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  1. About modded characters. Most modders are aware that they are in kind of weird territory when they mod in unimplemented characters or characters that exist in DS and not DST. Right now, I don't expect to take them down as long as they stay what they are. However, if they try to make their version the same as ours or implement skins that we make for them we'll probably have an issue.
  2. We're working on it, but content takes priority so we stopped working on it a little while so we can get our updates timed better. Now that we're on track we're getting back to allowing skins to be purchased on console. We actually had a value in mind that was going to be posted originally and we didn't like it. Turns out we're gonna be taking a long hard look at spool value and the time it will take to get the characters to weave them, including possible adjusting drop rates and spool gain. Our goal is to make enough money to make it worth our time, of course. However, we definitely want people to feel that weaving is a fair and acceptable alternative and not something impossible or unreasonable.
  3. We are still deciding the final price of these characters, but we currently think they will be $6.99 USD each, which includes a full character skin set. You will also be able to weave the characters with spool.
  4. Good point. Fixed. =)
  5. Nope, if you already have them - you won't get anything. We want to offer other things in the future for people who already have the item but at this time we don't have that option.
  6. Jan. 17th we will begin our encore round of Twitch drops. For one week each set that in this campaign will run for 1 week for a final chance to receive these items. After the encore period these items will no longer be available on Twitch, however we do plan make them available for purchase or as rare drops some time in the future - We're still trying to figure that out. Players can associate their account to their Klei Account to begin receiving cool exclusive items by watching Don't Starve or Don't Starve Together on Simply head on over to - After that just watch any streamer who has also linked their account and get those drops! During this campaign we are offering 3 items. You can only receive one of each and once you have them all, you cannot get more until the next round of items. 30 Minutes: (The Amazing Sideshow Icon) 2 Hours: (The Amazing Sidesho w Portrait) 6 hours: (The Amazing Sideshow)
  7. Let's keep things on topic, without judgement and keep things polite. We're talking about a video game. Let's try to remember that please.
  8. What happened to the Rhymes with play forum post today? Janh didn't post. I was going to post my drawing in the thread but... Guess we'll see the drawings later?:wilson_dorky:

  9. QOL update report

    We still have some things we're testing and working out before we push live. But it's coming, you don't need to worry -- we're not going to forget.
  10. Yeah, go ahead and keep it open - no reason to make a new thread since mine would just say the same thing and be named the same thing minus the question mark. =)
  11. wow everybody -- No need to panic. We're extending it, lemme get us decided on a date and come back and let you know. We decided we wanted to wait to turn it off till we get closer to the Lunar new year event and we need to decide on a date for that. We're doing a lot of this years planning right now so sorry for being so quiet about it.
  12. This is a conversation about a video game. It doesn't need to turn into an argument. Please continue the conversation in a polite and constructive manner or it will just be locked.
  13. There is no notification on a stream when drops get disabled for that channel. So if you go into a stream and it gets disabled, you're going to end up wasting time. I have been sending out emails to those that we disable and letting them know they are going to end up being banned from using it. We'll see.