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  1. Some more Wilson variations for you to consider: 1) Here's him with bare white arms in some sort of DST concept art. And once again, in an old DS poster in Disney style (by Jeff Agala). 2) But, here's also him with white arms and black hands (possibly, short gloves) in a drawing made for an old Chester plush Kickstarter campaign. And now him with bare arms and definitely wearing short black gloves in Shank-style DS poster (again, by Jeff Agala).
  2. Made from polymer clay and a couple of toothpicks, and painted (rather sloppily, as you can see) with acrylic paint. Height - 12 centimetres, not counting the stand. And the mysterious scientific liquid glows in the dark, like any self-respecting mysterious scientific liquid ought to.
  3. Teaser of this short Klei has posted back in August is much clearer, and it's just a bunch of people with shields and spears. Probably a photo of Wigfrid and her fellow actors in costumes.
  4. Near the start of her imaginary battle, around 0:51 or so. It flies by really quickly, though.
  5. Don't think so. Popular theory is that Wendy got pulled into The Constant during a seance. And mysterious fires seems to be Maxwell's/Theirs preferred way of destroying evidence.
  6. Wait, where was it said about the mother? Well, considering that spiritualism was extremely popular in the early 20th century, that seems like a fitting date. Also, it once again reaffirms their age to be 10 or so, since the image from William Carter puzzles, that mentions "the twins", is supposed to be from somewhere around 1904.
  7. By starting to tell a long-winded Old Man Story? Those can make you deader than dead inside.
  8. Those mutated pengulls strongly remind me of those frozen partially disembowelled animals from Tundraful level of "Alice: Madness Returns".
  9. One could argue that by taking the artefacts in the first place you desecrating sacred places for the pigmen, thus disrespecting their culture.
  10. Funny thing is, back in the day British archaeologists weren't exactly respectful towards other cultures. So the poor orange grandpa will still get the slack from oversensitive virtue-signallers.