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  1. Yep it's for unidentified/unregistered/unimplemented things. Call back to when I redeemed a Proof of Purchase code but the skin wasn't in yet:
  2. This is most certainly highly concerning, and even incredibly disappointing. Assuming everything pans out in the best possible way now and forever onward—I can't say I won't continue to be incredibly conflicted on supporting Klei with the Tencent name now stapled on. It might wind up working well and helping Klei achieve new heights, but is the ethical crutch really worth all that? I'd much prefer a 'less impressive' but more honest & moral Klei than the contrary. However I'd venture to guess that at this point (a public announcement) that the damage is already done, and the future we're headed for is sealed. Quite frankly I'm sad. I'm not really sure how I'm personally going to proceed for the time being, and I doubt my conflicted feelings are going to disappear any time soon. I hope for the best moving forward, but the 'best' that we're at now is already heartbreaking.
  3. Careful here. You've twisted a quote into a specific that isn't necessarily the truth. This is the quote. Maxwell is astounded he didn't know of the place—not that he didn't know the Ancients once worshipped the moon. Meaning the more accurate contextual meaning is "Did They know of this place?" Not, "Did they know what this place was for." With that said, I do agree that it's more likely that They are simply the shadow entity we've believed them to be all this time. "They're" influence is in the deepest parts of the constant while the "Moon's" is in the highest. So it would probably be more of a surprise to the Shadow Entity to find traces of Lunar stuff within their 'territory'. But I suppose the Moon could be just as surprised to find remains of its influence in the enemy's cradle. ... It is interesting to realize how little "They" are actually mentioned though—Maxwell's Nightmare Throne speech, the accomploshrine, the lantern, and of course the moon statue. That's really all I found with a quick search. Only one of the four is even related to shadows specifically. Granted this singular instances spells it out pretty well. A lantern isn't really going to keep the Moon away, but it will keep away things relating to the dark. If we wanted to play devil's advocate a bit, there is this quote. It's structured in such a way that it's impossible to tell whether or not the 'they' here is in reference to Them simply because the the sentence starts with it. ... Ultimately, it's entirely possible Klei is misguiding us in certain regards, but for now it's safest to simply know the Shadow Entity as "Them" and the Lunar Entity as the "Moon".
  4. She's in a really good spot right now. Merm King & Merm AI in general just need to get touched up and she'll be perfect.
  5. I don't count Fruitfly/Treeguard/Spider Queen. They're mini-boss status.
  6. It was certainly something that crossed my mind due to the pun, but I'd prefer bosses/giants to have unique components. Thus Dragonfly takes dragon off the table.
  7. I definitely think he's more interesting. Naturally he is easier as well, considering the numbers were changed in his favor. Ultimately I wish he had more farming-related perks, but he's in a good spot right now so it's not a huge deal.
  8. I already have everything in this collection, but that's super awesome of you Klei! Always nice to give new players/busy people another shot at some cool cosmetics.
  9. I've actually been meaning to write-up a mega-post about some season-related ideas as well [as brand new ones]. So here's a lil touch into that! General After year 1, season length is randomized (longer/shorter seasons). After year 1, season temperature is randomized (warmer/colder seasons). Alternative/additional season specific bosses—examples to be seen later. Alternative/additional seasonal effects. New seasonal gear—examples to be seen later. Autumn: Spider Season Every Autumn following the first— Spider expansion rate is increased for the season. Spider Nest creep range is increased for the season. Spider Nest child limit is increased for the season. Spider's will web up certain objects in the world. Spiders will attempt to eat other animals to 'evolve'. Hound - Wolf Spider Gobbler - Peacock Spider Etc.. Winter: Blizzards Every Winter following the first has a chance for Blizzards. Those caught in these snowstorms will suffer considerable heat loss, as well as impaired vision [much like a Sandstorm]. During this time, structures may become frosted over and become unusable for the duration of the event—which can last a few days. Gates will lock. Chests will lock. Birds in Birdcages will freeze. Maybe even die? Walls will gain additional defense. NPCs will be unable to leave their houses. Common Cold You ever just briefly start freezing but then fix it up right away? No more of that—experiencing just a smidge of freezing can give way to the common cold. Be properly prepared for the cold or suffer as nature intended. Spring: Torrent Rain Every Spring following the first has the chance for Torrent Rain. A specific deadly kind of rain that will quickly deal damage to exposed players. Either retreat underground or equip yourself with new special rain gear. Obviously inspired by Rain World, for those familiar. Worm Invasions Every Spring following the first has the chance for Worm Invasions. The moisture in the soil has disrupted the Depth Worms and has caused them to surface for the season. Pretty simple, and extra fun for those who play without caves on. Summer: Heat Waves Every Summer following the first has the chance for Heat Waves. They are quite simply short-lived sudden extreme rises in temperature that require the utmost cooling methods available. These also proof as risk to farms, causing moisture to dry up much quicker. Ash Storms Every Summer following the first has the chance for Ash Storms. This toxic form of weather will set unprepared players alight. Undeveloped idea currently. Could even replace the Combustion we have going now, so you don't gotta concern yourself with 100% uptime on fire-proofing things/ Ocean: Glacier Biome Ice Sheets The Glacier biome is surrounded/consists of Ice Sheets. These floating pieces of land function much like boats, and will deal damage on contact. Players above the normal speed value will find themselves occasionally slipping. Icebergs Icebergs can be found both floating in the water and on the Ice Sheets. These blocks of ice can sometimes contain items or even monsters. Lettuce A new rare crop type exclusively found in Icebergs. Uses to be discussed. I simply can't pass up a good pun. Polar Pear Tree A new fruit type found on Ice Sheets. Uses to be discussed. I simply can't pass up a good pun. Leopard Seal They nom on Pengulls—Players too of course. Sea Cow Neutral herd animals. Just don't bump them with your boat or they'll get mad. Just some fun ideas I'm playing with currently. Obviously, some are more thought-through than others while some require additional items/suggestions that I'm concepting behind the scenes. Trust me, this is just the... tip of the iceberg.
