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  1. Hey, do you have an example recipe you couldn't cook? I'm able to cook things, so there might be some other repro step?
  2. Misnamed SGstungray.lua crash

    Are you playing through Steam? or standalone? On Steam the file is SGStungray. Maybe you need to verify your file integrity?
  3. Changed Status to Fixed
  4. That did seem at odds. I've changed the Water Crocodog spawn chance to when there is flooding (25% into Green Season until 25% into Dry season) so that they can use their shake ability. That was a nice catch.
  5. Can you let me know where it gives you the choice to hammer the coral?
  6. Changed Status to Fixed
  7. I made a change that gets the SW characters onto the throne if the savefile is SW compatible. If the throne character doesn't exist (because of save file incompatibility for example), Maxwell will be there instead.
  8. Hounds spawning in ocean

    A fix for the hounds spawning in the ocean will go up in the next patch. Thanks for the report and the repro notes.
  9. Shark Tooth Crown not working

    Changed Status to Fixed
  10. Shark Tooth Crown not working

    I did find situations where it would fail to work. The problem seemed to be when you were on the boat and put the crown on or off. Sometimes it would work and sometimes it didn't. Looking at the code, I'm not sure why it worked sometimes at all in that situation. I've made it so that it will check whether it needs to turn on during equipping and unequipping and that seems to have solved it.
  11. Shark Tooth Crown not working

    Changed Status to Can't Reproduce
  12. Shark Tooth Crown not working

    When I debug the dapperness in the code, it seems to be working. How were you seeing it not work?