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  1. I know, I know, it's just that so far, for all of that effort... It doesn't feel all that worth it honestly.
  2. Also, can you guys PLEASE add the ruins/atrium turfs into the Turfs crafting station, right now it feels very... Boring. All that work for some grass turf and what not. Very underwhelming for all of the buildup towards it.
  3. Will the mysterious orb thing that you have to spend hours on unlocking come with the update? Or is this entire update going to come to live servers, bearing nothing besides the milkmade hat and turf crafting?
  4. If you're not playing on console just use mods. Just don't focus on the pretentious douches who mock anyone who dares to use different mods on their server and try and mix it up. There's so many great mods that alter your game experience, either through character mods, rebalances, new biomes and God knows what else. You can even try and learn how to code yourself, Lua. is decently easy. But yeah, das it. Mods.
  5. Just give helmets to pigmen. Plant a lureplant and use up low durability weapons on the lureplant. Or if you want, deconstruction staff. Pretty easy to deal with low durability items.
  6. LAtest, not last. Latest as in, the most recent, as in, after others. Not last as in, the final one.
  7. But like, in the newspaper it says that Wigfrid was the LATEST one to disappear. Meaning she could NOT have been the first one. Either Klei doesn't read their lore and just makes stuff happen, or you mixed up those years. But rn, this seem like a HUGE plothole Klei let slip through.
  8. I honestly think these songs are fine the way they are, some are good, some are a li'l less good, and some are very niche. Wigfrid is ALREADY very good, so I don't see the need to buff them. I personally find each and every song extremely fun and entertaining. Also, giving everyone fire immunity in an AOE would kind of **** on Willow's UNIQUE thematic, which is being fire immune, so that should be out of question.
  9. I mean, inspiration works very nicely as far as I can see. Imagine always having more healing, more sanity regen and what not. The songs are fine as is, Wigfrid is currently fine as is. Making her easier is not the way to go, the songs are already decently strong as they are.
  10. Let's hope Klei decides to clean up her animations... Because right now, they look absolutely hideous and broken.
  11. Ok so... If "more preparation required = more difficult" why are you getting the bone helmet.... To keep your sanity low. Getting the bone helmet is a MILLION times more difficult than getting green caps and seaweed garlands. What. They said that land is for newer players and that better players can get ocean content All I did was add a jokey spin to it. \o / But in the true context of it, they suggest we separate the game so that newer players get land and better players get the all glorious ocean content.
  12. Sir, if you have your sanity at 0, gestalts won't appear, and you wouldn't get stunlocked.... Sir please. All you have to do to make gestalts disappear... Is have minimal sanity... You don't need bone helmets, you don't need telepoofing. Bring uncooked green caps and wear the sea weed crown item, it makes you lose sanity over time. Please tell me more about your chad strats.
  13. I have applied it to my own post, in a jokey manner. And let's dissect this. If you think that saladmanders and glass statues are worth the sail, you do you boo boo. I'll be surviving infinitely with meatballs. I would disagree that they're harder (hound waves), the difficulty is the same, you even have the option NOT to fight the ressurected hounds. Gestalts don't even do damage, and dropping your lunacy/sanity is easy. (Edit: Bull Kelp garlands/Green caps) What are telepuffs? Please don't tell me you're using the lazy explorer for the purpose of reducing your sanity. I think that last bit kinda says it all.
  14. Sir this isn't nonsense, nonsense is not being able to explain your opinion and instead just saying "what a non sense". Please and thank you. If you want to discredit someone, give some context, value and an explanation.
  15. All you've just said dumbs down to: "Haha let's give the newbies the fun, actually enjoyable part of the game, which is land and caves! The pros can have the sluggish boats, the slow paced content and a chance at it being semi decent!" No.