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  1. Some more ocs. This oc came to me in a dream a few years ago, and only recently I decided to draw her. She's a modern witch with a dragon familiar; it turns into the gauntlet she has on her arm. I really like how the lineless art came out. A Fallout New Vegas fan character, Billie. He's in conjunction with my friend's oc Patrick, who's based on the band Fallout Boy. Billie is based on Green Day. He's a he/him nb man. This was my first time trying cell shading; I'm probably not gonna stick with it. However I really like how his boots came out. Finally, probably my longest piece to date: Here is Elkai and their mother and sister. I decided to draw and design them on a whim after watching speedpaints on youtube. While I was drawing them, I decided to redesign Elkai slightly because I didn't fully like their original design. Rosie's pose was based off a pose from JookPub on Twitter. I would have shaded it, but I got kinda tired of it. I might come back to it and shade it later, though.
  2. Another redraw/redesign of an old oc, she's a half angel that isn't in a story yet. I don't think I will use her in a story, but i was itching to draw her again after many years of not. I was also in the mood to digitally paint so I went kinda ham with it lol Old version with solid colours and lineart before I started painting it. Speedpaint
  3. Oh shoot I forgot about WX-78, you’re right though.
  4. I changed Wormwood to the McDonald’s corner because he is Babey, but I can’t see Wigfrid being mean to the kids or being a pushover. Kind of a “öh but I slew the beast earlier töday just för yöu!”
  5. I can't remember when I made this or if I posted this here already, but here you go. Discuss Updated Version 2.0
  6. Yes and no. I just wanted to put her in a flower crown because she's a florist and she likes flowers and I thought it was pretty, but also because her hijab grows magical flowers. So most times she is wearing some kind of flower. Thanks! I actually had both versions of her in the same document, I just duped the layers I needed and went ham. It was a bit overwhelming working on them both at the same time, but I like how they both turned out. Hard light layer is my new favourite layer effect, but it is very situational lmao. I don't know why the speedpaint was so big, though.
  7. I was just gonna say, I just regressed back to 2015 Tumblr going through all that.
  8. Hey guys, I just got my first Moderna vaccine dose today! I'm willing to answer questions regarding it, however I'm still logging symptoms at the moment. 

    Take this meme based on one of the DST fics I wrote


  9. Kinda went off the last couple of days after finishing exams lmao but here are two more ocs, Nargis and Eae! I also have them posted on my Twitter BluesArt6 as well. Eae, my beloved, from an old RP. She is an angel. Eyestrain/minor body horror for her angel form under the cut And Nargis, my other beloved, a magic Muslim witch in the same universe as Bo and Murdina. Here's a short speedpaint of Eae. The other, longer speedpaints are on my Twitter.
  10. Hello everyone! I just finished my last final, so I’m hoping to be more active now. I made a new Twitter (BluesArt6) which is where I will be posting my art on Twitter. However I will be continuing to post to the forums. I kinda fell off DST for a bit but I’m hoping to come back soon. 

  11. Hey it's great to see you again! Thank you, they're currently my babies for my novel. Dream is the one that's the newest out of them that I drew. However I'm planning on a bit of a follow up to show sort of before and after shots of them to show physical character growth and development. It's probably my favourite piece to date with her. I really love drawing clothes so drawing her skirt was a lot of fun and fiddling around with the glow layer effects. Y'know I was kinda thinking about making it a poster for myself. I can't go out and get it professionally printed atm because of lockdown but I may just print it for myself when I can. However if people are interested mayyyybe I'll open a print shop but that's a bit out of my comfort zone atm Oh yeah lol I do like Bayonetta. I wanna practice weird posing so she's lowkey my go to. Personally I think her face turned out the best. I do overall really like the games. Bayonetta 2 was surprisingly emotional for me with Luka from Bayonetta is another one of my favourite characters but his Bayonetta 2 design is just... I don't know how else to describe it as a heterosexual cowboy. It's not a bad design, I just really don't like it on him.
  12. Hellloooo everyone. I'm in the middle of exam season right now but soon I'll be done for school. Here's more OC art. My ocs for my current book, Valley of the Mind's Eye. I actually drew this a while ago but came back and added Dream while fixing mistakes from the earlier version. I really love how Dream turned out. Another one with Agis, or whom I call Catholic Time Beastmode Agis. My friend's OC Cole from my old high school days. I redrew and redesigned him with input from my friend. An idea I had while just going nuts with the layer effects with CSP. I have this galaxy themed pyjama outfit I wear which inspired this. I may use this idea for my book but I haven't committed yet to the idea. Bo, my beloved. Another OC for a possible book I may co-write with another friend. Murdina, my beloved, from today. Another character for that co-authored book. She is Bo's boyfriend's stepsister but is also a friend of Bo's. My OC Celine from my first book idea that is currently shelved until further notice. Redraw: Finally, a sketch of Bayonetta. Cause. Y'know. Gotta practice weird poses somehow Finally to end off, just a dumb edit I posted to Tumblr now that The Great Gatsby is in the public domain
  13. Hello friends. I haven't posted here in a hot minute, but I've been updating my old ArtFight profile from like 2017! I'm lowkey planning on doing it this summer after putting it off for a few years :3 You can also see some of my old art.
  14. Oh that’s something! I was experimenting with Clip Studio Paint’s layer effects for the first time really. I was trying to do the noise grain like how you mentioned with my previous Wigfrid piece, but it didn’t turn out as well imo. I might try to do some more effects, not sure. Kinda like this? It feels like the last one I did in the main post, but... nicer.
  15. He is baby and I will kill and die for him
  16. Wow it's been a few months since I last posted here! I feel like I've fallen off the DST train a bit, but I'm still here, just swamped with online school. I drew some Wigs and updated my avatar image I couldn't decide which one I liked the most, so here's just all of them with different filters. I based this off of this image of a 1920s actress as Jean D'Arc, sort of in tandem with the old picture of Wigfrid I drew. Some bonus meme ones under the cut Also, while I haven't written any new DST fanfiction in half a year or so, I got my very first piece of fanart ever and I've LITERALLY never been happier It's by the valiant valkyrie on Tumblr.