At least for me. Does anyone else have the same problem?
  4. Can desert turf recipe be changed to Antlion's desert stone? And the turf crafting station be made portable?
  5. Now you can have your own herd of water beefalos to help you out with sea weeds and crab king.
  6. If pigking minigame was going on while server was saving, minigame will not be restored in case of rollback/restart to that save - elite pigs and signs will disappear, pigking will not give a reward.
  7. Like the title says. There is currently no way to turn planted bull kelp into "dug" version so relocating existing plants via boat pushing is long and boring process. Trident itself doesn't have much use at the moment despite its blueprint being a boss drop so that nice feature would bring more utility to both ocean's plentiful but hardly obtainable bull kelps and trident itself.
  8. This would've been true if it wasn't possible to build C-shaped statue (or fossils) wall next to tree cluster area, agroing and stockpiling treeguards within until you're done with the forest, then killing them all at once with catapults built between statues and forest. Also, birchnut trees don't spawn guards during winter and naturally respawn due to world regrowth so lack of birchnuts to replant shouldn't be a problem.
  9. Gathering also includes picking what you chop. Werebeaver is definitely faster at chopping, especially if high on sweet foods, but he will also have to pick what he has chopped, and this always takes longer than chopping itself. Furthermore, with as much as beaver can chop in a single transformation, you're quite likely to have your fps at least halved once you're done due to all these logs and pinecones on the ground, which means you won't be doing multiple transformation. Also werebeaver can't make breaks or he will transform back rather quickly. Maxwell can make breaks during the process and also isn't limited to half of day of chopping given he picks stuff up promptly to avoid lag. (Breaks are needed in case of hound wave/giant attacks/overheating/freezing/hunger etc). If you also add requirement to dig/gnaw stumps as gathering, Maxwell wins by an even wider margin. What also makes Maxwell's win even more obvious is Woodie's workplace overview at any given time - cluttered with logs and pinecones waiting to be collected as compared to Maxwell's clean approach - trees are either present or gone. No stuff lying on the ground. No fps issues.
  10. If you try to drop something on dry oasis lake, items will get pushed to edges. I believe same applies to frozen ponds.
  11. I don't think ancient guardian's chest is able to destroy stuff inside. Regular ornate chests definitely do destroy items inside though. I personally would suggest leaving sea fishing rods next to lobster dens clusters near shore for occasional fishing.
  12. Both events are not far from now, so I have a small request for both of them - greatly reduce amount of event junk spawned in the world (both initially and as time goes by) since it increasingly negatively affects performance. It has been a great problem for both events, with world being littered with junk that most mobs drop. Worst of all is that junk is useless to the point that nobody stops by to pick it - there's so many varieties that take up different slots and they don't even burn. I for sure am one of the people who avoid trading with pig king during hallowed nights due to all that junk he gives in addition to gold. I don't need it and nobody else does. The junk includes Halloween Trinkets, Candies & Decorations from Hallowed nights and Winter foods + adornments (excluding festive lights) from Winter's feast. I suggest making junk obtainable only on purpose instead of being spawned in the world or being extra drop from mobs. For example, make it a complex condition that is hard to fulfill by accident. Let's say, killing a mob within 4-tile radius of either Totally normal tree or Winter's feast tree would have a chance (from tiny to slight depending on decoration) to drop junk. Pig king would give candies only for Halloween trinkets and only at dusk. Remove adornments and winter foods from loot table of Winter's feast tree gifts.