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  1. Kevin AWOL?

    We usually leave that up to attendees so that they get the scoop.
  2. Is DST dead?

    It's a quiet time right now, for sure. But like I said previously we don't announce something until we are absolutely sure it will happen. And because we like to experiment, unfortunately sometimes that can take a while. It's not the first time and certainly not the longest time we have been in a quiet period. It's important that we don't announce something and then later decide we don't want to do it - or feel obligated to finish something we don't believe in. We like to try new things with everything we do, and that takes time. When we are ready to announce, a good amount of information will be coming out and it will not be long before you will be able to see it for yourselves. You just have to hang in there, we are trying to get the bulk of the work done before we announce, so you won't have to wait too long after we announce it. So from now until the end of time; if anybody asks if the game is dead, direct them to this post. It will remain true until we let you know otherwise.
  3. What happened to my posts?

    Posts are archived after 90 days
  4. The Obligatory Forum Upgrade Thread

    I don't have any way to see what you own in steam, for now. Right now, they were just awarded to people who posted in the forums during that period of time before early access. I will grant a new one after early access ends.
  5. The Obligatory Forum Upgrade Thread

    Because right after the upgrade, everything was white, then I toned it all down and you didn't notice. Best I can figure is since you didn't notice, it still annoys you even though I fixed it. =) /shrug
  6. The Obligatory Forum Upgrade Thread

    It's actually darker than it was before.
  7. There is a limit on the amount of skins that can be gained through family sharing, but it's definitely not zero.
  8. Is DST dead?

    Nope. We're just not ready to talk about what we're working on yet.
  9. The Obligatory Forum Upgrade Thread

    Yeah, it's gone through some changes. I was rather fond of the second one I made, but the forum software needed to be upgraded to a new version and the functionality and theme didn't carry over quite the same. I am pretty into what we have now, but I am used to it, since I have been working on it for a little while now. Thanks for all your feedback everybody - I am making changes based on your feedback while I get some things together, including DST and ONI badges! =)
  10. The gift is meant to be act as an apology about the price discrepancy that we instituted for a lot of players and an effort to show appreciation to our earliest supporters who may have been affected by this issue. If we were to allow every person who bought Oxygen Not Included to have item skins for DST we would either completely tank the item economy for the game OR we would have to give much less valuable items. It's one thing to give away our own games, because that's just our money - but if we completely tank the item economy of items in DST, we are going to upset a lot of people whose items are now suddenly worthless. We didn't give loyal skins because the entire purpose of the gift was to provide items of actual value to people and we didn't want people to feel they were being given "lesser" items. I am sorry that you feel let down by the gifts. That being said, I love the idea of the "Loyal Steam Customer Skin" personally as a gamer I am a huge fan of something like that and we have considered something like this many times - However, I have reservations that some people will interpret this less as a reward and more as an incentive to own games they may not want. I would love feedback on this from anybody here on the forums who has an opinion.
  11. Please visit and send us a support ticket including your purchase information including steam id, screenshots of the purchase email and the refund email-- so we can check it out.
  12. If you got the item gift, you will need to log into the game before they will show in your inventory - after that you will find them among your steam items!
  13. Can you please elaborate? While, it certainly would be possible for somebody to purchase the best of Klei just to get the DST items, we chose to not restrict the qualifications to disallow this so we wouldn't inadvertently disqualify those who purchased recently. However, all players must have purchased during alpha. Some people who purchased during alpha refunded their original alpha purchase to purchase at the new reduced price for their region, but this is very much part of the expected process, as the alpha gifts are in part an apology for the pricing issue at that time.
  14. @yidoufusiji @MADAO_Mu - We have added the list of players who refunded the original purchase and then repurchased. If you purchased during alpha and played the game - you should be able to qualify for the gift now. Please let me know if you have any issues.