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  1. I'd make festive lights craftable using spores and empty bottles. Makes sense to me. total sense. The bottle can preserve the luminescence, sprinkle a bit of don't starve logic and there's your infinite light. Adds incentive to going onto the sea. I think sailing is enjoyable enough, I appreciate fishing. Very fun. Finding bottles is good, treasure hunting ocean chests is always nice, but I can understand the general complaints. It's just so slow. Especially making micromovements. Using oars can punish you almost feeling like it's for the sake of it. I'd rather just use the anchors + sails to steer small distances. I'd probably be in favor of an open beta retuning boats. Just amp them up to 11 when it comes to maneuverability and work down to find a place where everyone is happy with sailing. watch my post get ridiculed for not appeasing the regulars.
  2. 1 firefly in exchange for seeds? That's not a fair trade at all. OP can have his idea come to life and I still wouldn't craft pumpkin lanterns. I would rather keep my firefly. Hell, I'd just make the pumpkin lantern last permanently.
  3. if a boss rush mode were to be implemented, it couldn't be with the bosses we have now. I'd have it so they're upgraded versions of the bosses. It's not the worst idea when it comes to non committal runs. It's even useful to allow players to face bosses without being so intimidated by them as a lot of people can be. Could even allow casual players to explore the game beyond just eating, crafting and dying to hounds, the cold or the heat. I'd have the mode be more compact than 1 standard year and more or less force you to take down bosses. But honestly, when you figure out most of the patterns of the bosses, it can be pretty mundane. a couple of them are more deeper than hit dodge, hit dodge pivot step pause. But obviously for a couple of others, there is a higher skill ceiling. If a boss rush were to be added, hamlet bosses would be very welcome.
  4. I'd rather a better method of fire fighting in an item. It's always a hassle to deal with the aftermath of a fire, but can be very rewarding to stop a blaze before it does great damage. A malbatross fan that extinguishes the screen worth of smoldering would be a start.
  5. The short version of the suggestion; let us craft festive lights. Let me explain my idea. As it stands, glowcaps and mushlights require spores to keep them lit, failing that, a lightbulb or glowberry. There are some lucky enough to play during winter's feast and acquire festive lights from boss killing during the event. Without festive lights, keeping glowcaps or mushlights require tedious amounts of upkeep even for modest 24/7 lighting in high traffic areas. Barely enough to be worth it if worth it at all. A common consensus of veterans is that glowcaps/ml should emit infinite light. The logic being when a player defeats toadstool, darkness won't kill them as often. I have only been playing dst for a couple of years, but I have enough hours logged into the game to agree with them. I am also ex hamlet and am very familiar with the concept of infinite light and have enjoyed the game even with the danger of darkness not applicable to select areas. I've seen a few ideas that are well and good when it comes to suggestions with infinite lights including glowcaps/ml pausing spoilage of spores or just straight out reversing spoilage like a fishin bin. If klei decides to go down this route, it's well and good, but I think 2 birds can be killed with 1 stone if festive lights could be crafted. The recipe I would propose would be 1 empty bottle, 1 spore of whichever color you would like the light to be and either salt or ice. I don't really mind. It can just be the empty bottle and spore for all I care. But the reason is this, as much content as there is on the sea, there isn't as much reward for sailing as there is going walk abouts on the mainland. It's an unpopular opinion I have, but when I am on the sea, I truly do enjoy being on it, but as it stands, I can't help but feel that as much as I do have fun, there are more productive tasks I could be doing. That's where the empty bottles play their part. Bottles as a part of a very useful craft would add huge incentive to sailing. I think it is still a very underexplored part of the game and a large reason why a lot of players won't stay on the ocean is a general lack of reward. I'll just end my suggestion there. I think when it comes to infinite light, a good way to regulate the spread of illumination would be to hide them behind an ocean craft.
