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  1. Klei seems to be working on “most voted” first- Wendy, Wigfrid, now Webber, if WX78 is not next I’ll be shocked.. like a Robot in a rain storm. But with Return of Them concluded- we have no idea what the other two updates will be about, I’m personally hoping for big projects- Klei really needs to shake things up in a big way, new lands, new mobs, more of what made Dont Starve so great.
  2. Okay so a Quick Recap of what We have gotten so far this year- Beefalo Event, QoL update, Wes Rework, Eye of The Storm Update, Summer Event, Webber Update. So unless Klei’s schedule changes there is still two yet to be revealed game content updates, One more QoL update, One Mystery Rework, One Brand New Character still to come!
  3. Pretty sure it’ll just be like the medic soldiers in Batman Arkham Knight (aka they go around reviving injured spiders) In Arkham Knights case the MEDICS were who you wanted to target and get out the way first.. I assume it will be the same way when the player is rather unfortunate enough to NOT be playing as Webber
  4. Mr JoeW what exactly is a “Nurse” Spider? In my head I picture them wearing little nurse hats and running around healing injured spiders. kinda like the medics in Batman Arkham Knight. Either way this is cool.
  5. Sure... if only Klei continues to expand and improve upon it by a significantly large margin. I think what A LOT of people are getting confused on is WHY Shipwrecked was so fun compared to DST- Ignoring the fact that driving a boat was just “walk on water shoes” the set up for Shipwrecked was what made it enjoyable. sailing between biomes and islands to gather a variety of different resource types that are exclusive to their respective islands (seriously people just to play ATLAS already... -_- ) A simple “Archipelago” style world Gen would go ALONG way in improving DSTs Boating/Ocean content. But even still there are things that COULD and SHOULD be burrowed from the DLC’s such as: Swordfish, Jellyfish, Palm Trees/ Jungle trees with % chance of spawning enemies when chopped. Lets just face facts- DST has a ton of room for improvements.. from more stuff to see and do on the ocean, to new and awesome land biomes to sail to and explore. And until Klei pulls the plug and says they’re done: I don’t see the amazing updates ending anytime soon.
  6. The problem with a world that progress through years played is one many people don’t actually take into account, sure it SOUNDS Nice on paper.. but there are several things that have to be factored in- the first of which is playing with friends: This should be Klei’s number one priority, they want to make the game fun and accessible to players of all skill levels, and a world that just got harder and harder the longer it’s lasted would be like playing State Of Decays- Breakdown game Mode AKA- You Start in a town that’s just starting into zombie outbreak, and the longer you stay alive the worse that outbreak gets until eventually... you can not STAY in that map anymore and have no choice but to abandon the overly infested town for a fresh start. This is what I call a World with a definitive Death Date: eventually you’ll progress to a difficulty point where you can no longer handle it & are forced to bail. the Second problem you would run into with a setup like this is ITS A MASSIVE TIME SINK to progress to year 3/year 4 just to experience progressed content.. which if you can afford to spend many many hours playing the game- fine good I guess? But the majority of people can not- And therefore they don’t get to play or experience that content without some serious hours put into reaching that point. The Last thing that has to be factored in- How would this even work at all for people playing on short or random season world settings?
  7. Honestly it depends on what Klei wants to do.. keep in mind that DST was advertised and sold as a and I quote “Stand Alone Expansion to Dont Starve” Now Under NORMAL Conditions this would mean that Technically DST is part of DSA.. However, Klei has proven time & time again that they don’t necessarily stick to normal conditions- and what started out as being just DSA but with Friends over the years has grown and changed into its own thing I would even consider DST more of a DS 2 at this point: As the story picks up where DSA concluded. With that said- I would like to remind everyone that if you bought the DSA game on Xbox then it came with the Reign of Giants DLC already included, And Likewise- If you bought the game on Nintendo Switch.. The Shipwrecked DLC is Already included in that version as well- AKA these DLCs can not be bought separately. All of this is important to mention because.. THIS Exists and is a “Thing” now. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/dont-starve-mega-pack-2020/9n0935hnzwgl?activetab=pivot:overviewtab Who can say that this isn’t Klei’s plans all along? Discontinue all other versions of the game so that only the Mega Bundle exists? This would mean that DSA, DS Shipwrecked, DS Hamlet & DST would all be one game bundled with all 3 of its expansions. So the TL:DR- I Wouldn’t say no it’s NEVER going to happen until Klei officially goes on record and clearly state that it’s never going to happen... But even still, don’t get your hopes up.
