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  1. A Few Oddities

    That last one is only partially a glitch. You're supposed to access the Seafaring items through the 'Thinktank' crafting station. The descriptions missing is indeed bugged ninja'd
  2. Sans, the character, was named after the font he speaks in, Comic Sans. The same goes for his brother. The word ‘Sans’ actually means without or minus. But, back on-topic.
  3. Furthermore, nobody seems to have mentioned the fact that the factory itself was on the board? It would be very strange for there to be a picture related to the events at the factory, before the events actually happened. I genuinely can’t tell if this is a joke or an actual error on my part you’re pointing out. English isn’t my first language.
  4. I suppose it depends on whether you consider skins canon. If the Verdant skins are canon, then it's likely that Wes was partcipating in the event as a painter. However, if the skins aren't canon, my whole theory about him is mere speculation. It could be possible he was indeed just a mime there, and considering that his whole deal is that of a mime in-game, that seems the most plausible. Seeing as all characters that are pulled in are in their clothes they wore when they were pulled in, we can assume that Wes was taken while he was doing mime things. Still, though, his Verdant skin mentions he likes to paint in his 'off-time'. He still could've participated at the convention as a painter, or at the very least mock the other painters in his schticks. Regardless, you are right in that Wes had to indeed have been miming when he was taken to the Constant. Though, it would seem weird to me that he's just a random mime. Waxwell states that he wasn't amused by Wes when examining his trapped version in Adventure Mode. While that statement may be about how Wes behaved in the Constant, it may also refer to something Wes did before he was taken. My personal headcanon would be along the lines of Wes mocking Maxwell's magic tricks either through mime or paint, and Maxwell taking revenge on him by trapping him in his world, setting the pavilions where Wes was 'working' ablaze in the process in order to hide his disappearance. Side notes: If Wes was indeed taken in 1910, he could very well be the one who has been in the Constant the longest, sans Maxwell and Charlie. Wes' Verdant skin parts are called 'fauvist's [...]'. Fauvism was a painting style that originates from France in the early 20th century. It emphasised using strong colours to depict things as opposed to realistic depictions with realistic colours.
  5. Since we have new info from the board, I’ll edit the main post once I’m home. Stay tuned!
  6. So, as most of you know by know, Klei released a short last week tellings us snippits about Winona's story, and how she got pulled into the Constant. However, apart from Winona, we see stuff from the other characters as well. These being: Wendy, WX-78, Wickerbottom, Woodie, William Carter (aka Maxwell) and maybe even Wes. I won't be going into details regarding Winona, since this thread'll be about the stuff regarding the other characters. I won't be going into Maxwell either (yet) since he is, to me anyway, the least interesting character in this short. Keep in mind that this is all just speculation and information may be wrongly interpreted on my part. To begin, we have a timeline as stated by Kevin some years ago: Now there's not much I could find about Wendy, WX-78 and Woodie, apart from their presence on the board. However, the other 3, Wickerbottom, Wes and Maxwell, are hinted at, with the latter being the most obvious. First, there's Wendy. We clearly see a picture/photograph/drawing of Abigail's flower. We know Wendy and Abigail are likely to be the twins Jack Carter refers to in his letter to his brother, William: As we can see on the board, Abigail's flower is clearly connected to the shows held by Maxwell and Charlie, to Charlie's letter to Winona and to Wagstaff's information card (I forget what that's called). The latter suggests that the twins have gone missing too, since Wagstaff's 'card' is linked to Woodie going missing, meaning that the twins likely have disappeared as well. Though, what fascinates me is the connection to the Final Act specifically. Were they in the audience as it happened? Possibly. WX's next. With the new info we could see from the stream last night, we see that WX-78 has connections to Wickerbottom and the 'Automations' mentioned in the newly revealed article. First off, WX-78's connection to Wickerbottom. WX's blueprint is linked to specifically Wickerbottom's 'Missing' poster. While it may just mean that Wickerbottom was involved in the process surrounding the creation of WX, it may also mean that WX is somehow responsible for Wickerbottom's disappearance. Admittedly, it's a stretch to say that WX directly caused Wickerbottom to be pulled into the Constant, but since I can't find any evidence for both explainations, I won't rule this out. Then there's WX-78's connection to the article about 'Automations'. Could it be possible WX-78 was a prototype of the Clockwork creatures we see in the Constant? Perhaps the other way round? To be honest, I have no clue on this one. Now for Wickerbottom herself. The stuff about her isn't particularly noteworthy apart from her place of origin, but for the sake of integrity, here's what I know. This fire actually happened. You can read about it here: Obviously, the person who created the board has made the connection between other missing persons and this libary specifically. So what can we deduce from this? Well, quite simple. It's potential evidence that Wickerbottom is from New York. As of now, we don't know any other characters that are related to libraries, so that connection is easily made. Fires seem to be a recurring theme when it comes to taking characters into the Constant, so this further supports this. The date fits as well - 1911. All in all, it seems to be pretty much confirmed that Wickerbottom is from New York - specifically Albany, if we are to believe the fire mentioned is the one that happened in real life. EDIT: With the new tidbits discovered from the last stream, we find a 'Missing' poster of Wickerbottom herself. It's practically guaranteed now that Wickerbottom was taken during the library fire. However, what's strange is that Wickerbottom is apparently connected to WX-78, or at least a prototype of it. Furthermore, that WX blueprint is connected to the article which clearly depicts Clockwork Bishops. Could Wickerbottom possibly be involved in the creation of WX-78? It seems likely, to say the least. Now onto Wes. There's a flyer of "Exposition Universelle et internationale" de 1910. Yet again, this was an actual event. The 'Exposition Universelle et Internationale' of 1910 was held in Brussels. What makes me think this could be related to Wes, comes forth from 2 things mentioned on the wikipedia page about the convention. During the event, there was a major art exhibit where famous artists' works were displayed. During the event, painters were also allowed to participate. We only know of one character who's done painting. That being Wes, or more specifically, his Verdant skin. And, that's not all. The convention was in 1910, as the flyer states, which fits into the timelime of the 'other' characters being taken into the 'Constant'. However, there's even more; According to the wikipedia page of the event, there was a big fire which "gutted several pavilions". This, to me, doesn't seem to be a coincidence. We already know Winona and who we assume is Wagstaff were taken during a fire, Wickerbottom was presumably taken during a fire, and chances are the "San Francisco Fire" in 1906 was when Charlie and Maxwell were taken. To me, this seems to prove that Wes was involved in this event. And, given the fact that the flyer is on the board in the first place, it's practically confirmed. So. There's what I've gathered thus far, I might be coming back to this as I discover more, but for now I'll keep it at that. Perhaps any of you can find any stuff I've missed, or perhaps you have proof that my theory is completely wrong? Kudos to @Alecs. from our discord server for making me realise certain things, gathering dates and making sure I didn't overlook anything.
  7. Don't Starve: Hamlet Roadmap

