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  1. I didn't want them to make Woodie weaker than he was before? Please stop fanboying over Klei and look at what happened.
  2. xD Couldn't agree more, I don't want her to end up like Woodie.
  3. Ok so, time for another episode of "What's wrong with this rework!?" Some of us were ****ting bricks when we heard that the woodie rework was coming, and some of us were going ballistic when it came out. A lot of us were hoping that Klei was gonna listen to the community like they have with the Willow rework and make something good, but no. Klei managed to make Woodie worse than before, :D. To get straight to the heart of the problem, TRANSFORMATIONS. Moose: God awful, you need to lose 30HP to become moose, it's too slow to kite, it has no healing. The damage cannot be utilized because tanking cannot be utilized, you'll die. Give it healing or smth, maybe HP regen, just anything, right now it's awful. Goose: Too slow, doesn't last long enough, only good early on. Beaver: What's the point of going beaver now? Losing 30HP? Like what? At least make it chop even faster. NONE OF THE TRANSFORMATIONS LAST LONG ENOUGH. Make them last at least 2 days to 1 and a half and they should be a bit better. Thank you, Klei for giving us another "Flashy" animation which did nothing but bait us into thinking you'd actually put some effort in to give us an insight into the character, oh wait, just like the Willow animation you told us nothing about the character. Fix Woodie, kthx bye.
  4. "Warly is available for free for all DST players."
  5. If other characters could use his crockpot then he'd become Winona 2.0. Just switch when you can over to Wolfgang and cook away.