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  1. maybe was a bug or a mod but we were never allowed to fill the can in the ocean, salty water isnt good for plants
  2. a worthy use for the hundreds of slurper pelts that stock pile
  3. nope but you can use healing items like salves or glands to repair them i recommend you to use fire and ice staffs for snurtle farming
  4. nope, breaking the bond simply makes the beefalo uneable to follow that bell but domestication isnt attached to it
  5. is simple, if you want to use backpack in summer and winter you use thermal stone/hats, if you want more weather protection just dont use your backpack and learn inventory management. Wearing a backpack and only needing to warm up 2 times per winter doesnt feel right if you want body armor just equip it and later pick up your backpack, having 24/7 armor+backpack is silly in a game where being hit with armor means getting only ~5 of ~150hp lose doesnt matter the ammount of people that use that mod, ad populum fallacies dont have room here when is just because that mod makes the game easier and simplier which is what a lot of people look after playing: "easy hormone rewards by "beating" games" and less in a world were certain sh*tty games are played by many for their simplicity (brain traps) or because you can pay to win, low quality music becomes popular and maaaaany other examples inside and outside of the videogame industry try to use body cloths along with head slots and tell if will be right that to be allowed to be used with backpacks because for me makes no sense at all, klei balanced it quite well. And i didnt mentioned other awful modded slots like being able to wear amulets
  6. yes, time and by wasting time fixing things we get less content. if people prefer to be afk for 20min instead of enjoying the fight just **** them, i want content and new updates not patches fixing things that dont affect my gameplay.
  7. they stole the bell but only breakes the bound dont ask me why i know this
  8. for bq you are adding damage from a safe distance. You can take the moments where she is surronded by bees to set her in fire while you isolate her. Adds a respetable ammount of damage to make the firsts phase shorter if you dont rely on pan flute spam for toad is useful because you can add damage while you deal with the spore caps or even set them in fire from distance if for some reason you dont have weather pains
  9. woby's speed decay helps to know that she will lose her transformation so i think is better is klei simply increase the full speed duration while keeping the decay as something informative
  10. nope there are a balance between choosing the best weather protection/having more slots/having speed+light/having armor if you want to wear coats start by learning inventory management, i see a lot of people carrying 24/4 flint, gold, grass, twigs, many armor items, materials for armor items, +2 light sources, tools that wont be used, etc in their inventory...
  11. the defensive freeze perk should be buffed for sure but the durability when wearing it is fine because you arent suppose to wear it the whole time, you wear summer protection and when you start overheating you wear the amulet for few seconds to cool down. I won't mind a buff but people miss understood a lot this item how is 1 red gem and 2 nf expensive? the problem with using them against regular mobs is that they only work for crowd control, to scare them since regular mobs receive little damage but against bosses are the best use because deal 80 dsmage per use so 20×80 for the cost of 1 red gem :/ again, wont care a buff but seems like you dont understand the item (no offense)
  12. tbh the best tip is to keep playing because in that way you learn patterns in the world gen, improve your boss fight to need less preparation, etc try to focus your time on things you really need for your plan. I have the problem of being distracted for every random sh*t i found and that made me lose a lot of time, things like killing spiders when the priority isnt silk (i won't use silk in the ruins so why killing them that early? there is time after), gathering too much of certain resource (again, there is time after), etc. Also try to avoid fighting a lot in the ruins, get some materials, craft what you need (usually i only craft mag, star caller, fewthulecite crowns+armors for next boss fights and, if ag didnt dropped the lazy explorer, a thulecite club) and leave, there is no point of going into the surface with 30 gears when you can leave before with 4 (that is more that you will need in the early game) for example. Plus i dont waste that much time with early exploration, i discover certain biomes and most of the time i just explore them a little to know which one is (like spotting moon rock base to know is the mctusk forest, spot large cacti to know that is the oasis desert, etc) is about getting use to do certain things fast and ignore other stuff plus being able to do that stuff with less gear and food anyways im not good at rushing things so maybe someone can come with better tips
  13. depends if i wanna rush or play relaxed but most of the time i do these no matter what autumn: exploring to find nice place to base and killing eye of terror and AG+crafting mag, star caller and some armor. If i have time maybe i explore the grotto to gather some living logs and glass before leaving the caves. Killing volt goats if possible. Build a little camp to start dropping sh*it and place some prototypers and a little kitchen area winter: killing mctusk, deerclops and klaus. Maybe killing the twins. I farm some ice and maybe exploring a little the sea. Killing volt goats when i have time spring: moose goose hunt season. Beequeen taking advantage of morning star or volt goat jelly (if warly). Maybe toadstool if i went to moon island in winter and crafted moon glass axe. I explore a little the ocean and try to gather salt and stuff for pearl quest. If i killed the shadow pieces (i always forget to be at the set piece in new moon -.-) i might fight FW using morning star or atleast prepare the stuff for the fight (finding the tentapillar and gather fossils) summer: most of the time i finish the ruins cleaning started in autumn and fight fw/finish the preparation (depending if i feel like playing slow or not). Lately if i crafted enough ruins gear in the 1st autumn i might sail instead if i wanna a relaxed experience the day i play its all about mood 2nd autumn i start to gather materials for megabasing
  14. there arent any gameplay component to keep it in that way, is simply dump and maybe a bug since she doesnt damage other mobs while calm