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  1. It takes between 3 and 5 days per skin - about a week total time per character skin. That's from start to finish and it's a ton more time for something with variations like Wormwood. Roughly speaking it's around a day for concepts, another 2 days for the skin itself another day for the portrait and maybe another day wiggle room for alterations or fixes. Also, depends on how unique the skin is as well which might have a few iterations and changes along the way. That's just speaking in linear terms - it takes much longer than that in the real world when artists aren't working on one single thing at any given time. That's also at maximum efficiency. All of that is variable of course. New characters, a newer artist or other things (like you know a global pandemic) can stretch this out considerably. That's why you get so much more when we do item skins, it doesn't take anywhere near as much time per item as it does a character. I don't think that was the case exactly- it was more that we were taking more time between updates so the skin sets we larger while we were doing events like The Gorge and The Forge. And there weren't any actual updates to the game that lasted, except for the skins. So it was more a re-calibration of where our game development efforts were being focused than anything else.
  2. Because we don't have a lot of resources put into making skins by design and they are putting skins out literally and without exaggeration as fast as they can. For us to increase the skins we would have to effectively double the people working on them which would result in a bit less than double the amount of skins and then people would be upset that we are putting out too many skins. =)
  3. Please be polite. If you have issues with somebody else, you can put them on ignore here: But everybody needs to follow the community guidelines and be constructive and polite. Thanks.
  4. We have no ability to give you something if you own something on console. At least for now, so there will be no way to do that unfortunately. And, this has nothing to do with any relationship, it has to do with resources. Rather than waiting for both ports to be done, we are releasing them as they are ready.
  5. Originally when I wrote that, what, 8 years ago. It was written because that was the predominate way of handling community at the time. I have never enforced it and generally speaking with online translation as good as it is now, it's rather easy to translate and speak back and forth with people regardless of language. Additionally there can be community issues that come from only having English for a community with a game that is popular worldwide. It's easy to think somebody is being rude or isn't communicating well, but not necessarily easy to see that English isn't the posters first language. It can be challenging, but I think this community can handle it if we try.
  6. who should i follow to get spool or klei point links and to get the latest updates:?:

  7. Right now we are unaware of any issues with the game that would be causing this for you. However there are some configuration issues that may cause this to happen. Check out our support doc over here:
  8. Sure, I'll throw something together. Thanks.
  9. where are the posts grr dont keep secrets

  10. We removed Facebook, Instagram, Wechat and Twitter. Added a one time 1700 points to replace them Also, added some more items, if you're into that sort of thing.