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  1. Nerf Poison

    The solutions not being to your liking does not mean they do not exist. Put those goalposts down, eh? The Deli sells Waffles (60 Health) and Pierogi (40 Health) for 10 oincs each. The Mud Spa sells Blue Caps (20 Health) for 3 oincs. The Grocery sells Pomegranates (20 Health when cooked) for 1 oinc and Eggplants (20 Health when cooked) for 2 oincs. You can pick up Aloe for 8 Health free of charge and you can simiarly eat Butterfly Wings for the same amount, plus a tiny chance of getting Butter (40 Health). You can also try your luck at the Wishing Well, which stands a good chance of curing your poison and giving you 100 health for 1 measly gold nugget.
  2. Nerf Poison

    1. Poison goes away on its own after a few days. You just gotta outheal the damage. 2. You can craft a Venom Gland for 3 Poison Dart Frog Legs and eat it to remove the poison. Add the admittedly unreliable option of buying Antivenom from the Mud Spa and you got a grand total of 3 different ways you can get rid of poison.
  3. The image appears at the same time as the voice.
  4. It is Charlie. If you go pause at the right time, you can clearly see her face.
  5. They regrow if you don't mine them completely.
  6. Skins in Hamlet

    You... didn't know?
  7. Skins in Hamlet

    That's the electronic version of the net. Duh.
  8. Skins in Hamlet

    The century in which you cannot use any skins or DLC characters in Don't Starve Together's offline mode.
  9. Base Location Struggles

    That's true for all of Hamlet. Again, not really exclusive to the herald island. You can make a network consisting of 2 telelocator focuses, one in your house and the other in the calendar room, to go back and forth between the two. Because interiors are outside the map limits, it is nigh impossible for exterior focuses to interfere, so you can literally sleep through 3-4 days of the Aporkalypse in the safety of your home, then telelocate to the calendar to stop it, then telelocate back and exit your home to find a city in the midst of the Pig Fiesta.
  10. Wilba in DST?

    How do I delete someone else's post?
  11. The Goose only has 40% more speed than the default. Less than an overcharged WX-78 with no cane or magiluminescence.
  12. Eyeplants don't spawn on hamlet turf

    They do not spawn cause they need to be explicitly coded to spawn on a certain turf. That said eyeplants not spawning on hamlet turfs is great for base building, since it gives you a lot more options for controlling their growth and thus allows you to use lureplants as decor.
  13. Spidermonkey Overpopulation

    On the plus side, it makes it easier to use Cocooned Trees as decor.
  14. add Mornig star blue print

    The Suggestions Forum is that way.
  15. [Game Update] - 345820

    Hamlet is a plateau, meaning it's at the top of a mountain (or several).