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  1. There's a bug with walter and the lantern skin. When he does his idle animation whilst holding an EMPTY lantern (0% fuel) it lights up, providing light in darkness even if it has 0% fuel.
  2. Nope, but you can use stingers for wendy's elixirs or wormwood's traps!
  3. This is sooooo poorly worded IMO. Because I had no idea whether the armour doesn't block the EXTRA damage or the total damage.
  4. But she doesn't do full damage like normal bees do. Only more.
  5. Klei, you aren't true to what you've told us about Walter. He doesn't take full damage from ALL bees. Only normal Bees. Bee Queen still does reduced damage to him when he wears armour... Unlike normal bees. Please fix! :")
  6. What's the point of him being gay... What? No please. Don't mix sexuality and kids.
  7. Also, Klei, I have a suggestion, a plead. Please just, instead of slowing down enemies with his "Slow Down Rounds", just make him reduce the enemies attack spead by like, 25% with it. Just give us this, and make him somewhat team oriented. P L E A S E!
  8. So far, I see no point in playing him. All he does is what... Regen sanity? Sanity holds no value in don't starve together, well... Free nightmare fuel. Also... Why did you guys think it'd be a good idea to add a solo survival oriented character into a coop game, so he could regen sanity??? Yeah, no. From what I see so far, from the way you described it. THis character entire gets replaced by green caps and chester. And his sling shot better be infinite, otherwise what are we left with? Sanity regen for all... Woohoo... Also, it was very obvious that a child scout character would be useless without over the top perks that make no sense, so no wonder his dog is just a copy pasted version of Bernie. Anyhow, this is my opinion based on their wording and what they posted. Let's pray he's actually useful for something other than being replaced by 2 items. Don't get your panties in a twist, this is just an opinion.
  9. A very good point actually, but, for some character I DID focus a bit more on the synergy, like the S+ and S tier character: -Wortox-Warly-Wormwood -Wickerbottom-Wurt-Wolfgang These are the two trios I kinda nudged at, but yeah, not much else. Yeah synergies are an IMPORTANT part of Don't Starve Together, but I wouldn't say they are a core or fundamental aspect of the game. In my opinion synergies are A LOT more subjective and player based than characters' power themselves. I could have a group of Wes, Winona and Maxwell, and I'd still be able of doing better than Wicker/Wurt/Wolfgang simply due to the multiplayer factor: -The more players you have, the easier the game (assuming that the players know how to play well/decently.) As for singular specifics, I could go Wes and I could go Wendy, I'd be able to feel a HUGE difference in game quality and fluidity, one would be tedious and one would be incredibly easy. Yes you can argue that with 2 different groups of characters, but the point still stays, the more characters you have the easier it becomes to survive. I could have my Wolfgang doing the killing while enabling my Wormwood to base sit and farm, inevitably making his downside of losing health irrelevant due to the fact that he won't be in any situations where he'd actually lose health. And again, thank you for leaving a comment! Every opinion is appreciated! <3
  10. I do heavily agree with this, but the thing I've based my tierlist off of was overall utility, downsides, my solo experience of a full year (Which was hell as warly), and ofc how he works in a team. The thing with downsides is general in this game is that... The more players there are the more negligible your downsides become, and vice versa. And since this tier list was directed towards coop/multiplayer/teams, it's safe to say that in a group of people (3+), you only ever feel warly's downside in the early stages of the game and even then they can feel negligible if you have a Wigfrid/Wendy to kill stuff for you and feed you. Yes, I do have to admit I've SUFFERED throughout the ENTIRE year as Warly, but that's partially due to my lack of experience as the character. Warly is a must have for every late game oriented team and the game feels EXTREMELY different without him, which is why he is one of the best characters in my eyes. But yeah, downsides aren't even downsides in a game that progressively gets easier the more people you have (Assuming they know how to play the game.). And thank you for sharing your opinion with us! <3 Much appreciated!
  11. See, I've clearly stated that this is a MULTIPLAYER tier list, meaning, the characters are ranked based on their spots in a GROUP of people, not based on the basics of their solo sustainability. Wormwood's healing downside is negligible in a group of people because other can simply let you not fight and focus on farming. Warly also, Warly is one of the best MULTIPLAYER character for a similar reason, if a team makes sure that Warly can sustain them all with his powerful dishes through COOPERATION, Warly is a God who makes other characters into powerhouses, whether it be for taking down bosses or collecting resources. Maxwell is a Willow downgrade when looking at the specific things you've mentioned. Willow can farm nightmare fuel so much better than Maxwell simply because of Bernie, and if you have Winona's tape, you can do this for daaaays, and even sewing kits are not that expensive to make. Main differences between Willow and Maxwell are: -Willow is ridiculously better than Maxwell at combat due to having a reasonable amount of HP and having a tank who deals 50 damage. -She isn't as efficient at collecting logs or digging up bushes, so I'll give you that. -Willow has much better sanity management if you know how the game mechanics work. As Willow you gain sanity from doing something as easy as holding a torch, to making night lights, plus, sanity perks are never that great honestly, since the dangers of sanity are borderline irrelevant to people who know the game. Which is why Willow is so much better, she doesn't waste spears to stay low on sanity, unlike Maxwell. One big part of Wurt's S tier status is.... She can literally live off of Durians, Pumpkins and mushrooms... Forever. If you think that being able to eat only veggies, and gain a boost in hunger from them compared to other characters mind you, then you should really try out Wurt for a full year like I have. Wurt is a great asset to a team for 2 major reasons: -She can save up on team's food supply by only eating the foods that nobody else would eat: Durians, Pumpkins and Mushrooms. -Wurt brings a lot of damage to her team through merms, who are VERY powerful units. I've also mentioned that Wurt is a late game character with excellent early game survivability.
  12. I am super glad you enjoyed it, feel free to leave any opinion you have here!
  13. You shouldn't follow tierlists, they're just a "guide" on which characters are "objectively" good. Dst works in a way where you can do well if you yourself are good enough. Play who you like and who makes you happy playing them!
  14. Glad you're liking it so far, would love to hear your opinions on it as well!
  15. Rankings are not based on how good the player is, they are based on how good the character is.