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  1. Yeeeeeeeeeeees, I wanted to yeet myself so hard everytime the Deerclops destroy a Merm House on my servers, this nightmare is (I hope) finally over !
  2. There's some mod that can mess with collisions even if they are client/server sided, are you playing with any old mods or something like that ?
  3. As long this don't turn in a The Gorge 2 when you have to feed something all the time I'm okay, I like how the Antlion works and it is also pretty rewarding (for multiplayer especially !!)
  4. Well, glad to know that all my stuff is not lost in the void at least, this will just bother me until Hallowed Nights, not a big deal Thanks for keeping us updated on that
  5. Since I can't see them on Steam I believe it's Steam that lock them on their side... :/
  6. Oh okay that's why, I've been preparing Hallowed Nights with the Trade Inn earlier this year that's why xD I wasn't aware there's a limit on steam... that can even lock Wortox in-game o_o
  7. Well... Don't know what happened here but this is not my skin collection : First of, I had Wortox, and many of the character at 100% (here's a recent image from another topic) I still restart my game, I'm not on a beta, and I don't get what is happening. I don't even feel like it's someone else collection since there is nothing I didn't have previously, it's mostly that many of my skins are gone : I can even see that they're not on my steam inventory... Is that a bug on the Steam side that is going to get fixed or should I be worried as hell ?
  8. Sup every . After looking at the last Game Update, we've all seen this little cute GIF : That's a little sample of the animated short from Hallowed Nights 2019 and I can say I'm really hyped for this event. I just love DST events. Anyway, look at the end of the GIF, don't y'all want this tiny spider as a critter for real ? Spiders are one of the most popular creatures of Don't Starve and I think they deserve a critter, and since it's Spooktober I guess it's a good period to think about it ! But what about you ? If you'd want to have a new critter, based on an existing mob, maybe your favourite, or with a potential use like Mothlings, what could it be ? On my concern, my favourite mob is the Bats, but knowing that they're not very liked in the game and that the Broodling have a bat skin, it's not going to be a thing I guess. Anyway the bat is my spirit animal.
  9. Ah... yeah, for a moment I've completely forgot we can play this game with peoples we don't know. I just host and play on Friend Only servers so I've never encountered griefers So you're completely right about that !
  10. It is too late... I want this now.
  11. Well, even if I love the haunting system that have some great uses (like switching mushrooms... clearly), being a ghost is a bit like cheating with death and I'd like it to be MORE risky than just dying and saying "Don't worry I have 3k amulets at base... lel". For example the server could check the Ghost percent on the server and haunt the world with a persistent enemy that looks for remaining players, like... A reaper ? That become faster with the percent, just a thought but I'd like that ! But yeah if the devs want to go this way they have to make the Ghosts a risky element to be rewarding, you escaped death dude ! Imagine areas where you can only go as a Ghost or being next to a Ghost friend, playing alone will give you a challenging timer, and playing with friends will make their life more intense if it have a higher potential of dying while there is other Ghosts. I'm absolutely okay with a Ghost's content chapter ! As long there is something to take with a backlash.
  12. I can't think of anything except r/imsorryjon when I'm looking at this.
  13. Well, the fishing net can do that, throw it in water and it will gather the items, but it's a lot glitchy for now, just have to wait for Klei to finish it, but I wonder for which update, the Salty Dog update looked pretty adapted to me
  14. Well, this should be coming up pretty shortly, the actual fish from the shoal are named "ocean_fishmedium_4", so I believe there will be at least 4 kind of fish and maybe various size. And after looking at their animations I'm sure we'll have many interactions with them, starting with the fishing net and more, can't wait to see that !
  15. Tesla Biome

    I'm suprised cause I was thinking about manking a mod of this tree yesterday... Sounds like I have no choise now