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  1. After the rot is over, maybe we will get the third new series!
  2. thank you Sir @JoeW yes,It's not the first time he has done these things. He treats cheating and destroying other players' experiences as fun. If I remember correctly, this caused Klei to stop holding a second forge tournament. By the way, he is not the only one who is making and selling this type of mod. Several others are doing the same thing. But I think if Klei fixes this bug, all of their evil attempts will be completely destroyed. that would make me very happy. Justice wins.
  3. I hope they can see these when they work in the morning, it is still late at night in Vancouver
  4. Now that we have exposed these things, I hope klei can fix it. I have reported the steam account, hope it helps.
  5. They dare not upload it to the steam creative workshop now. They only dare to open the mod private permission to use it secretly. The point is that people like them want to commercialize this mod, that is, to sell mods and maintain mods. If klei The vulnerability is fixed, I think it is impossible for them to use it privately. The problem is that they want to use this mod to destroy the skin system of dst. Very terrible practice.
  6. hi charlie~The nature of the matter this time is completely different. This mod is a server mod. As long as the server opens this mod, everyone who enters the server can enjoy the effects of this mod. I know it’s tempting for some people, but if They do this, and the result is likely to stop updating dst. I must admit that I was very angry when I posted the post.
  7. He deserves it, and I hope you can be polite. I don't want to argue with you. If you want to quarrel, please leave my post, thank you. I don’t need you to teach me how to report, did I do anything bad to him? I just exposed him. Since he have the ball to sell mods,don't be afraid to be caught
  8. You mean we don't have the right to report the person who made this mod? lmao
  9. He and his partner are trying to destroy dst and I hope he will be punished Some people are doing similar things like him, disgusting!
  10. Today I discovered something that shocked and disgusted me,In the Chinese forum of dst, someone publicly sells a mod called "all skins". This mod is a server mod and can get all skins including Chester box skins (please note that this is not the stand-alone mod , Dst can be used)! This person was madly insulted by Chinese players after posting related posts on the dst Chinese forum, but he was not ashamed, it was really disgusting. Before he tried to delete the dynamic, I saved some screenshots as evidence. We all know that these exquisite skins made by klei for us are not only very popular, but also one of their sources of income. It is the hard work of all klei employees to make the skins to bring us happiness, and they only need to wait for klei to make the new skin released, after a period of cracking, it can be used and sold. I could have used more vicious words to abuse them, but because of the community guidelines I still held back. But I still have to say, those people (He is not alone in making and selling this mod, there are others who are doing the same thing. They also formed a competitive relationship to see who sold more)selling this mod is really disgusting. Below I uploaded these two pictures for you to translate briefly. I heard about the news on discord, and then I went to the forum to collect evidence. The rough meaning of the first picture is that he and his partner found a loophole left by the klei staff and let him get the skin_id. The second picture shows that he knows this is illegal but still wants to continue selling This skin mod. After being insulted by other Chinese players, he did not regret it. What a shame! I hope the developers will notice this so-called vulnerability. I don't know how he did it, but someone has already confirmed the authenticity of his mod. Now the Chinese forum has been insulting him for a while, but it has no effect. I hope Klei can do something please