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  1. Yeah, non-human characters get the most unique and exotic skins imo. Chameleon skin is my personal favorite.
  2. I really like the sounds the trees make when they change stages.
  3. Can someone screenshot them? Are they just tiny vargs? (Sorry I haven't had time to test any of this new stuff).
  4. Is the sprite for the Boat Kit and Deck Illuminator HD? If so, could someone post them please? Would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I wouldn't worry. I believe last year the new ornaments weren't added with the release but with an update shortly after. Correct me if I'm wrong though.
  6. is there a mod for this? I would like to play with these bosses in my world.
  7. Peepers don't drop souls, but the eggs do. Pretty sure this isn't intentional. Also the twins drop souls, despite being robots like clockworks. Not sure if this is intentional or not.
  8. JoeW on Maxwell Memes when he's supposed to be lecturing forumers. de memes-(1080p).mp4
  9. Hello everyone, today I just want some clarification on the skin rules. On the Steam DST Workshop it states that this in the rules in technically not allowed. - Mods intended to circumvent metagame entitlements (I.e. skins, item drops, DLC or product ownership) Let's say I have a mod that changes the appearance of crockpot dishes. It's a very simple mod. Enable it and all the crockpot dishes change their appearances, disable it and they all turn back to normal. Is this technically legal? Crockpot foods aren't something Klei would release skins for, and it's not like you can use a Clean Sweeper on it or something. I just want clarification that I can use code to change the appearance of crockpot foods, or I need to change something if it's not allowed. Thanks in advance.
  10. This is only the beginning of the AG rework, i hope. Honestly, I feel like they should add more types of treegaurds. There was cool art on a Lunar treeguard and I can imagine a submerged one that likes to spit water or something. Bringing new variants of an old untouched mob would be great.
  11. Can you upload yours below? I am inexperienced at extracting stuff and it would be easier.