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  1. Yeahhhh..... I'm sure most of Wortox's rhyming quotes wouldn't sound right in any other language, unfortunately, in terms of rhyming.
  2. I mean, I shouldn't really have to. Unlike Wickerbottom or WX, he has actual downsides, and just because he can heal himself extremely quickly doesnt immediately make him overpowered.
  3. Every character has a strength and weakness. Ruling out everything except their strength, in this case Wortox's healing abilities, and calling it "op" is just flat out dumb and lazy.
  4. I think it would be cool if there was some sort of item or structure that let players see each others health. Not specific health, but like whether it's cracked or really cracked or something. It doesn't even have to be Wortox related or exclusive.
  5. This literally happened to me yesterday with a Feulweaver figure sketch. I was very confused.
  6. I kind like this idea. A unique saddle for two players in a game called Don't Starve Together?
  7. I have played the new Beefalo thing for about an hour and a half and have encountered countless crashes and a number of bugs. Here are the crashes: Games crashed when my Beefalo was picked by four pigmen and then myself. It crashed when I picked it last. Games crashed when the Beefalo I picked came in first place, I won, and then it just crashed. I had over 10 other contestants in the form of pigmen and merms, so maybe that's why? Game also crashed when a friend on the server had his Beefalo win in first place. One time he chose his own beef when it won, the other time he didn't choose it and it won. Both times it crashed for him and not for me. One time I just killed my Beefalo I had linked to myself and it crashed. Also here is a bug that is probably been reported before: When a friend has a linked Beefalo and has that Beefalo at a stage, and then disconnects, likely from crash, they both leave the server perfectly fine, but the stage cannot be occupied by anyone else. When you start a new round, the stage is empty but the beef guy acts like there is a Beefalo there, and sometimes even ranks it first place. Also all the ribbons left on the empty stage don't go away, they just stay there. My crash reports probably aren't too helpful because I have no idea what causes them, since I didn't test anything, instead I just named the instances when they happened.
  8. Yeah, I do wish they added a specific recipe for Pomegranates, because I right now they aren't really useful for anything.
  9. I personally like Don't Starve Together's progression system, it's a lot slower than Terraria's but more satisfying, but that's just my personal preference.
  10. Have amulets just about anywhere. Or a friend. Or a touchstone. Or just play on Endless.