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  1. If you generate your world as Shipwrecked edition- your world should play by Shipwrecked physics and rules (AKA there’s no Return of Them Content..) I love how people straight up say No, but they don’t look at how it was handled in Solo DS.. I could not EVER host a world where Shipwrecked and Hamlet content clashed together. So what on EARTH makes you guys think that IF (not saying it ever will..) Shipwrecked or Hamlets expansions became compatible with DST that it would clash with current DST/Return of Them content? The answer would be that they wouldn’t.. that just like Solo DS does it, they would exist as their own Separate Gen toggles.
  2. That’s only people on PC who open the games files and look into its programming code- but I’d bet you 9 votes out of 10 anyone playing on Xbox, Playstation or Nintendo who can’t look at the games files to tell that would vote that Meters do indeed move.
  3. One of the biggest problems “clothing” has is you need to sacrifice your backpack slot for it- which in of itself isn’t that big of a deal: and while playing SINGLE PLAYER Don’t Starve, I had no issue at all of ever throwing my backpack down to equip Armor or a Clothing item. However in a game with Multiplayer, needing to drop your items on the ground is more often than not.. NOT the smartest thing to do. To further drive this point home, Wendy use to need to drop Abigail’s flower onto the ground and then kill an animal near to it to get Abby to Spawn, during this time.. Anyone can snatch up the flower- Hence Reworked Wendy where the flower should never under any circumstances need to leave Wendy’s Inventory. I am hoping that Klei will give Maxwell the same treatment (Aka being able to hold the book in his hand and summon from it rather than needing to drop it on the ground for someone to steal away..) Which leads me back to the problem of clothing & backpacks. IF Klei would patch the game so that a players Backpack could not be picked up by another player (Aka That belongs to Warly…) Then I’m 150% sure you’d see more players ditching backpacks to use clothing because they’re loots is safe from thieves. In it’s current form however.. most people ignore clothing as to not lose their backpacks to other players. But I don’t think being able to wear armor and carry backpacks should be the right way to fix it..
  4. No- they’ve added enough, and the more “Holidays” they add the further stretched out the content schedule gets with needing to update and maintain those holiday events. MidSummers Cawnival is the FURTHEST from Dont Starve that I’d personally like to see the franchise go.. And since Midsummers Cawnival is an annual yearly event now (with significant additions teased for this upcoming one in June) we have enough “Side-Content” what I would REALLY like more than anything in the world is a ton more base game content, new biomes, reworked biomes, new mobs, new mob behaviors, new seasons.. New World Gen & World Gen Setting options that significantly impact the way I play the game, Oh and obviously a more fleshed out Ocean and Caves system.
  5. I can’t even take this post seriously.. I play on random season starts & season lengths- Ahem this means my game can actually start in Winter.. And needing to rely upon the RNG of rather or not you find Beefalo in time determines how easy or hard it’s going to be to survive. I would absolutely hate less randomness. In fact 99.9% of my posts advocate for more of it.
  6. One of my favorite parts of a characters refresh is when they get belonging skins that fit the theme of who they are as a character- The new account merging skin could’ve been passed off as a Wormwood belonging for example. I feel like Winona got cheated on belongings.. a portrait frame?? Really? Winona could’ve had that Red Tool Box she’s seen repairing WX78 with in WX’s short as a Duct Tape skin and it would’ve been more fitting for her.
  7. Here’s the thing, if Wortox could soul hop a Beefalo.. He could ALSO Grab another survivor by the arm and Soul Hop them.. Aka Nightcrawler from the X-men Franchise, but that’s not who Wortox is.. and his Soul Hopping Ability only works for Him & Him Alone: Otherwise you run into a Lore Loophole where he could’ve just Soul Hopped all the trapped survivors out of the constant- the same way he Soul Hopped out of DST into Terraria to steal the Terrarium & bring it back to DST. Besides: If your Beefalo is bonded to you by a Bell it will come to you anyway on its own.. this just seems like an extra unnecessary thing the character doesn’t really need.
  8. How’d a topic about the games combat become all about Walter? I’d like to see a more in-depth combat system with dodging, counter attacks etc- but then again.. I’ve 100% completed the Arkham games sooo I’m pretty good at the jumping/dodging/blocking. DSTs combat feels simplified & while that’s not necessarily a “bad” thing.. it does leave very little room for enemies with more unique attacks beyond hit a few times, move away from one or two slow attacks- rinse repeat. Compared to the new Boating, Fishing & Gardening Mechanics.. I’d like to see what Klei would change about the Combat.
  9. There is 3 setting the stage updates planned for this years roadmap, SETTING THE STAGE FOR THE NEXT ARC… we have yet to see even the first and we are halfway through the month of May. I have no idea what a setting the stage update is but after Klei changed and then reverted boat crafting recipes saying they’ll change them in a more appropriate update- I’m willing to bet it’ll involve that.