  10. That's not the issue. The problem is more like a Webber/Wurt situation. Both of them are themed around being monsters who build up armies. They play vastly different, but the overlap of niche is bothersome. Winona's only notable perk is her Catapults, yes, but she has spotlights and duct tape too. She literally worked in Wagstaff's factory for a smidge. They share a lot in common for a reason. You can do whatever you like with the execution but there is an apparent theming overlap. There's barely anything you can give Winona, that wouldn't make just as much sense giving Wagstaff. And vice versa. Sure, there's Wagstaff's goggles, but I'd venture to say the Thumper & Telipad are much closer to being his signature perks than his marginally useful goggle alternatives. I personally like the idea above about limiting Winona to structures & Wagstaff to items. It doesn't change my main qualm on theme, but it at least helps further distinguish them.
  11. Reworking sounds great in theory, but in practice there are a lot of bumps. First and foremost, Wagstaff's core theme is inventions—which just so happens to be Winona's as well. Reworking Wagstaff won't change his core roots, nor will giving him different inventions. I absolutely adore Wagstaff from a lore standpoint, but I'd much prefer more love be given to Winona then needlessly splitting the same niche across two different characters. There's simply a distinct lack of examples/specific ideas here to change this notion.
  12. Side effects may include: Slight headaches, minor throat irritation, numbness, minor lapse of judgement, fuzzy vision, visual or auditory hallucinations, elongation of the jaw, loss of limbs, loss of face, escape from your mortal flesh prison, the complete and total destruction of your civilization. Try yours today!
  13. The real issue is the name, because that specific name has specific connotations to specific people that isn't otherwise wide-spread. The modern 'normalized' version of the Wendigo isn't a legitimate Wendigo. I'm not even sure where the whole 'deer-thing' came from, but it's not from the original cultures. Problem is, when you want to refer to a skeleton deer monster that eats people the easiest method of doing so is calling it a Wendigo. We can just as easily call it an "evil spirit" or "demon", but what we actually mean will be clear either way [once it gets down to the nitty gritty]. Not to mention both of these terms are technically problematic themselves—though much more widely accepted regardless. I'm not trying to say that 'problematic creatures are fine, because we already have some'—what I'm trying to say is that many things we consider fine can just as easily be considered problematic if you dig into their history or simply look at it through a specific lens. In some environments the depiction of ghosts/skeletons/undead is taboo for whatever reasons that may apply, yet they are much more easily accepted/overlooked. Wortox is literally an imp. Which can either mean a trickster spirit or a malevolent devil depending on your personal context. tl;dr - The name is the issue, less so the monster which has been considerably warped from it's original sources. I disagree. Although the Fuelweaver does act somewhat redeemable now, he chose to upset the natural balance and indulge in the dark arts ultimately causing the demise of his civilization. Good intentions, poor means. But yes, him not being a true mindless evil entity does set him apart. Which is ultimately the goal—he's not a Wendigo, but I'd be somewhat shocked to learn he wasn't inspired by the modern concept, at least visually. Conclusion All that aside, yeah it's probably not a good idea to have a character skin for a [essentially good] playable character that is literally named Wendigo. Though I see no issue having a skin utilize the western deer-monster design. It could simply be called The Starved or something if they really wanted to make such a skin.
  14. A great many things from folklore, or anything in general, can be traced back to their very real connotations. I'd venture to guess most individuals aren't familiar with its roots even, as it's become a pretty normalized "spooky monster". It's hardly the only thing that could be considered an 'offender' if you dig enough. Heck, the Fuelweaver basically is a Wendigo. It's an Ancient possessing the skeleton of 'something' and he even consumes the remains of his people as one of his abilities. Not to mention how it outright looks.
  15. Y'know, I kinda feel like Webber's Snowfallen feels more like a Merrymaker set.