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  1. Should be a simple enough config setting, so I may be able to help there.
  2. Ehhh I don't really want to see any existing characters take up the other three slots. I'd love to have them ported over regardless, but if we're getting characters I want new faces.
  3. Honestly, I've probably said this before, I'm really hoping for some bosses akin to Hamlet's multi-part creatures. I dunno how feasible it would be to sync that, but it has massive potential for new and interesting coop mechanics. Example: A giant turtle whose head remains in it's shell unless its tail is being attacked. Thus you have one person attack the tail and the other attack the now vulnerable head. A very simple example, but I really wanna see more stuff play to DST's strength: multiple people—not extra "damage numbers". Less bloated HP bosses. More diverse boss mechanics.
  4. Yeah, I shouldn't state it the way I did. It's just one of those things where the implications are pretty strong. Not exactly, but in a similar vein to Winona being Charlie's sister. That's never actually explicitly said afaik. Not the best example since we have an entire speech file of implications, but the point is I've thrown it into the "pretty much canon camp", until I have a reason to believe otherwise. Though as I said, that doesn't change the fact I shouldn't state it as fact.
  5. On the contrary: Wagstaff created the radios which Maxwell approached Wilson (and potentially the others through). Wagstaff created WX-78. Wagstaff was involved in a mysterious fire - Could be related to Willow. The only "DST" connection is Winona: Wagstaff is Winona's boss. This is important because "direct relations" aren't really a thing in DST apart from Maxwell. Everyone knows Maxwell, but they only know each other through interacting in the constant. Even Wendy, highly suggested to be Maxwell's niece, doesn't recognize him completely, and instead only feels a connection. It would be a bit strange to have Wagstaff in DST because he directly knows WX-78 & Winona. That said, Winona might not recognize his appearance, given his position, but she would likely recognize the name. WX-78 could very well not have any recollection of him, but his WIP skin suggests he is aware "they have not installed a heart". Again, this could simply be awareness of a creator, but not specific. Wagstaff, however, would be entirely aware that he created WX-78.
  6. Pugalisk tail

    Wow! It makes so much more sense for the "pinecone" to be a Pugalisk segment, scales and all. Nice eye!
  7. Wilba, Wormwood + a new one is for Hamlet. The other new one, most likely the inventor and supposed "Wagstaff", is going to be for base Don't Starve.
  8. If that's Wagstaff... If that's Wagstaff... If that's Wagstaff... If that's Wagstaff... If that's Wagstaff... ...Zeklo.exe has stopped working.
  9. Oh it will be cool. In case you haven't seen the animations I posted several pages back:
  10. Last time I checked there wasn't anything new with the Iron Hulk. I typically search through the files by update date when a patch gets released and it wasn't one of them.
  11. I haven't tested it myself, but that should be it. I don't think any other characters have any tweaks to the talker component, so it should resort to the default.
  12. Him not coming back seemed to have been the case from the start. The wording in the OP was just confusing so people were unsure if "starting from scratch" meant a rework, or Wormwood had taken his place. This was later clarified. Don't misunderstand.
  13. Why is Water Beefalo stuff under Hamlet specific.