  6. owls would be appropriate since unlike dsa, birds abide by a day and night cycle. to add to this, would be cool to add a bird feeder attachment to a cage since I grow fond of my bird and don't want it to die if I am busy with a job or if I want to keep more than 1 bird. An owl would exacerbate the issue of multiple bird caretaking. All for the owl
  7. This is the most sensible way of criticizing red hounds. Red hounds are even more dangerous than blue hounds because death isn't the biggest punishment in the late game. It's destruction. If you want to stop destruction of your builds from taking place, you're prohibited from building the way you want to build and instead, build the way you're intended to. You cited numbers of ways of doing tasks as leaving the player deal with problems as they see fit, but red hounds are a problem with some of the least flexible solutions. A lot of faux solutions get thrown out too such as patronizing players by telling them to switch off hound attacks. That kind of behavior runs rampant in these forums because your forum regulars participate in patronizing others with problems in the game they struggle with and present solutions and suggestions in a game where forums exist to take suggestions and solutions. I will say, that reading your initial post, there are a lot of things that appear to be straight out nerfs to red hounds. The way I would propose a way of dealing with red hounds is better ways of fire fighting. Lux fan isn't enough on the fly, they recently nerfed watering cans to not extinguish as much as they did when they were introduced and ice flingomatics are extremely static, not to mention that emergency mode is *useless.* I'd add a malbatross craft from it's feathers to fan out fires in a generous radius and tone down the cooling effect if not straight out eliminating it. I will say this, what stands out from your original posts are making red hound colors more pronounced. During times where the environment filters make it more difficult to identify red and black hounds, making a mistake that can cost you months of real time work is a disproportionate punishment for eliminating a threat that tries to bite you to death. As for the vargs, red hounds = red gems. Very useful to have. Varg summons are at the very least predictable and can become a good resource when you harness them. Lots of flexibility in dealing with those red hounds. But I do share your sentiment. Red hounds make autumn the second worst season by far.
  8. Wigfrid in her rework developed a bit of a wolfgang niche; she's a great boss killer. A niche she shares with wolfgang. The two knuckleheads excel at a part of the game where you spend around maybe 1-10% of total play time doing. As it stands, by merit of diet, they're some of the worst at doing chores. Wolfgang needs more food to stay in middle form to chop wood, mine rocks, farm his own non meat food or perhaps crafting. You lose time when transforming down or up. Lots of the game can tend to become automated when your day count climbs, thus putting wolfgang out of a job. Reaching the endgame is faster with him, I'll give you that, but when you're actually there, you're better off with a lower maintenance character. Pretty similar to wigfrid. Her itty bitty tiddy little stomach empties faster than average, she's higher maintenance since all she eats is meat and you lose time with the majority of her eating animations. that tends to add up. But I digress, we're talking about wolfgang. Making him weaker for the sake of making him weaker doesn't seem in spirit with the general direction of the reworks. All wolfgang is really is a qol boss fighter. However, If I had to tone him down just for the sake of it, I'd make him the sole character to get non multiplicative bonuses from warly's damage buffs. 6x or more total damage with chaud froid because that's the strength of 6 characters. A full vanilla server of wilson damage characters. think about that. And then proceed to give him something nice for day to day that isn't just boss fighting.
  9. I love the idea. Super underwhelmed by wiggys treatment in the rework. But honestly i don't think we will get another rework for wigfrid in the nature you're describing. Your idea could probably be implemented with another idea i have perhaps tied to the mysterious energy update. Say if after defeating the mysterious energy boss every character got some overturned goodies exclusive to their character, your suggestion but in a weapon that isn't a battle spear would be pretty cool.
  10. If cooking were to add more severe punishments, it would need to add bigger benefits too. If you needed to babysit 1 single crock dish in the time it takes to cook 6, that 1 crock dish better be on steroids with it's stat modifiers or bonus effects. Cooking is probably the most utilized way of keeping fed in this game. I'd bet money in saying that it is the most popular way to get food. I wouldn't try to fix what's not broken.
  11. They did that in hamlet. There's a type of faster walking cane you can get with a durability meter when you dry a stalk from a flytrap enemy like the piranha plants from mario and after you dry the stalk, you have a faster walking cane. It has been done before and can be done again. They did a lot of cool things in hamlet that can be taken into dst and drying racks for crafting has potential. I'd probably rather having the drying rack produce usable tools and items rather than creating materials.
