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  1. Hey everybody. Please remember - like many of you, a lot of people on these forums do not speak English as their first language. First - posts should be kept on-topic and second, it's not entirely welcoming for people to be given a hard time about their choice of words and while I am sure you meant no harm, I would like you to keep things more polite. Thanks.
  2. That would be amazing. Yeah, our stuff is generally pretty expensive because we made a commitment to only make or allow to be made stuff that is very high quality. Unfortunately the side effect of that is that it's more expensive. We do merch as a fan service, not as a revenue stream. We had a conversation about that just today as a matter of fact. And came to the same conclusion. We would still rather sell less and have higher quality and not sell cheap crap to sell more. It's kind of our thing, I guess.
  3. Those items can be woven in the game for spool. They were taken off the rewards page because the the two systems (spool in-game and rewards) don't really work well together and were causing problems for some players.
  4. Please keep posts polite, on topic and without personal attacks. If somebody isn't following community guidelines, by all means report it and move on. However, please do not shut down opinions just because you don't like those opinions or your perceptions of their attitude. Furthermore, if your post is not contributing to the discussion, but only serving the purpose of picking on somebody else, it will be considered a violation of community guidelines. Just be nice to each other. It's a video game....
  5. To help them potentially add versions of those things to their game, if they wanted. Similar to how we added Woodlegs and Wortox - we remade old art into something new. But - to be clear. Newhome is a rebuilt DST in unity, completely the ground up. They just have some cleanup to do while it's still in development.
  6. Not calling you out specifically - it's not just your post or just this thread. Constructive criticisms are totally fine. Just trying to make sure it stays that way.
  7. Some of our super long time fans will recognize some of the stuff in there, it's been seen before. I believe the majority of those are "Through the Ages" concepts. A suggestion was made to the Newhome team that they could potentially take some of the designs like slipster and use them because fans wanted to see them and we had moved on from those original design goals. I am just guessing at the moment that it's part of that process. We DO hold on to these and we do occasionally resurrect them in one form or the other. But - I guess I am going to be a bit candid now because some of these comments kind of bum me out. Don't Starve as a franchise has existed for over 10 years now in our studio and a lot of people have worked on it at various times. Klei as a studio tries to really let our developers have their own say and their own spin on things. So, repurposing old art isn't exactly "fun" for a lot of people. Ands while we try our best to do good by the community and our players, we also want to enjoy what we do. So you will see our artists and designers express themselves through their work and their own interpretations of this game. We're not trying to pump out "more DS" - we're trying to make something fun and engaging for you and for ourselves. And then we slip in some old stuff from time to time when we like specific concepts and they fit with our current design goals. I am saying this as a gamer myself. But sometimes you need to try to look at things from another perspective. Do you really want game developers (Klei and otherwise) to be so chained down to what the community thinks "how things are supposed to be" that they can't experiment and move on from concepts they don't like and make what they love? I can tell you, our team loves the work that we do, and we persevere to keep coming up with new and interesting things day after day. Not everybody is going to like everything, but we try. This is a big reason we share mostly only the concepts for stuff we keep and less ideas we ditch. I am being protective here a bit, and I hope you as a reader can understand why. There are real people behind the art you see, please respect that. Thanks.
  8. The OP is a person that has been banned from these forums many times. So, we should move on. We all love Zach and he is a highly valued member of the team. I think that's pretty well established in the community. =)
  9. I think technically - If I were to piece it together, it's why technically Wes did.
  10. I think the only one of those that survived is the concept of the gator. THAT gator though, not so much. Like I said, the stuff there is all real old and had a completely different goal when they were being created, or no goal at all and just being worked on as the team tested out some ideas.
  11. Abandoned concept from 2019 from when we very first starting working out what the refreshes could be. But, WX doesn't have a refresh coming up - we haven't started or decided the next refresh yet.
  12. The update has been rolled back. There is a fix on the way, but the porting team needs to investigate how the issue made it's way out to players before submitting the fix in an emergency update.