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  1. I don't understand what would be useful about that?
  2. This is literally how volcanic eruptions work in Shipwrecked and there's not a single person in existence who has anything less than seething hatred for those.
  3. I am 150% certain you are the first and only person to consider using Wormwood's flammability to grief. A torch is cheap as dirt too make. We are not having the Willow conversation again. And technically it is a buff to his character. Being on fire takes away a pretty big chunk of health. Standing on fire, however, only does 10-15 damage per second vs. the normal rate of 8-12 damage per second. Walking faster does not negate her reduced inventory. Inventory size and walking speed are different things that are useful in different contexts.w And downsides are meant to be counter-balanced by upsides, otherwise the character is just bad.
  4. His sanity loss from plants being destroyed is based on proximity specifically so he won't be affected by the multiplayer aspect. And him simply taking more fire damage is a buff compared to DS, where Wormwood is actually flammable. He can catch fire from lighting, from proximity to any open fire or just from existing during summer.
  5. The only downside Wormwood has in DST that he lacks in DS is that his farms can rot.
  6. Woodie - Killer confirmed?

    I'm confused. What exactly makes you think Woodie was a killer? All the characters have different examination quotes for when they do certain things (reviving, attacking, murdering, starting fires).
  7. Anyway, onto the actual rework idea... it's a no from me as well. The inverted sanity idea completely ignores that it's the boy who is being driven insane by the horrors of the Constant (which is precisely why Webber has only 100 sanity). I get that his perks should probably focus on the spider half, since I doubt being a little kid brings much to the table in a survival situation, but this straight up goes against the core concept of the character. And the night vision is just not gonna happen and we all know it. If it was, Wurt would already have it, cause her quotes clearly state she can see in the darkness. And Wurt is an actual merm, whereas Webber is a kid on the inside and his kid eyes definitely can't see in the dark. As for the craftables: Shattered Spiders are probably worse than normal spiders due to their inaccuracy and Silk Wrap is literally just a more expensive Healing Salve. The rest are kinda nice and I'm not opposed to them, but I feel they're kinda missing the point? Webber already has a very strong focus (spiders) in terms of theme/gameplay. He doesn't need five additional perks, he needs his core perk to be improved so that it is, at least, on par with the alternatives (pigs, bunnymen, merms, etc). So, if I may offer a counter-proposal of sorts, I think the first step to reworking Webber is to rework the spiders to make them a good alternative to the followers Webber misses out on due to his being a monster (this is not meant to be an exhaustive list): A way to make them come out of their nests during the day. You can attack the nest sure, but no one wants that. Frankly, they can just remove the "summon spiders when stepping on webbing" thing from Webber, cause even if they do come out, they are not an issue for him. Every other major follower has a sanity aura of about 25 sanity/minute. Of course, spider followers tend to come in much greater numbers, so we can't give each spider a +25 sanity/minute aura. But what we could have Webber gain a sanity regen effect based on how many befriended spiders he had within a certain radius (obviously, it would have a reasonable upper limit and would need to take into account that spiders don't keep their distance from Webber, unlike other followers). Give spiders some functionality outside of combat. Pigs can chop, Merms can chop and mine. Spiders are a tad small and squishy to do any of those, but it just so happens that we're missing a character with a quick-harvesting perk. So give spiders the ability to harvest grass, twigs, berries, etc. and maybe basic resources from the floor and bring them to Webber. Each spider could have an inventory of, say, 4 slots that do not allow item stacking and when it's full, so they "bite" stuff off the floor (exactly like eyeplants do) and once full bring the stuff to Webber (adding it straight into his inventory). (There are some details to iron out, for sure, but we'll cross that bridge when and if we come to it.) Spiders could also definitely use some sort of buff in combat, cause their greater numbers don't mean anything if they die 2 seconds into any fight where you might want to have help. Alas, I'm drawing a bit of a blank here. Maybe make them not eat things off the floor while befriended. The other followers do it too, but spiders always come in much bigger numbers, which makes them a bigger danger to your hard earned loot. In addition, there's one Quality of Life tweak that I'm dying to see for Webber: let him eat raw meats without a sanity penalty. If he can stomach monster meat raw, he should be able to stomach the other meats as well. It's not like it's hard to pull out a campfire and cook the meat anyway, so at least this way he'd be more consistent. And maybe a bit of a buff to monster jerky for him? (say, 25% more hunger). And I agree civil wars with spiders should remain untouched, because history shows that these forums would not last a day if they were removed.
  8. I'm sorry, what? Webber repeatedly mentions activities that he used to do with his mother, father and grandfather before he got swallowed whole by the spider, so he has definitely not lost his memories from before he got swallowed. More importantly, his entire personality is that of a cartoonishly innocent and sweet little kid. His overall attitude, politeness towards everyone, the fact he finds everything adorable, the way he views pigs as "bullies" or the way he often sounds like he came straight out of some 1990s public service announcement ("Only we can prevent forest fires.")
  9. Walani is not currently in the game. Putting Walani in the game would require work. Walani doesn't like work. So the best way to honor Walani's spirit would be to not to do any work AKA to not put her in the game.
  10. I'm sorry for your loss. Move on.
  11. Elevation is one of those things that I'd love to see in the DS/T franchise, but only in a new game. It's not the short of thing that you introduce to a game that's already 5-6 years into its lifetime.
  12. I expect it to be overly optimistic and grossly inaccurate, just like last year's.
  13. [Game Update] - 371739

    The image appears at the same time as the voice.