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  1. Wicker's Bottom overlays Minotaur Torso

    Changed Status to Known Issue
  2. spooky bosses

    Red Cap
  3. It's not planned at the moment, but I said currently, because nothing is written in stone.
  4. Wickerbottom's head skin visual bugs

    Changed Status to Fixed
  5. The logs don't show anymore playtime accumulating on your account. It's possible that a bad internet connection has lost some of your plaaytime. Regarding the shared accounts not getting daily gifts, that's correct. That's the current working implementation.
  6. I checked and your account appears to be working fine, though it looks like you just haven't accumulated enough time yet. According to our logs you got an item yesterday on your account, but it hasn't been opened yet. You'll need to go into game to see it.
  7. Next time you log in, you'll be de-spawned. Your world will continue to exist, but you'll need to spawn in as another character.
  8. Yes, you should be able to earn skins drops in-game while using a family sharing account. Can you post your client_log.txt file after a play session, and we'll look into what's going on with your account.
  9. New Wortox Skin bug

    Okay, gotcha, yeah I guess the fix didn't make it into the last build. We'll have a patch later today that should fix this.
  10. New Wortox Skin bug

    Can you hit backspace, and let us know what version on the bottom left corner you're on? I thought the update with this fix already went out, but maybe I'm mistaken.
  11. Proof of Purchase Skins

    Some info here from Joe about this topic.
  12. Daily gift suspense

    I put the secret back inside the box. The recent discoveries won't appear until after you open the daily gift. This should be in the next update.
  13. Changed Status to Closed
  14. New Item

    Thanks for giving me a mild heart attack.
  15. Game won't launch

    Changed Status to Closed