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  1. I really wish content from SW merge into DST, peoples could be using this a lot for simple decorative or useful reasons (Of course there is mod for that). I even had the idea than the tropical edition of SW plants (like meadow grass) can't get the decease if they're not in contact of orignal plants ! There's so much to get from the standalone On the Cherry Forest side, even if I'm the original maker of the biome/mod, I'm not very satisfied from the art style of some of the content we're using at the moment. See, I'm a extremely bad drawer and my friend, ClaireMya, struggle to have time to help me on it. So... if anyone here wanna help with some skills we could get into something awesome (and maybe new stuff !!), Anyone can DM if interested
  2. Me such happy cause I see Cherry Mod so much here !
  3. Nope I'm not using mods for that, I also want to make sure where they spawn, I've edited my files to make that.
  4. I personally slightly "cheat" cause I have a customised worldgen config, forcing biomes to spawn at wanted location and all that kind of stuff so they are always perfect according to my preference...
  5. I just had that silly idea since we're (a lot) talking about the next refreshes of DST characters and peoples are coming out with fantastic stuff. If we wad to make a refresh for some of the actual stuff regarding game's creatures, on who and what would you focus on ? On my side I'd pick bats, cuz' I like them but they don't like anyone of us on the game :/ And I will LITERALLY pick bats so I can fix this ! What do I mean ? Well, for those who knows old facts on Don't Starve, maybe you've noticed than bats have an unused inventory icon, which is this one : (If you want as well your own inventory bat, simply use this command ) local bat = SpawnPrefab("bat") bat:AddComponent("inventoryitem") ThePlayer.components.inventory:GiveItem(bat) K, so your first question might be "Whatcha gonna do with a bat ?" Hmm... First, let's get the bat's trust ! You don't want the lil' devil to munch your fingers, don't you ? For that, we'd need to give the bat some food daily and after 3 days or so, she'll looks slightly more peaceful and you can now pet the bat to maximise your friendship, if you do it before getting her trust, she'll bite you and escape from your inventory (You just get what you deserved! /s) If things go well, according to character examination quotes, you should think about releasing the bat and... oh wow, she's friendly and follow you ! Now what can a bat do ? Bat stuff of course ! Such as catching bugs ! Now you have your own flying Bug Net, bats will catch Mosquitoes, Butterflies, Bees (WAIT DON'T DO THAT!), and even Fireflies. And give them back to you if she's not hungry, keep your bat happy. Something funny I had in mind is also to make them a good ally in caves during earthquakes, like... when it starts, your bat will rise and reflect a shadow on top of you, so you know where she is. If a rock is about to fall on you, the bat will deflect its direction so you don't have to avoid it (must be some dark magic). If there's multiple rocks, you'd need multiple bats, they can't get all of your bad luck in the same time, do it worth it to have more bats ? If you ask a bat-lover, such as me : yes. SO ! That was quite a long but complete idea of mine, I'm also looking for your ideas, dunno, I might be in the mood of doing a bat taming mod or something from what you have in mind... If you wanna be inspired in case you don't have a crush on a mob already that needs your crazy ideas, you can look at the mobs page of the wiki. See you bellow !
  6. Seriously, this looks pretty neat ! Having activities to augment your strength temporarily is a great idea if it have benefits for everyone in a server, which is what Klei is looking for the moment (it seems). I just have a lil' recommandation, speaking as someone who've played Wolfgang a lot as well back in time : I enjoyed the part of Wolfgang's gameplay that make him the Icebox emptier, since I always had too much extra food in stock, it was a great con for the "balance" and something logical in his personality, there's some very effective and strong diets used for fitness... so I don't think making him a complete unit from stations only is something that will satisfy everyone. So here's my idea, using both diet and exercise methods to fully augment Wolfgang's strength at 100%, but each of the two parts is capped to 50%. This way, you can decide to still relie on food, but decently, cause you won't have 200% damages from it. (Making btw others players to have the 50% damage bonus from training without the food benefits). Guess that's good cause I don't think making him more spooked than before is a big deal, it still makes him terribly good against shadows... I'd like something about his fear more impacting, if you have any idea.
  7. When it's fullmoon next day
  8. Toadstool, which is considered to be one of the most boring by the community, but it's mostly because players are doing the fight with structures to permanently stun him (or at least most of the combat), resulting to make Toadstool a big HP sack lacking of interest... but I like to make the Toadstool fight fairly with other players and we're mostly about to do Misery Toadstool first cause it's pretty rewarding since it makes its skin duplicable with the Deconstruction Staff, and farming Canary very easy. (and yeah I really recommend to do it with friends, it's a great moment )
  9. You just reminded me which day we were... thanks ^^
  10. Hi everyone, how you're going ? Today, I wanted to talk about one of my favourite sort of items that exists : OFFICIAL MERCH ! Yet I have a small-decent collection of those and they're mostly dedicated to Klei and other indie studios I follow, you know the kind of vibes these little things can give you ! ^^ And regarding Klei, I was wondering if the shop will eventually get some fresh stuff one day, the last items that have been added was the Pop Figures from December 2018, which are very cool and always by my side when I'm playing (like 4 meters from me at the moment, with my Glommer Plush). Well, yet this is not the last event from the shop, cause most of the previous "out of stock" items have been completely removed... I had this exact face when I've noticed I couldn't have Calico Chester in time : But hmm... I still have hope we'll have some sick stuff soon... and if YOU had the great power to add a new item to the shop, plush, figure, whatever it is, what would it be ? So I had one some ideas recently that can maybe inspire you in some nice furnitures or goodies, for example this adorable Lampae : The cool thing here is that you don't need to feed it with ashes, that sweet wattage will do the job nicely ! Or this Misery Cap : (now I want to have the full Funcap collection too...) Last one might interest you in having something related to your main, Wendy players, I present you Abillow : (if someone design a Husbando Maxwell, i swear I'm gonna mp JoeW to kick you out of this planet) Any ideas ? Please go ahead and share, Klei is watching !
  11. Don't starve my art

    Looks nice Any perk ideas ?