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  1. @bberries yes, unfortunately you will need to get your Steam overlay working for you to be able to use the Shop. You can take a look at some help online for fixing it. I'd start here.
  2. Yup, the creation process is automatic. The user doesn't need to do anything now when they first launch the game.
  3. When holding an item, the item is part of the player animation. We rely on certain animation layer names for switch the lights on and off. I believe there was a misnamed layer in the new salute animation that cause the light overlay on the lantern to become un-hidden.
  4. We're working on improvements to this in the next update.
  5. No it works fine now. There's just an internal issue with it's settings. Doesn't affect the user experience though.
  6. Ahhh, you caught a quirk of our pipeline/engine. The bug is that Walter's source files are located in the wrong directory and are subsequently being built with the wrong settings. When I'm hooking up art I'm typically just dealing with the built files in the data folder, so I rarely notice where they are sourced from. The engine handles the two files seamlessly so I didn't notice anything wrong in testing. I'll fix up these settings for the next update. I just noticed that the ghost is wrong too. I'll fix that up too. Thanks!
  7. Yup, if you buy the pack again in-game, you'll get the items again.
  8. Changed Status to Fixed
  9. We're working on that now. So, hopefully today assuming everything goes smoothly.
  10. Changed Status to Fixed