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  1. Very impractical, because balloons take 2 seconds to land on the target. If she moves a little you miss. Sleep darts work better as an alternative, and only requires four darts for the same pan flute effect.
  2. That is a creative way of saying "I want to see players hp as Wortox".
  3. We wait for Joew to clean up the memes to experience 666 all over again.
  4. Surpised they deleted your "food" image. Mods are against healthy diet!
  5. As long as they don't monetize in anyway, it is fine. If Klei just so happens to issue DMCA, they can work around with re-texturing into their own assets. I don't like creative ideas getting fear mongered by copyright strike, which is a common tactic in the West.
  6. God, pls no. They always turn into Jojo memes...
  7. A good time to mention this cool trivia game. @Brubs did a great job with identifing personalities for people struggling with the choice.