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  1. my daily gift isn't in my inventory

    Changed Status to Closed
  2. Yup, that's expected for now until new strings are written for everyone.
  3. ssshhhh, mentioning Hallowed Nights before October is asking for a haunting! On a more serious note, no we don't have details on that yet.
  4. Yup, always available. Future owners of Hot Lava won't miss out.
  5. We tried that in the past, no one liked it.
  6. Skin not working

    This is most likely caused by the host server that you are playing on was unable to connect to our item servers to verify your inventory. Are you able to send us the server_log.txt files from the master/caves folder of the slot that you are playing in?
  7. Custom (Woven) Vignette not working

    Can you check if you have this file? ...\Steam\SteamApps\common\Don't Starve Together\data\images\bg_loading_loading_webber.tex If it's missing, you should try to verify your game files in Steam properties for DST.
  8. Woodie's Triumphant Eye Clips Through Beard

    Changed Status to Known Issue
  9. Roughly 3k items. We're working towards removing that limit though.
  10. Well, the hard limit would be with hitting the limits inside the Amazon Web Services that we use. If we hit that, a rack of computers somewhere catches on fire.
  11. @Kuba5565 is correct. If you can post your client_log.txt file and I'll confirm that your account has hit the soft limit on items.
  12. It's most likely that your account has too many items on it. We're hitting some limits of our database implementation, around 3000 items, which causes some items to not appear when you download your inventory. Don't worry though, the items aren't lost and are still on your account. If you can get rid of some of your duplicates, by using the trade-inn, unraveling or trading/steam market place, then you should see the rest of your items again. This is a known issue that we're working towards fixing. Thanks for the report!
  13. I also found that the number in my inventory will not change, it always is  2884,Even if I buy something from the market, it will not change.I think this is the reason why my inventory is constantly disappearing. You should check my account for me.

  14. my question is why my things will disappear, such as magic hats,i  bought more than 3000 things in the market, why can I only display 2885?

    I participate in every program in  twitch, why are there some accessories  disappear  for no reason?like  magic hats ,Why are things already in stock suddenly disappearing?Why do my account suddenly have a lot of things disappeared? you must check my account ,facial photo is it ,but the corresponding item has disappeared, please give me a reasonable explanation.