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  1. I click settings, trying to get the game to play full screen. It just closes the game like it was the "quit game"
  2. On the switch version (as of this date) the morning and dusk music loops at least 5 times before it suddenly stops. No way to stop it. I find it rather annoying.
  3. I was trying to get to the contaminated water area to try out some features when suddenly, while digging down the hole, poor Brady got glitched into the ground and suffocated to death. Not sure why it happen but its a bug to patch up. Please patch this bug to remember Brady, he was a good man. He kept those generators running and gave up his life to help Klei make this game a better place. Brady: cycle 1-15
  4. Oxygen Not Included Reveal

    its dont starve, but in....
  5. weird how the image doesnt load
  6. Had to make this when the new comic came out Charlie.tif