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  1. It’s tomorrow guys!! I will be Wurt all day and I hope her text reads “bloopity bloop bloop bloop” on everything she examines
  2. The hound mounds don’t have bone shards when you break them? that would be where I would put bone shards if I helped create the game. they’re wild dogs right? Like wolves and what not, Wolves eat people.. and then carry their bones back to their dens to snack on later.
  3. Cyclum works on Xbox I did it last night, but Metheus seems to be far to complex for my intellect (and I’m in my 30’s!) Rofl.. Maybe I’ll eventually figure it out, but the part about doing stuff on the website and then finding some cave in game with the same player you completed the PC stuff with has been confusing to say the least. Good luck to all who seek this challenge.
  4. The ability to host a 100% fully and completely randomly generated world, where anything and everything has a chance of spawning ANYWHERE... i would call this mod or game mode Constant Chaos.. get it? Lol Nevermind.
  5. Hey uhh guys, how do you complete the Metheus puzzle on console? apparently I’m supposed to type in some admin code at the end and teleport me and my partner I used to do the website puzzle with into some In-Game cave, but as far as I am aware.. the console version does not even have admin commands like that. Help? <3
  6. Been thinking about a Wolfgang Rework, we already know that they will get refreshed and he has yet to receive one.. but what would make playing as him more fun? Well I could only think of one thing- being a Strongman with incredible strength on a full belly how about allowing him to pick up his teamates and throw them (useful for crossing over gaps of water similar to the way Wortox can Soul Hop) I really cant think of much else for the guy.. but I’m certain with the recent refreshes Klei will come up with something!
  7. Does this mean that the Loyality skins for owning DS & DS Shipwrecked will follow? Hopefully! Already completed the torch skin.. the other puzzle seems way too complicated
  8. These forums provide little to no information about this game- most of it is either fan made up speculation & suggestions or equally confusing animated short videos from the dev team. almost all of you here probably play this game on a PC & the Developers probably even prioritize PC but.. for console gamers DST can be a pretty confusing mess of a game. here let me just explain- We have news about Hallowed Nights Starting on the 24th, that’s all well and good and everything but WHAT exactly IS Hallowed Nights??? Is there any type of specific in game event I need to be focusing on doing like wearing costumes and knocking on pigmen doors to trick or treat for cool in-game cosmetics? What about Winters Feast? The Gorge?? and the Forge?? What are those? And How exactly do you even play them? The above listed events Really weren’t available to play on the Xbox One version of DST- I’ve seen some cool concept art of creatures and some kind of brutal pig warrior tournament but, that’s ALL I’ve seen myself and many other console players didn’t get to actually experience this content. what we have left over is a curio cabinet full of locked skins and loading screens for content that I’m not even 100% sure will ever rotate back into the game. when Apex Legends launched its limited time event it explained that 35 players enter the map solo, they kill each other- dead players come back as zombies and have to try to kill all the remaining players, the last 10 left alive have to try to make it onto an evac ship and escape the endless spawning undead players. Simple, Straightforward Details.. and I’m Hoping that when the Hallowed Nights event official launches on the 24th we get detailed info on what it is & what we are supposed to be doing. Thanks!
  9. I don’t understand this, I’m Assuming it’s an Insult, however if it is.. it’s a failed one- because whenever I think of a Boomer I instantly think of Gears of War and that big Locust creature walking around yelling “Boom” (usually right before you die afterwards but I mean yeah) Those dudes were cool probably.. if not THE most annoying enemy type to deal with in the Gears Franchise, which made them Awesome! Then there’s Also Left 4 Dead’s.. he was Equal parts Terrifyingly Awesome. It just seems rather silly that Don’t Starve Shipwrecked had TONS of Pirate Content, from craftable outfits and weapons, to messages in a bottle that lead to buried treasures, and an actual freaking unlockable extremely OP Pirate character, but DST doesn’t have any of the Pirate-like Content. You simply can’t compare DST’s sailing with Shipwreckeds, Shipwreck had a more Lifelike ocean full of all sorts of Ocean creatures that hated you and wanted you dead, from Swordfish with actual swords on the tip of their noses to Jellyfish that shocked you (usually in groups) if you got close to them/attacked them. But I should Also heavily stress the fact that there is a REASON they are calling the Return of Them update a BETA, I’m sure there’s lots more to come in the near future.
  10. Must not have any cool pirate-like skins unlocked then.. this game just screams pirate update. you can’t do the open oceans in the 1800’s without pirates and Vikings.. you just... you can’t. well.. you can but it’d Be a very boring adventure likely full of a boat of small bearded fisherman who sit around fishing all day and swear they have seen Lockness wait.. you can’t even do that! i miss the Shipwrecked version of the insanity lockness.. that was so cool!
  11. PIRATE THEME WHILE SAILING!i demand it.. I have every right to demand it because SMITE which isn’t even a Pirate game and doesn’t have pirate boats has cool pirate skins and pirate music.. but Don’t Starve, a game with an actual Sea and Ship sailing does not.... I am disappointed.
  12. I kinda thought the way to heal Wormwood would’ve been to chill in a pond like it’s a hot tub... but apparently- Wormwood is much more annoying than that and can only heal small amounts of his health by smearing beefaloo poop across himself.
  13. Inker sounds like a squid.. I doubt it will be anything besides some huge optional boss you’ll need to fight. but curiously the game does have Snorkeling outfits, I don’t think they do anything outside of being just cosmetics, but I think it would be cool if they went a bit more “Minecraft” Style Ocean exploration with it. With actual working snorkeling outfits and an underwater biome full of stuff (because Jellyfish and various other types of Sea Critter are already in the games code) Especially if they plan to add Woodlegs to the game at some point because A Pirate is always bound to find treasure under the sea in a sunken pirate ship.