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  1. Wigfrid always has been in a nice spot and balanced, as much as i like both of them , Wigfrid already hits dmg thresholds for easier mobs which means less hits unlike Wendy and easier time vs sanity problems ( Abigail won't help and you kept the bad modifier ). You can't bring beefalos to caves and you need to prepare a different style and timings with beefalo anyways so isn't free ( like using a pan flute in the middle of Dragonfly to recover beefalo hp or reset the mount timer ) Abigail only speeds it, but any character can do that style , she is more efficient only. In my opinion It's hard to justify a buff for Wigfrid because she is has clear upsides/downsides/concept already and the petal debuff is meant to make the sisters fight together and Abi its part of Wendy perk since they created the concept. If you lose Abi, you need more hits for any fight and you are rewarded for keeping her alive. Wigfrid keeps that dmg forever . She doesn't get it just for free its a playstyle. Any character needs to prepare anyway. Abigail still dies if you don't care or help her w/potions strategy.
  2. I have been used to the instruments voices, but this voice actors really fit for me. Specially Maxwell, everyone did a good job . So far this just confirms for me, that is possible to make animations using voices. I hope these projects continues and thanks Klei and have a good Xmas!
  3. Blooming: fertilizes farms( Aura effect ) and carries the grow formula used on wormwood.
  4. Make them work on the farms. If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat.
  5. Startling soliloquy can interrupt deers casting in klaus fight, i guess it can work against bee queen mini bees too to make them lose dps. unlike other songs , you can abuse the crow control in fights with multiple wigfrids. I think the others could get a bit more since passives don't stack. but the meter works perfectly since its for bosses raids or mini bosses ( varg, spider queen ) I stay with soliloquy , thats SS tier for me.
  6. So the Valkyrie role in real life never was meant to be her good role, just the one who destroyed her career
  7. same , angry abi was better. long ranged interaction made easy to get the first hit on fights, especially against running enemies + vigor elixir. i would disable targeting birds tho. it was annoying.
  8. Maybe a lot already know, but who knows, when i started DST i didn't get this info easily maybe it helps someone. Just like when you farm your berry bushes put them together , if you use this a lot ( like 40 when using Wicker) gobblers will spawn so you can make a square little fence with a berry ( cheaper early game ) and they will not aim your berry bushes, instead they go for the berry in the ground. ( You can use powdercake later ) The same principle its applied to bunnyman if you want to keep them outside their house , you can also fence their village if you want a cheaper set-up early game / survival cave base to use and farm faster without hammering/building again , so they wont run too far away . If you feed them a carrot and target with a fake attack without carrying meat is how you easily farm them, similar to webber spider wars , can't do this with webber/wortox. You can also use the same method with pigs , a fence with rot,lightbulb,pigskin, or monster meat,etc to keep them outside , that way you can use them as defense in the early days or hire them for other tasks.. or just to farm them when full moon happens , when full moon happens they will aim the food still and even if you attack one, the other werepigs don't eat the stuff in the ground or attack you. like i said, useful in the early part of the game till you make a better farm with the moonstone event staff - the yellow one from ruins. a fresh hambat minimum to easily stunlock them without getting dmg back if you are not near moonstone. There's more advanced stuff to do with this for moonstone event like varg gem or moon stone farm for example. but it's the mechanic that matters.
  9. Thank you Klei <3 , now he has a purpose and an obvious role to encourage those were forms over human in the early game. IT'S PERFECTLY balanced , jack of all trades master of none. a new category in itself, instead of just lumberjack now you perform everything ( and expanded beaver use but split into 2 categories more ) , you plan for said drawbacks with good returns, you can also do early strats for each form if you want to use the idols but he isn't the best like the specialized characters and falls off quickly , but that's the whole point of early game focus. I'm glad Klei listened us <3