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  1. I would assume the character would be pushed back too. Not sure how their workforce is split up.
  2. I lost my interest in collecting everything with the introduction of the heirloom rarity. I'm simply not going to lay down that much cash for it. For that reason going over 100% would really bug me. Since I already have several elegants & distinguished I would end up with a bunch of whack numbers. Like, 108% for Wes, 118% for Wendy, 112% for Winona, etc. It would be a real eyesore. It's already annoying enough that I'll have a bunch of empty elegant slots that were once full, but eh.
  3. Forge was great for meeting forum peeps. That said, I don't even play regular pubs so.
  4. Stories can share common, or familiar concepts without being exact. Heck, I don't even know the origin of "Imps". I couldn't tell you if they were originally described with wings or if someone worked off the concept and gave them wings! The point is, usage of these kinds of creatures are derivative, and their exact application differs depending on the use. In this case, they don't have wings.
  5. Posted in the Wortox release thread:
  6. woah woah easy now, that's a completely different season It seems like it'll be a way to remove fog during Humid season.
  7. You don't discard everything. There are many things which are reliable. It's a matter of what they may know and what they are unlikely to know. Maxwell for example is very knowledgeable about the Constant, and nightmare magic but not as knowledgeable about the Ancients. Things he says about this stuff can be taken ad creditable because of his background. In the case of Wendy we have little reason to believe she knows anything extra about the Constant + the inhabitants. If you want to stretch it you could argue she knows a bit about magic since her sister is somehow bound to a flower-but this isn't as creditable because it's not a for sure. Wendy's Krampus quote didn't change when the gateway was introduced or they traveled to the Forge/Gorge. Most character quotes are based on their know-how as soon as they entered the Constant anyway. With DST this extends to having different Maxwell quotes and quotes that refer to other survivors. Wendy is infactuated with death. It makes sense she would chalk up a devil-like creature's origins to "the underworld". It makes less sense for her to actually know the origin of imps-unless she had some additionsl backstory with them. But as it stands that's too many assumptions leaving the safest bet to attribute it to personality.
  8. I don't see why that would be a problem. Winona's skins are Weavable - Elegant and those still drop. If I were to guess I would say no, since the skins are not weavable until you unlock Wortox, but this kind of question is best left to a dev or at least answered after having gotten dev confirmation at one point.
  9. Depends what you mean. Neither the Forge nor the Gorge are "the underworld". Unless you're referring to the Forge due to the fire. We don't end up seeing "Imps" in either of those areas either. Originating from the gateway basically entails endless possibilities of places we have yet to see or may never see. That said, I've always found Swineclops to be remarkably similar to Klaus save for the different head-shape.
  10. So how do we know when something will no longer be weavable? It used to be Event items could be weaved up until the next Event, but lately I've had no clue when certain things would stop being weavable.
  11. Yeah the Atrium ones are the big hitters, but like: >implying Wortox found Wes delicious before he was a ghost.
  12. Does he explicitly state Billy anywhere? Little goat can just mean a different goat.
  13. *clicks* *they're playing Winona*
  14. It was already made available forever through Steam DLC. All this does is allow it to be obtained without money through spools.