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  1. Most of you probably won't know what I'm talking about, or care for that matter, but Riot announced SO MANY things for League's 10th anniversary and I am having a HYPE MELTDOWN!!!!2019-09-28-18-10-55.jpg.82c5359285209d57f67e4e3b8a50edc7.jpg

  2. why did you join the klei forums?

    I originally joined because I had tons of (terrible) ideas for Shipwrecked and DS and I hoped the devs would end up seeing them here.
  3. What games have you been playing?

    Recently I've played a ton of Hollow knight, Nuclear throne, and Sundered, aswell as a decent amount of League of Legends.
  4. Count to 200 without interruption

    Age of adulthood
  5. Count to 200 without interruption

    48 (Has no one noticed that we skipped from 36 to 39 and just kept on going? Shouldn't we restart?)
  6. Our refrigerator door fell off.

    And I ate too many Skittles.

    1. watermelen671


      Well that was a non-sequitur...

    2. minespatch


      Is the refrigerator going to be okay...?

    3. Xedlord


      We're gonna get new one, we've been needing a new one for a while anyway.

  7. Uh20190912190707_1.thumb.jpg.80cfc30f6c5b7ff865e8185410dc0e9b.jpg

    1. watermelen671


      it's a mod crash m9

    2. Xedlord


      Yeah I realized that after disabling the mods.

      Edit: Just looked back at the picture and it literally says mods and workshop right there... How could I be so blind?

  8. Task a grueling one
  9. How is a plastic pillow though?
  10. Welp, I didn't get the Rosette sail, even though I knew about it the day it became available, I of course forgot because of Nuclear throne and all the other stuff going on.

    Sigh, I wish I was dead.

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    2. watermelen671


      It also might be put up as one of the Klei Rewards™

      Who knows? But it'd be a great way for me to finally get that bottomless pit while I'm sitting on my mountain of points. :wilson_goodjob:


    3. Xedlord


      Wait... i just opened DST and got the Roseate sail...

      Did they extend the time frame or something?

    4. minespatch
  11. Turns out the jelly I've been using to make my sandwiches expired 5 and a half years ago.

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    2. Auth


      You've been eating toxic sludge for 5 and a half years. We're all an illusion. The Klei forums are just a byproduct of your insane delusions, and hallucinations. It's time to wake up. Wake up.

      Wake up.

    3. minespatch


      Er... You okay?

    4. Xedlord


      I'm fine, the jelly wasn't even bad.

  12. I just finished mowing the lawn, it took 7 hours.

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    2. Xedlord


      It ain't my lawn, it's the lawn at work, and it normally takes only 4 hours but I had to move extremely slowly so that the dull lawnmower blades would actually cut that stupid grass.

      Also, the lawn is very big.

    3. watermelen671


      Well, you probably made more money then.


    4. minespatch