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  1. @Hornete Well, here it is, the final product. I probably annoyed you to high hell with all the questions I constantly bugged you with, but thanks again. I probably couldn't have done this mod without you. If you would like, I could send you a friend request on Steam so we can be friends, so I can add you as an author. Your choice. For now, I am probably going to take a break from modding. I do have a bunch of other cool ideas, so much so that I could probably have a massive mod adding an additional unique drop from each boss, and maybe I'll get good enough at modding to do that. I'm going to probably make a giant see weed Crab King zone to farm him for rainy shell bells. Fill up chests with them. Thanks again.
  2. I personally like fruits. Bananas and Pomegranates are nice. Not durians though.
  3. Lol how am I so stupid. I looked around on the Mods Tools and can't find a way to upload screenshots of the mod in game. Do you have to do that on Steam?
  4. Is there any specific place to put that code? I just tossed in into the rainshell.lua and got a crash. client_log.txt
  5. Ok last question. I swear. It bops when near and has "hit" now, which is great, but it plays the sound and acts as if I walked near whenever I drop it, which is strange. Is there a fix? Also how do I upload a mod to the dst workshop? I know you can use Don't Starve Mod Tools, but is there an easier way? Are there any tutorials? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello again. I put the code in that you gave me. The piece where the shell plays the current cycled sound works fine, but the one where the shell plays the sound when walking near it does not however. No crashes though! I put the inst. code in the same spots with the inst.component stuff went. Also, how would I make it so the action "cycle" is "hit" in game? It's probably something really simple but I'm afraid to touch anything. As always thanks in advance. Also, here's the rainshell.lua if you need to take a look at it. rainshell.lua
  7. Thanks! I will have to try this out tommorow. If this code works, then this mod will be finished tommorow.
  8. I believe they are either called raft or fishing spiders. Would be neat. Spoiler if you dare.
  9. Ok cool it tends to crops and plays the animation normally. The only two things left is that it doesn't do the little bop when walking near it, like it should, and I want to play the current cycled sound when playing it to summon rain. Thanks in advance.
  10. Like this? local function PlaySound(inst, doer) local PLANT_TAGS = {"tendable_farmplant"} inst.SoundEmitter:PlaySound("hookline_2/characters/hermit/plugged_fissure/"..inst.components.cyclable.step) --Attach the current cycled step to this string to determine which of the 3 sounds to play inst.AnimState:PlayAnimation("music") --You need to make your own animation here! end
  11. Praise Jason, it has finally been fixed.
  12. Ok. I moved the code around and fixed the one crash and got another crash regarding "PLANT_TAGS" or something like that. Dunno what that's about. I ripped the farm code out and I was able to cycle it without problems. However my "music" animation doesn't seem to work and instead makes the shell invisible, thus making it impossible to cycle it again. I loaded it in and have the "" file in the "anim" folder. Maybe you could take a look and see what's wrong? Is it in the wrong folder? It currently has the "rain_shell" folder as its root. Thanks in advance. client_log.txt music.scml
  13. I don't think WX-78 is a character I would play just for his speed boost. Wormwood does that way better.