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  1. And the whole "digitizing human consciousness, and subsequent disconnect between formerly organic mind and robotic body" is a huge theme in SOMA. My point is: somebody, please, draw WX, GLaDOS and Simon hanging out.
  2. This is Turnip. There are many like him, but this one is mine.
  3. Made from polymer clay and a couple of toothpicks, and painted (rather sloppily, as you can see) with acrylic paint. Height - 12 centimetres, not counting the stand. And the mysterious scientific liquid glows in the dark, like any self-respecting mysterious scientific liquid ought to.
  4. Whoever made the spooky photo album on page 21, Codex Umbra prop on page 60 and adorable Wendy & Abigail comic on page 65 - you're awesome! And, of course, Klei team is awesome for throwing this event, but that goes without saying.
  5. How big must the note be? I've made a little figurine and incorporated the note into the sculpt, but now I'm worried it's too small.
  6. Teaser of this short Klei has posted back in August is much clearer, and it's just a bunch of people with shields and spears. Probably a photo of Wigfrid and her fellow actors in costumes.
  7. Near the start of her imaginary battle, around 0:51 or so. It flies by really quickly, though.
  8. Don't think so. Popular theory is that Wendy got pulled into The Constant during a seance. And mysterious fires seems to be Maxwell's/Theirs preferred way of destroying evidence.
  9. Wait, where was it said about the mother? Well, considering that spiritualism was extremely popular in the early 20th century, that seems like a fitting date. Also, it once again reaffirms their age to be 10 or so, since the image from William Carter puzzles, that mentions "the twins", is supposed to be from somewhere around 1904.
  10. By starting to tell a long-winded Old Man Story? Those can make you deader than dead inside.