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  1. I'm trying to buy the skin pack, but it's not allowing me to purchase it since I don't own Wurt I'm planning on unravelling her head for spools, since I really want all of the other skins. Is this supposed to happen? I'd really love to buy the skin pack!
  2. Tbh, I would pay good money to buy those circus skins! I was busy when they were out, and had just been getting free time once the last circus items were released Clowns and circuses are some of my favorite things, and I need those items in my life one day
  3. I think a chunk of the moon fell out of the sky, not the whole moon. Kinda like the lens part of the "giant eye" moon behind Wilson in the menu art! Then, that moon chunk became the lunar island, and that's how the water got all wonky.
  4. I just had to draw him with his daughter! Rip Warbucks in game, you will be missed
  5. Wes is kinda shy when it comes to his "real" face, so he doesn't show it very often. He always prefers to go out with makeup on.
  6. No; It's pretty hard to explain, but he has little red holes of light for eyes, and a giant grin full of teeth! ((If he opens his mouth, with or without his makeup on in his "true" forms, he has three rows of teeth that can all open and close kinda like the Gnaw/Wormholes, though)) I can draw him without his makeup on, if you'd like! I might also draw his "true" forms, too <v<
  7. I'll be posting my Don't Starve (Together) fan art and stuff here occasionally! There will be a lot of AU and Headcanon art, fair warning. ((Like, my Wes is a shadow demonesc creature due to him being on the thrown for as long as he was)) (((His "face" is pure mime makeup. Don't ever get him to peel it off if you don't like... teeth...))) Feel free to give me suggestions on what you'd like to see me doodle, and I might draw them! If you have any questions about my crazy AU/headcanon shenanigans, feel free to ask questions!
  8. I'm glad to see that this is finally out! Hamlet is honestly a very fun experience to endure and explore. However, something seems... missing to me about this DLC, and I don't know why? Other than this odd feeling, I'm fairly content and happy with the final product!
  9. I love this so much!! Good job, dude! I really wish that this was a real skin -weeps-
  10. It could be called a peekhen because female peacocks are called peahens! ;v;-b
  11. To me it looks like it would have been the female version of the peacock that is in game, since its feathers are similar to a female peacock, and the in game ones look like males. ;v;
  12. Would it be possible for someone here to get the sneezing sound files for everyone for me?
  13. Why don't Wagstaff and Wheeler's silhouette portraits look like their in game portraits? Their poses aren't similar, especially Wheeler's. What were they supposed to look like before?