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  1. This is how i feel every time i go to a gathering on my dad's side of the family


  2. image.thumb.png.27803b29fb1987f953b2aabd0738b3bc.png

    1. minespatch


      Have you thought about using a ruler or edge of a book for the library to get the lines straighter?

    2. DragonMage156


      OMG! Comic gold XD

  3. i am filled with regret and orange juice.

    1. Lovely Roses

      Lovely Roses

      What happened..?

    2. Blue Moth

      Blue Moth

      i drank five cups of orange juice and i felt every second of it for like 7 hours

    3. minespatch


      I'm allergic to oranges so I'm one step ahead.

  4. unknown.png

    WIP, making a new drawing of the moon blue design from last june.

    1. Blue Moth

      Blue Moth


      (here's the old one for those who don't remember)

    2. minespatch


      You've improved! Good luck on the remake.

      I'm doing something Cawnival related for my profile.

    3. DragonMage156


      Wow, nice! I love redraws ^_^

  5. I don't think i ever posted this here, so here's the final product for this Miralith drawing. I finally figured out how to color skin properly, and i feel it's made a huge difference.
  6. i can't tell if this is sarcastic or not but i really hope it is.
  7. BlueYouTubeIcon.png

    new YouTube icon

    1. Blue Moth

      Blue Moth


      End screen for youtube. Thumbnails will go over the sunglass lenses.

    2. minespatch


      I'm sure that this will be great to see from a distance.

  8. Is the constant flat or round? Shipwrecked definitely seems to suggest it's round but DST seems to suggest it's flat. This has been bugging me since they added the ocean to DST.
  9. Ooh, this could add some building/display potential.
  10. If Winona did most actions faster,(like picking grass, unwrapping bundles, tending plants, etc.,) that'd add a lot of appeal to her character, and it'd make her synergize with Wickerbottom and her applied silviculture quite nicely. I think it'd also be fitting for her to lose sanity near fire at the same rate Willow gains it, having PTSD from the factory fire. As for building, I think she should build faster no matter what her hunger is, but have a faster hunger loss like Wolfgang. It'd also be cool if she could use tools more efficiently (chopping trees, smashing structures, etc) so it takes less hits to complete the task. That last one is just an idea, it might make her too complicated if we add too many perks. *cough* Walter *cough*
  11. image.thumb.png.be811c037024504083a55039b81c8a3d.png

    finished my plushie!

    1. Rico0


      ooh this is really good!

    2. DragonMage156


      IT'S SO CUTE!!!