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Wigfrid's Character Refresh is Now Available!

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Superwolfkid    1264
3 minutes ago, Wumpus the 19th said:

I was, in fact, correct about my assumption to the name of the short. I shall be ready to rub it in the face of ^^ as soon as he starts his server again.

I feel you man! I was really close to predicting the theme of the short as well! Wigfrid losing her acting career and fantasizing through stuff we shall rub together! >:D

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fimmatek    4222
9 minutes ago, TheKingDedede said:

Wigfrid looks really cute in this short. I think it may be because of the larger eyes and attention to facial details.

Now that you mention, her eyes in the short look much more like Willow's and Wendy's, not like her own in-game eyes. They suit her tho pretty well, and her facial expressios are really well made. 

The animators did a really good job on the short!

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