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  1. I think it would be something sanity-based, since the forge was health and the gorge was hunger.
  2. oh, would ya look at that, i'm at 500 posts!

  3. Honestly, I don't feel that one is over the other. I like RoG, SW, Hamlet, and DST. I often phase in and out of them periodically, sometimes I go through a DST phase that lasts one or two months and sometimes i go through a singleplayer phase that lasts a couple months. Granted, it would be nice to get things like replica relics, scaled furnace, endtables, and sculpting in singleplayer, but sometimes choosers can't be beggars.
  4. As a Wigfrid main, i can confirm. I like her voice, but after my very first ruins rush (which i did as Wigfrid) her hurt sound was ringing in my ear.
  5. definitely. I've been playing Wigfrid with a custom outfit for a long time now, although i recently got a new outfit just to mix it up a bit. I even got a mod for skins in singleplayer so i didnt have to use the default appearance there.
  6. would anyone like to join me for misery toadstool sometime today or tomorrow?

    1. ADM


      Ping me when you're ready, if you're lucky I might be there in time to join :)

  7. I was in the middle of klaus fight and i stopped what i was doing when i got this notification!
  8. Ban GetNerfedOn because that is false, I was not upset that they weren't banning me but they didn't ban me when they were supposed to
  9. I have a bad habit of using cheats that i developed back when i was a noob. When I was a noob I always was on Godmode and spawned like 10 houndius shootiuses (shootii?) to guard my base. While I no longer spawn game-breaking materials and I dont stay on Godmode, I often enable and disable supergodmode to top off my stats after a combat or when I'm too busy working on a build to worry about food. I really need to get out of the habit of using cheats but idk how.
  10. You should always burn a spiky tree before chopping it. A burnt spiky tree has the exact same drops as a normal one but it also gives charcoal.
  11. the number of times we've had to restart in the recent past
  12. Ban GetNerfedOn because that is false, the egg came first, clearly