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  1. Given that this other survivor solo'ed the Gorge, I'd assume it is none other than Warly.
  2. Sailing prevents hound waves because they would be impossible to fight off in that tiny platform. Replacing them with a bunch of other mobs that would be impossible to fight off on the platform would make zero sense. But, in regards to those particular two mobs: Gnarwail are neutral and can be befriended (which makes them as dangerous as when they are hostile, go figure). And Rockjaws are meant to be annoyances rather than actual fights, hence their ridiculous attacks and aggro loss mechanic. Not to mention, Rockjaws are not immune to each other's AoE, so a bunch of Rockjaws on a boat would kill each other.
  3. I doubt it's unintentional. They changed all turf recipes to give 4 pieces in the March QoL update, including the Moon Crater and Mutated Fungal turfs.
  4. Eggman was saying that fighting is an action with low reward. (And implicitly that farming is not.)
  5. Man, this thread has an awful lot of words in it for a post that once again boils down to OP wanting to control the way that other people play a non-competitive game.
  6. No offense, but I think you should find a better hobby than reposting this same post once or twice a week.
  7. (X) Doubt. It's more or less the same approach as a spider war. A few Nurse Spiders will typically outheal any damage the pigs can do, so all you need to worry about is picking up the drops. (Also, I haven't tried, but maybe Shattered Spiders would work better cause of their AoE?) Do you have some time to talk about our lord and savior, the Spider Whistle? Also, one thing that I didn't see being mentioned because I can't be bothered to read the whole thread is that Webber's spiders can be taken in and out of the caves. And with how much faster the loading times are these days, it's fairly trivial to transport a sizeable horde up and down the stairs. Plus, spiders are freaking everywhere. There's spiders in the forest, spiders in the caves, spiders on the lunar island, even spiders on the sea.
  8. This. They should make Salt Stacks disappear completely when fully mined and use some invisible spawner thing to repopulate the brine shoal in question afterwards.
  9. Sarcasm module not responding? Yeah, yeah, you're very smart. Shut up. :P
  10. It's 4.4 sanity per second, same as the Hibearnation Vest, which is the 2nd best sanity clothing after the Tam o Shanter.