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  1. I wouldn't mind wind/storms exclusive to the ocean (especially if we get more dynamic sails), nor would I mind waves—but they'd have to be reimagined to make functional sense with the current boats we got, and unfortunately I haven't any suggestions for that. I suppose you could do winds on the mainland (preferable not the first time around), so long as you include ways of countering it. Like a structure or something. That's pretty same-y though. Ultimately though, as said, adding less reason to go to the already niche ocean puts something like that low on the priority list. Filling up the dang place with content first, then making it more challenging would be the natural development flow.
  2. Seahorse. Hippokrampus. Etc etc. I'm sure they could work something out.
  3. I'd love another boss to force player's into taking action/provides a new obstacle that must be overcome. Such as one that creates massive waves that crash against the mainland, partially flooding it. Thus requiring players to locate and kill it. Or alternatively, tough out the situation by having prepped heavily before hand/using new playstyles until it leaves. Honestly anything that adds to the core gameplay loop instead of dancing around it with optional branching paths. Not that that's bad, but we've got enough like that already,
  4. I'm not sure if I'd really want the existing biomes to be messed with too much, but I'd love to see unique mountain biomes. I suppose I wouldn't mind caves being messed with a bit, either.
  5. Just give me the Big Foot backpack, please.
  6. Reminder that characters aren't all knowing and reference things from their own standpoint/point of view. This includes pronouns.
  7. Those are some fire skins. Looking forward to these rat races.
  8. Honestly it's just the front-view that bothers me. The side-view still has a bit of rounded cute to it, but the front has a bit too much on the sides.
  9. I do very much want a lunacy-themed character and I've always wanted a rabbit character. So I'm behind this 100%. Fancy art too.
  10. The importance of something to someone else isn't up for you to gauge. I myself personally don't care, true. Doesn't mean it wouldn't bother someone else though. Regardless, thanks for changing the title. Be mindful.
  11. If the skins are purchasable through steam/Klei shop then they'll be weavable when the event ends (Costume Collection isn't, for example). Guest of Honor, Survivor, Triumphant, etc. become weavable once a character has been reworked/for DLC characters (Winona, Willow, Warly, Woodie & Wortox, Wormwood, Wurt). You can tell if a character has been reworked if they have Heirloom skins.
  12. I might just be missing it but do you actually state the animation's name anywhere on the first page? Sure, the animation itself is there, but that's not the main focus of the point being made. The interesting part is how the attack is named.
  13. Free skin

    Pretty sure weavable skins aren't tradeable.
  14. Next Roadmap?

    And what about everyone who isn't going on this adventure? They just get obliterated? Kicked out? Dragged into something that they don't even wanna do? There's a lot of things to consider in a multiplayer environment.