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  1. T H I S. As much as I find this little beta update amazing in terms of lore... That's all it is, lore. This is a thing most players will do once, and it'll not change how you play the game whatsoever, yes, believe it or not 1 item doesn't change the game all that much. DST is in a dire need of LONG LASTING updates that will change the CORE of its gameplay, something that will change the game long term, and not an hour and a half event like you've said so yourself. But yeah, a cool update, hoping for more after this, like maybe a new season, or a new in game event that alters survival. Happy late Easter to y'all, and happy upcoming Easter to eastern European gang like myself.
  3. Oh yeah, gorge is gorge tho still, so not really far off. But yeah.
  4. When he's near planted seeds/crops in the forge, they'd grow faster, take longer to rot and he'd blood. There was also this really cool visual effect of like, green magic around the crops.
  5. Have you guys thought of giving Wormwood his Gorge perk? I feel like it'd be extremely fitting with how the new gardening system works. Or maybe even make weeds "passive" while he's there, as in, make them not slowly kill the other plants? Just some food for thought I guess.
  6. Let's hope Klei decides to clean up her animations... Because right now, they look absolutely hideous and broken.
  7. Yes, yes and so much YES!!! Especially the Wurt suggestion. It's stupid that she's not immune to it. But I feel like Wormwood should gain some benefits from rain as well, maybe like gaining some hunger over time? Like, if it's raining and it's daytime he'll gain some hunger regen instead of drain. But yeah, YES to all of these suggestions.
  8. As Wendy you are. One of the things I do when playing Wendy is clearing out all of the killer bees on sight. And leaving stuff around on the ground just makes it more laggy for a lot of people. Burning stingers would only bring more QoL to the game IMO.
  9. Lureplants aren't accessible early game. HP bars could have a disable/enable option, in case some people dislike them. For some people it's more fun to know exactly how many items they need, how close they are. It's thrilling, fighting with no HP bars feels like beating around the dark for me. \o /
  10. As for the QoL thing... In my personal opinion: 1- I'll repeat this until this happens, infinite Willow lighter. It hurts the game in no way, you can even take away the cooking part of it for all I care. 2- Colourblind mode, please. 3- Related to "2", maybe a bit more of a non colour based distinction between fire/ice/normal hounds for the colourblind folk. 4- Make big Bernie not turn off when you get too far, this is simply so you can have him follow you around like Abigail follows Wendy. It wouldn't make a big difference, more so just so it isn't a nuisance. So you can travel around while having big Bernie follow you. 5- Make Walter's shots always hit, rn they can't hit anything that moves at a normal speed, making them useless. Just make them like darts. 6- For the love of GOD, some form of health signifier for the enemies... Like please. Just a small little bar above bosses at least. 7- Flammable. Stingers. Please. 8- Please make it so that when Webber/Wurt hold chester, the merms/spiders are not aggressive towards him. This is more of a nuisance than it is a downside. YES! At least change the colours of the flowers to fit the colour scheme of the skin.
  11. Yeah, can we actually get a new trail for the new Wormwood skin. It just looks... Disproportionate and wrong. The contrast doesn't look... Pleasant. Even the skin's quote is "All must rot." Klei please fix.
  12. If this Wormwood skin doesn't have a new trail, it's just gonna be an awful skin, like pretty flowers WITH THAT... Klei I am begging you, don't disappoint.
  13. There's a bug with walter and the lantern skin. When he does his idle animation whilst holding an EMPTY lantern (0% fuel) it lights up, providing light in darkness even if it has 0% fuel.
  14. Nope, but you can use stingers for wendy's elixirs or wormwood's traps!