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  1. I would just like to mention there is nothing like a paywall in the game, any of the latest skins can be weaved and we get a very decent amount of spools every week just by playing or even loot the skin we're looking for, just like that. There's a little part of luck in that but even if yours sucks super bad you'll get the spools you need in a short period, especially as sometime our lovely JoeW and the team drop spool links in here. It's a little grind-y but nobody was ever told (or I hope so) that we need to have 100% of the skins unlocked. So... turf skins? Yes, please, that would be a hell of a remake, I completely get that but the result would be worth it to players that's for sure.
  2. There might just be more to come on the moon topic still, I mean, there is this that Sealed Portal in the Archive, why is this here ? I'd be a bit saddened if it's just standing in here forever.
  3. Shhhh bro, can't you see we're busy spookin' the entire squad ?
  4. You basically entered a casual DST server hosted by someone who don't know you can set the game to single / friend only (i mean really this is like 1/3 of servers you can browse)
  5. 1_000.thumb.png.1c20dce60753538dc01cb5159e750da8.png

    Worked for weeks on that update that should have been finished like last month... :distracted: but it's finally here, not just a pot update but there's lots of new stuff and changes that should greatly improve player's take with the mod, it's more exploration related in some ways !

  6. I don't know a lot outside of the in-game things on quotes and such, but there is this scene in the movie The Predator :
  7. It's probably just an oversight, but, just like any other leafy trees, they're supposed to work as shelters uh ? I simply got surprised I couldn't cool a little under it.
  8. I really like it, main reason is the decorations it gives, it has nice colours, wood things, I love birds, so I love the event, not much else, it's just some nice fresh and pretty content.
  9. It's one of the skins for Walter's hat, so you'll have to pick him to get some for the others, looks pretty in general, they're only Distinguished rarity so you can have it for quite cheap.
  10. I don’t have this problem with Moon Glass being very limited in uses as I use that mod I've made to add more tools to it : just a shovel, oick/hammer and a pitchfork being all just stronger but fragile, like, logic amelioration for faster gameplay. With only that, I changed all of my inv tools to Moon Glass near permanently and just walk around with the orb in Chester and a stack of Moon Glass on myself, think I did the Celestial Champion like 6 times on the world I play on and so far I still need to get more moonglass to get enough to compense tool's cost so, that’s really just that... if there was normal items that we commonly craft to get a straight up upgrade, it would solve the hole problem to it. Tools are one of the way to go for, but there could be more.
  11. Wonderful game really, worth every minute I played it or waited for the rich updates.
  12. Just asking for a clarification, would that mean next drop campaign would have less (like, only "most dedicated") Streamers the next ones ? Depends how I read it I understand it that way, hoping I'm wrong.
  13. I think I've been told by someone from Klei some time ago that we simply aren’t allowed to implement skins to official content of the game (so however they have or don’t have skins yet). Only your own content would be authorised to get custom made skins. Still, don’t take my words for the rules I might have misunderstood some matters of it and even myself I still have concerns on stuff I'm doing if they are legal toward the mod guildline. My latest example is the newest skin for chester, how about mods that have custom chester morph ? Depends of the mod method, they might be made from the same chester entity than the original, being already affected by skin changes, or a new chester so it would not be compatible with owned skins by default. I did one months ago before the chester skin which is affected by skin changes so because of that the newest skin override it's mod build and so is identical to a normal chester (with the skin), so cause of that we've decided to make this skin compatible with our morph... well it’s a specific case but I cannot really tell if THIS is legal since all that is handled by a separated eyebone and not Chester itself. It’s still not live on the workshop and I do be concerned about this question, glad I've found this topic if I can get some clarification myself ! (Good luck on your mod creations too)
  14. Darkest Dungeon II looking pretty damn good so far :
    1. minespatch


      Will probably put on my wishlist. Need to play Crimson curse and color of madness.

  15. That's super cool ! Super sympa ça aussi
  16. Know what, something like that just happened to me yesterday as the host : I was going out of caves, full heath then I've been cronched the hell out of me by bats, at the very moment I could just move I had only 20HP left and 0 sanity, nice Walter moment
  17. Now that I think of it this could be actually a good location to grow trees for bearger, and just place some food across the river so Bearger doesn't run into them while they grow, I'll be trying that on my current world
  18. 0.thumb.png.0f76ec56ee85e7a638adf892fe63f830.png

    Update... soon ? (I just figure stuff I have to finish every second before updating, but soon enough)

    1. minespatch


      Tweaks to the new update just for your characters? :wilson_shocked:

    2. ADM


      Nope, I'm integrally remaking the ways crafts of Cherry Forest are unlocked / obtained, before, all of them were available while you had a special flower in your inventory, now it's very different...

      You see that little mob down here ? It's the "new flower", a follower that has memory loss and you need to help her recover all the "Bloomprints" around the world, mostly in the CF and give her to unlock crafts one by one, this one is the Pacifier Bloomprint and it can only be found in the Moonstorm while you have her following you and Wagstaff, there will be tons of little quests to find them all :)

  19. Yeah sometimes it's just full pain to get hats that match everyone and their skins based on the head size, inclination and eyes position. But these seems like they could work just fine if they change Walter and his skins : make his head a little more forward just in general and change the hair model when hats are equipped, he looks like there's almost no difference soooo it’s probably just an oversight ?
  20. You can probably just do anything you look for I'd say, regardless it's editing it, implementing something new or remove some mechanisms. Your tools to make mods is nothing but the game itself, its code, the special environment given for mods and the rest are the tools that are offered in a separated app on steam to reproduce sounds, animations or compiling images and other more specific thingies. You could get used to them by checking the modding subforum for sure ! (but again depending of what you look to do you might need none of them) Also I'm not sure what's the goal behind those questions but if you need some help on starting with modding or little help on it, you can ask me some stuff in DMs I'd gladly help out.
  21. I wanna say a huge DEPENDS. If it's the same as Hamlet than I would not really like it, mostly cause Hamlet's interior have a specific tab for decorative furnitures while there could be major improvements to decorative buildings that can be used outside or inside so we get to make fair decorations on any places. An example is how few players use the Replica Relics, you got quite a medium set of furnitures and they would actually be used and fitting for most other building collections (aka Victorian so far but we can all get creative) if they get skins, like, one skin = a full decor set for the Relics. This way we could have tons of different actually nice pots and house / terraces decors. Outside of that houses could be much useful for other sort of activities but there is a bunch of other balance criteria to think about, a house can be likely a huge chests to place chests, right ? But what if it could get flooded, get roach invasions or anything else if you get to use them only for their potential abuses, just some random ideas here. It could be cool, but only if Klei decide to make decorative furnitures an universal thing and not just in-house stuff vs monke ancient stone table & chair.
  22. I really don't miss it, however, if there's one day something like elevation in the game and not all the map is on the same level, then sure that would be cool to have a bit of everything, cliffs but also water on shoreline. That's some thing that have been discussed long ago some times here and that would be a promising world change if it see the day (probably not )