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  1. bluespittake.thumb.GIF.62c98607b2f8581cad70990caf5707cd.GIF

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    2. Waoling


      I always thought you were just a blue Eevee.

    3. minespatch


      Waoling, moth is a moth 127783363_smithwoozy.png.03217d23ad7c5b1a52811007c377c77e.png

    4. Waoling


      Maybe it is the new Bug-type Eevee.

  2. I knew a bug named Myla, her brain got infected and she was mind-controlled to attack me, and I had to defend myself. Poor Myla.
  3. If don't starve never happened I probably would've never started sharing my art online, and I also wouldn't have some of my closest friends since I would have never met them on these forums and on don't starve related discord servers.
  4. oh wait really? when were they added? man i feel like a fool now
  5. This isnt directly about the bottomless firepit but i hope we can get the stone kiln and carved torch on klei rewards.
  6. bluespittakebutold.thumb.gif.88e4b959a37cb38869a37ee0d2219265.gif




    1. minespatch


      The thin lines help a lot. 1781543206_dupespatchthumbsup.thumb.png.87d1c955933756dd7b39e95f32c61062.png

  7. I made a thread with a bunch of stat blocks for some of the bosses a while ago, i could dig up those stat blocks if y'all are interested
  8. oh god what have i created and why did i put so much effort into this
  9. the poses here looked eerily familiar, and it took me a moment to place my finger on it, are these referenced off hero forge? (also, side note, thanks!)
  10. I'm not sure if anyone's asked this already but does anything still happen when they get struck by lightning?