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  1. I have a few questions regarding this. Some of which I may just have missed in the beta.: If they're displayed in the Produce Scales without being waxed, do they still spoil? Can they be removed without destroying the Scale itself or by replacing it by a heavier crop? "Weighing giant veggies now adds a picture of the heaviest veggie you have weighed to the Plant Registry." Where exactly is this displayed? I can't seem to find it, if it's supposed to display the weight too.
  2. I've had this happen too, but it's usually because of him responding to me scaring away several crows at once. If you quickly click on another set of wrappers when you do so, the dialog box will just disappear, but his voice will still play.
  3. Been a while since I posted anything proper, but here's an idea regarding this 'adventurer': For whatever reason, they look female to me. A female 'adventurer' in the early 20th century that's particularly noteworthy is Amelia Earhart, an aviator known for being the first female aviator to do a solo-flight across the Atlantic. She went missing in an attempt to fly across the globe. And what happened to people that are in the Constant? They disappeared. While it admittedly is a stretch, she does fit the profile of this new character. A globetrotting adventurer that found herself in a world in the sky, now lost and alone after her aircraft crashed. It fits the theme. The floating lands of the Hamlet and the aviation she occupied herself with. Now, of course it's not going to be straight-up Earhart, if at all, but rather an 'Don't Starve-ified' version of her. No idea what her perks would be, though. my, this got so many likes
  4. Are you sure it isn't actually Spring? When starting a normal RoG world, the world can begin as either Spring or Autumn. You can change this in the generation settings.
  5. Very, VERY minor, but I noticed several typo's and the like in the World Customisation screen in a Hamlet world. Going by the order in which they appear: Fog, Brambles and Hayfever are not capitalised (says 'fog', 'brambles' and 'hayfever', respectively) Glowfly Cycle is missing an L (says 'Glowfy Cycle') Rusted Hulks is using its prefab name (says 'rusted_hulks') Antman and Roc are not capitalised (says 'antman' and 'roc' respectively) I'm very aware that this is probably very nitpicky, but it may be something that you want to have fixed regardless.
  6. Ah yes. Going in for some lightbulbs in the middle of summer, only to resurface to a slap to the face by Mr. Deerclops. Good to see this fixed, it actually made me scared to go spelunking.
  7. Someone in our group crashed and couldn't join again for some reason, but that's not the thing I'm referring to. He had the cooking pot in his inventory when he crashed, and he didn't drop it as he crashed, leaving us without cooking equipment. Although it wasn't a completely serious attempt, it still made us completely unable to do anything.
  8. *just squeed extremely loud because there's a fridge skin* Wolf's legs are missing on this one though.
  9. I’m guessing those will arive when the next winter event hits. I believe a dev said something about them, but I forgot what, where and who.
  10. From what I've seen, it's basically the same as the Gobble Shrine. It needs to be activated with a torch though, rather than a bush. You'll need to 'give' it though, and not set it ablaze. Besides that, I'm not entirely sure.
  11. Ah, I see you found a way to get there! How was your travel to Walmart: Moonbase Location to pick up your fridge?

    1. GentlemanFridge


      A bit rough, the food on board was a tad bland as well, but that doesn’t matter! The location itself was beautiful though, albeit a bit chilly...

      My thanks again for this great gift!

  12. Merry Early Christmas Buddy!

    I decided to go out on a limb and get you a christmas gift you’re sure to have wished for.


    It’s a fridge!*

    (*Redeemable at select retailers only)

    1. GentlemanFridge


      Oh my!

      At which stores can I redeem it?

      My biggest thank-you’s, my friend!

    2. Auth


      At Walmart.

      At the moon location.


      ...It was a good deal, alright?

    3. GentlemanFridge


      No worries, I'll find a way to get there!