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  1. unless you are at low sanity and distracted idk why you want to wear all the time head armor
  2. better in that way that seeing them in F tier :_
  3. wigfrid helmet over thulecite crown, garland too high, spider hat too low, ice cube too low, why mushhat is on f tier?, niche hats on low tiers when they are god send when needed, etc
  4. Not only the debuff, abigail deals damage too Sure shadows blablabla but the danger of dealing with shadows is actually dealing with shadows+other stuff, stuff that can be distracted/tanked/killed by abigail. Also she has 200 sanity and less sanity drain at dusk and night (top hat negates this) Edit: ofc a character thst has a free and strong body ward that deals with hordes is op in a survival game. Not only that, she also gets one of the best dps on single targets too. Isnt op because nobody dies and you can have a lot of fun being afk killing bosses with exploits. Sure
  5. But in the settings is set to 60fps? Or it doesnt allow you to change it?
  6. Idk why (actually yes, because is cheaper) didnt make weeber able to build a nest for every kind of spider instead of throwing coherence to the rubbish by mutations (unless is what you said about new spider types) Im curious about how spider queens will be affected with the new spider. Will be less chances of getting spider warriors making her easier or regular spiders making her more difficult?
  7. Mods, big base filled with stuff base, did you try to reinstall, firewall?
  8. I guess each spider with a spider hat will befriend spiders like how it works with the player so you will have followers with followers that can have more followers with their own followers djsowmroqownrnr9w92
  9. Isnt what you ask for but a red overlay will appear if you beefalo is at low health (arround 300hp if im not wrong)
  10. Very viable. Think about this: each spider deals 20 damage and you can plant many nest everywere
  11. but then why full moon shenanigans (wilba, woodie and RoG pigs curse) are triggered in the aporkalipsis