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  1. When you click on the caves tab, you can enable an option that makes it so, in future worlds, you don't have to enable caves, they'll automatically be there.
  2. Dunno if this is a bug or not, but i LOVE IT. If a character is performing an animation in the character viewing screen, and you click on them and then exit, when the character order shuffles around when the screen reopens, whoever was moved to that spot will perform the old characters animation. wurt, willow said no... dont fix this klei. it makes me smile
  3. everyone: so excited for the new updates! feats! new character! me: bBIRTHDAYS BIRTHDAYS CANON BIRTHDAYSAND FAVORITE FOODS.,
  4. I love reworks... I'd say I'd be the most excited for a Max rework! There's so much they could do there. I don't dislike any characters, but I'd say for DST group players (I only play alone, so this doesn't really apply to me), Wigfrid being revamped would take the servers by storm, since she's an obvious choice.
  5. I only ever play alone, so making Abigail stronger means Wendy is my go-to! Easy to do co-op with an AI.
  6. Aweeeee. We love you, Klei! Thank YOU for working so hard to make this game what it is -- one of a kind. <3
  7. Dunno if this is a glitch influenced by a mod I have or something else, but it erased ALL my games. @Aurorus had this problem too. Fortunately, I'm too pumped to care. Thanks, Klei! Love ya! I'm super excited to test all this out, it's all I've thought about this week.
  8. this was my first forge and i loved it! the fact that klei makes and codes these events to keep us all happy is amazing. so many game devs leave as is, but klei srsly goes the extra mile! i had so much fun playing and talking w everyone... idk im rambling but!! tldr ily klei