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  1. Ruined! The 3rd panel should contain the same text as the 4th panel. I get your idea.
  2. Yes, there are a couple quoting from community guidelines. Displaying detailed information of the user with the intent below Two wrongs don't make a right The best situation as a community is to report and provide as much information as possible to the Klei staff so they can deal with it.
  3. This pretty sure falls under "public shaming" and it is forbidden to disclose detailed info. I am in no way protecting him, but it is better to message a Klei team that would perform a necessary action, if needed.
  4. On your old pc navigate to Documents/Klei/DoNotStarveTogether/(folder with numbers). There will be a bunch of clusters and a client save folder. Copy those and place them in the same location on your new pc. Client save is your folder with all your previous setting configuration and your clusters your worlds. Hope this helps.
  5. I pick Willow for this one because very few people can use her to the full potential. For example using her lighter instead of campfire to cook food, one of the best at surviving first day winter because of Bernie insulation, controls forest fire much easier, and using "BERNIE!" as a panic button. I use her quite a lot for ship traveling since the campfire at ship allows her to gain sanity and also save logs.
  6. Getting 10 9 gems, killing a boss, and then hunting for gnarwails to craft the trident, or do her quests for a chance to get a heavy bait lure. Sounds like the most inneficient way to get her heavy fish.