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  1. I think a chunk of the moon fell out of the sky, not the whole moon. Kinda like the lens part of the "giant eye" moon behind Wilson in the menu art! Then, that moon chunk became the lunar island, and that's how the water got all wonky.
  2. Thank you for letting me know! It's nice to hear that these bugs are known, and that I'm not the only one facing lag issues! I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for fixes on these bugs!
  3. Is this a new bug? I don't have any screenshots on me, but my sister kept drowning while trying to mount the boat as Wortox, and I have no clue why ;O; Along with the drowning trouble, my server was also being extremely slow, which I found odd, as my connection had been acting great not too long ago. Does anyone know how I can fix these two problems?
  4. This is what I'm wondering too! I'll be getting Wormwood for free as well, but I have no idea whether or not we'd have to buy a duplicate Wormwood. If we do have to buy a duplicate Wormwood, would we be allowed to gift him to someone else?
  5. Happy early birthday, dude! Wormwood would be a 6 day early birthday present for me! I'm honestly super excited to be having him explore his way into DST! I've always been super interested in his lore about where he came from, and hopefully his short will answer it! I hope him being over in DST will give him some deeper lines of dialogue, as, I hate to admit it, his lines in Hamlet felt a bit lackluster ;O; I'm also super excited for his skins! I'm really glad that Wormwood is getting a Roseate skin; this is very fitting, thank you Klei!
  6. Imagionary's Art Hovel

    I just had to draw him with his daughter! Rip Warbucks in game, you will be missed
  7. Imagionary's Art Hovel

    Wes is kinda shy when it comes to his "real" face, so he doesn't show it very often. He always prefers to go out with makeup on.
  8. Imagionary's Art Hovel

    No; It's pretty hard to explain, but he has little red holes of light for eyes, and a giant grin full of teeth! ((If he opens his mouth, with or without his makeup on in his "true" forms, he has three rows of teeth that can all open and close kinda like the Gnaw/Wormholes, though)) I can draw him without his makeup on, if you'd like! I might also draw his "true" forms, too <v<
  9. I'll be posting my Don't Starve (Together) fan art and stuff here occasionally! There will be a lot of AU and Headcanon art, fair warning. ((Like, my Wes is a shadow demonesc creature due to him being on the thrown for as long as he was)) (((His "face" is pure mime makeup. Don't ever get him to peel it off if you don't like... teeth...))) Feel free to give me suggestions on what you'd like to see me doodle, and I might draw them! If you have any questions about my crazy AU/headcanon shenanigans, feel free to ask questions!
  10. mutant suggestion: Uni-corn

    I would honestly love to see this! Wigfrid could finally have a unicorn, and be one step closer to having the Pegasus she's always wanted!
  11. Music Emote

    I honestly think character specific emotes would be cute; as in emotes that would let the player's character pretend to play the instrument that they're voiced be! Examples being Woodie would pretend to play a cello, Wendy would pretend to be an alto flute, Wes could be a conductor (since he has no instrument)((or maybe he could pretend to play whatever instrument he would sound like if he had a voice)),etc.
  12. I've been thinking about buying this game since 2017, but I'm still unsure if I'd want to or not. Is this game worth the money, and is it an overall fun and engaging experience?
  13. I love Wagstaff; What a crazy little old man!
  14. I wish I could unsubmit my answer from the poll and change my vote to all for both! I absolutely adore all of the characters, and feel as though they all have a possibility to bring unique and interesting playstyles to the game.
  15. Mutants

    To be honest, I absolutely love the new mutant creatures! I absolutely agree with you saying that they're not as gory as people describe them. The ideas behind them are interesting and unique to the game, and I really want to see more! I'd love to see if the moon would be able to mutate pig people in the future (or if pig people would become werepigs immediately when reaching the island). Having mutant bosses would be cool as well, like Deerclopse being/becoming Deercorpse! Maybe having some creatures that look like/resemble Glommer would be cool too; or maybe even a little group of Glommers on the moon? I'm just super excited to see what they do with this new mutant aspect, as I currently find it as one of the most enjoyable and interesting parts of the game for me so far!