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  1. @ScottHansen Good stuff Klei! Thank you for implementing the Salt Box correctly on the rewards and not having a pointless "Timeless" duplicate.. Please could you do the same (Loyal only) for the Clucky Winter Hat, Stolen Heart, Daggered Heart, Pig King Hat, Staked Heart, Knitted Puppy Hat, Cherub's Heart, and Carrat Torch? Having to spend ~9000 Klei points is a bit of a kick in the nuts and this is coming from someone currently happy to spend $$$ on duplicate character skins with every rework in order to support the rework.. Hiding these in the reward page for owned Timeless won't really work for collectors either since they're still technically missing. The only real way is to reverse the update which made the Timeless variants (I can't even find that update on Steam or the Update page either, what's up with that??). Just simple loyal skins that you either earned at the time or redeemed through rewards, I don't recall any particular community call for anything different?
  2. There are more points coming, but just have a google for links that have been active for quite a while now. If you've never clicked the older ones, you're missing out on quite a lot of points.
  3. It's actually the other way around, timeless is where skins are "archived", it has been done that way many times in the past. I just don't get it for these particular skins though. Firstly, it was to rectify the fact they were time limited; this is now voided. Secondly, for anyone that was "loyal" enough (and let's face it, are probably skin collectors) now need to spend almost 10,000 points to complete a collection which was previously complete. I don't really think the community really care all that much about Timeless or having what other people can't. I mean, you can't flex a duplicate skin that is only different by an internal label on public servers for example. If the argument someone comes back to me with is, "Oh, it doesn't matter, you still have the skin" then my response is "Exactly, why bother doing this at all?!". It has been done for Heirloom skins so as to not completely screw the community market (it still kind of did, but whatever) but there's literally no benefit here- they aren't marketable skins. For all these skins I'm only missing the Clucky Winter Hat (which I finally HAD due to the Rewards page before this update) and I really don't care that other people are able to get the skins I had to arbitrarily log in at some point in the past to get. I mean, the Valentine's ones were only up for a week so I was congratulating Klei on this decision to add them to Rewards but now they've gone and oof'd it in my opinion.
  4. Awesome work dude. Been this way for a while, but I don't think the Chefihatator or Dolled-Up Horns are working as intended:
  5. Thanks for this. I think this might be a bit of an "oopsie" though. I'm now missing several loyal skins: That's 9600 Klei points I would need to spend to rectify the fact the skins were moved to timeless. I also now don't technically own the Clucky Winter Hat which I was previously over the moon about: Why couldn't we just keep them as redeemable loyal skins? Those that have them keep them, those that don't redeem them? Also, it's "only" 100 points for the Prismatic Moon Caller Staff Profile Icon but this never even dropped during the Twitch or Encore drop campaigns.(mentioned this before). This should probably be a free redeem:
  6. This, I appreciate more than anything. Some love to skin collectors. Well done Klei, well done.
  7. I really had to think hard about hitting submit on this one, so I'll preface this by saying I have nothing but respect for everyone at Klei. I'm going to say it, and not because I'm trying to be contrarian- I don't think silence is the right move in this instance... Massive fits about Wicker changes can be reversed with hotfixes but this is a different beast entirely. There are overdue responses to the situation from people with greater reach than this (off topic) forum and all they really have to go off is a single sentence in that announcement. Yes, there are massive knee-jerk reactions and perhaps there's nothing Klei can say to those who made them, but there are more level-headed people around who are waiting for more information which, it appears, will not be forthcoming. What would bring this situation for a close for me is more detail on how you can retain full autonomy in a minority partnership. How should we feel differently about this situation compared to a number of other acquisitions in the ongoing games industry consolidation?
  8. I know there's a certain sense of letting everyone vent and wait for the dust to settle, but the first test is how Klei now responds to the community from almost 15 pages of disappointment. If it's with silence then there's the first proof things have already changed for the worse. I would really appreciate more information on the contract terms and statements from ground level staff. I would particularly like to know how the partnership with a company who's idea of a good product is New Home (sorry. not sorry... it doesn't look the greatest even if you ignore the fact mobile gaming died years ago).is actually going to work 1 year, 2 years , 5 years from now. I just hope this isn't the point we all look back and say, "I wish they'd stopped development here". It it owed to us? Hell no, I know I'm a customer... I've enjoyed the game since beta and got a good deal our of my purchase. If this is the start of the end then fine. Should a game (and let's face it, a company) that has only succeeded from an amazing community and on the back of extremely dedicated fans consider having have their points addressed the right thing to do? Yeah, I kinda think so. It's also good business sense. I'm not saying this will destroy DST and affect the quality of future releases, I'm simply saying there's more chance of this now than before and I speak from experience of two small companies that were bought out. I'd hardly say this has a good track record in the game development space either with particularly unique, risk taking or innovative studios (Bullfrog, Bioware, Maxis, Westwood, Ensemble, Rare, Lionhead to name but a few). Time will tell but it's perfectly legitimate to feel one way or the other on the topic so I hope this doesn't descend into heated arguments. Oh, or censorship... for the love of god don't do that; that would be the death of Klei. Your community management team are going to be earning their salary this week, poor buggers.I hope all you at Klei are doing well and you have my (and probably more than a few other) wishes that all is actually, as it is being made out to be.
