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  1. Here is a Quick teaser of my Work in Progress Garden... I need to ping several Devs though because I am now deeply saddened that I can not build the Sisturn Dead Center of this Farm Plot... I would put things like Sisturn or Moon Dail in the middle of this but unfortunately... the game will not let me, I am sure someone on PC already has a Mod that lets them do it... but I wish I could do it officially without relying upon Mods.
  2. I’ve been working on something... pretty. Im really absolutely failing to see how ANYONE can miss the old crops for their Quote “Decorative Potential” they were lame, Simplistic and BORING. I say this... because I’ve discovered you can layer carpet borders and fences around the edges of the new RWYS style crops- Which sure it may take more effort: But if you really really REALLY just want that “Fenced in” look for your crops that the old version came with: Simply build some ACTUAL FENCES and place them on the outter edges of the New Crop Plot to achieve the same results- And even Better: You can use the New Fence SKINS from the latest Skin bundle to give them even more cosmetic flair. So Without making this into a TL:DR the Decorative Potential of previous farm plot has been out done by new farm plot. And they can look absolutely beautiful if you get creative (I’m still working on mine)
  3. I would play when/if cross-play ever becomes a thing, but I also like to wander around doing my own thing only occasionally grouping back up with my friends to bring them things or help them out, I really don’t like playing Tag-Along behind what other people are doing. And the more Klei changes characters with reworks- the more viable “doing your own thing.” Might become- No one else but another Wendy player can help Pipspook find lost stuff. I hope that’s the future for the franchise: More biomes, more unique character exclusive content, new places to explore, new things to do... Etc But I would love to be able to do those thing with my friends on PC/PlayStation/Nintendo/Mobile. I doubt we will see Cross-Play anytime soon, but WHEN (or If) that happens.. my Xbox Gamertag is Riplings, feel free to add me or Whatever (when cross-play lets you add people from other consoles)
  4. Checks thread cause JoeW posts here thinking Joe was adding his on input to topic- finds out it’s just him asking people to stay on topic, leaves disappointed. But... all jokes aside the best actual tip I can give for being polite to other players is if you join a world that is not your own world: Then be sure you ask the worlds owner before you take things from their chests and stuff. Taking things without asking first is just bad manners!
  5. Nah just plastic baggies in unopened packages I got Tshirts in baggies hanging on my wall too, I mean it’s not a massive collection or anything, but nevertheless those plaques would look quite nice amongst my collection, if Klei was to ever put them into production in their Klei store *hint hint* But who am I kidding? They will probably cost a fortune & I wouldn’t be able to afford them Still the Idea is nice.
  6. If the game goes cross-play everyone can add me- I’m on Xbox, I’ll even play with Devs if they do like a “play with the devs days” type thing I just won’t use a headset at all.
  7. Yeah sometime back ago Joe or somebody stated that pc players would have to likely forego Mods to play cross-play. Now let me just point out that Minecraft already does all of that: players WITH Mods installed are unable to play with players without mods installed so I imagine IF DST was to ever go cross-Play that they would have the same limitations as Minecraft. Now with that said: There are more pressing differences between PC/Console that I’m concerned about, Mods are pretty much a No-Go but what would need to see significant changes is the difference between playing the game with KB+Mouse and playing using a controller. Because- Wortox & Wendy on PC will always be better than Wortox & Wendy on Console unless both platforms were given equal functionality. This may in the end mean a Nerf to PC controls, or a Buff to Consoles limitations- either way there’s a clear difference that would need to be addressed when/if Cross-Play is to ever become a thing.
  8. I have no idea why this thread was revived after months of inactivity but since it was- I felt I might as well share this. Back sometime a year or so ago: (when there was a thread for elevated foundations of land) I had suggested that Wes have cool perks like tying several balloons to himself and floating across gaps of land- someone else later drew up a cool concept art of Wes floating upward to reach a elevated foundation for Winona (I forget who drew this.. but whoever you are: If you don’t mind reposting that art here I would appreciate it) Well lately there’s been these advertisements for this mobile game that pops up in every single Ad on my phone, and well The Spoiler below just Cements my beliefs that Wes should TOTALLY Have this in some capacity when he gets his “real refresh”
  9. I kinda want toy wall mounts now.. I would hang them on my wall next to my collection of Batman Arkham/WWE figures. They would probably make cool book holder stoppers too.
