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  1. Hey everybody. You don't need to be jerks to each other over a video game. People have the right to ask that their issue be addressed, and you have the right to discuss your thoughts on that, but let's not make it personal, please. If somebody is being an ass, report it and move on. Otherwise you're just making it worse by arguing back and forth. Thanks.
  2. Hah, no I didn't. I was saying some of the other issues would be fixed. I wouldn't count on this one lasting too long though.
  4. The instructions link should be working again. If it's not working for you please let me know.
  5. Please have the conversation without attacking each other. Keep it on topic and constructive. Thanks.
  6. Hi there, We are aware of this issue and we are working to fix it. For now, you can contact support at and let us know your Klei Account ID and Douyu account information and we help you out manually.
  7. If you have been waiting a long time, it's most likely because you didn't respond to the ticket auto-reply. I checked our system for a ticket from the email address you have here and was not able to find anything. You may want to try searching your email account for an email from Klei, it's pretty likely you have something you need to reply to.
  8. Sorry. Please explain what it is you are looking to accomplish. If it was completely gone right now, nothing would change for you? You can't use the account, because it's deleted at that point. If you want to make a new one, you need to make a new account not try to use an old account.
  9. help...........


  10. Hi there. Why did you think that deleting your account would help here? We get a fair amount of people who delete their accounts and are confused that the account is not accessible and I would like to help clarify this people. This is the current account deletion page. Is there anything we can do to help people not delete their accounts unless they really really want to? Finally head over to and click the "Contact Us" link and we will see what we can do to help you.
  11. When we have information to give you - we will give it to you. We're currently reviewing our progress on the lead-up to launch and will have more information soon. I do not have an ETA at the moment therefore we don't have more info.
  12. There is a bug report about this already - the team will look into it. Thanks!
  13. Yep, Jan is posting the update notes now =)
  14. Hey everyone! Here we are with our second character update! We have a few things to share, from Willow’s character refresh, to new skin sales and Twitch campaign. Here we go! From the Ashes Every character has their story, and with each refresh, we will be revealing a bit more of their past. See what memories Willow has to share with you here: Willow Refresh With the memories of her tragic past reignited, Willow has tapped into formidable powers for her childhood friend and protector, Bernie, as well as receiving full fire immunity and other bonuses. Willow is now immune to fire damage. Willow is now more easily frozen (e.g. by Ice Staves or Deerclops). Willow no longer gets cold from low sanity. Winter gear is slightly less effective at keeping Willow warm. Willow takes more damage and loses sanity at freezing temperatures. Willow takes longer to overheat and less damage when overheated. Willow takes no burn damage while extinguishing smoldering fires and does it faster than others. Adding fuel to fires is 50% more effective. Bernie can now be equipped by Willow for sanity and warmth at the cost of durability. Bernie grows big and will taunt and fight most hostile creatures when Willow is nearby and insane. Bernie will still taunt Shadow Creatures when any other player is nearby and insane. In addition, Willow still gains sanity near fire and can still cook with her Lighter. Willow’s Guest of Honor, Triumphant, Survivor and Rose Skins can now be purchased and are all now available for purchase. All owners of these classic skins prior to today are now upgraded to an “Heirloom” rarity, with full unraveling value (that is, an Heirloom Elegant can be unraveled for 1350 spool). Willow also has some new items that can be dropped, weaved or purchased. The Ghastly Attic Chest can be purchased for $3.99 and contains Ashley, The Cursed Sterling Lighter and the Baleful Lace Parasol. The Willow Deluxe Wardrobe contains 5 of Willow's item sets, including the new "Forlorn Doll" set for $12.99 Drop Changes We have removed icons, vignettes and profile backgrounds from the drop table. These items are still weaveable, however you will no longer receive them as drops. In addition, we have added about 100 color and slight variants of many existing common drops. Originally we added the icons, vignettes and profile backgrounds so that we had more items to collect, but as many of these items were seasonal items, it gave the appearance that these were being dropped unintentionally. New Twitch Campaign We are starting a new twitch campaign with an entirely new theme. Check out this post for more details. That's all we have for you this time. As always we will be watching your feedback and bug reports. Have fun out there!
  15. Hey Everybody. Today we begin a new Twitch Drop Campaign with a new item and new theme "The Crystaline Collection. We do not have an end date scheduled for this campaign. The Metamorphosed Flame Icon (30 Minutes) The Metamorphosed Flame Portrait (2 Hours) The Metamorphosed Flame (6 Hours) If you haven't set up your account for twitch drops yet, check out the spoiler below: