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  1. During my tests with the new update I've seen that duplicants get stuck on a infinity loop of delivering dirt to the toilets as long dirts is avalide on the floor next to them (the screenshot is a mess but it occur or most of the common situations with lot of dirt stacked)
  2. Maxwell QOL Idea

    I got an idea recently to make them properly "kite" on fight, cause you may know they just perform an inefficient hit & run to avoid taking damage who... well, may works sometime but it's purely random due to the mobs. I suggest to make a relation between the distance of Maxwell and the target for the shadows For exemple, if you attack the mob, well the shadows will come to help and fight, if you go back (cause YOU avoid the attack) the shadows will go run to an equal distance from the mob than you from their own. This may requise to expand maximal distance of shadows and maxwell but it will works for real only if you actually avoid taking damage, they should have enough distance to avoid the damage too, but if you miss, everybody takes damage (for AOE) I feel like it's the solution to makes shadow duelists waaaay smarter, and put some more interation with them from the player and even make them abble to survive to a giant like deerclops if you play it good
  3. I think we can all agree than SW and Hamlet belong to the single player and Klei seems to be part of that opinion than nothing but free DLC will be added to the multiplayer But I don’t understand why should we have SW or even Hamlet characters for DST, those are : A surfer, a monkey, a pirate, an explorer (Never forgetti Warbucks), a princess of a pig kingdom and a plant Yeah I’ve forgot to mension Warly cause he is the only one I can potentially understand (except that we have no exotic food in DST for his recipes) what I mean is than none of them fit in the game. They’re designed in art and gameplay for their respective DLC and DST own a lore including every playable characters of the multiplayer, meaning they have skins, stats for events and a story Not even a rework of their skills can fix the fact that they belong to the original gameplay. Personnaly I don’t want to play Woodlegs having the same skills than Wilson cause it will grow a beard and driving a "pirate bus" cause the ocean is just full of paper waves (and hell no I don’t want to shave Woodlegs D: ) or Walani turning into a skateboard 14yo girl. So no, making such good characters into DST with nothing from their original gameplay is kinda pointless. You can already have mod ports of them and see be yourself they’re just some weirdo in a forest with spyglass Also, there's nothing worse than giving the characters for DST to the players who own the two games and DLC, cause you make a difference between the two communities BIGGER than it was, players with no DLC have to pay for extra inappropriate characters (unlike Wortox than you can have for free) Well that’s pretty much it, if you just wanted to play characters with downsides you can still play Wes, it is made for DST, free, and fit in the constent
  4. You're right, maybe including a swappable feature on the settings like : "location biome spawn" or "random spawn" for edited spawn frequency resources. So both methods will be avalide But yeah, that'll be way better to do this than having to edit every map rooms files when you create a world That's what i do to make my multiplayer worlds more completes... since there is no other methods yet.
  5. There's also the Antlion Spikes who aren't very logic to me but it's fine actually, I don't know if this should be fixed
  6. The title is pretty accurate : woops. My speculation is than Wes soul is so powerful than he leak some in his balloons That must the reason why they're all floating and drain some sanity to our overpowered mime.
  7. Actually a single animation works for every characters but use tons and tons of layers existing in the game on a character standard pose I’ve tried once to make one and it’s freaking painful to accord everything rightly Here you go by the way
  8. Guess this "Wortox preview" stream is a good meme material.
  9. Custom footsteps

    Not sure about that but maybe you can process a loop of a killsound just like this inst.SoundEmitter:KillSound("character/character/step")
  10. Welp no matter, I finder out something useful and it worked, thanks anyway if someone tried a solution local cx, cy, cz = map:GetTileCenterPoint(x, 0, z) inst.Physics:Teleport(cx, 0, cz)
  11. Custom footsteps

    inst.foleysound = "dontstarve/creatures/deerclops/step" I guess this should works pretty fine
  12. Hi, well, to make an animation to any item or pretty much anything else you need to use spriter, which is a free tool in the don't starve mod tools pack You can download the tools on steam at your library in tool category. Next when you have spriter installed, create an "exported" folder in your main mod folder and a second one with the name of your item, Let's say it's called "candiedwings" : Put the item image in it and then, create a file "candiedwings.scml" in the same folder and open the scml file with spriter Here is the .exe of spriter (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Mod Tools\mod_tools\Spriter) Just before the fun part begins, you have to load the folders/images for your spriter file, it's simple : File > New Project > "OK" Select the candiedwings folder in exported. Which result in this : You'll see it's easy to use, grab your image item on the top right and place its middle-bottom part at the center of the screen When this is done, click on the image and you will see a red doot, place it at the middle-bottom again, this is for making the right position of the item on don't starve to avoid missing up with the camera Almost finished, you have to rename your animation and build, just on the right, rename the entity_000 with your prefab name, "candiedwings" i guess, and for the NewAnimation, most of the item animations of the game are called "idle" That's what your have now : Okay it's over, you can save your animation : File > Save Project as > call it "candiedwings.scml" and save Now the animation part is over, you just have to go in your prefab lua file to make it use the right animation --add the assets on the top local assets = { Asset("ANIM", "anim/"), --I don't know if you have also create the inventory images into the image folder but you have to add it here too } --this is for the fn part inst.AnimState:SetBank("candiedwings") inst.AnimState:SetBuild("candiedwings") inst.AnimState:PlayAnimation("idle") Well, you have nothing else to do BUT you still have to convert your scml file into actual game files. If you have succesfully installed the mod tool, you should have a command prompt screen when you start the game, it's the autocompiler who convert the .png and .scml for you. just wait it finish and now you have everything done. Ask me for more details
  13. Hi everyone, I'm currently struggling to find a solution to my problem : The title I don't think there is a way to directly spawn something at the center of a tile on the world gen (if it is well it'll be awesome) So I at least try to make a function for the prefab to teleport it to its current tile center I've tried and my result is somehow... Yeah Wilson, you're right. Also, I don't want to use layout/static_layout for the spawn of those for reasonable reasons Thanks a lot for the help... I mean, I can't find this my myself ^^ Just a quick reminder if it help, the worldgen spawn only a single prefab for each tile so that's why I need to teleport the prefab to its own tile
  14. Sup. I'm making a new mod including a character and I'm trying to make him teleport in the caves (like to the florid postern?) when it die. After lot of attempts I only had server disconnections cause something gone wrongs, the only lead I've experimented on is the "ms_playerdespawnandmigrate" event triggered on my own but still can't find a correct way to use it... or I'm just to bad at this ^^ So, if anyone know a trick to make this feature works, it'll be so helpfull for the progression of that mod, it's been hours since I've tried to make that ._. (if you need any precision, I'm here to help too, my thanks!)
  15. Wow, it's some great founds on Wagstaff we got here. Well, where is Wagstaff about to get added so, only Hamlet/DS, only DST, both ? Or I still don't know how the constent works, why should Winona go in DST and Wagstaff in DS if they both get trapped in the same way, hope he is about to come in both game so !