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My (Blue Moth's) personal art thread.

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I'm drawing all of the Don't Starve characters, and of course, I started with Willow, because I can't think of any good poses or anything that would be interesting for Wilson.


If you can think of a good Wilson pose, please tell me!

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These are all wonderful, hope to see more from you! especially love the details on Wolfgang (although I wished the stars were a bit more detailed but Wolfgang is the main star of this art so imma let this pass.) and Willows pose alongside Bernie is wonderful and Bernie just looks so stunning behind Willow who is also stunning!

great work! (I've said it alot of times, sorry it's just that good!!)



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I may be confusing two diffrent things, but isnt 3d art mostly inside somekind of program or is it just for perspective training? Or maybe im just getting it mixed up with 3d modelling? :wilson_shocked:

Also abit of a surprise that you still have art classes in the current situation unless they're online, still wish i had em.

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