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  1. Hey Peter~ Will we have a chance to get dst style mouse style in the future? At present, when we play the game, the mouse is displayed in the game is the Windows mouse, if dst can let us choose the mouse style in the future, it feels good. (similar to League of Legends kind of modified mouse) Thank you and all the other klei staff for your hard work throughout the year and have a great holiday!
  2. According to my test, there are three crops whose pictures cannot be displayed Sticker, namely: pumpkin, onion and corn. I temporarily found only these three, and after smashing the huge crops planted in the ground, they are just invisible, you need to use the code to remove, otherwise you can be stuck in the invisible state as well.
  3. Will Wolfgang still get some minor modifications? Or is this the final version?
  4. Hopefully klei will fix it in the next patch
  5. That's good. Maybe a few more minor changes or bug fixes would be nice.
  6. I also encountered this problem. @PeterA
  7. hi Steven I want to know what you think about this? I think the new BOSS needs some improvement.
  8. While playing the game, I was sending a message in chat and I only sent it once, yet two identical messages appeared in chat.