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  1. When you use an axe to chop Birchnut trees that axe has a durability, when you use a shovel to dig up and replant Berry Bushes that Shovel has a Durability, When you use a Spear to kill a Pig for his Meat that Spear has a Durability, When you use a fishing rod in a pond for fish that fishing rod has a Durability, When you use a Seafishing Rod in the Sea with a lure that Seafishing Rod has infinite durability but it requires a bait to be attached to it, When you use a Rabbit Trap to catch Rabbit that Rabbit trap has a durability. The Razor has Infinite Durability and already has two fairly decent uses other than gathering food (which all the methods I listed above do) so Even though I’m NOT in the Beta... an Infinite Durability Razor to farm a food source sounds unfair compared to all the others I just listed.
  2. . now that that rant is out of the way.. yes Rawling shouldn’t be a character exclusive Item, it should be an item that can be found floating in the ocean, people can play with it, throw it, use it as a mostly ineffective weapon.. It would just be a fun little thing from Shipwrecked that people can play around with and enjoy (or not) for people who have played SW it’ll be a nod to that DLC for them, for people who have only played DST it will just be some weird new “Thing” for them to find and encounter for the first time. Should it be a Wilson exclusive item like this thread suggests? No.. why should it be limited to just letting Wilson play with it? Why limit Rawling to only Wilson?? I don’t understand why anyone would want that..
  3. So Klei should just build a mode where everything spawns randomly and every 20 game days it generates a new world that lasts for only 20 days till it is regenerated again? I already do this with some of my saves & until I learned how to survive Winter, this is detail of how my play sessions with this game as a Noob went. Is it something that needs its own mode? Eh probably not- as I feel like it would be a waste of time and resources for Klei when YOU can just randomly regenerate your world yourself. Is it a “Minecraft Dungeons” type experience? No.. but DST shouldn’t aim to be anything like Dungeons, DST should be it’s Own thing and the more content Klei can add to its surface world, the ocean, and caves.. the more I’ll have to do and explore. Would a Randomly generated Forge Battle Arena be fun? Yeah you bet.. battling in a circular arena full of lava and your goal is to kill or knock the enemy mob into the lava meanwhile they’re trying to do the same thing to you. Think of it as sort of that limited time Last Stand after match mini-game Smite once had.. or Similar to Borderlands Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot DLC.. as a Survival Mode where you pick a character and fight in a tiny restricted area randomly spawning “Contestants” until you are killed or get knocked into the lava ring. for Moxxi’s Underdome there were even some crazy modifiers thrown in every few waves (but I’m not sure if random rule modifiers wouldn’t be a bit too much for DST) One thing I DO KNOW is that people have a hard enough time hosting a world with cave content in it as is.. so adding any additional server shards to the already existing game world would simply be near impossible due to the game being Multiplayer. So “Minecraft Dungeons” or DS Hamlet Temples probably won’t ever exist in DST..
  4. Yeah.. the Razor, a one time built tool that has infinite durability & multiple uses already, way to make the game more uncompromising and give us more reason to gather resources.
  5. Mini Games are great, but what I really want is new levels of difficulty. Chopping a Tree in SW or Hamlet can result in spawning a hostile mob or having a coconut konk you on the head injuring your Health, things that DST does not use outside of its Underground Caves.. or the Treeguards/Birchnut Guards. Outside of that.. Rawling being a character exclusive item I don’t agree with, it should just be an item anyone can find, I mean didn’t Return of Them start by literally having a massive tidal wave caused by a chunk of moon that fell into the ocean?
  6. It’s just that every Return of Them update has introduced new craftable structures and tools.. It doesn’t HAVE to be Hamlet Shears, they just made the most sense for trimming a tree.. Alternatively They could just let the Glass Cutter be the tool used for this.. making trips to Lunar Island more frequent for players. Instead of using the basic Razor.
  7. A Razor??? Nope, that’s got to be changed before Troubled Waters Beta ends.. Hamlet Shears Please? <3
  8. I found that thing while playing as Walani once and freaked out. I didn’t understand what it was.. what it does, or what it wanted. (I don’t spoil the games secrets by looking them up online I like learning things at my own pace) Rawling could be thrown at enemies in Shipwrecked to damage them as well (if I Remember correctly) I haven’t played Shipwrecked since DST got boats yeah.. can you believe that? Me probably the biggest advocate for Shipwrecked content in DST.. has not been playing Shipwrecked lately. In fact I stopped playing DS single player completely and played strictly just DST until the Hamlet DLC came out, It is really hard to go back and play DS.. when DST is its canon Sequel.. As a Wendy main, it’s frustrating to go back to solo DS and have Abby die as soon as she enters into a Swamp knowing how Awesome Klei reworked her in DST. It also feels a little empty without all my belongings and character skins. So the TL:DR- The more of Shipwrecked & Hamlet content Klei can port over or Improve Upon adding into the Superior DST game.... the happier I’ll be. So 1+ for adding Rawling!
