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  2. Oh yeah, gorge is gorge tho still, so not really far off. But yeah.
  3. When he's near planted seeds/crops in the forge, they'd grow faster, take longer to rot and he'd blood. There was also this really cool visual effect of like, green magic around the crops.
  4. Have you guys thought of giving Wormwood his Gorge perk? I feel like it'd be extremely fitting with how the new gardening system works. Or maybe even make weeds "passive" while he's there, as in, make them not slowly kill the other plants? Just some food for thought I guess.
  5. Wendy will have good dps against bosses if Abigail stays alive. WHich against plethora of bosses, she wont't. For Wendy to get the damage increase, both her and Abigail need to attack the same target/s. Which against bosses, means Abigail is dead. Even with Bee Queen it isn't as easy to keep her alive. This though applies for single player, but even with friends, Abigail will most likely die.
  6. I play pretty much every character in the game to test the changes, just so I can have a structured opinion on the changes. Bernie is a thing every person who doesn't care about Willow's change clings onto. "But she has Bernie!!11!!!1!" Let Bernie, with no health regeneration, fight nightmares on his own. He'll die. He attacks slow, his taunt animation takes out a whole attack to finish. Nope. Bernie is very good when fighting WITH Willow. Willow is an overall OK character, compared to Wickerbottom. So it's not even comparable. Let's not pretend like Wicker's ONLY over powered perk is her food book, it was just the book that required the least difficulty/skill to use. Now Wendy. Wendy is strong, but still not Wicker levels of strong. Klei did their very best to strip Wendy of any downsides in her refresh. But Wendy still has one downside, and that's being bad at fighting giants/bosses. Abigail can only do so much. Sisturns require you to stand still, and very closely to them, making you incapable of doing stuff for sanity regen... When you could've eaten green caps or eaten sanity foods. Also, Wortox is just... Very, very broken. He has no skill expression, nothing, even if you have 0 souls, kill a butterfly or a spider. You can still eat foods, specifically meaty stews. But yeah, Wicker's issue is that she does everything, she fights, gathers food, resources, even gets to overcharge WX. And again, if you don't wanna play the game "to pick grass".... Welcome to survival games, collecting resources. This is sorta why I think Wicker players act a bit "spoiled". Like yeah, you get to skip an entire part of the game in a second, and now you have to actually play the game? I just feel like people are blowing the Wicker nerfs out of proportion, she feels more like she's in line with other characters now. I personally like it. We stan a strong queen who goes around DIRECTLY calling people pricks on the forums. Yaaasss gurl, you go get iiit. But yeah, call me names more please.
  7. Disagreeing is toxic. Welcome to Klei Forums ladies and gents.
  8. Raise a hand if you've actually tested out the new Wicker instead of angrily making posts on the forums to express your anger over a brain-meltingly OP character getting a nerf? Nobody... Just me? Aight. To all of you who are still somehow managing to convince yourselves that Wicker's book is useless.... Please go and test it. She can still grow books faster than anyone else, her book is still cheep. Normal seeds are free, poop is also plentiful(Beefalo, Werepigs....). Wicker grows these new crops to full, even if it's only 10 per use. And Imma just say this right now... If you think SANITY of all things is the thing that brings Wickerbottom to a "balanced" level... Girl, please. Green caps, Flowers, Clothes, etc, etc, etc... There's SO many beginner friendly ways to regen your sanity in DST it's absurd. Sleeping as a downside does nothing to change how she plays, at all. Also, so far the only complaints I've heard about Wicker's nerf are: -But she can't grow thousands of grass in a second anymore D: D: D: D: -How am I supposed to grow a FULL SCREEN OF RESOURCES in a second now!!11??!?!/!?!?? Take a moment to reflect on that, and then try and realize how insane that sounds. Wicker's book is still VERY good, and so are the rest of her game breaking books. Calm down please, your OP character getting nerfed isn't gonna ruin dst for you, your over exaggeration of the situation on the other hand.... Just might.
  9. See, this is very fair enough, you actually explained yourself without crying over "wicker ded, plz halp". But like, to me, playing with a Wickerbottom, NEVER felt good. Wicker made and still does make the game too easy, anything she does makes the game too easy, And with how DST works, it makes the game easier for everyone else, and for a game as easy as DST... Yeah, no thank you. Her functionality stays the same, Klei nerfed her most BRAINDEAD aspect, which is effortlessly farming UNREASONABLE amounts of resources and food, in a matter of seconds. You can't tell me this doesn't break the whole idea of "Uncompromising SURVIVAL". Also, there's the thing of absolutely feeling bad. It doesn't feel good (to me at least) to play a character like Willow, Webber, etc, etc and have a Wicker who completely replaces my entire character's purpose by existing, even through different means. If you have 1 Wickerbottom, and 10 Wesses, it wouldn't matter, the game would still play out the same way it would've with different characters. Why? Because Wickerbottom takes every aspect of the game, flips it, and makes it incredibly easy.... And her downside? Not being able to sleep These nerfs are very welcome if you ask me, she feels reasonable now, and not like you're playing with creative on.
  10. Why are people crying over the Wicker nerf? Like what? Wicker mains get everything in the game, us Willow mains can't even get her old infinite lighter back. This Wicker nerf does NOTHING to hurt her playstyle, she's still OP, she's still the best resource gatherer. Please, stop.
  11. Sir/Madame, you clearly don't realize how powerful Wicker is, this is nothing. Please don't overreact to nerfs that won't affect Wicker's overall power in a team. If anything, she needs more.
  12. Let's hope Klei decides to clean up her animations... Because right now, they look absolutely hideous and broken.
  13. Yes, yes and so much YES!!! Especially the Wurt suggestion. It's stupid that she's not immune to it. But I feel like Wormwood should gain some benefits from rain as well, maybe like gaining some hunger over time? Like, if it's raining and it's daytime he'll gain some hunger regen instead of drain. But yeah, YES to all of these suggestions.
  14. As Wendy you are. One of the things I do when playing Wendy is clearing out all of the killer bees on sight. And leaving stuff around on the ground just makes it more laggy for a lot of people. Burning stingers would only bring more QoL to the game IMO.