  8. Can we please for the love of god stop providing input like this to Klei? I mean.. what is the point? When Disease was removed from the game I was SAD because it WAS a staple part of the franchise for many many years and then just like that it’s yanked from existence. I was genuinely Worried that with all the complaints about Wildfires that Klei would also cave in to the cries & remove Wildfires same as they had disease, But my worry was put to rest when they’re QoL update added a toggle so that the insane people like myself can toggle MORE of them if we want to. I mean if I have anything to contribute to this conversation at all it’s that Klei gave us OPTIONS it’s there for those who want it or want more of it, but also completely removable for those who don’t like it. Unlike Disease which was straight up removed... Wildfires still exist, I guess that maybe Klei could alter it so that they’re off by default- but other than that it’s a completely manageable mechanic with MANY ways to counter. Including some newer ones (such as using the Watering can from RWYS Update)
  9. The ticket booth itself is a free infinite light source and provides a huge area of light, people were complaining about adding houses to DST because it would kill the survival aspects of darkness- yet I don’t see anyone but myself bring up the point that the cawnival ticket booth is a really cheap infinite light source.
  10. I SLIGHTLY disagree with this, but please let me explain why- YES DST is designed and intended to be played with multiple players, however... the characters you play as in DST have new and amazing abilities that make playing them easier, such as- Willow with Bernie which makes fighting Shadows a joke compared to her Solo counter part, or Wendy with more control over Abigail so she’s no longer suiciding herself into swamp tentacles. The new abilities for the characters IS that change that makes Solo play more tolerable. However there ARE a few things Klei could do to make solo play more enjoyable- Scaling boss health is just one thing.... but for the love of GOD I would be “almost” willing to give Anything for an actual pause button.. I have a bladder issue, and pee breaks are quite often for me, DST is NOT a Pee friendly game.
  11. Yes I agree with this statement, and assuming they’re not planning to Abandon DST for some as of yet to be announced DS 2.. then I think doing things like this would be a huge step in the right direction. if you watch Klei’s animated shorts theyre often drawn more life-like full of activity such as spiders fighting over a nest or crows in tree tops, different designs for trees etc.. Elevated foundations of hills & cliffside ledges.. Where is all of this IN-GAME? Your showing me a Wonderful looking world that just doesn’t quite live up to it’s portrayed versions in actual gameplay. As someone who bought one of the new PS5/Xbox Series consoles I would LOVE to see Klei put that power to use. right now: They’re probably heavily focused on those two mystery updates still to come, but later.. I’d love to see them take the world that they draw and animate (their personal vision of what the constant and its whacky cast is like) and put that into actual gameplay as much as they possibly can.
  12. This is going to be biased as heck to say but I REALLY REALLY Want a Harley Quinn Mallet in this game... Cawnival Event seems like a colossal missed Opportunity Klei had to give me that. now before people jump on the hate band wagon for me wanting DC Comic skins in DST- let me just say that we ALREADY have the Big Top Skinset... We ALREADY Have Invisible Pantomimed tools... So there’s my Arguement Klei- Gigantic Harley Mallet skin for next years Cawnival Plz?
  13. Turn of Tides- it added a huge new content rich set of biomes, and Boats, which I’ve wanted for forever! While DST leaves MUCH to be desired with boats & ocean content in general... it’s still a starting foundation that can be improved & expanded upon. Friendly Reminder: we still Have TWO Content updates scheduled in this year, and with Return of Them being concluded.. there’s no telling what those Two updates will be about. But if the next update is the start of a new series of update chains- expect it to be as big (if not bigger) than Turn of Tides.
  14. Your not, but since we’re on the topic of Trade Inn Mini-Games I am Still waiting for them to turn THIS into an In-Game Mini-Game. https://slidingtiles.com/en/puzzle/play/games/20818-dst-s-charlie/3x3 There is literally no logical explanation why this isn’t already a trade inn game unless well Maybe owing copyrights to someone somewhere, but this is a very valid & reasonable game suggestion- Because over on the Xbox Series (& probably also PS5) the game loads so fast that all those lovely Vignettes are rarely if ever seen anymore. Allowing us to scramble them in the Trade Inn into solveable puzzles (preferably with Small, Medium & Large size options) would give these loading frames much more use now that Loading is almost non-existent. Look at the potential puzzle opportunities were missing out on! I would probably unlock all the loading frames just for scramble puzzle fun.