Wigfrid's Character Refresh is Now Available!


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1 hour ago, Mike23Ua said:

I am going to guess that the shadow in the picture above is like some sort of oil pump/fracking device- And that you will use it on Pearls Island/Lunar Island to Unplug those mysteriously plugged sinkholes.

(seriously those HAVE to be there for a reason..)

Yeah... to cover up the lunar fissures so the island doesn't spawn gestalts...

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Wigfrid has been one of my favorite characters since her release in Reign of Giants! I'll miss some of her more basic gameplay but I think for the purposes of DST, this refresh is going to make her feel better and more fun to play with your pals! Also Maxwell has also been one of my favorites since the beginning so it was also good seeing him in a short for the first time in awhile I think!

Also this just brings me back to countless hours I spent in my single player Wigfrid world when Reign of Giants first came out so thanks for the nostalgia, Klei!

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There's a bug where Backpacks/Piggybacks/Krampus Sacks obscures the Inspiration Meter. I've tested with and without the Combined Status Mod. It seems it's determined by your resolution. I've asked people who play with a higher resolution than me, and they've said it doesn't obscure *as much* as me. I play on an older computer with 1366x768 resolution. 


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Startling soliloquy can interrupt deers casting in klaus fight, i guess it can work against bee queen mini bees too to make them lose dps. unlike other songs , you can abuse the crow control in fights with multiple wigfrids. 

I think the others could get a bit more since passives don't stack. but the meter works perfectly since its for bosses raids or mini bosses ( varg, spider queen )

I stay with soliloquy , thats SS tier for me.

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1 hour ago, fimmatek said:

Where did you find this, is it in the video? I watched it multiple times by now, but couldn't find it anywhere.

Near the start of her imaginary battle, around 0:51 or so. It flies by really quickly, though.

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Okay I’ve been playing the new Wigfrid rework for awhile and the few things I can take from it:

Shes now more of a Cut Reeds resource devouring character then even the mighty Wickerbottom! Good god... Seems like Wicker and Wig will be fighting over resources now.

Secondly the songs- I haven’t been able to craft a single one of them because their recipes are actually pretty advanced, most of which I have absolutely no idea what the ingredients of actually calls for without resorting to Wikipedia pages..
I’m assuming that Unlike Wendy (who simply needs to find a Pipspook and help them find lost stuffs) Wigfrids songs are meant to be Late game Content.. 

and even with that- I have no idea what each respective song is actually supposed to do- Klei provided better details on exactly what Wendy’s Ectoherbology potions did, they sort of just left us guessing with Wigfrids Song things..

And what about those 3 additional abilities she’s supposed to have when at high inspiration levels? How do I trigger or use those?

Lastly her stage performance bow idle animation, it fits Wigfrid.. but if Charlie ever was to become playable I think she should be able to use it ;) 

In conclusion- until I figure out what all the new Refresh stuff does.... Wigfrid still plays mostly the same as she always has, Unlike Wendy who right out the gate: gained some new abilities, gameplay unique to her, she got her own unique craftable structure to place and put her personal mark on the world.. (The Sisturn) Wigfrid should have had her own unique craftable structure too I think- not sure What that should’ve been.. 

maybe a Weapons Armory? Pretty much a storage chest that just hangs Helmets, Spears and Body Armors from.. just a Wigfrid exclusive craftable that lets people know that long after Wigfrid has left a server- that a Wigfrid was once there.

(Yes I totally build random Sisturns in peoples worlds so they stumble upon them and be all like cool a sanity station when I actually needed one, Thanks Wendy! wherever you are...)


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Finally found some time to re-watch Wigfrid short (as I was at Mac Donald's with loud kids the hole day :distracted:), cool animation...

and I just noticed there's some cicadas singing at the start... I already miss those so bad :wilson_cry: plz Klei, add cicadas to DST

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