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  1. Apparently I can't count and the last one was missed We'll get those up on the Rewards page soon!
  2. Hey everyone, I hope your February is going well, and you're all staying healthy. Back in 2018 we launched the Twitch Drops system and over the years many of you have participated in watching streams and earning items. Since then we've released two large collections, the Side Show Collection and the Crystalline Collection, as well as a handful of fun seasonal sets. Well over 2 million complete sets have been dropped to viewers! We hope you're enjoying the items and watching your favourite streamers. Unfortunately the technology that the existing drop system works on is being decommissioned by Twitch, in favor of their newer system. Their new system has several features that will be useful for everyone, such as progress meters and current campaign information right in the Twitch interface. Starting today the Don't Starve Together Twitch drops will be taking a bit of a hiatus. The existing system will be turning off while we upgrade and migrate to the new version, and possibly make a few changes while we're in there. We don't have a firm timeline of when they'll be returning, but if everything goes smoothly it will be just a few weeks. *crosses fingers* As for the Crystalline Collection, we've put those up on the Klei Rewards page for everybody, and here are some Klei Points (link expired) to help get you on the way to completing your collections. In the up coming weeks we're also going to be doing some experiments with running our Rhymes With Play dev streams on Twitch again. All of Klei is working remotely still, so doing a dev stream from our homes will certainly be interesting. Stay tuned for more details! EDIT: Current reward link: (Expires 3/11/2021)
  3. A build with all the updates is being worked on, but I suspect it won't be released until next week.
  4. If you got a second copy via some bug or running Twitch + Douyu, send us a support message and we can remove the extra item.
  5. Possibly at Christmas time, or we'll simply turn the drop back on for anyone who logs in at that time. The emotes won't receive this treatment as having two variants with two / commands will just be confusing.
  6. It likely means that you have a connection issue communicating with our servers. Can you post your client_log.txt?
  7. Yeah, we're in the process of upgrading the previous version that you owned to Timeless rarity, so it's a little confusing that they both look the same right now. Contact support and we'll try to get you sorted out.