  10. Your assuming that a tamed Spider Queen would still function and behave identical to how it does currently, and knowing Klei... That’s NOT what we would get if we got them as Tameable. Your Thought: Their Slow, Their Boring, Their Useless. My Thought: Klei can completely overhaul them if they want.. to basically be “Mobile Spider Spawners for Webber” and No I don’t just mean the ones she’s ALREADY Coded to Spawn- She’s a Spider QUEEN and Therefore it would make perfectly logical sense for Webber to be able to spawn any form of recruitable Spider from a Spider Queen, this Includes Cave Spiders that players who don’t have Cave Content available for whatever reason would still have access to. Klei has an opportunity to allow players without the ability to host cave shards, ways to recruit cave content minions on the surface. In addition to Spider spawning, Perhaps a tamed Spider Queen moves faster than a Non-Tamed one? Or has other unique abilities such as leaving a trail of Web behind it as floor tiles for a limited time that slows down other mobs that step across it. No one wants another Wigfrid level rework where the Refresh is mostly unnoticeable & the character plays largely the same as it always has.
  11. Riding spider queens useless? Infinite spiders spawning out of her butt is useless to you? Maybe she would be SLOW but- The people who want to tame and ride them want to tame and ride them because it’s basically a mount that spawns more spider friends for Webber to Use. I can clearly see WHY people want that as an ability and I don’t ever see it being useless, Slow?? Yes.. OP? You bet... but Useless? Not a chance.
  12. Pudgy Beefalo is fatter and it moves slightly slower, Maybe “Large” Saddles that can only fit on Pudgy Beefalo would be cool? Large Saddle Ideas: Saddle with a Lantern attached to its neck (yes I have been playing too much Red Dead Online TYVM) Saddle Capable of Storing items inside like a Backpack because A large slower moving mount should be excellent at carrying many objects. The last ones are a bit more crazy and unlikely to happen but “Large” Saddles only capable of placing upon “Large” (Pudgy) Beefalo would have unique traits And there’s no more unique trait then being able to wear a saddle that has an overhead Awing over it, 100% protecting the player and the beef from rain wetness & only “Minor” assisting in Overheating for Summer: The Shady Saddle The last “Large Saddle” Idea is Body Armor for your Beefalo.. because why not? Think of it like Medieval horse Armor & boom there ya go. To compensate for all these (probably OP Suggestions) Maybe they can make the Pudgy Beefalo move slightly slower..
  13. There’s been no official word on this: But- the next update will let us toggle on/off old events at our own free will anytime we want so you will still be able to enjoy all the YoTB benefits, But you’ll probably need to have it set to YoTB mode to utilize it all. The next update is only a QoL update though: So it’s also possible the YoTB will extend until the next large update expected out in April.
  14. I meant doing it better.. like for example being able to recruit 6-8 of them and them grouping up around Webber in a Circle acting as his protective Armor. The bottom line: You have a Character that can Befriend Spiders, And as such: His Interactions and Abilities should shine THROUGH SPIDERS & Not through having the same craftables as every other character. Its like Wendy: Her Abilities shine through proper care & Management of her Sister, and to do that she needs to have proper timing and summon/recall & to engage in her own unique gameplay mechanics of communing with & helping Pipspook find lost stuffs to earn mourning glory currency for crafting Ectoherbology potions.
  15. I’m pretty sure they want to put it on the Switch, they just haven’t gotten around to it yet. What we know for certain is they want to eventually do Cross-Play between platforms: And I would predict that they would want it out on all available platforms before enabling that crossplay. Fingers crossed that you Nintendo guys get to join in on the DST fun sooner rather than later!