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  1. Oh Christ Almighty, the memeing. Does he have a soft spot for beefalos in general? Can anyone post his other beefalo-related quotes?
  2. I think it's just a joke on how Wendy is a creepy little girl. Or maybe Wortox heard other survivors refer to her as creepy and thought she had some soul-stealing abilities too.
  3. He looks like Wolfgang and Maxwell had some sort of "The Fly"-esque telelocator freak accident.
  4. Yes, Maxwell did write a postcard, but we can't say for sure if he ever sent it (judging how Jack's name and address are all crossed out, I'm guessing, he didn't). And William didn't change his name, we can see him leaving an ad in a newspaper under his real name.
  5. Winona Update Lore

    @SpikeGuy, I bolded the words you weren't sure about. Dear Winona, How are you?! Congratulations on the new job! I knew you would find something soon. Have you settled in alright? Are you taking care of yourself? I'm still here in San Fran and things are going well. My magic act partner has taught me so much about showmanship in such a short time. I think you two would really get along! You're both very stubborn. Haha!
  6. So, there's a poster for 1910 Brussels World Fair. According to Wikipedia " There was a big fire on 14 and 15 August which gutted several pavilions. " Hmmm...
  7. Are you sure she's in charge already? She doesn't have the queenly look she assumes at the end of "A New Reign" short.
  8. One could argue that by taking the artefacts in the first place you desecrating sacred places for the pigmen, thus disrespecting their culture.
  9. Funny thing is, back in the day British archaeologists weren't exactly respectful towards other cultures. So the poor orange grandpa will still get the slack from oversensitive virtue-signallers.
  10. Wormwood's secret origin discovered!
  11. Regarding the Warbucks nontroversy. If indeed he was removed permanently or is going to be reworked heavily to the point of seeming like a completely different character not because of legitimate reasons like art style clash or useless perks, but because some people found him offensive, then I'd like to point out that: When I was little our house burned down. Kiel, remove Willow plz. My great-grandfather and his siblings were victims of dekulakization. Klie, remove Wolfgang ples. Considering that most of my ancestors were poor peasants, it's safe to say that they have experienced starvation at least once in their lives. Leik, remove the entire game plox.
  12. I'm 50/50 on new Wormwood's design. I like the new head, the old one looked more like a ram or something, rather than a plant. But I think the old body was cooler, with the gem being partially covered with vines. Now the gem looks like it was glued on at the very last moment as an afterthought.
  13. Judging by the face paint and the name of the skin (The Ultimate Performer) Wigfrid could also be a homage to Ultimate Warrior. Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't this guy known for getting way into character sometimes?
  14. Alright, Wolfgang's new skin is clearly inspired by Hulk Hogan, are the other two also based on famous wrestlers?
  15. There is, actually. An official canon timeline one of the devs posted way back in 2014: "1910ish - 1921: The various playable characters get pulled into the DS world. 1921: Wilson gets pulled in (Forbidden Knowlege trailer). *THE ORIGINAL GAME + ROG STARTS HERE*" Although, your last point, that it could've been retconed, might apply here.