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  1. I don't know where you got all that from, but the Mushy Cake doesn't do any of those things. Mushy Cake resets your grogginess the moment it is eaten and it raises your sleep resistance from the default 3 to 13. This does not make you immune to becoming groggy after you've eaten the cake, it just increases how much grogginess you can accumulate before you fall asleep.
  2. I didn't see the option in the poll, so instead I'll write it here: Hell no.
  3. Your other followers do not constantly orbit your character though. The HP nerf doesn't really matter in this case. It's actually impossible to hit the lightbugs orbiting you; if you move to hit them, they will move with you, remaining out of your reach constantly. Ctrl+F does not target mobs you have recruited to work for you. You gotta Ctrl+Click on them to attack them.
  4. Given that we already need to beat a very grindy raid boss just to summon the Mysterious Energy, I'd be hugely disappointed if all it did was activate another boss. That said, the addition of the Mushy Cake has all but convinced me we'll be getting some sort of super-gestalt boss at some point. Mushy Cake gives you resistance to sleep, which is the Gestalts' primary form of attack, it is a Goodie (meaning everyone, incl. Wigfrid, can eat it) and has more or less zero actual uses right now. All of which makes it a perfect food to use against a gestalt boss that can put players to sleep.
  5. Having Bulbous Lightbugs orbiting you, the character will not be able to place any structures (or any plantables, for that matter) due to the lightbugs' hitboxes getting in the way. Also, Ctrl+F becomes nigh unusable for attacking neutral/passive mobs, such as pigs, bunnymen, etc., because more often than not the lightbugs' proximity to the character will cause Ctrl+F to target them instead. Maybe it should take Ctrl+Click to attack follower lightbugs like with Chester and recruited pigs/bunnymen/merms?
  6. For those wondering, "adjusted" here means "multiplied by 4". Before, it would take 3 days for a lightflier flower to spawn a new lightbug. Now it takes 12. Which I must say is a tad excessive.
  7. Judging by last year's events, Hallowed Nights should come out when Forgotten Knowledge leaves beta. So the most likely date is the 29th, since betas typically last at least 2 weeks.
  8. I feel I should point out that the tag is actually mispelled as "gesaltnoloot" in the code. :P
  9. You'd have to be a lunatic to join forces with the moon.
  10. It makes no sense for the Lunar Grotto to be a separate area accessed from the Lunar Island. The grotto is not part of the island. It is an ordinary mushtree forest that had the misfortune of being underneath where the moon chunk fell and has become mutated by the celestial-infused waters falling from the ceiling. As for the Bulbous Lightbugs, I don't see the point of making them into some super fuel. They are meant to be an alternative to lanterns and miner hats, one that requires no inventory slots, and they accomplish their task pretty well. Also they are adorable.
  11. There is no benefit to starting the war. Starting the war is a side-effect of powering on the Ancient Archive, which you must do to unlock the 3 recipes (Collected Dust, Terra Firma and Astral Detector). The Astral Detector is, of course, required to advance the storyline, so...