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  1. Why does fog exist

    Well, there's also the part where it provides 50% wetness resistance.
  2. This might be intentional (though I really hope it isn't), but I figured I'd post it just in case. Rainforest trees placed on the craftable Dense Turf cannot be "infected" by nearby Cocooned Trees, because spider_monkey_herd.lua line 52 only counts the natural-spawning deep rainforest turf as valid. This makes it impossible to have Cocooned Trees outside of the deep rainforest, for those of us who wanna use them to make our base pretty.
  3. Whenever I use the Living Artifact with WX-78, after the timer runs out and he reverts to his normal form, he will no longer be able to eat Gears. The option simply does not appear. I can still examine and use the Gears as crafting materials or as fuel for the Iron Wind, but eating is just a no-no. Relogging seems to fix the issue though.
  4. Why does fog exist

    Neither is this topic.
  5. Ro-Bin Suggestions

    He is already viable. He just also happens to be pretty much a reskinned Packim Baggims without the fish-eating mechanic and transformations.
  6. Jellyfish hug the edge of Hamlet lily ponds.

    It is indeed true for rainbow jellyfish as well.
  7. This sentence could mean anything.
  8. Cause the single player version has thrice as much content and you can take your sweet time with it, since it is not real time.
  9. If I'm not mistaken, craftable turfs are supposed not to spawn puddles in Shipwrecked. However, craftable turfs from Hamlet do not actually have that property. This includes: Lawn Turf Cultivated Turf Flat Stone Turf Stone Road Turf Dense Turf Black Rug Turf All of the above turfs, when placed in SW, can and will spawn puddles come Monsoon Season's rains, which makes SW a rather bad choice for building a base. I understand SW is technically not being worked on, but the turf's flood-ability is hardcoded into the C++ portion of the code, so it cannot be changed with mods.
  10. @TheOnlyGuyEver The screenshot you requested, taken right as the bats dropped out of the sky. All in all, I can count about 16 of them.
  11. None of the characters have an examination quote for Greenhouse Walls, so they just say the tried and tested "It's a... thing."
  12. World jumping

    c_spawn("teleportato_base") for the, well, base of the teleportato. Just type "teleportato" in and the auto-fill function will show you the prefabs for the teleportato itself and for the Things.
  13. I love how half the forum keeps baselessly asserting that Treeguards are some irreplaceale aspect of any Don't Starve DLC over and over again as if doing so will ever make it true. The only thing Treeguards were ever useful for was farming living logs. Hamlet already has not one, but two renewable ways to do that exact same thing: the arcane shop and elder mandrakes. Adding Treeguards to Hamlet would add literally nothing of value.
  14. I feel that we're nitpicking way too much.

    The truth is people have been creating highly unrealistic expectations for themselves when it came to Hamlet and then manage to convince themselves the game is unfinished because it didn't meet said unrealistic expectations. At the point the roadmap was released, there were 2-3 months left in Hamlet's early access. We were never going to get whatever huge overhaul people were dreaming. And most of the suggestions in the suggestion thread were never gonna see the light of day... which is not necessarily a bad thing given their often... dubious quality. However, in regards to the seasonal content, Klei dug this hole all by themselves. Were it not for the roadmap's promises, I believe most people would think Hamlet was pretty much feature-complete. Obviously, there were still some issues, like the lack of a teleportato and lackluster Chester substitute. But other than that, nothing really screamed "incomplete" about Hamlet. Perhaps a few wasted opportunities here and other, but nothing that could really be called "incomplete". But then in comes Klei and announces that Hamlet is actually not feature complete and that there's more seasonal content to add. They could have said nothing and pleasantly surprised us with a few final craftable items. Instead they chose to hype up all these new "perks and challenges". And now, 3 months later, those are nowhere to be found. Well, Lush got all the perks it needed imo and Aporkalypse did get one unique item, but still no perks for the other seasons and no challenges whatsoever for any of the seasons. And to make things worse, Klei has made no statement regarding the missing content, not even to acknowledge that "yeah, unfortunately, we couldn't do everything we had promised because of X reason", and that makes it look like they're trying to sweep this under the rug.