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  1. It's a simple upgrade, but I don't feel like Wigfred needed much. She has always been in a very good spot imo. This just made her a little more interesting.
  2. The short was amazing! Def my favorite behind Wendy's. And those drops are sweet. Time to go turn on Glermz. Also I need Hallowed Nights like yesterday. Can't wait.
  3. I wasn't trying to get Wendy but I'm quite pleased.
  4. Thanks as always Klei! And I'm glad to see Gorge clothing. +_+
  5. Too many pages to go through, but I love this update. Especially Wes with his odds of survival being "None."
  6. These skins are amazing. The tent is my favorite one this go round! And I love that we can now reskin objects. I hadn't even checked out the beta so the content is all new to me! Looking forward to going through it. Thanks as always Klei.
  7. I made 2 sisturns (1 for looks) & put glommer in the middle. Mini sanity station.
  8. Personally happy with this hotfix! Thanks Klei.
  9. Abigail dances with you now. I'm so happy. ;-;
  10. I wanted to show off my new pink hat! And since we're talking about Willow's burning things...
  11. Log back in (don't close the tab, just click the log in from there*) and click rewards. I had to do the same as I was checking to see if they ever updated it.