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  1. more nightmare fuel but hurts boss fights, so .. yes more preparation
  2. Tbh i want more mobs like that around new areas / lunar island . The only thing that really made me shock or be in awe was how the salt rocks represented humanoid petrifications . ( The Book of Genesis describes how Lot's wife became a pillar of salt after she looked back at Sodom. )
  3. she is in a good spot. Klei can decide to buff the songs a little but it's perfect just like this
  4. I think instant songs should not need inspiration so they can be used against swarms of mobs or running too ( splumonkeys ) , falsetto needs to be buffed
  5. i'm imagining using a fire staff to kill an ewecus and that's it sjshfjhsjf or any enemy that annoys you with a torch. ( w fireproof song ofc ) but u already could do that anyways.. it's the weakest one
  6. ice and fire i like it , more resistance . glowing seems overkill.. unless it ups your thermal stone to shiny red.
  7. She's the only one character that can interrupt mobs casting, it isn't instant debuff unlike abigail so.. a clear downside it's her casting animation. Soliloquy song can interrupt deers in klaus fight for example, and its easier than switching between 2 staffs. Same for bee quee minions, varg, spider queen.
  8. Startling soliloquy can interrupt deers casting in klaus fight, i guess it can work against bee queen mini bees too to make them lose dps. unlike other songs , you can abuse the crow control in fights with multiple wigfrids. I think the others could get a bit more since passives don't stack. but the meter works perfectly since its for bosses raids or mini bosses ( varg, spider queen ) I stay with soliloquy , thats SS tier for me.
  9. So the Valkyrie role in real life never was meant to be her good role, just the one who destroyed her career
  10. I like her character so i'm very excited and im checking every hour shjhsjhfj. when i play pubs ( 1 hour max that i can play sometimes) she's my go to character , so now having a more defined and fleshed out role than trying to compete w/ wolfgang it's really amazing , crowd control maybe? since she scares enemies , having these buffs for herself , mounts, etc. It will make you atleast try her for fun and explore each use for it. Also just imagine ~ if she got songs .. Maxwell rework will be ... you know wink wink.
  11. it's easy when you learn how, you can also stay surface a lot + mix it with preparing quickly the shadow bosses, dfly , beequeen. So it's viable as a rush strat too. Pick wendy to see even more damage as ornery too and you get an anti aoe double tank boss killer. There's only one thing i agree with. maintenance can be annoying in long term. It could be toned down or removed ( any change won't make a difference to me )
  12. same , angry abi was better. long ranged interaction made easy to get the first hit on fights, especially against running enemies + vigor elixir. i would disable targeting birds tho. it was annoying.