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  1. [Poll] Twitch/YouTube

    When Grammar use to play DST, I watched frequently on Twitch. Maybe two-three times a week. Now-a-days I mostly watch Twitch for drops. On Youtube though, I always enjoy James Bucket's content.
  2. Always more biomes, both land & sea.
  3. What is WX's Gender

    This comes up a lot. He's a robot. Def has nuts.
  4. Wheeler please! Range & motion. ^.^
  5. All the things, basically. Island biomes are my greatest wish, but more diversity on the actual water would be great. Aesthetically, farming, fishing, the whole nine. I want way more reasons to go out to sea than just stone fruit.
  6. I love this idea. I've never even thought about elevation, and now that I have, & reading everyone's ideas here, it could add so, so, so much to the game. Hopefully Klei takes not for their next big update. Actually, I'm sure this idea has had to come up at some point. Klei's perspective on it would be an interesting read.
  7. Same on the Woodie-esque rework, that would be dreadful. I'm only worried a tad though because recent threads (although, three months or so ago was a different story) have had a lot of the community saying "We just want her to be better, not change her play style too much." And Wendy mains have basically always said that. I'm trying to put my faith in them keeping true to her, since Klei tends to be pretty good about noticing feedback. Keeping my fingers crossed. Don't hurt my depressed child Klei.
  8. Wendy. I mean, a part of me dreads it, I worry a tad... but Klei has a pretty good track record in my book. And oh, the lore.
  9. This happened to me and another guy before. The moment we loaded into a cave, we had meatballs, there were bunnies... And we were ghosties. It was kinda hilarious though. XD But I agree, being fully loaded before being attacked would be nice. I have a feeling that would be next to impossible to implement though, unless they just removed anything that could aggro near the entrance, and that would kind of suck.
  10. Screenshot showcase

    I wanted to show off my new pink hat! And since we're talking about Willow's burning things...
  11. [Poll] On Food Sources

    I'd have included ice in the poll, since it never expires and is a very abundant filler, provided you take time to gather it during Winter. If I'm playing Wendy, there will always be bee boxes. Just so easy to make, but rarely do I mess with it when I'm on other characters unless I've built everything else. I always make a werepig farm, unless I'm playing Wurt alone. Same with having a few near by spider dens or hound mounds. Although, if I'm Wurt & I'm playing with others, a spider den beside merms & a tentacle is an excellent way to feed everyone else. Also a couple of farms in the early days if there isn't a Wormwood, then everyone tends to go for stone fruit once we have found Moon Island. In the caves I always have a couple of mushroom planters. Usually 2-3 up top as well. As much as I like building bunny hutches, I usually don't farm from them too much. They're certainly useful but with everything above, not needed. I love having a Wicker around but I never play her and I don't know too many people who do. My experience with her is mostly in pubs.
  12. Chester gender?

    Oh God.
  13. If the old New Year event stuff could be weave-able, if even for just the duration of this event, that'd be swell.
  14. Yiiiikes. I agree it should at least be an elegant. I wonder if that's why that hat is $5 bucks cheaper though.
  15. So I just purchased the pink beanie from the Klei store because pink beanie! x3 And I love that it comes along with a Winter hat skin (maybe I even purchased it mostly 'cause of that). I'm curious what the mystery gifts are for the blue beanie and a couple of other items in the store that just have a box icon in the corner. I tried looking on the skin's lists floating around here but didn't see anything that corresponded. Anyone know?