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  1. Absolutely, one time, I just wanted to repair that tiny little bastard of a leak and I literally dropped 6 TIMES IN A ROW the stack of patches, better drop the whole fight while I'm at it ! xD
  2. Not to be the devil advocate as I know it's a heated topic but it's currently my favorite boss fight of the game, takes a while to get used to it so I hope you can overcome the struggle and figure the actual strategies as once you have yours then it's doable regardless of player amount. I've been having lots of fun doing maxed for each gems challenge solo in two worlds now (basically x9 of red, then blue, then purple, etc... they're all doable). All the play is around oaring either for distance or around the boss so you don't get caught at the time of a geysers attack, summoning of claws (which basically only trigger after the first rock detach and after when it repairs), so once you've learned everything about this fight, nothing should surprise you but a mistake can still happen so you got to remind that for another try. I'd love to suggest you to make test worlds to train but given you play on console, doing this without commands and mods prevent fast learning you'd get from other boss that we fight more frequently or just summoning for creative purpose. My actual only issues I have during that fight are control and gameplay on boat which can turn out chaotic when you want to repair (ex : you cannot repair boat health when hovering an area with boat patches, the hovering of leaks can be very small sometimes, there should be right click repair and patching actions)... and yes the loots, I still consider the fight is worth the shells if you like doing music tracks in game (shout-out to the 3 players around the world doing it), but if not for that it's a bit unsatisfying going for a boss you like without having utility loots unlike most of the other bosses, so yeah hopefully we get that rain conch or other in the loots.
  3. First thing first, this exist : And yes this is an absolute lie you have no reason to make up, @grumm9690 points are accurate despite some could have been let's say reintroduced but there's more, unless you intentionally brought back all of the blurry textures of the turfs and most DLC-less items, that would be great attention to detail in that case...
  4. Hmm, interestingly it found 5 missing files but that haven't fixed the spear skin after validating, well if it isn't an actual game bug but just me I'm fine with it.
  5. Seems to be the only skin affected (same on floor, as you... can't see) :
  6. That's really inspired, take all my spools ! Also makes me regret we don't get to see some of the collections getting any new entries like the Oasis Bound.
  7. 0-.thumb.png.cad2cd374edd436bd42c1a481716b8cb.png

    The cave crew (do not pet)

  8. 0-.thumb.png.34c5d2358ae2caffef6a47679b47d5d3.png


  9. (sorry for the discord sounds)

    1. minespatch


      It's missing the Maxwell torture. :wilson_sneaky:

    2. ADM


      Oh don’t worry, we now have enough slots to afford lvl 2 music box torture at light speed !

    3. WhackE


      That's a good way of giving him more charges. I wonder if people are going to still complain there's not enough.

  10. I like to make a chest full of Amberosia, just to convert resources when the rest is overflowing (and don't you think I'm gonna do the travel to feed the only Moth in the very end of the Archives !) That of course come after I build enough boxes around and at this point I usually don't find it any useful to refresh most of the food we can apply it on, they'll last long already since they'll be within the salt box and are too abundant to bother, that barely serve anything very unfortunately at this level of efficiency.