  12. One character doesn't own the right to be good at a task like you said, however, work is such a mundane thing to take from a character since there are so many that already do have a niche in work. I'd feel disappointed if I were a webber main to just be another miner. I also don't buy it that a spider would be able to break down a rock. having them gather resources however would be incredible. If you've sat down and just held spacebar to pick up items after a big work marathon, it takes a very long time and almost every character is equal at the task. wx is only the best by default and he prefers having the help of wickerbottom to supercharge. Webber filling the gathering niche in the context of work would be a pretty big deal. A bigger deal imo than spiders mining to step on max's toes or lumberjacking to step on woodie's. Gathering is unique, fitting and would probably be more useful than being a raw worker like those we already have.
  13. A house would be 100% welcome for me. I hate megabases. I really hate megabases. With a passion I hate them. They're quickly turning into the endgame and they're making this game into a manufacturing simulator. I absolutely love the idea of towns in this game and have tried my hand at creating neighborhoods. But without dwellings, it's really just a decoration without a way for you to fit in. I also would love to have houses for my regular guests. They're all reluctant to build what they want to build because their styles may risk clashing with my own, but also, I don't want their builds clashing with my own either. Having houses would allow my players to express their creativity in a space of their own. I would absolutely appreciate that and I think that they would too. Having an interesting way to safeguard your equipment as well in a house would be another welcome addition. You wouldn't totally need to lug around your items in fear of someone taking them when you're absent. Now; let's address the elephant in the room which is apparently already being brought up; Hamlet. I'll admit it. Hamlet houses are overtuned. There is a pronounced lack of danger in them. You can choose to hide from bosses and hounds that way until you're 100% prepped to deal with them. I remember 1 occasion in reign of giants, I stayed in the house for the whole summer. It wasn't anyone's idea of don't starve, but it was a memorable experience for me. Having said that, I dodged wildfires that way just being in the house. To combat this, I'd probably introduce mechanics to make the interior itself a danger. Low sanity would straight out lock the doors preventing escape, perhaps to simulate insanity and refusal to go outside. Special nightmare creatures in addition to what would spawn normally. Perhaps wall monsters that try to attack you when you are too close to walls. Attempts of burning anything in the house creates toxic smog to punish temperature management with fires, making them less than ideal for keeping warm or cool indoors. I'd be open to scaled furnaces indoors. I think that's a welcome addition. Allow the house to be pitch black as early as dusk to add incentive to keeping some sort of light source that isn't an open flame. Those are just a few suggestions to try to balance the indoors. Lock out a few features from interiors such as pigmen houses or bunny hutches. Anything that would be out of place inside a house, just eliminate. Chests, crockpots, iceboxes would be great to have in a house to avoid the typical megabase look. Chest areas take up too much exterior space and are quite frankly, the biggest eyesore in this game. Having a house to compartmentalize these ugly additions would be a godsend. OP, @toughguy290 you wouldn't have asked for opinions about houses if you didn't want them in base dst and I think you're a little bit too convinced by the people who don't want it in. Shelter is almost quintessential to survival in circumstances where you're going to be living in any given area for an indefinite period of time. Houses make perfect sense if they take enough time not to be rushed. Perhaps have it locked behind the second autumn to quell the complaints of the purists. Making it past the first year is a solid enough milestone to earn the privilege of being able to erect a dwelling. But as I said earlier, not make it a carbon copy of hamlet in the sense of mechanics. Add unique dangers to the house, different methods of survival inside the house and perhaps a punishment for staying indoors for too long. I truly think we're due for houses, but not the sort that will eliminate danger and something earned with time and effort. There are a wealth of ideas I have for houses in dst. A build such as this would benefit so much from dwellings. And given the multiplayer nature of dst, you can have non npc neighbors. Or choose to have npc neighbors in pigmen, bunnymen, merms or even Pearl. The concession I'll reserve for a lack of houses in base dst would be technical limitations. If they cannot be done well yet, that's that. It's a shame, but it's something that's acceptable. If they can however be added in all their glory, I'm welcoming them with OPEN arms. And I think every player should consider what it would add to the game after the survival aspect of the game is wrapped up as it usually is after all bosses are defeated. Have it be a prize for completing the mysterious energy objective. Make it unfeasible for every single world to reserve this as a goal.
