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  1. [Game Update] - 345820

    Hamlet is a plateau, meaning it's at the top of a mountain (or several).
  2. [Game Update] - 345820

    Can we not fat shame the poor thing? Thanks.
  3. [Game Update] - 345820

    what do you mean?
  4. I've got through Dry Season and I'm not at the start of Mild and, for some reason, puddles keeping spawning, expanding and disappearing again over short periods of time. I'm not entirely sure what triggers their appearance, but they seem to always show up in the exact same spots, which leads me to think they do not actually despawn when they "dry up". I've attached my save file. The world is in slot 1. Some of the spots that keep producing puddles are those indicated in the screenshot and at least 2 more near the Slanty Shanty with the Cottage exterior. remote.7z
  5. And what precisely makes you think this is a bug? They cannot be attacked because they do not have a health value. Also, congratulations. You just trapped yourself in a tiny, square room.
  6. How is this wrong? Prime Apes are literally a reskin of Splumonkeys. Yes, their behaviors differ, but their body types and animations are identical, which was Skye's point.
  7. Figured I'd report this again, since the first 3 or so reports got no response and, most importantly, no fix. Ballphins spawned from Ballphin Palaces behave weirdly due to their herd mechanics. Normally, they attach themselves to a nearby ballphin pod or create a new one if they can't find one. However, sooner or later, something will but out and one day they'll decide to spawn and attach themselves to a new ballphin pod miles away from their Palace. I'm guessing something causes them to not detect their existing ballphin pod. Depending on whether they are in open ocean (most of SW) or in an enclosed space (either Hamlet pods or a sea wall-surrounded area in SW), things progress differently. In open ocean, they will swim away from their home to find this new ballphin pod they've spawned. Eventually, they will move too far away and become unloaded. This results in them being stuck away from their homes, as their homeseeker component will not activate at dusk and they won't come back unless the player goes out to find them and escort them home. In enclosed spaces, they will become stuck swimming against the shore or sea walls all day long. However, when dusk comes, they will return to their homes, only to repeat the whole thing again come morning. Slot 1 of the attached save file belongs in this category. Using c_countprefabs, it appears that there are 25 ballphin pods in total, but only 15 ballphin palaces. The ballphins stuck swimming against the shore (or, in one case, stuck swimming against a lily pad) are also 15, so I'm fairly certain the behavior only affects ballphins spawned from palaces. And when I used c_gonext("ballphinpod") I ended up in the void, as shown in the screenshot. remote.7z
  8. DISCLAIMER: This save file (slot 1) was made before the Interiors beta, then transferred to it and finally transferred back to the live version after Hamlet left early access. In the last couple of weeks, I've noticed that going to certain points in the map causes a massive spike in the number of awake entities. In just a few steps, the awake entity count goes from 3k-5k (the standards numbers in and around my city) all the way up to 12k or so. These entities do not actually seem to exist. I cannot see them anywhere nor interact with them, nor do I what kind of entities they actually are. Unfortunately, that does not stop them from tanking my fps to single digits. I first noticed this occurence at the location depicted in the first screenshot. I think this was shortly after the bugfix had come out that removed things that had been pushed off the edges of the map by Lush season's winds. This spot has been entity-overloaded ever since. Now, right after the Dynamic Asset Loading update, I've noticed this in the location depicted in the second screenshot as well. Interestingly, both locations are near the waterfalls of a lily pond biome. remote.7z
  9. The future of singleplayer?

    I just want Klei to add literally anything of value to Humid Season. Not only is the fog a huge drag, which I'm fine with tbh, but there's absolutely no resources exclusive to the season. By contrast, Lush Season gives you the opportunity to gather Jungle Burrs, Blooming Tubers and Bramble Bulbs, the latter of which lets you craft 2 different items. Oh, and maybe something for Ro Bin and the BFB, who are both incredibly meh.
  10. When playing as Webber, holding F (rather than Ctrl+F, which is actually meant for force attacks) will target any spiders Webber has not "recruited", even if said Spiders are not hostile. This basically means you have to target things via mouse, or risk hitting a spider and getting a whole nest after you.
  11. I've made 2 Dripple Pipes in order to create rain and stop stuff from smoldering. However, 3 out of 7 times I've used a Dripple Pipe so far it has caused no rain. However, even without causing rain, it seems to stop any smoldering happening at the moment.
  12. Pikos can eat Ro Bin's stone

    Pikos can't eat anything. They just store things in their tree. Chop it and you get your things back.
  13. Yeah, you only learn recipes by prototyping them. Since Wickerbottom never prototypes them, she never learns them. A similar issue exists with Sea Yards and Sea Chimineas, which cannot be crafted in HAM, because you have them by default in SW. Using a blueprint of the recipe does unlock them, however.
  14. Can we please get a fix for the ballphins?

    I think Revior meant the lack of response in previous reportings of the bug.
  15. Can purple stave teleport to interiors?

    To answer the question: Yes, telelocators do work in interiors. In fact, you could easily set up a 2-way telelocator network from your house straight to the aporkalypse calendar. There's just two caveats: Telelocating an aquatic mob will only move it to another water tile, so you can't use focuses for these. Also, due to how the game works, interiors are further away from anything else, so any active telelocator focuses on the outside will be prioritized over any interior telelocators.
  16. [Game Update] - 343524

    The water beefalo horns are not for crafting Horned Helmets. They're for crafting Dripple Pipes, the blueprint for which can be bought at the Tinkerer's Tower along with the blueprint for the Weather Pain (which makes a hell of an iron farming tool).
  17. Yeah, it's a typo. The normal wings are called Batilisk Wings.
  18. Missing crocodogs and bats map icon

    Why would they? Most mobs do not have map icons. And that includes hounds.
  19. City Pigmen rudely refer to Wilba as "unpig"

    This also happens with Webber when wearing the Shamlet Mask. And I'm pretty sure every pig does it occasionally.
  20. [Game Update] - 343524

    It's already here.
  21. [Game Update] - 343524

    10%. @Jason The Dynamic Asset Loading looks great, but it appears the options for rendering shadows and canopy vines in the deep rainforest have disappeared completely.
  22. Missing content from key to the city tab

    Miner houses and farmer houses are basically useless.
  23. The Oddities Shop already has a very long list of items and adding more to it will make the RNG worse. Let alone adding something as worthless as a seashell just so that one character can use them once in a blue moon.
  24. What the title says. Leaving the Gizzard Stone behind when you exit a room cause Ro Bin to teleport outside the room's bounds. Leaving the room again with the stone will teleport him to you.
  25. Can we pls fix small crops?

    I'd really like to know you managed to encounter a bug in a version of the game that does not even exist.