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  1. Well.. I found the Ancient Library, and as you can see in the spoiler I’m nearly dead in the process of getting there.. lol, the New content is hard.. and I absolutely LOVE It! I love how Klei is actually listening to Fan Feedback/Complaints though!!
  2. Or.. maybe they’re just super proud of Walter and do not wants to change it. I gotta admit I didn’t really like Walter too much with his default boyscout skin, but that creepy talking doll.. I might just play him more!
  3. Seeing the wonderful things people have been doing with elevation makes me quite happy, those are the kinds of massive changes to DST that would truly cement its place as being a true sequel to DS. I sincerely hope that Klei will consider these things- because Elevated lands bring a whole new dimension to the game, one that isn’t just for purely cosmetic purposes.. imagine for example.. having to sail your Boat in between two elevated inclines in sort of like a river canal.. because you can’t just simply throw a boat kit in between the gap of land and merrily hop your way across without a care in the world.. you would actually have to go AROUND the plot of land- and that to me is one of DSTs biggest problems.. you can pretty much walk in a straight line from point A to point B without so much as a single obstacle blocking your path.. Elevation would be one unique way Klei could change that.
  4. No one said it was happening in the near future, in fact I roughly estimate around 3 years give or take.. but if DST is going to be as big as I think it will someday be (please for the love of god don’t ask me how I know I just feel things okay?) NO I’m not psychic & I sure as heck can’t predict your futures for you.. but I know a good thing when I see it- And It may not be now, tommorow or even next year, but I promise you that someday the Dont Starve Franchise is going to be big. Much, much bigger then anyone could’ve ever predicted it to be- and sure It may not be at that point right now, but 5 years from now? Hell anything is possible by that time. Just look at how DST looked and played in 2017 to how it looks and plays now in 2020. I’ve voiced my opinion as to why I want it to happen, and how I think it MIGHT (only Klei knows if it actually is..) be possible to do Someday & I did those things without insulting other forum members are arguing with them. So I will kindly ask that everyone please play nicely, and if you have an opinion on if this should happen, how you think it should be implemented or if you don’t want it to happen and why you don’t want it to happen, then please share them.. but don’t start name calling and arguing please. Klei doesn’t need that kind of forum activity- what they need is to see what their players want and why they want it so they know where to focus their projects and steer their ship.
  5. I told you the very first thing I planned to do when the update came out to consoles was buy Creepy Cauldron. Mission Accomplished Thank You Klei!! <3
  6. I think your missing the importance of WHY I want it to happen.. I want to be able to play those expansions in At the very least Two Player play... I don’t care if they do that by adding SW/Ham compatibility to DST, and I honestly don’t care if they did that by just updating single player DS to be able to be played with two player coop.. What I want is to be able to explore Shipwrecked and Hamlet themed biomes, mobs and content- But not have to be completely alone playing by myself in the process of doing so. I should also heavily stress the fact that Klei has hinted heavily heavily hinted that the FUTURE of DST is Crossplay between platforms... So the chances of this content happening one way or another are actually pretty high.
  7. I throughly enjoyed the difficulty of DS single player, DST has been significantly easier then DS single player for such a long time now that it almost felt like a complete genre flip- We went from intense survival game, to mostly peaceful base building friend simulator. I used to die ALOT in DS single player because of things like obsidian walls that block progress to the resources I desperately need that require me to reach a certain sanity threshold to by pass- THIS paired on top of other challenges (such as trying not to freeze to death or die to the shadow creatures that won’t stop chasing you) made the game much much harder then DST ever dreamed of being. I like this change- maybe more people will die in Winter because they can’t balance running for their life from the pursuing shadows long enough to go into an eating animation or keep their Thermal Stones heated up so they don’t freeze to death. DST needs to bring back at least SOME of DS single player levels of difficulty, even if that harder content is placed somewhere off on distant islands across the ocean.
