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  1. Like this, maybe?
  2. By starting to tell a long-winded Old Man Story? Those can make you deader than dead inside.
  3. Some of Wickerbottom's quotes imply that she had a cat back at home. So, maybe, her biggest fear would be something bad happening to her cat while she's stuck in the Constant - like it slowly dying of hunger alone in her house/flat, unable to get out, or her neighbours being unwilling to take care of it and throwing it onto the streets.
  4. Could've sworn I've seen it on this very forum.But then again, maybe it was just fan speculation.
  5. About Wilson's time on the Throne - correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it implied somewhere that the giants are his creations? If so, you could argue there may be some leftover Them influence in him. EDIT: Disregard this, i figured I've got official lore and fan theorizing mixed up in my head.
  6. The Potato Cup

    Skip to 49:39
  7. The Potato Cup

    And Seth DID carve a potato cup live on one of the streams back in September 2014.
  8. Can't a guy dye his hair without somebody making a big deal out of it?! Jeez!
  9. Back in the day people would sometimes colour photos made with black-and-white film after or during developing them (not sure about the exact process). Although that resulted in a much more contrasting colours than there, but I'll write it off as artistic licence.
  10. Those mutated pengulls strongly remind me of those frozen partially disembowelled animals from Tundraful level of "Alice: Madness Returns".
  11. I imagine it's like that joke from old cartoons, where two characters become stranded somewhere, and one grows hungry and starts seeing the other as a giant steak or something like that.
  12. Now, what does Wilson's pose in the announcement art remind me of? Oh, right!
  13. Why is sanity icon different? Is it called "lunacy" now or something like that?
  14. One could argue that by taking the artefacts in the first place you desecrating sacred places for the pigmen, thus disrespecting their culture.
  15. Funny thing is, back in the day British archaeologists weren't exactly respectful towards other cultures. So the poor orange grandpa will still get the slack from oversensitive virtue-signallers.