  9. I've given a lot of my pennies to Klei over the years and I don't regret it. That said, if absolutely anything changes in terms of core values, pricing models, and monetization I'll be noping the hell out. Whatever you slice it, this is bad news. I really hope whatever contract terms you've signed you have the ability to protect DST now and in the future; I believe you owe your fans and employees that much.
  10. It's Proof of Purchase. It looks like it comes with the winter hat (with a different variant for each).
  11. It's Proof of Purchase. It looks like it comes with the winter hat (with a different variant for each).
  12. Welp, best go get that mod that soothes my OCD. "Snapping tills" if anyone's interested.
  13. A few ideas: Alt-Tabbing (maybe just during loading screen) results in the cannot drag items in inventory bug or just generally messes with the LMB. Alt-tabbing again fixes it, but I've seen many people completely exit out the game to achieve the same. Telepoof always on screen and frequently miss-clicked. Could this text please be removed and changed to double click? Full key-bind ability (and to additional mouse buttons) Lunar island being joined to mainland (and seriously messing with world-gen) Lucy doesn't shut up, is she even still relevant as a talking axe (or Woodie psychosis) after the rework? It would be nice if Woodie didn't transform when sleeping in the tent Would be nice if Moose/Goose/Beaver could lower the anchor to avoid some cheap deaths Wormwood can cheese sanity by digging and replanting Hunting for seasonal fish can be very annoying, perhaps RNG could be steered after not getting a seasonal fish for a while and, of course, the Squids and Gnarwail not being sure to turn up to eat them when you finally get a spawn. Ability to place marker floats in the ocean which appear on the map. Ability to place cheap marker items on the map to mark POI and keep exploring (or maybe just add the marble pieces on the map) Ability to configure servers as "Drop items on exit" with a white (exclusion) lists for players and item filter (Eyebrella, Walking Cane, Tam etc.) c_freecrafting added to console autocomplete Brackets added to console autocomplete click (so the commands actually work) Boss spawn radius (Deerclops/Bearger) is a little large resulting in damaged bases and, sometimes, having to hunt for them Time limited event skins (especially with a small window) being offered again next time around; e.g. "Year of..." Clucky Winter Hat and Valentines (oddly one Valentine skin was offered again at one point, not the others) or added to community market or store. Ability to trade-inn for elegants Wes is OP Can't use Warly's portable crockpot (for regular recipes) or grinding mill, but we can make use of other character's crafts. As long as it isn't unbalanced there are some character specific items that we should be able to use (but not craft) Worm-hole generation could be a bit smarter (I'm looking at you wormhole that moved me 1 screen away) Default rotate camera are the wrong way around, Q should rotate counter-clockwise and E clockwise (granted you can modify these but we're talking QoL here) Telelocating mobs should set their home status so we don't have to inch them across map to zoos. Jerky should be able to be placed in salt-box Some representation of Beefalo domestication (certain amount of chuffs when petted? Also add in beefalo petting!) Mini-sign standard scaling. The gold nugget is massive Destroying tackle receptacle should dump out the adverts or just be blueprints like other unlocked crafts Logging in and out sometimes has invisible bundling wraps or condition text/colour. Mainly seen in backpack and Tin Fishin' Bin Change Ewelet craft to Phelgm instead of steel wool so we can't say it's uselss anymore Uses for critters (Lunar moth is the odd one out for actually having a use) Rollback x2 in Server Action menu Ability to reverse 1-0 inventory hotkeys so "1" starts from the far right OR picked up items don't occupy a currently equipped hotkey slot if there's an alternative Remove durability loss (maybe entirely) on thermal stones Increase set-piece spawns after world-gen and completely barren biomes (e.g. Savannah) are identified. I rarely see guard pigs anymore. Penguins shouldn't destroy structures when spawning and locating to glaciers Golden spear - 42.5 damage or just increased durability to 200. Wiggie's battle spear would still be a good craft since it has both of these attributes Cookie Cutter Cap increased armor rating considering the effort required to get it Salt should drop on the same side (i.e reachable) from where it's mined or in a smaller radius to reduce the PITA it is to collect No correlation between sinkholes on overworld and stairs in caves in terms of geographical location. I would imagine a closest suitable point relative to overworld location when generating the caves would be good enough Stop god-mode and free-crafting being lost when entering the cave Geometric Placement, how is this not integrated yet?