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  1. I'd say (on average) forumers ARE at a higher skill level than the average player off the forums. Not everyone, but just as a generalization. So it wouldn't surprise me to see a higher % here. After all forumers are just a limited % of all DST players. With that said: I still suck.
  2. This one of those things that would fine, but isn't as fine due to Wurt's existence. We don't need the gap between these due similarly themed characters to close any further.
  3. Seeing a handful of people worried about picking up spiders with hats. Unless I'm missing something obvious (very possible) I'd expect the hat and spider to be seperated when picked up. Otherwise you'd get weird stacking problems.
  4. Spoilers don't immediate load I guess, so I got jump scared by a spider anyway. At least I was prepared.
  5. I only see Wolfgang as an 'issue' right now, but I don't want a nerf. Just rework his downside into being meaningful and fun.
  6. Bigger eyes would convey her young age a bit more I guess. Not a huge deal though.
  7. I think the focus here is the little fangs beneath the eyes.
  8. I still to this day can't get wide mush walk out of my head.

    1. Zeklo


      Mission successful.

    2. Terra B Welch

      Terra B Welch

      So I actually have custom quotes for a mod that makes me the "budding chef".

      I wanted you to see this quote.

    3. Zeklo


      Bahaha, amazing—this gave me a brilliant thought too.

      The forbidden knowledge the Moon shares via enlightenment is just Wide Mush.


  9. Bringing this relic back— Me and the Squad waiting for Webber's rework be like:
  10. So many awesome decisions made it into the rework! Very excited to play everyone's favorite spider son.
  11. I wouldn't mind some optional hazards during Autumn. As I've suggested before I'd love an optional Hound Boss you can defeat to put hound waves on hold. Either for a full year or half a year—but it spawns during Spring as well (so long as you killed it in Autumn).
  12. I'm talking when it was initially posted. Either way—if we're talking $0.10 vs Magmatic Bundle that's like ~0.61x more efficient (in favor of Distinguished). Not 2.63x. Right? Or did the Bundle's spools change?
  13. I remember one of the Forge packs used to be mathematically confirmed most spool-to-price efficient way back. Dunno if it's been surpassed by a new pack, but was definitely good worth if you were looking to stock up on spool.
  14. Honestly? I'd be fine with keeping the majority of base-building in events and have content updates focus on adventure/survival content. Sounds like a win in my book. This event is small atm, but as stated, it'll get added to over the years. Should shape up nicely. But yeah, the art discrepancies are concerning. I was only really bothered by Big Bernie and few other things outside of skins, but that list has been growing with Year of the Beefalo and this here Cawnival. Not sure what can be done though. Seems like we either get these slightly unfitting sprites or no content at all, y'feel?