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  1. There won't be an pig_ruins_exit5. That's normal. But no pig_ruins_exit4, pig_ruins_entrance4 or pig_ruins_entrance5 is very surprising. Send us the savefile?
  2. If you do a search of c_countprefabs("pig_ruins_exit4") and it comes up posative, then just pick a nice looking spot of the poison biome and do: c_spawn"pig_ruins_entrance4" If it's negative, it's trickier (unless you don't mind spoiling things for yourself and are familiar with using console commands). I've put in a safeguard to ensure those objects are in new worlds. But I'll have to do something else to help existing worlds that end up like that.
  3. Hi Klei, 

    I found a bug or something where the flowers you find in the normal game are extremely rare and the only other place you can find the normal flowers (exotic flowers) butterfly's only spawn from normal flowers which led to me dying because i could find no form of healing like the 8hp because i used up all the aloe and had no oincs

    i hope you can isolate the problem and resolve it, also the pig guards are too difficult with the 1 hit run away

    maybe make them not run away as well to make it easier if they are going to hit as soon as you hit them and with the torches at night making the whole town set a light when the bats show up and you are in the the town 

    hope this post was helpful #

    thanks a lot amazing DLC Other than that stuff and some extra bits that need touching up on.

    hope to hear from you soon 

    jolly good game keep it up

  4. Yeah, that's a good suggestion to confirm without spoiling anything.
  5. c_gonext"pig_ruins_entrance4" will take you to it if it exists. You could also send us your save file to look at.
  6. You don't need to use Gunpowder to test them. There are other ways to investigate them first.
  7. This bug has been fixed in an update that just went out.. but it doesn't repair affected saves. We should have something for that on Monday.
  8. Actually. Our fix on Monday may fix it.. so you could wait.. or spawn one in, you're choice.
  9. 298833

    Bug Fixes Fixed the water walking hippo’s and poison dart frogs. Fixed a bug with secret room doors leading to blackness. All doors are opened now when you leave a ruin, that way, if you end up on the other side of the world, your way back is not blocked.
  10. Bug Fixes Fixed the water walking hippo’s and poison dart frogs. Fixed a bug with secret room doors leading to blackness. All doors are opened now when you leave a ruin, that way, if you end up on the other side of the world, your way back is not blocked. View full update
  11. I can see the clock in the code, and it's room. And I know what room it's connected to, but indeed the door isn't there. We'll have to diagnose this more. There was a bug we fixed recently, that might have been the culprit? but I'm not sure. Also that bug fix does not repair the damage, we're working on something for that, but it takes more time. And as I said, I'm not even sure that was the problem. If you want to continue, you can spawn it in manually. Find a reasonably clear room, put the mouse cursor in the middle of the room and type: c_spawn"aporkalypse_clock" That would at least let you continue playing for now.
  12. Try zipping your whole save folder if you can.
  13. This bug has been reported before, and the fix for it is coming out in the next update. Basically, the doors got locked in the first room, and you exited out, and then got taken to the backdoor by the Roc. In the fix, all doors will be opened when you leave an ruin, so when the fix goes out.. go back out.. and then back in. Sorry for the hassle.