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  1. how do you use wormhole skins, they can't be crafted right?
  2. Or make a 4th reward be klei points after you get the first 3...
  3. It only gives you the reward once but you can click it as often as you like. It will repeatedly give you the message that you get the points.
  4. She seems a little young to be a washed up actress with no future. What is she like 15? Early 20s? She can recover without making deals with the devil. Hahah...
  5. Yeah maybe after you get the three drops, the "fourth drop" is 200 klei rewards points (or 500 points or whatever) .
  6. New character Walk├╝re confirmed. Whew Wigfrid is safe...
  7. Is there a way to refund the points I spent on the shovel so that I can use spools instead to obtain it? I'd like to buy the hat with points.
  8. you can't shift click between main inventory and backpack with the new GUI backpack layout setting.
  9. Interesting. Any one of the social medias better or different than the others? Must I track all three options?
  10. There's like no way to get more points once you've done the usual stuff right?