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  1. Hello friends. I haven't posted here in a hot minute, but I've been updating my old ArtFight profile from like 2017! I'm lowkey planning on doing it this summer after putting it off for a few years :3 You can also see some of my old art.
  2. Oh that’s something! I was experimenting with Clip Studio Paint’s layer effects for the first time really. I was trying to do the noise grain like how you mentioned with my previous Wigfrid piece, but it didn’t turn out as well imo. I might try to do some more effects, not sure. Kinda like this? It feels like the last one I did in the main post, but... nicer.
  3. He is baby and I will kill and die for him
  4. Wow it's been a few months since I last posted here! I feel like I've fallen off the DST train a bit, but I'm still here, just swamped with online school. I drew some Wigs and updated my avatar image I couldn't decide which one I liked the most, so here's just all of them with different filters. I based this off of this image of a 1920s actress as Jean D'Arc, sort of in tandem with the old picture of Wigfrid I drew. Some bonus meme ones under the cut Also, while I haven't written any new DST fanfiction in half a year or so, I got my very first piece of fanart ever and I've LITERALLY never been happier It's by the valiant valkyrie on Tumblr.
  5. Sorry this is from Hamlet, but I booted up the game for the first time and tried out Wormwood and was greeted to this
  6. Hello all, I did my other OC Aaron as a companion piece to my previous one. For something I did on a whim, I tried some realism/semi-realism. I've never really done it before, so it was fun but also a bit intimidating just going at it. I'm overall happy with how it turned out. I did it based on a picture I took of myself for a reference, but it's another OC of mine, one that I'm using for a book. This is another version of it under the cut. Just a warning for slight blood and body horror.
  7. Wes seconds before he was banished in Don't Starve be like
  8. Fallout New Vegas is a lot different than I remember.
  9. Everyone in the new short: -freaking out over the treeguard and the full moon- Woodie:
  10. Wilson sounds exactly like I expected him to sound! I'm shocked. Who are the voice actors/singers?
  11. Maxwell might be a jerk, but at least he's nice enough to use correct pronouns.
  12. Yeah I only had 12 colours, it didn’t even come with white for highlights. I did have black, but wanted to give it more depth, so I went with brown/black.
  13. Sooo I found some old chalk pastels in my closet and decided to try them out. I’ve never used them before (besides those like greasy oil pastels from middle school). So I was kind of flying blind here. However I like overall how it came out. So please accept this Charlie. I’m definitely not stopping digital art, but it was fun doing traditional. Here are some progress pictures I took last night Finally, I showed my mom and she was like “oh, is she some kind of a princess?” and I’m like... yeah you can say that—
  14. Webber you gotta share with the rest of the class :/
  15. Me: oh boy you can farm in winter now! Me, remembering I forgot to fill my watering can up before winter starts and the ponds froze over:
  16. I just got two winter's feast chests in a row lmao
  17. Two treeguards I don't remember spawning in just killed that pig and a pipspook I can't help The second treeguard is behind the house if you can't really tell EDIT: It's the treeguard forest setpiece. Probably the first time I've seen it in game
  18. My email: hey your DST plushies are coming in three hours Me: Ten minutes after I posted that they arrived
  19. Apparently the Constant is officially Daedalus' maze on Crete
  20. I'm really glad the cookbook recipe was nerfed, it's not something I thought I needed, but a nerf that we deserved.
  21. Oh okay, thanks! I thought the hide button was a sort of “delete” button but wasn’t so sure.