  10. Anglerfish Wurt with a battery compartment that makes the little bulb on her head light up.
  11. Is Klei still a small studio though? the developers of State of Decay was a small studio too, but now SoD is owned & licensed by Microsoft Studios so their small Studio is no longer so small. Am I incorrect in thinking that Tencent owning majority shares into Klei Entertainment is the same way & allows Klei’s small studio to no longer be so small? As far as character tweaks go: As long as new content is added to the game they will need to be looked at: some characters could be over/under performing. For example: the Water Logged update gave Webber some nifty Water Spiders to use.. and any additional future spider types will continue to branch out Webbers character.
  12. Does my moment have to be from DST? Because my funny moment is something that happened in chapter 3 or 4 of Single Player Don’t Starves Adventures Mode- no matter what happens I will Never be able to top this one moment of absolute embarrassment.
  13. Actually my BIGGEST problem with these characters isn’t any of the characters themselves, but rather how different they play on PC compared to using an Xbox Controller- Anyone who claims Wortox isn’t overall BETTER on PC has clearly lost their mind.. Needing to be very close to Abigail to Unsummon her from a fight she’s already in- These things make a MASSIVE Difference and what is broken and seems overpowered on PC could very well be barely playable at all when you use a Controller. After having watched several Twitch streams I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that the new Craft UI was made as a ease of convince and use for PC KB+Mouse- you just click something to the left of your screen and drag and drop it where you want to place it, MEANWHILE the Old original UI was better and more convenient with the Xbox Controller. If Klei ever wants to take crossplay seriously the differences between playing with a Mouse & Playing on Console need to be addressed… Did you know the little Emoteicons don’t work at all on console? Nope, never have and therefore there’s this whole entire section of the game where I don’t own or use a single cosmetic from because when I DID own a few: they didn’t work. I bet there’s a whole bunch of other features I’m incapable of performing on Controller as opposed to using a Mouse, for example I did not know you could DODGE a hostile pig enemy’s attack as Wurt and give them a clever disguise so they stop hitting you- I did not know this.. because dragging and dropping a mask onto a pig is impossible with an Xbox controller, instead.. you need to be the same distance as Unsummoning Abigail is with a controller to do this.. and by that time your punched in the face again. Personally I wish Klei would have hired a Console development team who would’ve dedicated their entire job to making the QoL of gameplay for Console players better: Like a professional set of people who can adapt the game to Xbox/PlayStation/Switch controllers to the best of their capabilities- Because I’m just going to be brutally honest: Had I known that DS/DST was a PC game first and foremost and ported to Consoles as an Afterthought- I probably would’ve never gotten into this franchise at all. I can say one thing with absolute certainty though: if PC players had a nerf targeted exclusively at them that made having to summon/Unsummon Abigail be just as close as you have to be with an Xbox controller- Then those PC players will suddenly have a new found respect and sense of Danger while playing as Wendy. Any time I need to Unsummon Abigail on Xbox… That immediately puts ME within hitting range of whatever I needed to recall Abigail away from- and that: Can make all the difference in the world.
  14. I’m just going to wildly assume you’ve never played any RPG ever. Particularly “insert most Chinese made games here..” where the player has a incredibly powerful Summon Ally, but without that Ally.. the character is Weak. I just described playing as Wendy in 34 words or less. Warning a long rant will now follow below: It’s okay for you to hate her, that’s you & you do err you I guess.. but I’ve played games with Summon characters my entire life, and WENDY is the closest your going to ever get to that, the second character on that list who comes behind Wendy would probably be Willow Why? Because they both have an A.I. Companion that needs to be healed and cared for. Walter on the other hand does not count on this list because whilst you can make Woby big.. Woby can’t become KO’d needing reviving.. Woby is Immortal- And that’s probably the ONE feature that turns me off playing Walter the most. He gets a free 9 slot storage back pack/ Portable Beefalo Mount, a decent ranges weapon which makes using boomerangs as Walter something you’ll never do.. and more importantly- He has all these so called downsides.. but you never have to feel any “Risk” in taking Woby into combat. Woby doesn’t have to “Die” but it sure as hell would’ve been nice if she atleast needed to be taken to a Pokémon center to heal after knocking out your Pokémon in battle. If you happen to get Abigail slaughtered as Wendy.. any potion effects you had applied to her are automatically used up, and her total health drops and needs time to re-heal up. And whilst most other characters can use Boomerangs to One hit kill small animals such as Rabbit or a Landing bird, Abigail will not help Wendy at all in this situation and Wendy’s “hits weaker than others” downside is significantly noticeable when you smack a bird with a boomerang and instead of it dying it flys off. Wendy- Much like every other character, has her downsides.. My least favorite character in the entire game however (use to be Wes..) is Warly- I hate Warly.. i don’t know any of his speciality dishes and I’m pretty sure any casual player who does not read the wiki won’t know his special dishes either… Without those dishes what does Warly have cooking for him? (Yeah I went there..) Just seems like a half baked character who could use a little more easily noticeable uniqueness about himself beyond just cooking stuff. An example would be spawning into the world with a 6 slot portable icebox to keep ingredients from spoiling too soon, or being able to pretend he is Rapunzel from the movie Tangled and whack things with his cooking ware. He is a MASTER Chef, this character should’ve guided new players into learning crockpot dishes by making quotes about adding X or Y to add flavor to this dish.. But as he stands right now… he’s like eating macaroni without cheese or salt.