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  1. Year of the Gobbler (Dog)

    Chinese New Year is on the 16th of Februari iirc. So if there’s indeed a second instance of Year of the Gobbler/Hound, I doubt it’s coming this month.
  2. Since this has clearly derailed, I’ll ask @ImDaMisterL to close the thread.
  3. Skins: Thought, Ideas, and Discussion

    The only thing I want skinned at this point is the icebox. I don’t even care what skin it would be, just gimme something
  4. Questionable Things

    My grand total from both games would result in: 1st place: Terrorbeaks. Especially in ruins. 2nd place: Tentacles. Trying to get that frickin' flower Abby drops when she's killed meant my stunlocked death more times than I'd like to admit. 3rd place: Shadow Bishop. This guy knows when I'm trying to get away for heals. Honourable mention: Pengulls, believe it or not...
  5. Shadow chester, and ice chester too for that matter, is still good ol' Otto. Same stats, same behaviour, same flavour. Spiders don't know the difference, nor do they care. So yes, spiders DO attack shadow chester.
  6. Skins: Thought, Ideas, and Discussion

    Does anyone know if the common weekly skin drops are still curio chests? I haven’t seen anyone mention it at all.
  7. How do you get that "title" under your nickname?

    There used to be a time when the Title Fairy would give you a title if you made an extremely embarrassing typo. From totally intentional tests, I can conclude: that is no longer the case.
  8. Ah, I see you found a way to get there! How was your travel to Walmart: Moonbase Location to pick up your fridge?

    1. GentlemanFridge


      A bit rough, the food on board was a tad bland as well, but that doesn’t matter! The location itself was beautiful though, albeit a bit chilly...

      My thanks again for this great gift!

  9. Crafting list

    I did, but I won’t bother anyone with that story here. Perhaps another time.
  10. I’m afraid Klei is unable to help you at the moment. They’re on holiday for at least this week. I believe they’ll be back on January the 4th. Hang in there!
  11. Crafting list

    Maybe you can change the resolution to fit on your screen? That is, if it’s the Steam version. If not, then I can’t say for sure.
  12. Max amount of drops?

    I actually saw someone get a Pugna chest from one of the 4 main drops last week. I think Queron saw that happening to someone else as well.
  13. Character Skins from the Past

    Thursday. Well, Friday here... I believe the exact time would be 1:30am CET, but I might be wrong.
  14. Character Skins from the Past

    The chests drop like normal skindrops. So, unless you get a tier higher than classy, you get 4 skins instead of 1. In theory you can get 16 skins through regular drops during this event. Hope that makes any sense...
  15. Character Skins from the Past

    The Trade-Inn is indeed a way to get The Survivor, of any character, albeit very unlikely. Besides that, there isn’t any other way to directly buy them.