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  1. I advise against playing Hamlet then.. (apparently the tiny houses they get bigger on the inside!) xD
  2. The thing I don’t get.. and absolutely no one wants to bother explaining to me.. is that Why DOESN’T Shipwrecked/Hamlet/Gorge/Forge and this Sakura Biome Mod fit into DST? You can argue Climate Temperature all day long as your reasoning, But my counter Argument is that I’m playing a game with Portals & Wormholes... Im pretty sure “Climate” is Irrelevant at that point. But anyway, here is a pretty GiF I made of WintersFeast in December, Enjoy
  3. Different strokes for different folks, I enjoy the collapsing myself.
  4. It’s for Harder Difficulty settings people.. if you don’t like it turn it off- simple!
  5. I wish this particular Biome existed on Consoles.. it is pretty, looks like some sort of Japanese Sakura Biome
  6. Change ground collapsing from being something that’s tied to a boss battle and instead make them happen more often and more frequently as a direct result of the Summer heat becoming so hot that the ground beneath your feet is collapsing in on itself in craters.
  7. This is soooo much character Biased. That’s all I got to say- I came here I gave some team based perk suggestions in the form of her lasso, Tracking Devices, and other players being able to shove items into her Pewmatic for her. I actually contributed to the topic instead of simply saying Wheeler is Trash no one needs or wants her. sorry for your loss please move on. But no really it’s fine, you guys do your thing and I’m just gonna stop commenting on it.
  8. I pinged you because if We were told to come up with team based perks that make Walani worthy of adding to DST, why is Wheeler the exception to this? Why should she be the only character who is a direct copy and paste port from Single Player with no changes made? Please do note that I’m comparing my opinion only to the characters who HAVE been ported over, Reworked or were DLC. So that would be.. Willow, Woodie, Winona, Warly, Wormwood, Wortox & Wurt ONLY. Every other character has yet to receive their updates.
  9. I am 150% certain this was changed so that other players were not just going around sitting him on fire but yeah. When you take anything out of Single Player and throw it into a Multiplayer Setting, Balance changes have to be made to accommodate for that Multiplayer Setting. Wormwood NOT catching fire anymore isn’t a buff to his character since he now takes 25% more damage from fire overall, it’s simply an Anti-Griefing policy. But If Wheelers Downside is having only 100 Hp and a few less Backpack slots in addition to both those downsides being countered by Invincibility frames in her Dodge and Walking Faster when having less Inventory.. What Downsides does she still have? Better yet, What Downsides would YOU personally think might fit Wheeler? also according to the Wiki Wheeler has 15 Backpack slots plus her Navigadget and Pewgun for a total of 17 Backpack Slots. which in the end result only gives her 1 less slot than everyone else’s 18 am i right? Unless these two items are bound to her and can’t be dropped to free up those two extra slots???
  10. So your saying Wheeler is kind of like like unreworked Maxwell in terms of her HP being 100? Also Here’s what the Wiki pulls up for Wormwood. https://dontstarve.fandom.com/wiki/Wormwood In addition to now being in a Multiplayer game where flowers/trees picked or caught on fire by other players still Effect his own Sanity, according to this he also takes MORE Damage from fire in DST as opposed to in Hamlet. I know your not supposed to trust everything that DS Wikipedia page says though, so my source may be inaccurate.
  11. I’ve said it a billion times, I’ll say it again.. I seriously just want Wilson’s shaved off beard hair piles to start growing eyes and turn into a beardling when he is going insane. For everyone who is NOT Insane it would appear as if Wilson was creating Rabbits out of Thin Air.. But the very fact that killing a Beardling Drops Beard Hair... How can this NOT already be in the game? As for Other character Suggestions- I’ve posted a lot about Wendy, Walani, Webber & Wolfgang. But pasting all that here would be a TL:DR Novel.
  12. Wormwoods slight tweaks nerfed a few things people saw as OP for him in Singleplayer DS, His DST Counterpart was given some significant Downsides to make up for all the good perks he has. And when it comes to Wheeler, What exactly ARE Her Downsides? And What would they Be changed to in DST? For the record: I am not trolling, I’m asking legitimate questions hoping for some legitimate answers. https://dontstarve.fandom.com/wiki/Wheeler
  13. I would like a place that had to deal with Shipwrecked style weather Mechanics... for this particular Idea.. The Flooding Mechanic, Which for those of you who haven’t play Shipwrecked If you built a Campfire too close to Water on shore the Water would sometimes wash over the land extinguishing your fires. Sounds like a Perfect Mechanic to add to a City that just Washed up from under the Ocean.. but that could just be me thinking that.
  14. Wurt pretty much leaves everyone else behind in a Swamp.. Wheelers faster Movement speed regardless of what turf she is on just sounds like deleting needing to ever use a Walking Cane. If Wurt also shared Wheelers Faster Movement Speed would this Then make Wurt FAST as Hell while running on Swamp Turf?
  15. Nah not new content, just the name of it, or the beta branch of Return of Them Update 4. All other RoT updates went through Beta for a week or two before releasing to the public & Consoles.