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  1. Hey everybody, As the Twitch drop hiatus is still ongoing, I thought I would come in and drop another round of 1700 points! (Link expires at 10am pacific next Thursday) Till next time!
  2. Just a reminder to keep posts constructive on-topic and without personal attacks. Thank you.
  3. I'm going to clarify a couple things here. First. Just because somebody is given a warning, doesn't mean another person was not. The process depending on severity is this. Informal Warning (a post is hidden, or a polite warning on a thread) Pre-emptive warning (individual warning sent saying - careful or you will get an official warning Official warning Second or final warning Suspension or ban Ban I don't warn people for opinions that other people don't like. I don't even warn people for having a generally poor attitude, I don't believe it is my responsibility to make you likeable. If somebody says something that somebody interprets as being annoying or obnoxious, you can put them on ignore. However if somebody is going around and pointing at specific individuals and directly insulting them I will send warnings. MOST of the time I will pop into the thread drop a small messages to chill out and that will be that. Advice that I often give people is that I always direct them to read everything by removing perceived tone. We see an avatar and we attach what we think about them to a "tone" and we read those messages in those tones. So you can interpret a message in completely different ways depending on what you think about the person posting it. It's incredible how often people turn sour because of how they read tone in messages. And many people in this thread have been warned about this same thing. But here's the TL;DR If it's not on topic, if it's not polite and constructive and specifically about the topic, it criticizes or otherwise calls out another person or their behavior, it's probably not something that needs to be said. You don't get to just break the rules because they might have also done the same thing. NOTE: And no, being super passive aggressive to be "polite" isn't ok. I'm not laying out every single possible way somebody can break the rules... "Don't be a Jerk". Thanks.
  4. Hey everybody. Please keep posts polite. Thanks.
  5. Correct. Once again, the community guidelines can be found here: Please be polite, constructive, on-topic and without personal attacks. Thanks.
  6. No, it was a bug with the messaging system.
  7. Hey everybody - Just dropping in with a new reward link! This link is valid for one week. And on that note, If you didn't see, Rhymes with Play returns today. Make sure to come say hi at 3:30pm Pacific time today!
  8. You have created a wonderful game. Thank you!

    On my site, I started a campaign in your support:
    224 rubles, valid until today (15.02.2021) evening. Thank the creators, 200rub.- It is almost for nothing!
    Who did not have time - in Steam sales are common. Do not miss the next one.

    Unfortunately, for most players this game is difficult and incomprehensible. As I think I will be able, with simple schemes, to show how this game is simple and interesting.
    We are doing a common cause!

    I am not trying to make money off your name. I'm not a blogger, I have no subscriptions, donates, advertising, etc.

    Allow at least once every week or two, to introduce players to the simple solutions posted on my site.

    Please don't delete my posts!


    Sincerely, Dmitri

  9. no, the Message boxes were reverted on accident, I am fixing it right now