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  1. The "companion" is Wavey Jones. It's like an aquatic combination of the Shadow Watcher and the Shadow Hands.
  2. I just want a new player to watch me turn into a goose and water-run away into the sunset, leaving them alone, defenseless and confused. Is that too much to ask?
  3. I wonder if it would be possible to create colored rain this way? Rain does seem to affect colors already (as seen with those unusually dark summer rains). On a side note, Wormwood says spores are plant babies, so we'd basically be sacrificing infants to make rain.
  4. Yes, but you kinda have to spend the rest of the year farming living logs and purple gems to make it rain all summer this way.
  5. The Wendy thing is super weird though, come to think about it. She might not have met her uncle before, but Maxwell is still the near spitting image of her father.
  6. That was not part of the May QOL update. That was added with She Sells Sea Shells.
  7. I can definitely see the argument for Woby feeling tacked on, when she could have been a much more integral part of a character's playstyle (not necessarily Walter's). But I don't think Walter's perk are as random as people think they are. Most of his perks seem to focus on one of two themes: anti-tanking (not the best name but whatever) and nomadic playstyle. His slingshot and his sanity mechanics belong in the former: Walter is punished for tanking pretty much anything and his slingshot provides the option of augmenting his melee attacks or outright forgoing them. Most of the other stuff fits into the latter; faster cooking on a campfire (can't bring a crock pot with ya), sanity from trees, a portable tent and more efficient sleeping, a free and indestructible chester and a discount beefalo. Also, another thing: In general, not every perk needs to be have some huge impact. Adding some minor perks here and there for flavor can go a long way in breathing life into a character.
  8. That... would just make the "problem" worse. Gold is way way way easier to mass produce than Marble.
  9. Looks like an issue with the way the game handles Abigai's summoning mechanic. You gain 15 sanity when you summon her and lose 15 (iirc) when you unsummon her. Since followers don't carry over from overworld to caves or vice versa, I'm guessing the surface Abigail despawns after Wendy has despawned, thereby preventing the sanity loss, while the cave Abigail spawns after Wendy has spawned in and so you get the corresponding +15 sanity boost without having first lost it. My computer got kinda... fried last night so I can't test it myself, but I believe your sanity will be unaffected if you enter the caves while Abigail is in the flower. (Since the game won't summon her once you spawn into the caves.)
  10. I mean, the alternative was Thursday, going by several years of Klei's update schedule. But June 15th is some sort of important date for the Boy Scouts of America or something.
  11. I must say, I really felt quite distressed at not seeing any mention of being able to pet Woby.
  12. That would be because ocuvigil does not keep the area loaded. It just updates the map for everywhere when the area is loaded by any player.
  13. Making DLC for every little skin set would lead to an ungodly amount of bloat in steam.