  8. This isn’t exactly accurate by a long shot.. Chopping Trees in BOTH SW and Hamlet has a chance to spawn either a Snake or a Scorpion, both of which have a chance to inflict the player with poison damage that slowly bleeds out their health core over time until they craft a poison cure. In addition to that Shipwrecked Palm Trees have the Palm Guardian.. the only TreeGuard Mob.. that throws projectiles at you. Hamlet has Piko Squirrels, Which not only do they make the world look and feel more alive, but they can be killed for small morsel AND if not killed they will run around eating the seeds you would’ve used in planting new trees or gathered for cooking. The TL:DR- They added things to SW/Ham that made staying alive harder.. and currently in DST- We DONT have that.. I would absolutely LOVE for the random trees I chop down to have a chance to spawn some funky & hostile mob.. (and no not a treeguard)
  9. I can think of several what “should” be viable ways Klei could add this content or at least “portions” of this content into DST, But there’s a colossal difference between what I THINK is Possible, and what Klei knows from experience is possible. They can do it THIS Way (you have to look very closely at this image but you can see where I am highlighting and slightly changing the color of Forest World right below The standard Don’t Starve experience) Which is where you would change Forest World to Shipwrecked or Hamlet World.. Okay Seriously... SOMEONE needs to explain why can we even highlight this if it’s never going serve any actual function? Alternatively the OTHER Way they could do it is to add small Themed “Islands” into the game out in the Ocean Somewhere, now THIS suggestion in particular is the most interesting.. because- It extends far far beyond JUST Shipwrecked and Hamlet.. They could even do an entire Forge Themed Island with forge mobs and forge gameplay mechanics but just like how Lunacy only effects players when they are on Lunar Island.. Forge Mechanics and Hamlet/SW weather would only happen when your on that particular Island.. And if they ever wanted to do a Forge event again- They could just like how Mad Lab is craftable only during Hallowed Nights, give players a craftable teleportation item that takes them to this themed island that is always and permanently part of the game. People knock against the idea to take this into serious consideration because they feel like it would clash with the aesthetics or atmosphere of DST.. But would it REALLY Hurt anything if these places were connected by Islands or Wormholes or even teleportation portals? Your playing a game full of science, mystery & magic- Logically speaking (And not Technically.. I’ll let Klei handle what is and isn’t possible) We should in theory at least- be able to go anywhere KLEI wants to take us.. Be that the deepest darkest magma filled caverns deep beneath the surface, shipwrecked themed tropical island paradises, Or even building a giant beanstalk and going to the Moon Itself. Only klei knows what direction they want to take this franchise in.. but from a players perspective (and having seen all the cool crap Mods can do..) This franchise has the potential to be a Massive extremely popular game.. And I know, no one is going to listen to and take that seriously.. But I see mods where people can dive Under Water and explore an entire Under the Sea world.. I also know that Klei keeps tabs on what mods are most popularly used, Realistically none of this may EVER come to light, but you gotta admit its a nice pipeline dream of what the franchise could someday become.
  10. I never EVER said Wortox is worse then Wes.. Wortox is the most OP character in the entire game.. even MORE so then Wendy. And now here’s the thing people fail to understand I guess- How good or how bad a character is for someone will be entirely dependent of that characters skills PLUS how good or bad the PLAYER is with that particular character. And for Me and my skill level with him personally- Wortox is the most OP thing ever created..
  11. I just want to be able to play the expansions I bought, but with a friend or two.. I don’t need 100% full DST levels multiplayer, that’s NOT and never has been what I’m asking for- I just want to very simply put: Be able to play Shipwrecked or Hamlet themed content with my elderly father in two player co-op play and do things like sail oceans full of life or explore hazardous temples. Because CURRENTLY I either have to boringly sit and watch him play ALONE or Vice-Versa when we want to play those DLC’s.. And I sincerely don’t see what is so awful about wanting the content I bought & paid for to be compatible with Multiplayer. Yes, Yes it would obviously be a huge undertaking for Klei- But the way I feel about it is DS Single player SHOULD be Obsolete by now.. Ironically if Klei made the single player expansions compatible with DST (as in buying the SW/Hamlet pack opened up new content for you to enjoy in BOTH the Single Player game AND DST) then it could in fact: end up having the OPPOSITE effect of Obsoleting DS Single player- it Could actually end up driving MORE Sales for it. I and others have stated how Owning those DLCs could come with certain DST benefits- Buy Shipwrecked gain access to Warly, Walani, Wilbur, Woodlegs, Pirate Birdcage + other SW themed skin cosmetics in DST. Buy Hamlet gain access to Wormwood, Wheeler, Wilba, Wagstaff + Hamlet themed skin cosmetics in DST. The TL:DR make the DLCs compatible with owning both DS AND DST.. so I no longer have to choose between playing the expansions I bought ALONE or neglecting to get to play the expansions I bought AT ALL because I would rather play with friends. Only the HOST would need to own the DLCs.. for everyone else it takes a couple extra seconds or minutes of “downloading DLC Assets” and they can play with the Host. It is a Business practice Minecraft has been using for YEARS and it 100% absolutely works. I would rather have THIS then to ever see limited time events like the Gorge or Forge EVER return.. and yeah not everyone’s going to agree with my opinion. But I campaign for this to happen like a broken record with good intention: I simply want to be able to play what I paid my money for without having to have my dad who wants to roam that themed content With me sit idly by watching.
  12. Help please!! How does one go about obtaining a Pumpkin without a Wormwood/Wicker combo or Hallowed Nights event with them active? I want to finish my Halloween build- But without the pumpkins I can’t build Scarecrows.. and I don’t think I want to invite random people into my world and trust them not to destroy the small (but hopefully lovely) display I’ve been working on.