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  1. This topic has been discused soooo many times... Why do you keep beating around the bush? At least take some time to google other answers, chance is you will find it.
  2. Wait, what? How does Wortox symbolize death? Death and a creature from hell are different things.
  3. I put in melobytes. Gromophone.mp4
  4. If you want me to add a category on poll, please mention in the comments. I usually fix this stuff quick.
  5. They can predict where you are by looking at a profile and check what gear you have equipped. You are not going to run in caves without a lightsource. It's stupid to run with a lightsource when it is broad daylight in the constant.
  6. I do really like fishing and it's great. One of my gripes is that sea food doesn't restore hunger that good and requires a dry rack to make meaty stew. Barnacles are pretty good as a food source, but it's very annoying to gather the resources, because of the ship size. I would love to have a smaller cookie boat that costs 1x board to surf between the seaweeds and salt formations.
  7. Well that's resolve then. If a character "breaks" (nighmares chase you), they have little sanity left. So the characters with more sanity take much longer to "break" than the pyromaniac hence more resolve.
  8. At first I thought max sanity cap was linked too high intelligence. The key characters like Maxwell and Wickerbottom enforced that assumption. Then we have Wormwood that doesn't display any form of great knowledge, and has a very simple language. How come its sanity is so high? Another weird candidate is Walter. Despite having a title "Fearless", which could contribute to resolve, he is just a little boy and I highly doubt he is a prodigy to be on par with the old lady. Because of his f̶o̶o̶l̶i̶s̶h̶ brave act, he almost got minced by deerclops. If bravery constitutes to max sanity cap then why Wortox isn't at the top of the list? The imp seems to enjoy the chaos revolving around the constant, and even managed to eat a former soul of it's master (Krampus). You may ask how eating your master is linked to high resolve? Well, the imp faced a dilemna of either accepting to kidnap the little beefalo or go against the master wishes. If it was weak/average, they would never revolt and it's a mark of bravery going against the daily routine. So, what do you think max sanity cap constitutes to?
  9. A guide how to reach page 700 fast.