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  1. Will you ever test your own games before releasing to public?
  2. Mask Hat that you get from new boss is armor that has same absorption and durability as football hat that can be repaired with food (4 health + 1,75 hunger points). If only it didn't break and stayed when run out of durability like bone armor does. Shield of terror is hand slot item that deals same damage as tentacle spike and has same absorption as wood armor. At last a repairable mid-tier weapon, definitely superior to hambat. Also breaks when fully used Also, both hunger and health are treated as absolute values, so rot is very good way to repair those items (probably the best). Raw monster meat and raw red/blue caps restore a lot of durability because of their health effect.
  3. I feel like this update is suitable for April 1 one. Not only new deconstructibles don't drop anything worthy (that can't be obtained much easier and faster) as trade off for keeping them whole, using green staff on them itself feels a waste alone. Spider hat and shadow thurible are especially bad , even worse than dropping them to the void or feeding to lureplant.
  4. Thanks for listening to the suggestion of bee queen crown being deconstructable, I appreciate this a lot. However, I don't think it should contain bees - even if all natural bee hives in the world have been destroyed along with the bees, new ones are steadily available from indestructible bee box found on pearl island. It's unnecessary to force people to deal with the bees for every bee queen crown they deconstruct when they won't need 4 bees at most (to craft a single bee box to get more bees) if they don't want to go with pearl island/tumbleweeds option. It also diminishes pearl's island likely unintended but nice purpose of being a bee sanctuary. Instead I suggest to increase amount of honeycombs to 6 and remove everything else from the recipe. It would also be awesome to have bone helm/bone armor deconstructible as well. And spider hats - those are already useless and lying in chests/ground forever, but if you could get at least 20 silk from deconstructing one as trade-off for getting decent amount of silk immediately instead of having to spend time on killing spiders and collecting unnecessary monster meat/glands (most of the time you need silk, not monster meat or glands) then you'd probably prefer that to feeding it to lureplant.
  5. If the item that dropped on a shadow puppet in caves during earthquakes was a mob such as moleworm or rabbit the puppet will receive damage and quite likely die unlike if it was hit with a mineral like flint or rock.
  6. Equipping enlightened crown (or opening it while equipped) while walter's slingshot is also equipped with cause the ammo slot to disappear. Ammo slot will reappear if you reequip slingshot (also causing crown's slots to disappear).
  7. Previously, bats would come out with a significant delay, allowing to dispatch them one by one. Now they get released in a very short succession (like all bats within 2 seconds).
  8. I didn't add a single mod since the update. With these amount of mods I was able to load fairly quickly, now this takes much, much longer. That means that at least in my case this caused a regression rather than an improvement.
  9. I'm experiencing very slow loading time when connecting to servers/shards (at least a full minute instead of usual 10-15 seconds) since the updates that claim to have improved the performance (the ones that came after march qol release). This is not specific to servers and in fact happens even on my local server (both dedicated and client). client_log.txt
  10. Mac version has not been updated, still stays at 455744 and crashes on startup.
  11. Due to both having same prefab name, introduction of warrior costume pattern led to confusion in tumbleweed loot table. Originally reported here.
  12. I'm pretty sure this is a bug. Warrior Costume Pattern has a prefab name of "war_blueprint" and tumbleweeds can contain "WAR_blueprint", which refers to a random non-rare blueprint of Fight tab (known as WAR tab in the code).
  13. I had several worlds already where moonstone and beequeen hive spawned on water tile and that was considered a success. I provided a single example of what it looks like (yellow staff was placed by me to show that moon stone is reachable from land).
  14. If you don't want to repair a leak on your main boat after attacking a gnarwail, craft an empty boat from 4 boards and attack him from here. Leaks gnarwail makes on that boat will eventually destroy it, leaving 4 boards behind - exactly the amount that was spent on it, allowing you to rebuild the boat kit afterwards + get a gnarwail horn with little effort. Repeat until you have more gnarwail horns than you'll ever use.