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  1. I keep forgetting BB goes around and talks to people about all this stuff every so often...
  2. Found an old sketch from september and decided to finish it Aaaaaand here's Steven Badly! He spends his days mourning his wife, Tortrenti. Usually apathetic and definitely sad, but prone to overreacting and causing a lot of chaos because of it. Other times, if you see him very late at night, he gets more nervous and quiet. Almost as if he's hiding something... (No, it's not that he killed his wife. That's boring)
  3. I'm texan so I'm not allowed to complain about the cold But I'm going to complain anyway because...cold
  4. Ban Nightfalls because I think I just died a little inside
  5. Ban NightfallsCurse because something something sour cream
  6. A persona drawing, a study for how I want to draw tempest in the future and some concept art for Drevo and Indabayou (Also I have an instagram now, it's over here: https://www.instagram.com/zeethenecromancer/)
  7. Welp, just got the third page for NWACB done, I'm tired and I still have more to do

    But also, happy new year y'all!

  8. Image

    Well that's a day of time I've never get back