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  1. Looks like a repost. I've seen this video 1 time. First Seen Here on 2020-09-21 100% match. I'm not perfect, but you can help. Report [ False Positive ]
  2. If you're on the current beta, presets (I believe that's what you're talking about) are configurables in the worldgen screen, you can save and edit/delete them on the bottom left controls. On the live version however, you can only save and edit the 5 available presets. You'll need to wait for the QoL update for the rest, hope this helps.
  3. When you play on server with caves, the selection of entities will be a little different and doesn't work on most of the entity except around it's collision on the ground, try to select it again from the floor near it's center and it should be working just fine. However if you really can't get the right spot you should get the same result with this command : local TAG = {"migrator"} local exit = GetClosestInstWithTag(TAG, ThePlayer, 100) if exit ~= nil and exit.prefab == "cave_exit" then exit:Remove() end (just go close to the one you wanna delete)
  4. So there we are ! We finally have an OST for Cherry Forest !

    Our new music producer is Potriel, and the background by @Notecja :wilson_love:


    Here's our first song, the work theme, there will be a fight track and a new boss theme in the future but probably not before the 1.7 update.

    1. minespatch


      This track wouldn't be seen out of place in Huniepop or Shanghai office simulator.

    2. Clifford W.

      Clifford W.

      Huniepop ?

      I'd rather not think about that game

  5. What could be that song at the end ? :distracted:

  6. Hey, so I've been experimenting with all this and I'm sure it's gonna make my mod configs much cleaner, sounds neat. However I'm having some... troubles : -- string file GLOBAL.STRINGS.UI.CUSTOMIZATIONSCREEN.CHERRY_TREE = "Cherry Trees" -- modworldgenmain AddCustomizeGroup(LEVELCATEGORY.WORLDGEN, "cherry", "Cherry Forest") AddCustomizeItem(LEVELCATEGORY.WORLDGEN, "cherry", "cherry_tree", {order = 1, value = "default", world = {"forest"}, image = "images/customization/worldgen_cherrytree.tex", atlas = "images/customization/worldgen_cherrytree.xml"}) -- modservercreationmain FrontEndAssets = { Asset("ATLAS", "images/customization/worldgen_cherrytree.xml"), Asset("IMAGE", "images/customization/worldgen_cherrytree.tex"), } Whatever I've been trying to do there just copy the Starting Season config : its name, image, and options : Something else, I'm not sure if that is my fault or not but whenever I scroll the game crash : (only while the configs have mod options of course)
  7. henlo.


    1. bruhmoment23
    2. minespatch


      So wait, you feed the bird meat in the birdcage so you can hatch birds with that hat?

    3. ADM


      Uh, yeah ^^ Basically you place an egg on the hat and it will hatch in approximately 1-2 days. At this moment you get from 1 to 3 feathers from the bird, Chaffinches might make a 4rd one but it's from their own behaviour.

      The bird type is random, you can get a canary out of crow egg for example xD
      I could make a fix for that but I'm not a huge fan of the idea.

      You have to wear the hat for it to hatch, dropping it or taking damages breaks the egg and it cancel the progress if you store it for too long.

      There's a lot of other funny features, like nest-less Tallbirds can transform it into a nest if you leave it near them, and I plan to maybe make Tallbird / Lavae eggs compatible too, we'll see :wilson_laugh:

      (It's not a craftable item, more like a rare possible reward from Watchers, the big guardians of the Cherry Forest we're adding...)

  8. So I'm having some crash when I reach the character selection screen when I use one of my mod, I imagine I won't be the only person to get this issue and I honestly don't clearly understand what's wrong from my part as I haven't changed anything on world settings or used what's new on the modding API yet. Maybe this could get fixed from the game directly ?
  9. Enjoy
  10. 1.png Wouldn't you say it's a fine... Incubhator ?

    1. minespatch


      Would make smallbirds hatch faster.:wilson_sneaky:

    2. Clifford W.
  11. Btw we're looking for some cute name for this bee... you can guess it's a flowery version of the Grumble Bee.
    are we getting a new Bee Queen fight in Cherry Forest ? Yep ! The harder you can imagine.
    So the bees from the cherry forest are called "Hibeescus", the queen is simply "Hibees Queen", easy pun, right ? It's based on Hibiscus flowers, however I have no idea how to make it fit on the Grumble Bees non-clumsily, any ideas ? :distracted:

    1. GetNerfedOn




  12. What we expect :

    srtyujnlpu.jpg (sketch by Claire <3)

    What we have :


    What Klei have instead :


    What we get :


    After some monke edits :


    Better than nothing I guess :wilson_goodjob:

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    2. minespatch


      The green feels way more complementary to the red than the yellow. The yellow kind of has a rotting flower feel.

    3. ADM


      I've been asking lots of friend about which one is better between the two and the green seems to be much more appreciated so thanks you for that improvement :)

    4. minespatch


      Green just seems to be a way more natural flower color, so just intuition. Glad it worked out.