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  1. I think a lot of the creepy/strange aesthetic from the original game came from the single player aspect of it. It was just you, the monsters and Maxwell, no one else (except Chester). You felt alone. WIth DST, there is a little more camaraderie and I think that scales down the creepiness factor, atleast for me. Especially since I play only with friends exclusively, I feel like having them around definitely makes me feel more relaxed in the world.
  2. How do I change a signature. Pls send help

  3. That was a pretty quick puzzle! Can't wait to get back into Don't Starve singleplayer again!
  4. What is that? It kinda bears resemblance to the ruins turf. Does it have an internal name or something?
  5. Just thought of something. I think we're looking a bit too deep into this. I think this is advertising a new PVP system (Something I think they said) or the return of Maxwell I think it's really the latter as in the gif, Maxwell does not have Charlie's flower on his suit. If we go back to the resumptus clip, it shows the book and the flower just left behind. So perhaps Maxwell is being reworked for DST?
  6. Sorry for going a bit off-topic but people keep on mentioning a time-line set by Kevin. Would anyone care linking it to me, please?
  7. Just got my beta key today! Unfortunately, I was playing Civ with my friends and when I saw these babies in my gmail I squealed in our voice chat... Anyways, thanks Klei and thanks for keeping breathing new breath into this game!
  8. Can't wait for that Spring 2015 update! Anyways hopefully my DST key comes through soon. I wish there was a check to see if we actually signed up for the beta just to make sure I didn't screw up.
  9. I hope we get a continuation of Praecantator. Longest intermission ever. I've had to buy 17 bags of popcorn, 7 drinks and had to go to the ATM thrice!
  10. Honestly I feel having beta is a privilage, and that if you catch someone griefing/trolling a server mutiple times you can report it to Klei and they can revoke their access.
  11. Slowly rocking back and forth checking my gmail every hour
  12. I died as Wilson on day 11 my first playthrough. Think that's as embarresing as it gets? Nope! I died due to forgetting to put armor on agaisnt a Koallefants
  13. My interpretation of it was it'll start off with friends and family such as Seth's old survival camp buddy and Kevin's grandma for this week. Next week or week after that will be beta applicators during 2-4 weeks than the non-applicators will get a chance, Everyone will get a key as he said 2mil, probably 27 family and friends players, 80k applicators X 3 is 160K so we'll get beta acess evantually.