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  1. I do genuinely have a phobia of bees, but only the real life ones. Seeing a bee on a screen doesn't actually spook me, unless it's a photo or a video of a real one. Hell, one of my favourite plasmids in "Bioshock" is the one that turns your hand into a beehive. But I bet there are people with a more severe version of the same phobia that are disturbed even by cartoony bees and therefore would be discouraged to play a game they would otherwise enjoy. Bee Queen's loot, sweet as it may be, is completely optional. You can play the game and enjoy it just fine without ever fighting her. Lunar Islands are optional as well. You decide whether to engage with them. But where do we stop? There are hundreds of thousands DST players, each one of them has their own fears and hang-ups. What if a portion of them is extremely arachnophobic but still want to experience every single spider-related piece of content? What about people with fear of caves? Or sea creatures, deep water and drowning? Should we just add some sort of Pyrovision-style filter that would allow even people with the most delicate constitution to experience the game fully? And adding a filter only to Horror Hounds and Moonrock Pengulls would inevitably raise questions, like why only they get a special treatment, why other scary mobs are left as they are? Besides, the thing is, not everything is going to be 100% made for everyone. I am easily startled and I feel uneasy playing with strangers (I almost always play DST alone), therefore I generally stay away from horror and multiplayer-only games. Sure, this means I miss tons of great games, but that's life. To me this doesn't seem like a correct term to refer to the features people suggest. To me accessibility feature is something that gives players ability to experience the game, as the devs intended it, despite their physical limitations or language barrier. Toning down spooky elements, while technically opening the game to the wider audience, betrays its core design. The "Don't Starve" series has always had a dark undercurrent to it, neutering it would be like removing portals from "Portal" because some people get motion sickness easily.
  2. I have apiphobia (fear of bees). Klei should prioritize me over thousands of other players who don't have it and take time off developing actually important content and add a visual filter that puts a big black "Censored" bar atop of every bee-related mob and item. I know I can turn off bees in game settings, but I want to experience the content that I know will disturb me, for some reason. And there totally shouldn't be anything spooky in a game that is described as the sequel/expansion to an "uncompromising wilderness survival game [...] full of strange creatures, dangers, and surprises. Hashtagbeecancelled
  3. No, what I meant is that maybe Maxwell promised Warly to lift the burden of caring for his mother from him but never gave the specifics, and Warly, naturally, assumed he was going to cure her. When in reality Maxwell was going to "solve" Warly's problem by taking him away from his mother.
  4. Well, maybe Maxwell didn't outright promise to cure Warly's mother, but said something vague like: "You won't need to take care of your mother anymore", thus technically still keeping his end of the deal when he transported Warly to the Constant.
  5. Teaser of this short Klei has posted back in August is much clearer, and it's just a bunch of people with shields and spears. Probably a photo of Wigfrid and her fellow actors in costumes.
  6. Near the start of her imaginary battle, around 0:51 or so. It flies by really quickly, though.
  7. Yes, klei, just rip my heart out again, why won't you.
  8. Don't think so. Popular theory is that Wendy got pulled into The Constant during a seance. And mysterious fires seems to be Maxwell's/Theirs preferred way of destroying evidence.
  9. Wait, where was it said about the mother? Well, considering that spiritualism was extremely popular in the early 20th century, that seems like a fitting date. Also, it once again reaffirms their age to be 10 or so, since the image from William Carter puzzles, that mentions "the twins", is supposed to be from somewhere around 1904.
  10. By starting to tell a long-winded Old Man Story? Those can make you deader than dead inside.
  11. Those mutated pengulls strongly remind me of those frozen partially disembowelled animals from Tundraful level of "Alice: Madness Returns".
  12. I imagine it's like that joke from old cartoons, where two characters become stranded somewhere, and one grows hungry and starts seeing the other as a giant steak or something like that.
  13. Now, what does Wilson's pose in the announcement art remind me of? Oh, right!