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  1. Healing Guide/Stats

    Please keep posts constructive, on topic and without personal insults or attacks. Thank you.
  2. My understanding is that retailers don't know the exact date they will receive their shipments and some retailers provide their best guess based on when they are told the shipments go out - and that everybody gets them "when they get them". We were told that shipments go out toward the end of this month and as far as we are aware this is all anybody knows.
  3. Sale of Skins for consoles

    It takes us a while to get through the approval process, but they are on their way and should be coming soon.
  4. Thanks to everybody who sent in their bug reports on this issue. The information provided has helped us to investigate the issue and we have sent a new build to Microsoft for certification. Once it goes through this process the new build will be available and should fix up your problems. We are very sorry for the inconvenience this issue has caused. It was extremely difficult to narrow down this issue without the ability to check logs or saves, we really appreciate all of your help getting this one solved. Thank you
  5. Beginning today all DST players can associate their account to their Klei Account to begin receiving cool exclusive items while watching Don't Starve on To celebrate the launch of Don't Starve Hamlet, we have decided to enable Twitch drops for streams featuring Don't Starve so you don't miss out on cool DST items while checking out Hamlet. Please see details below. Simply head on over to - After that just watch a streamer who has also linked their account and get those drops! You can only receive one of each and once you have them all, you cannot get more until the next round of items. Note these items are for use in Don't Starve Together and cannot be used in single player Don't Starve at this time.
  6. Early Access for Don't Starve Hamlet starts on 11/08/2018 at 10am PST Feel free to hang out in this thread while we all wait "patiently".
  7. The Forge is now LIVE! With the Ancient Gateway activated our survivors find themselves trapped in a hostile world of fire and battle. They’ll need to team up to defeat the Battlemaster’s army and his champions if they have any hopes of returning home. The Forge is a free limited time 6-player co-op challenge, where the goal is to try and defeat the Grand Forge Boarrior in an arena. The only way to survive will be to work together. The Forge is played on official Klei servers that are available only during the event. There are no community hosted servers during this event. What else is in The Forge? This year's Forge has had many balance, content and progression changes. Character skins, emotes, item skins and more. Including skins from last season with hundreds of items. Free on-demand dedicated event servers (Forge Only). Simple Matchmaking with friends / community groups. Event drop system (Forge only). And more! And new for Season 2 we have added community and personal goals replacing last years achievements. Complete matches to help the community unlock new bosses and items! F.A.Q. Is The Forge free? Yes! Events are free for everyone who owns DST. Players will have the option to purchase a single character’s Magmatic Skin Set for $2.99, or the entire Magmatic Chest collection for $12.99. We hope that with this mechanism, we can both continue creating great free content while also supporting the development team. In addition, this method of funding allows us to provide content to all our players, instead of splitting the player community if we implemented it with a DLC paywall. Why is The Forge temporary? We get this question a lot. The Forge runs on official servers that we pay for and provide free of charge. Playing on official servers means that we have more control over the rewards we can provide during the event. Because we designed the event around this, we designed the gameplay to be played for a short time. When does the Forge end? The Forge will end December 3rd. Will the Forge be available on console? The Forge is not available on Consoles at this time. We are looking into options for bringing to console and we will announce more information when we have it.
  8. Well, here we are! Today we launched Don't Starve: Hamlet into Early Access. Like our previous DLC for Don't Starve we will be using this time with Hamlet to gather feedback and put the finishing touches on the game. With the launch of Early Access we introduce Wilba and Roc: Wilba: Daughter to Queen Malfalfa, Princess Wilba has the love of her people. If only she wanted the job. She would much rather be out in the world exploring and soaking up life, even if she still requires a nightlight when she gets tucked in. ROC: There's something that moves above the clouds. No one talks about it. No one answers questions about it. Maybe that's cause they are just pigs. But it seems pretty freaking big. Was that just your echo? or the lonely cry of 500 tonnes of bird? Head over here for a full list of update notes. What happens next? Between November the 8th and the launch currently planned for December, we will continue with more content and bug fix updates and prepare for the coming Aporkalypse. Once again, thanks everybody for your support. Please enjoy Hamlet and keep sending us your suggestions and feedback!
  9. Hey Everybody. Equestrienne Headdress Collection is now available! Equestrienne Headdress Icon (30 Minutes) Equestrienne Headdress Portrait (2 Hours) Equestrienne Headdress (6 Hours) If you haven't set up your account for twitch drops yet, check out the spoiler below:
  10. Where's the 'RE' of Re-forge

    The Forge hasn't officially started yet.
  11. The Forge on PS4

    Hey there. The Forge will be returning to console at some point. We'll have more details in a future announcement.
  12. The steam partner site that we use to set a build live is completely down. We can't set the event live until it comes back up. Soon as we know more, I'll update here.
  13. We're just testing out some things before it goes live. We currently expect to go live at 3pm PST - I'll let you all know if that changes.