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  1. Hello, everyone. I want to make a mod that will make default crockpot look like gorge one. Do someone know how to extract full pot animation from Gorge event? Since this structure is constructable, I can not find the way to display full pot animation at once for average pot in the game. Is there any way to combine animations from several entities at once? As far as I see, I need firepit, fire, hanger and pot animations,
  2. Good, I think I should check it. Btw, I'm still voting for ingame option.
  3. I wish dst was as full and unique as Hamlet, with many different mechanics and creatures, like big ponds forests and towns (one Lovecraftian in Moon Island and one in normal), from Hamlet and different sea locations from Shipwrecked. Compared to Hamlet dst looks pretty empty for now. But I think Klei know such feels and pretty soon we will see a lot of different and very creative content.
  4. There's "I'm Wes main" option. But, I made fixes to be clear.
  5. I think we need more opinions on this topic.
  6. It would be nice if characters had "shutup" action on pets, like animation when they show fingers near their lips to pets and then pets will shut up for few minutes.That would be fun.
  7. Hello again, since in previous thread we found out that Wigfrid voice maybe do need a rework on opinion of some players, I would like to suggest you another poll — would you like to see a volume option for character voices only like it was done with Wigfrid umlauts? It would be pretty useful option, since we have many sound options but this one. This may include volume boost or lowering, since there are as many tastes on sound volume as there are players. Some may think that their character sound too quiet, some that it sound too loud.
  8. I agree, and, honestly, when I realised that wording of my poll is wrong it was too late. Maybe I should make another poll someday. Changing volume of wigfrid voice would be nice too, I think. Like with umlauts.
  9. Well, can Klei change her voice at least on half quarter? That would be just great, tbh.
  10. Dear Klei, please change the voice of Wigfrid to something more pleasant. It's too loud, harsh and make players nervous, especially me and my friend . There're also plenty of mods that simply mute Wigfrid, but that's not cool. Since you are working on new music in the game (that sounds really cool!) why not make rework of Wigfrid voice? In other threads Wigfrid voice was one of the most hated. Yet, I don't know how other players think about this topic so I made a poll. With best regards!
  11. Random art thread

    Awww, I like dark souls and bloodborne concept arts. It was a very vague idea for the character design — I imagined a mechanics that could be implemented with evil flowers in the game. Maybe if she will water flowers they will become an evil flowers? Oh, and if she will water them again they get a new stage — evil flower-mines that could be exploded with poison effects! Perfect, these thoughts need to be written. Link to my art blog
  12. some art :D

    Thank you all for idea.
  13. Hello there! As I know there is no thread just for a random but of course related to "Don't Starve" arts. So, I'll publish some my Don't Starve arts, sketches and character concepts as they arrive. If you don't know where you can publish your arts a-a-and also do not want to create a new thread for whatever other reason — You can post it here. I also will glad to see YOUR arts in this thread. Even if this is not your picture or art but you want to share it with someone — just attach the link to author when you will publish it here. Enjoy! Link to my art blog
  14. some art :D

    Oh gods, I thought this thread for a random art.