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  1. I definitely want more diversity in kiting. Most are just hit x time than back off. Rinse and repeat. Sentrypedes require backing off twice before the rinse and repeat which is simple yet refreshing compared to most everything. I think if enemies/bosses had more difficult patterns we wouldn't have such massively tedious health walls-which I personally detest.
  2. If it's weavable, then it's not tradeable/marketable.
  3. Woah. Since when did we get notified when someone links to a thread of yours?
    That's neat.

    1. DragonMage156


      Nani?! I haven't gotten these notifications.

  4. Give me a magic-ancient-floating-portable-crockpot. Yes.
  5. The Moon's influence doesn't affect sentient living beings like humans. Instead it mutates plants & revives the dead. The worse that can happen is being temporarily put to sleep or targeted if carrying nightmare objects. Does that make it good? Not really, but it's an affective counter to an entity that does affect and target the living. We're not siding with it, we're utilizing it against a common foe.
  6. I just want build order to be fixed—consistency one way or the other. That's all I ask.
  7. I wouldn't mind some more impressive recipes being added to the Archive, but other than that—phenomenal update. Turf Crafter is neat for aesthetic purposes. Collected Dust is means of acquiring Thulecite w/o reseting Ruins. Astral Detector leads to the Sanctum pieces which is useless on it's own. A semi-simple solution, imo, is having each of the Celesial [Pillars] have access to different Lunar recipes. That way they aren't fundamentally useless while the basic Altar is so easy to acquire. Celestial Orb has hardly any recipes (like now). Celestial Altar has decent recipes. Celestial Sanctum has good recipes. Celestial Tribute has great recipes. And then of course whatever the Mysterious Energy is meant to do.
  8. As someone who messes around in-game to test mods/updates/acquire video footage, I have a habit of acquiring a number of deaths outside of my normal play. However, these very morgue entries bother me (even if they shouldn't), due to their illegitimacy so I tend to simply clear them all via command. More recently I've been wanting to preserve my legitimate untimely demises, so I was looking to see if there was a way to selectively alter the morgue. Any ideas?
  9. So I only just recently noticed that Wormwood's flower fx during blooming don't sprout out of certain turfs (carpet, wood, rocky). It's such a fun attention to detail addition that I love, but there's some inconsistency with it. Despite not being... soil-y enough the following exceptions exist: - Boats - Checkered Turf - Scaled Flooring - Rocky Beach Turf - Cave Rock Turf - Moon Crater Turf - Shell Beach Turf - Archive Turf - Ruins Turf ...Possibly more. These are the ones I noticed. I don't know how much of this is for the sake of allowing the flowers to be seen as much as possible, but at the very least I hope it's reasonable enough to disable on boats—it looks very bad, especially when the boat is moving.
  10. Depends on the skin. Pumpkin's arms don't change as far as I can tell—(edit: nvm, the shoulders do). Triumphant's chest doesn't change. Triumphant's tail (leg slot) changes. Mushroom's the only legs that change. Etc.
  11. I'm frankly not fond of playing him (and still salty we didn't get Gorge Goat cook instead). His downside is one that's difficult, but not one I personally enjoy (like Wormwood). I absolutely love the support options his cooking provides, but I can't stomach essentially 'taking one for the team'—since his perks will be given to others without the added annoyance of his hunger mechanic. As he stands, he's useful to swap to for some seasoned Volt Goat Chaud-Froid. He doesn't see much use from me otherwise. All that said, I've hardly played him. The few times I did, I simply didn't enjoy.
  12. The next update's teaser is called Fee Fi Fo Thumb. Which is definitely a Jack & the Beanstalk reference. And we see a giant's skeleton here. Sure, it's probably nothing, but for all I know we'll get a Lunar Plant Infested Skeleton Deerclops. It's fun to think about at least.
  13. They did a nice job not spoiling with the Archive. Wouldn't mind more situations like that tbh.
  14. It was only a matter of time before the old skins got updated to the new spool system. I'm not that surprised. Market prices are either a steal or a scam. At least you have something (in name), not available ever again. With the added bonus of never needing to sell your arm & leg to acquire a skin you want in the future. This is coming from someone who had a Guest of Honor Wendy before her rework.