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  1. Thanks, so no more gold from the Pig King with Hallowed Nights enabled?
  2. This is my first time playing with Hallowed Nights, is it part of the event to find random trinkets strewn about on the ground? Also, will these trinkets go away when the event is done if they are?
  3. My mom and I made some pumpkin pies and it looks a lot like the pumpkin pie in the matching minigame with the winter birds!
  4. Oh honestly, it was horrible. I was just trying to move my boat closer to my base, rather than go sailing permanently in the summer. Thought I could just rough it out... but no. Next time though, I’m gonna build boats using a guide. Not doing that again. Also just as soon as I healed back up, hounds almost got me
  5. I just bought Hamlet to unlock Wormwood and was welcomed with this
  6. Up for debate, I see them either way. Speaking of Maxwell and Charlie, Maxwell is very judgemental of me closing out of the game
  7. Went back to playing my WX world and I JUST NEEDED TO PUT AN ENDOTHERMIC FIRE PIT DOWN BUT COULDN'T BECAUSE OF THE BOAT I don't sail often, if at all, if it's not clear. Edit: Managed to make it to land with 5hp as I watched my boat sink because I hammered my anchor in a panic, wondering if it would let me put down the firepit. It didn't.
  8. I got into playing the curio minigame because of Halloween and this was the score I got playing for the second time; my previous high score was about 13,000 points. It's the crow one.
  9. No one’s really talking about his personality and characterization, so I’m going to do it here. While I don’t play as him really, he is super sweet. It’s lovely seeing how much he cares for his Maman and the other survivors. Feels like a breath of fresh air that the Constant didn’t harden him up.
  10. More that I forgot about: Rabbits: Harrises (based on a fic my friend wrote with one of Maxwell’s stage rabbits named Harris) I also call Woodie “Woods” and Lucy “Luce” on occasion. “Luce” is just really cute and sweet to me. Prehastininator: The Evil-Hat-Inator (said in Dr. Doof’s voice)
  11. When updating the game and looking at the new skins my friend and I played ticktacktoe on Woodie’s fivehead