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  1. HYPE HYPE HYPE Can't wait to have time to sit and play. That sail is niiiice.
  2. 'Kaaaaaaaaaay I need more things to follow, I'm missing 200 points for that sign. xD This is great though. I have been wanting these skins for so long! Thanks Klei.
  3. Funny enough as someone with a family variation of the name, we all have dark features.
  4. It would be nice if the furnace incinerated things.
  5. Wendy/Abigail rework

    He lives a nice life before the slaughter. A whole 20 days in his own pen, with his own little box. A sign reads "Glommer Sanctuary" right outside his gate. He feels safe and I always make it quick and painless. <3
  6. Wendy/Abigail rework

    But he will die. Many, many times - a krampus sack doesn't farm itself. I'm on the "I like Wendy as is" train. Being able to toggle between passive & aggressive (it's Wendy, she is passive aggressive) would be all I'd ask for. I'm certainly curious as to what Klei will do with her rework, considering I find her balanced. If her flower becomes equippable for whatever reason, I called it.
  7. It looks SO GOOD! Grats devs on another success. ♥
  8. Depending on what you ate, you'd become nutrient deficient, potentially have a host of stomach problems, gallstones, etc. Heck, knew a guy who lived off ramen for 2 months, he had very painful bathroom trips for months after. Not saying I want this, but in the real world, eating the same thing over and over can 'cause issues. Especially something like meatballs.
  9. Wendy mains hollaaaaaaaaa~*
  10. Powdercake & Powder!

    And catch those berry stealing gobblers.
  11. Can I play The gorge?

    Meanwhile I just want the circus Twitch skins to become available at some point. x'3 Kicking myself for missing those!
  12. I thought only Warly could use his equipment and make his specific recipes?
  13. That short broke my heart but was so sweet. </3 Hype hype hype!!!