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  1. We can't commit to a date yet, but we're working on it. The forge is taking a lot of our resources right now, so it's going to be later than it was last year.
  2. Registration in DST

    Changed Status to Closed
  3. Anyway to change my profile name?

    Yeah, just send me a PM with a few suggested names that you would like to use and an email address you want to register with and I will fix it up. All users who have been members for over 30 days can change their Display name once every 365 days. This is intended to be used for people who just really need to change their names as allowing frequent changes would cause a lot of confusion on the forums.
  4. GoG Update

    Hey there, We checked into this for you. It looks like an automatic process that should have happened on the GoG side did not happen. We send the update their way, it just apparently never got processed. We're working on getting that sorted out for you now.
  5. Come on. Tone it down please. These types of threads really don't need to become a heated argument. Please keep it constructive and polite, or don't post. Thanks.
  6. Un-ignorable Users (Update - Fixed)

    Oh, that's interesting. Nope, that's an unintentional consequence of some users having moderator abilities on the collaborative sub forums. I will take a look. Thanks for noticing!
  7. I'm leaving the forums forever
  9. Don't Starve Historia

    A couple things - First, stay constructive and on topic please. Second, if you are going to post things on the internet, please be prepared for people to disagree with you. If they are not being polite and constructive, please ignore them and report them if you feel it is against the rules. Please do not tag moderators as a threat to other posters. And let's cool it on the passive aggressive posting, it's gross and escalates things into arguments that don't need to happen. Thanks.
  10. I have a question, do admins and devs still get notified if a normal user sends them a PM? I sent you one a while back and you seem to have not seen it.

  11. This hits the nail on the head perfectly. And for your your concerns about teamplay, we are working to try to make it easy and fun to play with other people. It's not full on ranked matchmaking or anything, but you will be able to click a button and land on a server ready to play. More details will come out later, but suffice it to say, we've done a lot of work...
  12. There are event skins you don't keep because they are thematically provided for the event (think, tattered rags). There are much better versions of those skins that drop and you can keep. If you all loved the temporary skins that dropped during holiday events in the past, I strongly recommend creating a new thread and showing us which skins you loved and would like to see dropped for keeps. =)
  13. We do plan to give PS4 the Metheus puzzle, I actually thought it already happened; so I will have to check in on that. PS4 has a decent amount of scary legal requirements to use their login and item systems required to grant the rewards at the end. Not really all that big of a deal, but for a small team, it's a lot to wrangle and coordinate while working on everything else we have going on. Without saying to much about anything, unfortunately consoles can be... tricky, for various reasons. Developers in general are hesitant to really talk about it in concern of upsetting whatever platform and losing their support. It sucks and ultimately the players suffer for it, but we do our very best to work around those issues. Sadly in the end it can appear like we don't care, but that couldn't be further from the truth. You can expect Winona sometime in the next few weeks. You will be getting The Forge and all the good stuff, but that one may be coming a bit later for consoles (not sure about that yet). Hopefully now that we're released on both Xbox and Ps4 we will be able to sync everybody up soon so that there isn't this gap in update timing.