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  1. i see, i was playing the game meanwhile you already launch the fix hours before soz for no checking updates before posting
  2. i dont really know i remember more topics about this thing and i dont remember any other solution
  3. i think the only way to recover is if you have a backup copy of that world
  4. maybe they have spend to much time death so they cant return to normality. Like empty souls or like dementia
  5. you were right idk what happend but i could chop with a moon glass axe 2 times but today i tried and it transformed to lucy makes more sense than having a exception
  6. Arent you tired of think what statue use to prevent pets to scape? xD
  7. That matters? I will try again later but is what happend to me.
  8. how can you be overheating with that fountain in your boat
  9. you get everything but the new area, instead of being connected by a branch, you get a wormhole that brings you there