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  1. Wilson: Uh..."I will conquer it all with the power of my mind". This one is probably wrong. (Almost right) WIllow: "All will bathe in the prettiest of flames". I think I got this one right because it sounds so cool. (Right) Wolfgang: "I am mighty! No one is mightier!". Simple and easy, I think. (Right) Wendy: "Abigail, come back, I'm not done playing with you..". I don't think I got the grammar right on this one. (Basically right) WX-78: "Empathy module not responding". (Points off for no caps lock.) Wickerbottom: "Shhh!!!" (Wrong, how could I forget the "no talking" part!?) Woodie: "That's a nice lookin' tree, eh? Not for long." (Right) Wes: "..." This one I got stumped on for quite some time. I doubt I got it correct. (Surprisingly correct, the exact number of dots I got too.) Maxwell: ....Uh...My mind grows blank on this one. (Obviously wrong, I knew it had to do something with freedom.) Wigfrid: "All the world's a stage! For me!" Umlauts not included. (Correct if you don't count the umlauts.) Webber: "We're always together, and never alone!" (Right) Winona: Something with hard work and elbow grease. I give up on this one. (Obviously wrong) Warly: "Nothing worthwhile is ever done on an empty stomach!" (Right) Wortox: "Pardon me if I don't shake your hand." (Right) Wormwood: "Friend?" (Forgot the "hello" part. So it's wrong.) Wurt: "Merms known for hos-per-tality, florp." (Forgot the "folk" part, so it's also wrong) Walter: I have no idea. (Wrong) I ended up getting a 10/17, including the one's that were basically right, but if you want them EXACTLY correct, then I only got a 7/17.
  2. Then what's the point of a Fur Roll of you could make something easier imo and better in every way.
  3. You feel bad for Warly mains? Imagine of your favorite food did 12.5 hunger, Wortox's favorite is a joke.
  4. More Wortox skins. But seriously, seasonal ocean content sounds cool, dangerous storms that cause waves would be nice too.
  5. I feel like screaming reeeeee.... Wormwood and Wurt mains livin' good right now. Wortox mains, including myself, are ready to shed a thousand tears.
  6. So, as a Wortox main, I know a lot of things about Wortox, most of the lore comes from his animated short and his quotes, but there are still a couple of questions unanswered, and maybe of you guys have something to say about them. 1. Where Is He From? So if you don't know already, Wortox is NOT from the Constant, he comes from somewhere else, as his quote for the Ancient Gateway tells us that he came through the Gateway into the Constant. So is he from the Forge, the Gorge? Or somewhere else? We can assume that he came into the Constant as a young imp, as his animated short shows that he was in the Constant before he became corrupt. What do you think? 2. Is He Mortal? He often refers to food that normal humans eat as ""Mortal food", so does that make him immortal? He can die, in game obviously, but game mechanics aside, is he Mortal of immortal? What do you think? 3. His Skins. Why is his green in one? Why ishould he brown in the other? Why does he have scales in another? Do all cursed imps looks like the default red, or, as an older post has said before, does his appearance come as he absorbs his first soul? So, as the old post said, if his first soul was from the Ancient Guardian, would he look like the Minotaur skin set? Also one more thing, why is the Minotaur skin set not his Triumphant skin set? I mean, it would totally work...
  7. Dang, does this mean every character's getting Verdant and other skins? Sign me up. The only really thing that I could ask for more now is more skins. You guys have got me exited for more skins, and it's my dream that every character gets a skin set.
  8. Yeah. All the DLC characters don't have all the big 4. GoF, survivor, triumphant, and the roesate. Skins are one of my favorite things about the game, and it sucks some characters lack them.
  9. True. I am much more exited for updates that apply to everyone.
  10. So I just unlocked Wilbur yesterday, and I started playing him in a Reign of Giants world. The only things he could do were run fast and poop. No monkey kingdom. If you find the Splumonkeys, they don't even treat you like a king. Kinda wierd. So I was thinking, what of Klei completely reworked Wilbur and make him king of the Splumonkeys? He could Splumonkey Pods, and he could plant Cave Bananas. He could be the best character to rush to ruins, since he's fast and he could make a huge Splumonkey kingdom. Any other cool ideas? Nightmare Wilbur?
  11. Hello, Klei said that they wanted to release 4 DLC characters, but then Walter came free. Warly did not count as a DLC, and he was free. So I guess my question should be more like, "Was Walter DLC?". Don't get me wrong, I won't mind if he was the last one, but I would still like someone to confirm it or deconfirm it.