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  1. I like the combat system from the characters itself, we have a very large set of weapons, magic, tools and misc items that make it lovely and so unique, it's great for both PvE & PvP even tho the last one need a manual rebalance which is easily handled with mods. I'd like to recommand using a Beefalo in combat to anyone who haven't tried yet, it's super comfortable in late game, it can handle most of the boss fight such as Klaus, Dragonfly, all you need is practice, this will save you so much material you use for armors and weapon and replace it with Salt Lick ^^ So this is the part I like, the things I dislike instead is the mob combat and AI, some are okay, boss are good, but for example Shadow Duellist are frankly stupid, you can do some nice tricks with them but casual fighting with them is useless, I'm not going to explain how to make them better one more cause we've all repeated it billions of time and I'd be very sad if nothing is changed once Maxwell get his rework. I'd also like some of the other AI to get an actual sense of logic like pigs and bunnyman waiting for their death behind walls in shoutius/catapult farms or same mob wars, I've said it on other topic but I'd really like if they could just understand they cannot do anything if they're not in range from their attacker... not really a "combat system" thing but I hate it so bad... sorry. Other thing you mentioned that I dislike are traps, the combat one, I don't think the Tooth Trap or the Bee Mine are especially bad, the first one is nice to use your extra resources (I stopped using them but they do a pretty honest job), the other couldn't really get any sort of improvement, maybe stun mobs for longer or make them loose agro ? :think: no actually I think we could use a larger set of traps and the inspiration has no limit when it comes to survival traps, things that give temp debuff, like slowness, I've made a Honey Turf mod a long time ago and that sort of thing could be pretty useful in vanilla. Overall, it's nice, I just don't like mob behaviour in combat
  2. I think PvP players just need mods, and lucky for you there's hundred of them to balance your PvP servers. I played vanilla PvP a while ago with friends and I really liked it, this game has such spicy weapons and tools to make great combat mechanism against other players, only issue is the balance between them and again I don't think anything will be changed for PvP, just use mods.
  3. Some have been reported already but I got a couple of friends mentioning that they can't repair Marble Sculpture, Ancient Altars, and most of the other buildings.
  4. you're sure this is not a mod issue ? I used it today and it was still visible
  5. Okay well, I think we have enough players to make an interesting server so I'll start it this week probably, there will be a dedicated thread when it's up and add it to my signature, it will have a whitelist to avoid you know what, and the server IP will be on it with additional info
  6. Oh I don't mind it, I kinda dislike when I drop a trail of particles when I walk like the canes or the previous lanterns did so it's probably gonna be my second favorite lantern skin with the salt lamp and corrupted cane... but what I'd actually like with this one and the other is coloured light, plz
  7. It's like... the change I wanted the most without knowing it, thanks
  8. Hello Pearl from Don't Starve Together - Return of Them : She Sells Sea Shells Hello Mush Gnome from Don't Starve Together - Return of Them : Forgotten Knowledge
  9. Would loved to make something for my boi at this occasion but I suck at drawing, so, uhm. Thanks for being my favorite character and wish you a fantastic refresh when it arrives, Magic man.
  10. I've only looking into it myself and French websites , but the official changelog of the last one (that you can actually try in-game on snapshots) has an overview about all the changes :
  11. I won't say it's an ambiance issue, but yeah I dislike the mob's AI. Especially when it comes to exploit it to make same mob wars or running to their death against catapults defended by statues, stuff like that. Anyway, the ambiance itself is correct, there's place for some improvements like always but it's not super necessary I think. Sounds are good, we have a different ambient soundtrack for day, dusk and night, but more on certain biomes (more turfs actually) than others, like swamp have such an unique atmosphere. Mobs (other than being stupid) make the game atmosphere quite good, most of them have taunt anims and things like "funny_idle" to offer a variety, more doesn't sounds like an important feature to the ambiance but it sure benefits to it, it's something I've worked on myself, again, I'm gonna showcase Cherry Forest cause I guess I've made a good enough job for the nature and mob ambiances, Cherrylings have personalities, it's not a completely finished feature but they have a dedicated idle/taunt animation, so each of them is supposedly different. This would not be too much work to make new anims, custom behaviours (like they did for Critters, kinda), I actually really enjoy working on that but I doubt this is a priority of the game atm or if it will ever be. So I guess yeaaah, the bigger lack we have rn is world environment ? Flora especially, like, flowers are all the same but just have a different texture instead of different plant properties, same for bush, sapling, glass, yes we have a sort of plant variety but it's just one at the time and alternative are rare, again, not a big priority in the game development I guess. But uh... I think we're getting a bit of everything each time so it's not too bad, really. I can actually remember how stupefied I've been when I noticed the Shell Beach Turf ambient sound with @gaymime, now I want to use it everywhere.
  12. Ha well I understand that, I have many friends that have the same issue when they changed the combat system, I like the new one but however Mojang announced and released a couple of snapshot with a future possible new combat update, and the cooldown damage have been removed, instead it's a sort of bonus range cooldown so I guess it's a step forward to make everyone happy, maybe we'll see you around once the update is out but nobody know exactly which one, probably not 1.17