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  1. Just a reminder to keep posts constructive, polite and on-topic. Thanks.
  2. We localize dependent on the size of the player base. Russian, Chinese, Portuguese and French tend to have the most players. Off the top of my head I believe Spanish is 9th most spoken language with our players under Korean and Italian. It varies from game to game a bit depending on a few factors, but overall that's why you see more support for other languages generally. We don't have a lot of resources to spend on localization and traditional localization at our level is extremely expensive as well as time consuming. We do our best, but it's not good enough for a lot of languages. ESPECIALLY for games with frequent updates. That's why we also offer language modding for most of our recent games. This allows the community to help us pick up that slack. But I appreciate you making this post. It's not the best situation, but it's what we got. It's not out of lack of respect, it's entirely due to it being the limit of our ability. We've gotten better as we have grown and we will continue to try to improve as we move forward.
  3. Hey Everybody. @Corey was having some fun getting ready for a weekend of pumpkin carving and made some cool stencils. We thought you might also enjoy them so I am sharing them with you here. Head on over to the Klei Accounts rewards page for the free downloadable templates!
  4. Generally I won't delete forum accounts because they contain information for the entire community. Deleting posts means you delete parts of conversation that could be necessary to understand. I will remove personal information from the account so that it can no longer be on our servers, but for historical purposes the account needs to remain.
  5. Hey there, When I search "Don't Starve Support" - The first thing I get is our support page. And when you first land on the forums, you see all of our games with their support links. There are also contact links on the top and bottom of this page. Would you share how you went about looking for contact info that you couldn't find? I will see what I can do to make sure that will return the correct result. To answer your question, as noted in the update post the update won't hit console until next week. While you can earn the items now, you won't see them until the game is updated with those items.
  6. If you came here with a machine gun mod and you were shooting a bunch of the characters, a lot of people would react the same way - because it's well outside of the spirit of the game. Some people will find it funny, die-hards probably will not. I understand the issues with this, but I am not comfortable with saying this is against the rules. If you don't like the mod, that's up to you - but please keep posts polite and constructive. Thanks.
  7. When we have information - it's going to be substantial. And that's not too far away. Just hang in there.
  8. I forgot to add a spool link - but here you go: Expires in 1 month.
  9. Generally speaking when it comes to name and shame it's more of a case by case basis. In this case, I leave it here because if I don't there will continue to be new posts and I want people to be aware we know of the issue. In other cases the reason to not allow name and shame is because generally it's not productive to post one side of the story from an argument people had on a server and really nothing constructive is going to come out of it.