    Been a while since I posted anything proper, but here's an idea regarding this 'adventurer': For whatever reason, they look female to me. A female 'adventurer' in the early 20th century that's particularly noteworthy is Amelia Earhart, an aviator known for being the first female aviator to do a solo-flight across the Atlantic. She went missing in an attempt to fly across the globe. And what happened to people that are in the Constant? They disappeared. While it admittedly is a stretch, she does fit the profile of this new character. A globetrotting adventurer that found herself in a world in the sky, now lost and alone after her aircraft crashed. It fits the theme. The floating lands of the Hamlet and the aviation she occupied herself with. Now, of course it's not going to be straight-up Earhart, if at all, but rather an 'Don't Starve-ified' version of her. No idea what her perks would be, though. my, this got so many likes
  8. [Game Update] - 303169

    Are you sure it isn't actually Spring? When starting a normal RoG world, the world can begin as either Spring or Autumn. You can change this in the generation settings.
  9. Very, VERY minor, but I noticed several typo's and the like in the World Customisation screen in a Hamlet world. Going by the order in which they appear: Fog, Brambles and Hayfever are not capitalised (says 'fog', 'brambles' and 'hayfever', respectively) Glowfly Cycle is missing an L (says 'Glowfy Cycle') Rusted Hulks is using its prefab name (says 'rusted_hulks') Antman and Roc are not capitalised (says 'antman' and 'roc' respectively) I'm very aware that this is probably very nitpicky, but it may be something that you want to have fixed regardless.
  10. [Game Update] - 280979

    Ah yes. Going in for some lightbulbs in the middle of summer, only to resurface to a slap to the face by Mr. Deerclops. Good to see this fixed, it actually made me scared to go spelunking.
  11. Someone in our group crashed and couldn't join again for some reason, but that's not the thing I'm referring to. He had the cooking pot in his inventory when he crashed, and he didn't drop it as he crashed, leaving us without cooking equipment. Although it wasn't a completely serious attempt, it still made us completely unable to do anything.
  12. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    It is, check Klei’s Twitter.
  13. [Game Update] - 270528

    *just squeed extremely loud because there's a fridge skin* Wolf's legs are missing on this one though.
  14. I’m guessing those will arive when the next winter event hits. I believe a dev said something about them, but I forgot what, where and who.
  15. From what I've seen, it's basically the same as the Gobble Shrine. It needs to be activated with a torch though, rather than a bush. You'll need to 'give' it though, and not set it ablaze. Besides that, I'm not entirely sure.