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  1. This has been bugging me for a while. Wortox's quote for gestalts (from Wiki): And for greater gestalts: What do you think these things are? Almost considered putting this in the thread "questions that don't deserve their own thread" but eh. This seems thread worthy?
  2. Dunno why I didn't think of clothes??? I would wear it every day?? And... plushies. Of course. I just want a Wilson plush. So bad. I could hold him in the chester plush!
  3. this.. seriously isnt much but it is dont starve saw this from here and had to make a wilson ver and a blank one? if you. want to make this dumb wilson meme a thing
  4. Wow. I was... not expecting this many results. I'm happy! My only prediction is Wilson's update will be distinctly shadow-y support. Maybe like how Winona's orig. concept was to invent things to boost other survivors perks? I'd see that, but I hope Wil can stand on his own too, since I... only ever, uh, play alone. And I want him to be a viable solo character. Also, I imagine the end of the series to go something like... You guys know the Forge animatic, where Wigfrid charges headfirst into the arena? I feel like, for the sake of being able to still play the game even after the series ends, after so many years in the constant, they approach the portal home, and everything is so weird and unfamiliar to them. They already have a home, and, sure, it's deadly, but it's all they've known for so long, and they don't want to be separated from their dear friends. So they just... open a different portal. Different universes flash through it, different games even (references ofc., not straight up,) and the survivors get kind of excited because it's a new adventure. They all kind of pull a Wigfrid and do a full charge, spears in hand--- this weird ragtag group of people who was rejected by society (or ejected themselves) who found a home in this weird world, and, more importantly, with their fellow survivors. Um. I definitely have not laid in bed thinking about this. Alternatively... I'm sure Klei can cook something up no matter what, and I'll love it.
  5. What are your predictions for DST? This can be: Plotlines, or lore reveals Bosses, themes Character updates, refreshes, or introductions Anything! Not only is it fun to theorize, it'll be fun to come back later and see how wrong we all were.
  6. love u klei, happy halloween! are we getting a short for the update? it looks really eyecandy so far
  8. ill admit, i was expecting a wilson centric update. its not wilson centric, but i am definitely not disappointed... to stay on topic with the thread theme, can someone extract the exam quotes for each of the new mobs and entities? if only one, wilson please. no im not obsessed.
  10. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH i love horror and i love cutesy im happy i can incorporate both into my art style!!!! your words are so kind :,) hmm.. i guess i think theyre blue because i probably saw some blue eyed wendy fanart that really resonated with me once! however, id also consider she might have inherited the maxwell carter genes too and she might even have brown or black eyes! thanks so much for taking the time to leave this comment. you really didnt have to, and its comments like these that make me WANT to draw an hours worth of art!!! have a wonderful day stranger!!
  11. A series of SHADOW KIDDOS. AAAAAAAAAAAAND... a random Willow doodle. It's... not that deep. It's not that impressive. But it sure is Willow, and I need to update this thread... plus, she's kinda cute? Ah well. It's 12:30AM, and I have to be up at 7 tomorrow... I should get to bed. And, of course, thanks for all your support for my thread. It means a lot.