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  1. i would love it but is less worth for klei wasting resources in making exclusive skins for a dlc character
  2. how freezing with a magic item made to freeze or making them aggro chester when they are so agresive by being behind him an exploit? making them be pacific by exploiting his ia is clearly an exploit but not the others solution to your problem killing them
  3. Maybe if you already make them fight each other but im not sure. Also beequeen moves a lot ans rooks atack is so slow so it might fail making them losing their aggro and start looking for a player again As experiment might be fun but imo isnt worth at all
  4. Is so dumb that he doesnt even reaggro you until he get close to their home even if you are right in front of him Is one of the worst IA of the game
  5. Maybe the balloon went throw a time-space fisure in the sky, which can be seen as a tornado because how it sucks the air and everything close to it, kinda like the urban legends of bermudas triangle
  6. Not only chasing him. Mctusk is as easy as baiting him with chester or usijg an icestaff, which is easy to craft before winter (and more for someone who is playing for years) and easy to aim even in console since he is always walking with her child and hounds behind so he will be the 1st mob you will spot. Freeze him and kill the hounds Meawhile beefalos arent the most difficult thing of the world but can be killed and can lose domestication making the process of taming long An overexageration as always
  7. You are so annoying talking all the time about the same thing
  8. Warbucks doesnt fit the dst theme, he was perfect for hamlet but you know
  9. She just appear when spring starts without any advice, you notice her in the edge of the screen Atleast is what happend to me
  10. I forget the double damage for mobs but still being easy to manage As recommendation to fight them: dont rile up her, just wait until all of them have their atack sync and do as much damage as you can when they are underground. If they atack at the same time they won deal 75 damage per worm since the shield would block most of the damage and abi, who has 600 hp, would be able to tank enough damage to let them weak or even some of them killed. When she is at 1/4 or 1/3 of her hp just unsummon her taking advantage of how slow are worms and finish the work with few hits. Having a morning star makes the job really easy. But is so important to have their atacks synchronized to make abi able to tank and kiting them in the last second to maximize the damage before abi gets serious wounded
  11. isnt that difficult and much less than having to take care of a mortal mob until is fully tamed without taking in count the cost
  12. what silhouette? klei said while ago that there will not be dlc characters related to the main story
  13. He just didnt try but talks so his advice has missinformation You can focus DF aggro on you or your friend if you kite right so DF wont hurt abigail and if she does you can heal her easily since DF only deals 75 damage if im not wrong (and that means that 75 damage were tanked by abi insteas you so win-win). You have to be carefully with her enrange form because her AoE stomp deals massive damage and will let abi very hurted so pay attention, if you will use walls to cheese her, when there is few lavaes alive and recall her via flower (takes time) or control+click (insta recall) so she doesnt interrupt the effect of the pan flaute. If you dont use walls, not needed with abigail and less if you use 2 abis, since mikes is wrong and likes to give missinformation, lavaes have aggro on the player so tjere isnt much danger for abi but will help a lot to kill them with the aoe damage and bonus damage, sleep DF when she spawns the last ones so you can kill the lasts lavaes and prevent DF to enrange Abi is great for that fight if you dont mess with the enrange form and 2 abis will make it so easy since, even if you miss the kiting, they will tank the hits and in total is 1200 hp between both ghosts. Just move away? Lavae will find you and abi wont follow DF far away That you failed doesnt mean is a bad combo So pls, try to dont give bad advices just because you dont have enough experience like saying that wendy is bad fighting bosses when she is one of the best like has been said hundred of times
  14. yes, it is viable. Is one of the stronger characters so having 2 npcs with 600 hp, shield, 40 damage and damage buff isnt a small thing eeeem not at all. Lavaes has nothing to do with both sisters so 4 sister just destroy them... pls