  9. My favorite part of this game is the ability to mix and match pieces together like it’s Lego’s to create the unique look I personally want my characters to have. The only body part I can’t change is the Head (I cant put Wendy’s Head on Webber’s Body to make some Spider Gwen thing..) But what I CAN do is mix arms, torso, legs and feet to make my characters look truly unique. I believe it’s this very reason- why new skins take so long to develop because Klei isn’t just making a new skin for Wormwood for example... they’re instead making a new selectable clothing part that can be applied onto ANY of the games playable characters.
  10. I dunno ya know? I’m one of those type of people that you would consider someone who enjoys a good challenge, and one thing that really gets on my nerves with DST is it throws problems at you.... but then it throws Permanent solutions to those problems at you. Which defeats the whole purpose of calling the game Totally Uncompromising. And people really really get on my nerves when they discredit my suggestions of wanting my game WORLD, the environment around me, Traps in my world, mob & season hazards to be harder, Just because I want to make those annoying Raid Bosses Easier. If you want my Honest opinion- I think DST needs a brand new mode, something that focuses less on Raid Bosses meant for multiple players to engage in.. and instead- Something that throws new more advanced problems at you with no permanent solution to those problems. Disease is an excellent example mechanic to talk about, Because what if it extended Beyond just plants?? What if it could cause the games WORMHOLES to become “Sick”? Like The Two Worlds chapter in DS Single Player. For those of you who have not played Two Worlds.. A “Sick” Wormhole is one way trip wormhole, you can only use them once and can’t return to where you just jumped in from. In my head I see literally no logical reasoning why DST CANT have Sickwormholes.. because it functions in very much the same way as the games current resurrection slabs where each player can use it only ONCE but it ends up appearing as destroyed for them once they have used it. Im currently playing Hamlet.. and I sort of feel like Hamlet was an attempt (rather you think it was a good attempt or bad attempt) to take Disease to the next level. But the TL:DR- I hate problems that then turn right back around and have permanent solutions to them.
  11. I’m playing DS Adventures Mode and I agree that more set pieces would be nice!! These are the largest differences between DS and DST.. Some of the key differences being- Obsidian Pillars, Pig Torch Warriors, Hostile Bee Hive Biomes, Biomes cut off in a Maze shape usually littered with Tentacle Traps and Hostile enemy mobs, Entire Biomes covered in Gas (Hamlet) “Sick” One Way Trip Wormholes & Entire Biomes covered in Maxwells Tooth Traps (Adventures Mode) In fact I want to touch on the last two a little bit more- Seeing an Entire Biome littered full of Maxwells Toothtraps in DS adventure mode makes me very Angry that Klei hasn’t replicated this process but instead using their new Return of Them Mob- Anenemy. A “One Way Trip” Wormhole I feel would be PERFECT for DST, You start in the easy beginning area, gather whatever you feel you need to survive, and then venture onwards to a harder Island.. Klei can block the entire easy island off with a large wall so you can’t just sail back into it once you take the one way trip to the harder area. I just feel like It’s almost like when DS become a Multiplayer game... they stripped it of any of its single player hardships.. so it could be a lot more compromising. The TL:DR: More challenging set pieces that are improved versions of DS Single Players Traps, Puzzles & Map Hazards.
  12. New twitch drop should be soon, if you guys haven’t got your salt lamp skin yet there’s still time!
  13. I’m on Xbox console so we don’t yet have the troubled waters stuff, however from watching gameplay and screenshots of it, I absolutely LOVE the new Boat Mast Lantern & Lightning Rod. As well as how cool Wavey Jones & TerrorClaw sound, new Insanity mobs sound like something I’ll very much enjoy. I just hope Klei will someday allow me to access the Lamps Inventory and insert something changing its light color (similar to how painting a light with dye in Ark Survival lets you change colors of the light) I want to simply be able to make different colored boat lanterns. (And the worst part..? PC will probably have a mod for this within a week... -sigh- )
  14. I seriously just like Hamlets Piko squirrels, they add a sense of “life” to an otherwise boring world full of trees but no creatures living in them, the squirrels have little animations for running up and down the tree, they are not just purely cosmetic either.. they will snatch up and eat the seeds you wouldve used to plant a new tree after chopping it down, and they can be chased down and killed for small morsel. I think if we get new Fruit Trees that these additional mobs should come with them. For example- Jungle Trees from SW & Hamlet provide Bananas and Eggs (Etc) but have a chance to spawn hostile snakes or scorpions. ———————————— The TL:DR- If they add new Fruit Trees they should bring new mobs or mechanics required in interacting with them, Coconuts couldn’t just be cooked in a firepit in Shipwrecked like Birchnuts They konk you on the head & had to be cracked open first. ———————————— Otherwise more food options with no Risk/Reward required in getting them just makes the game that much easier. Please consider adding this option to your poll that Fruit trees could include some new interesting gameplay mechanics, or mobs!
  15. I agree that trusty tape should repair, but only because I like Winona and want her to be more useful. DST needs more “Team” Synergies.. as Someone who Plays Smite and Apex Legends I believe I know a great deal about Team Synergies... Characters who can be fun and enjoyable on their own.. but when their abilities are combined with that of another characters, they become even more powerful. Similar to how Wormwood, Wortox & Wickerbottom work very well together.. letting Trusty Tape be the only source that repairs it.. would give Winona & Walter a Team Synergy.