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  1. The Obligatory Forum Upgrade Thread

    ... *cough* Anyway, good to know.
  2. Redeemed mine. Thanks a bunch.
  3. The Obligatory Forum Upgrade Thread

    That doesn't seem to be the case. Otherwise I'd certainly have it. Along with just about everyone else on the forums. Possible, I haven't redeemed mine yet. EDIT: Went ahead and redeemed it for the sake of testing. Unless it's not instantaneous then this is not the case. Shame.
  4. The Obligatory Forum Upgrade Thread

    It does feel kind of weird though in a sense. Since I participated in the Alpha, but I guess that isn't much of a contribution if you stay quiet? I know I know, that's my collector's instinct speaking. v_v
  5. The Obligatory Forum Upgrade Thread

    I've already failed at acquiring the new badges. rip in rip.
  6. woaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat



    1. ImDaMisterL
    2. DragonMage156


      I know... they changed the background images.

    3. RyanandLink


      it's different!

  7. Gossip Thread

    I am actually a tuna.
  8. I really wanna write something, but at the same time I don't know what. I'm not sure I could stick with the same idea long enough nor am I sure I can come up with something new and impressive.

    Tough luck huh.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. MenaAthena


      For what it's worth, I like and believe in your ideas, even if I'm not always great at showing it. It's been a long time since you've shared anything, but I still think about the stuff you have shared today. I still want to know more and see more from you.

    3. DragonMage156


      I ship it.

    4. Youknowwho


      I like tacos do you ship that 

  9. Winona wasn't a troll by the fanbase. The files existed. Whether or not these unimplemented files are planned on being implemented is up to Klei, not us.
  10. Mena's Random Arts of Stuff and Things

    Its horn looks like ice cream.
  11. Yees. Another for the collection.