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  1. You most likely have your inventory hidden from Steam. Go to the settings page on the Klei accounts page and make sure that you don't have your game inventory hidden, in the "HIDE STEAM INVENTORY" section.
  2. Changed Status to Closed
  3. Thanks for bringing this up again. We took another look and we're making some improvements!
  4. This should have been fixed in this afternoon's update, please let me know if it's still broken for you.
  5. It's hard to say without knowing the exact state of your folders when the download wasn't happening. As for why the folder is deleted and not moved, the flow is that an updated version will be downloaded, so we need to remove the existing contents.
  6. Can you try remove the version in /mods and send us your server logs after dedicated_mod_setup fails to download it?
  7. Something is wrong with the twitch authorization token that we have for you. If you go to, delete the twitch link, and then link again on the Rewards page. That should fix it for you.