  14. Work steps on Maxwell's toes. Overall your proposal is feasible. Instead of work, I'd have the spiders gather from grass tufts, saplings, berry bushes and loose items on the floor to substitute spiders mining rocks with their spider teeth. The only other thing missing is giving webber a lunge for his rework like the green and white spiders
  15. wurt can eat glowberry mousse. wigfrid cannot. That's a pretty important dish for doing projects that take hours. I don't pity wurt at all. Also cactus grows in the winter. She is fine.
  16. She ended up getting mushy cake which had a very important after effect. I don't think wigfrid needs soothing tea. It's just a little bit of extra sanity which she will gain from consistent early game fighting or lose more slowly in boss fights with her songs. The only reason she would be able to drink it would be for RP in my opinion. If you spend the day just playing as wigfrid, your sanity will be topped up from all the fighting you do just to keep fed.
  17. grass plucked has a chance of spawning grass geckos, thus destroying a single tuft. I'd rather get the grass in a day rather than risking a single item that can never be returned once lost because it was left for a little too long
  18. I don't think they killed wigfrid for the record, but as someone who plays wigfrid 99% of the time, It wasn't one I expected given my ideas for her to boost the team outside of circumstances that weren't just boss fights. I don't know what they'll do for maxwell and I can't predict what they'll do with him because what a majority of players who voiced their opinions of what they wanted and expected out of the wigfrid update, they got it entirely wrong. It's safe to guess it will be the case with maxwell. The thing with maxwell is there is a lot more to play around with when it comes to his character more than almost anyone else's. They can make him more in tune with shadows, the ancients, give him a larger combat niche while dropping the chores aspect of his existence which may work out, but then you piss off the gofers who actually like to do chores. Maxwell is perhaps the hardest character to rework. Fingers crossed they don't kill him, I don't expect him to die, wigfrid's update didn't kill her, but I won't say I wasn't disappointed
  19. Why ask for something where you know it won't even get in? Stand behind your idea if you think it's so good. You literally have no idea what I'm thinking from my response. You're a presumptuous brat and I didn't harbor any animosity towards the OP when I replied. Obviously he felt offended by what I had to say but that has nothing to do with me. "Well-met" You're an instigator and I hope you're having fun with your "Forum Friends" taking what I say and trying to make me look like I'm upset over a suggestion. Any animosity you think I have for the suggestion is animosity I harbor for you. gfys _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Truth be told, I'm not entirely content with wigfrid's songs. I for one would appreciate having more, but I know we won't get one if history serves as a reference. If my suggestions can get criticized, yours can too, OP. I've made great suggestions that haven't sat well with your regular forum andy.
  20. It's futile to ask for new songs. No other character has gotten something this small supplemented to their character post rework. It would be similar to the logic of wickerbottom getting a new book, warly getting a new dish only for him or woodie getting a new transformation. If you wanted anything for wigfrid as a supplement, you should have insisted post rework. Right now, asking for it is as good as trying to hatch a chick from a fried egg. If history is a reference, we will not get new songs.
  21. Nope. Different turfs can spawn different birds. Cobblestones affect speed. I didn't think I needed to say it. Scaled turf slows the spread of fire and is pretty ugly.
  22. lol? That's totally false equivalency. There isn't a particular strength in having a beard partially grown. Stopping groggy players from walking tired is a straight out buff. There is absolutely zero correlation between a groggy player walking tired and a partially grown beard. Not only do I disagree, but I believe that you are in fact objectively wrong.
  23. Well, it would be cool if wormwood got an additional idle too if a player decides to put gloves on wormwood. I put gloves on him too, thus, I would also miss out on his idle if I decide to play him. It's not just wigfrid who would benefit.