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  1. Oh shoot I forgot about WX-78, you’re right though.
  2. I changed Wormwood to the McDonald’s corner because he is Babey, but I can’t see Wigfrid being mean to the kids or being a pushover. Kind of a “öh but I slew the beast earlier töday just för yöu!”
  3. I can't remember when I made this or if I posted this here already, but here you go. Discuss Updated Version 2.0
  4. I was just gonna say, I just regressed back to 2015 Tumblr going through all that.
  5. Hey guys, I just got my first Moderna vaccine dose today! I'm willing to answer questions regarding it, however I'm still logging symptoms at the moment. 

    Take this meme based on one of the DST fics I wrote


  6. Hello everyone! I just finished my last final, so I’m hoping to be more active now. I made a new Twitter (BluesArt6) which is where I will be posting my art on Twitter. However I will be continuing to post to the forums. I kinda fell off DST for a bit but I’m hoping to come back soon. 

  7. hope you are doing alright, haven't seen much of you around

    1. Blueleaf12


      Hey I’m doing okay! I’m just busy with school and such. I’ll hopefully be a bit more active in later spring and summer. 

  8. Oh that’s something! I was experimenting with Clip Studio Paint’s layer effects for the first time really. I was trying to do the noise grain like how you mentioned with my previous Wigfrid piece, but it didn’t turn out as well imo. I might try to do some more effects, not sure. Kinda like this? It feels like the last one I did in the main post, but... nicer.