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  1. The update has been rolled back. There is a fix on the way, but the porting team needs to investigate how the issue made it's way out to players before submitting the fix in an emergency update.
  2. We're currently investigating. Thank you for your report.
  3. We're investigating the issue with our porting partner, we'll update as soon as we have more info.
  4. The update will not fix saves from before the update was applied. So the old incorrect dates will not be fixed. @Brice13 it sounds like you had already lost your save and you just found out after you started the game again.
  5. The update will not be able to correct old incorrect dates or saves as we wouldn't have that information, since the dates were recorded incorrectly. However, the update will prevent incorrect dates from happening on further runs.
  6. A long time ago, before “he” and “he” became “we”, there was a young boy and a monster whose ill-fated meeting would leave them both forever changed. Though Webber's two halves didn't exactly start off on the right foot, he has since grown quite comfortable in his combined state, and takes some solace in the fact that he’ll never truly be alone again. Webber's character refresh arrives next week - Thursday June 24th (PDT). Here are the details. Webber can now craft a Webby Whistle to help him control his Spiders. When used the whistle can: Wake spiders up Summon spiders from dens Put following spiders in “defensive” mode Webber can craft the Shoo Box, which dismisses following Spiders and pacifies attacking ones. Can only be used by Webber. Webber can craft a Den Decorating Set. Once decorated the Spider Den will pacify the Spiders in range and make them friendly towards regular players Webber can craft a Healing Glop, an AOE healing item that only affects spiders Webber can craft Switcher Doodles which mutate spiders into a different type once fed to them Spider Changes: Spiders can wear hats now Spiders can be put in the inventory from traps or by Webber when they’re asleep Attack is no longer the default action against spiders when playing as Webber Webber can sleep inside Tier 3 dens now Webber can shave dens down to downgrade them Webber gets a speed boost when on sticky ground The Spiderqueen now spawns a new type of Spider: the Nurse Spider Of course as always, we will also have a new animated short, new skins and we'll add a new item to the Nautical Collection streaming drops as well. We are still adding more people into the new Klei Advocates program. We will have more information on that next week as well. One last thing. The "big pile o' spool" is now available on Klei Rewards. You can now buy 1500 spool for 4000 Klei points. Don't spend all your spool right away though, new skins are coming next week! Oh, and here are some points! (expires in 7 days) See you next week!
  7. Changed Note: to Unfortunately, our hands here are tied. We have been asking Nintendo every day and checking in on the progress - the update has cleared cert everywhere but NOA and we have been told, "no later than Friday". We don't have the kind of pull that they are going to expedite the process for us. And we have tried. This is a crappy bug. But the only thing we can do is apologize and try to get the update out as best as we can, and that's what we're doing. I am sorry that this has taken as long as it has. But it's not for lack of effort on our end. We have been told 6/18 at the latest.
  8. We don't know of any way that we can recommend - the update should be ready any time now. We're just waiting on Nintendo. Hang in there. So sorry for the inconvenience.
  9. Hey there, We have a bunch of fixes coming up but it takes a while to get that out. We have this version over here in the experimental branch on Steam right now, and as soon as we get that tested and live, we will submit it and get it out on console as well. This will take a little time, but just wanted to follow up on that. We're just waiting to clear cert on the progress wiping bug fix update and that should be very soon.
  10. Hey there, thanks for your feedback @lilboa - Can you tell me specifically what text was hard for you to read? Card text? Narration text? I assume this is just when you're in handheld mode, right?
  11. Hey there, Welcome back. =) At this time we don't have any plans for more Griftlands content or DLC. That being said, who knows? I don't like to ever say we absolutely won't do more for a game because that often turns out to be not totally true, but at least for now we don't have any plans. Glad to hear you're enjoying the game, thanks for your support!
  12. Please keep posts polite and on-topic. Thanks.
  13. Nope, I removed the post. Posting a short video and a meme image isn't a discussion, or a topic of discussion. You didn't get a warning, because removing the post is a soft warning. SO, I guess here I am not asking you to keep posts polite and on topic. Thanks.