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  1. When this releases, pub bases are gonna be wild.
  2. YEEEEEES give me the cute merm and Hallowed Nights already!!!
  3. Here lately I have a rage meter, so call me D Fly. I sound like a rapper.
  4. Wendy has a canon age

    I recently became addicted to A Hat in Time*, and I'd really like to see this mod... Ninja Edit: Oh, one exists.
  5. Whenever I see Wendy animation, I'm stoked. I'm anticipating Hallowed Nights so hard this year. ♥
  6. I'm craving Dia de Los Muertos themed items sooo bad. What exactly? Idk, but stoof! A temporary bread food would even make me happy.
  7. Even I scream when not fed. :< Yes. Pretty much why I'm that person who picks flowers sometimes. I agree some very minimal perks would be cool though. Attack dmg, less hunger loss, sanity boost - on a garland scale. Etc.
  8. My stupidest death story ties into one of my favorite chaotic pub moments as well. Basically, I joined an official DST server. Decided to play Webber, because I love spider basing in pubs. My team comprised of randoms but who seemed to know what they were doing based in the Oasis. So I decided to make my base in the rocky biome which was already covered in spiders between the Oasis & PK. We had a wonderful map layout if I ever saw one. And for a time, we lived in harmony. Then Spring came. My team mates began to drop like flies, which really, a random pub making it passed Winter is pretty nice anyway. Suppose I can't complain there. At this point my spidey base has all the fixings, including a flingo in the center of about 20 something spider nests. Like a good Webber, I broke them down & replanted them at stage 3, protecting my non-Webbers. There was only one way in & out of the Oasis after all, and I was dead center of that with my hairy fam. Enter 3 new players stage right. None of them knew what they were doing, which would have been fine, if they didn't die and... stay dead. Resurrect them? They'd die again. And it's not that they wanted to stay dead, at first. Eventually though they gave up, and stayed dead. Pretty much everyone left from the original team besides one other fella & I. [See first two photos.] On a dark, stormy night, when my sanity was already depleted from rain & ghosts, & all I had to help me combat the shadows was an abandoned Bernie... Frog rain began. I donned my helmet, and my spider army CHARGED! We fought valiantly as freezing began to take hold, & as I made my way to the fire pit, a lone frog sniped me. What was wonderful though, is I came back in Summer. Some how, the three newbies had came back to life, and were surviving in our main base off of our remains. Too afraid to even leave this shelter. MY WIVES HATCHED ALL AT ONCE. As you can see in the last picture where I cackle maniacally.
  9. Personally happy to have my original Autumn music back. I'd been using the mod to negate it. Looking forward to hearing it where it was meant to be implemented though! Sounds action packed.
  10. I chose Wendy, because I'm hella curious to see what her rework will bring to the table. Her story is the first one to pique my interest when I started playing. However, Winona & Willow are close seconds. And I don't even care too much for Winona's game play, but her being Charlie's sister trying to save her... I guess I go for the sisterly-stories? Lol.
  11. Idk man, I've seen much worse. Ever been in a Korean MMO community? Oof. I'm actually enjoying playing Woodie though! Never thought I would. He was never to my taste, but jack of all trade characters get me every time.
  12. Beaver. Twerkin' that tale.
  13. This will be my new Steam name. I kept trying to think of something besides Sailor Starve or Sailor Constant.
  14. I'm refraining from saying much until it gets here, because I just don't know what they'll do. I will say however, I'm all for a Willow style upgrade, or just leaving her alone besides making Abigail a bit more intuitive. I'd hate to see something like the Woodie rework, which alters the base game play. Not on this Wendy / character-rework thread, but many others I've seen, it seems like people who don't play Wendy much are the loudest. They want her to be entirely different. With Woodie, I could kind of see it because I personally didn't run into many Woodie mains. With Wendy I see them regularly out in the wilds of public servers. Crossing my fingers they'll do her justice, and not a disservice to the many people who already enjoy her.
  15. I'd hate to have Woodie's human form chopping speed taken. It's quite satisfying, really. Maybe that's because tree chopping has always felt monotonous to me on other characters. And besides that, I do find there's balance between human form Woodie being able to summon more tree guards, if you need living logs, and the Beav being able to demolish a forest more quickly without interruption for just wood. I mean, even on a Wendy solo world I have 4 stacks of living logs. They aren't that hard to get. All these things make him a pretty good lumberjack in the constant. I'll agree he might be lacking a hard downside, but he seems to have soft ones everywhere. He doesn't excel exponentially in any field, rather he's a jack of all trades. He can't use his inventory while in any form either. He's at 0 hunger upon transforming back which means he needs to eat, or even added healing items if it stays at 0 too long. This also means he can't just instantly transform back to a were state. I'd say he's fine as is, but I'll let the Woodie mains duke it out. I'll be fussing enough if they pull my poor Wendy apart.