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  1. Wendy straight up matches or outclasses him in every thing you mentioned, aside from the dubiously useful insulation, while offering a truckload of utility and combat perks Webber could never even dream of. Webber can farm spiders, Wendy can farm everything. More importantly, spiders are one of the easiest mob and they can be farmed by anyone, either via traditional kiting or via one of the, I dunno, five different types of automated spider farms. Meaning that his perks lose value really fast when the player becomes more experienced or survives past the 1 or 2 seasons where silk shortage is actually an issue.
  2. grotto has one of the best light sources in the game, archives have renewable turf and also no caves means locking yourself out of every RoT update to come
  3. You get earmuffs in winter, straw hat in spring and pretty parasol in summer. All of them worse items than you could have made if you had joined in autumn.
  4. You can drop a Scorching Sunfish next to a mini-glacier puddle to evaporate it. Also to quickly drop your own wetness, but I think I've said that before. Just be careful not to accidentally start a fire.
  5. Are settings for cookie cutters and gnarwails gonna be a thing?
  6. That you cannot do. You can only change World Settings post-generation, AKA things that do not affect world gen. Since Wildfires do not affect world gen, they can be toggled on and off at will. But Hound Mounds and the like are something that only affects world gen and would not have an effect on an already generated world.
  7. It seems this only works for chopping, mining, hammering, etc. And it only works for 1 object at a time. So it's basically just an alternative to constant clicking. Sooo Action Queue is still necessary.