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  1. Doing the game 100% not skipping any content so yes, i consider myself one. Obviously this does not mean i only play that style , i don't just play alone everytime i also enjoy joining other servers and contributing to the team at their own phase.
  2. Her improved Abigail control it's perfect like this :). The only thing that worried me was not getting the angry Abigail targeting but we got it back. Also she's really nice if you play with higher ping.
  3. Said the one who won't have prejudice and not insulting. But okay i guess, mature adult.
  4. You clearly don't want to read at all. you are equally toxic but don't enjoy when its reversed. Sure keep believing she is better than wolfgang , you make me laugh.
  5. Sorry mr pro. but no one was complaining about spider damage, but how the damage was decreased and only available at 10hp or less, no one cares about you struggling with small mobs, she just took more time. And the "lazy" part, you didn't read at all, some players just picked wendy and did bosses with abi tanking while doing nothing ( And specifically im not talking about one, but 10 or 15 now thats its broken but you clearly don't want to say it ). was easier to cheese before because it had more playstyles. pd: She was always good at bq, seems like you only saw a video and think its only possible now. the respawn and health potions it's only a weaker version vs instant spawn it was in exchange for a good IA/dmg. We are rewarded for not letting her die, so it got the damage buff , stop crying about calling everything op
  6. Faceroll was previous hp mechanic, where you could get a team of Abigails doing the damage for you ( Here single damage was stronger ). Now is tied to Wendy having to participate . And.. stronger than wolfgang best boss killer? excuse me, what? XD
  7. Revenge, public server. In another one Russians joined and vote kicked everyone and also griefed burning. I joined a Russian one, starting in autumn, it had a nice income of constantly leaving and joining. I rushed to moon island with Wendy and bring with myself the sea stars traps. I make a road with walls around the portal where they have to step on them in order to leave, placed on winter so they wouldn't have the time to leave if they didn't have wortox or wanted to punch the walls. Ah.. Yes at the end of the road one screen away I closed it with a sign text. " jebaited xdxd" if it was spring I would added lure plants near the empty spots.
  8. I have only played DST so i can't talk much about other games, besides my friend told me that he prefered DST due to playing with friends. So ... my first character was Wigfrid , i always have admired the Ancient norse VIkings and their stories, so when i was reading what every character did, Wigfrid portrait was my call. Even more when i saw a female character, back in time you rarely saw games using female characters, specially Fps games. From her aesthetic to her personality and quotes she caught my attention , imagine , i didn't even know their story and entering a strange world with a rare door with an eye made me dig deeper in the game. As you see i mentioned fps games, one of my favorites was half life, so i was very in tune with other worlds or realities, something it wasnt that common to see in games. When you hunt creatures like rabbits , maybe birds you are still wondering if its the real world till you see some differences. Pig king, houses and pigs, just like humans would build mini cities . Maybe not so advanced but they clearly aren't that stupid, this shocked me. Exploring DST lore without using wiki, even caves and ruins was first done with Wigfrid. Just when i read she actually wasn't a viking like i imagined not time traveled as a true Viking&Valkyrie but instead an actor using the method also was a big surprise. I actually tried to understand if something like that was possible, to keep playing in character when she saw more humans to avoid showing a worried version of herself or just... she wanted to really make everyone feel safe around her and keeping the viking character was the best option. After that i played Wendy, since my friend played as her and wanted to explore her quotes. I think those 2 are my favorites by far, including Webber.
  9. Usually for me is goose and dragonfly. But you have to turn it off.
  10. I do not play wx a lot, but besides ruins rushing , the fact you reset ruins and get more gears . . . yes there's a lot of gears, i don't want it to be gone, even in late game, he's very useful for base building , but need something fun and maybe be allowed to get movespeed on his own too ~ the modules ideas did that for me, unless Klei manages to surprise me again.
  11. A very special friend gifted me DST in steam. The fact the game is already fantastic just made me enjoy it more , it feel happy playing remembering my friend, like going back in time. Almost 4k hours playing DST. Hosted servers but also mixing it with public Klei official servers.