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  1. I don't think they killed wigfrid for the record, but as someone who plays wigfrid 99% of the time, It wasn't one I expected given my ideas for her to boost the team outside of circumstances that weren't just boss fights. I don't know what they'll do for maxwell and I can't predict what they'll do with him because what a majority of players who voiced their opinions of what they wanted and expected out of the wigfrid update, they got it entirely wrong. It's safe to guess it will be the case with maxwell. The thing with maxwell is there is a lot more to play around with when it comes to his character more than almost anyone else's. They can make him more in tune with shadows, the ancients, give him a larger combat niche while dropping the chores aspect of his existence which may work out, but then you piss off the gofers who actually like to do chores. Maxwell is perhaps the hardest character to rework. Fingers crossed they don't kill him, I don't expect him to die, wigfrid's update didn't kill her, but I won't say I wasn't disappointed
  2. Why ask for something where you know it won't even get in? Stand behind your idea if you think it's so good. You literally have no idea what I'm thinking from my response. You're a presumptuous brat and I didn't harbor any animosity towards the OP when I replied. Obviously he felt offended by what I had to say but that has nothing to do with me. "Well-met" You're an instigator and I hope you're having fun with your "Forum Friends" taking what I say and trying to make me look like I'm upset over a suggestion. Any animosity you think I have for the suggestion is animosity I harbor for you. gfys _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Truth be told, I'm not entirely content with wigfrid's songs. I for one would appreciate having more, but I know we won't get one if history serves as a reference. If my suggestions can get criticized, yours can too, OP. I've made great suggestions that haven't sat well with your regular forum andy.
  3. It's futile to ask for new songs. No other character has gotten something this small supplemented to their character post rework. It would be similar to the logic of wickerbottom getting a new book, warly getting a new dish only for him or woodie getting a new transformation. If you wanted anything for wigfrid as a supplement, you should have insisted post rework. Right now, asking for it is as good as trying to hatch a chick from a fried egg. If history is a reference, we will not get new songs.
  4. Nope. Different turfs can spawn different birds. Cobblestones affect speed. I didn't think I needed to say it. Scaled turf slows the spread of fire and is pretty ugly.
  5. lol? That's totally false equivalency. There isn't a particular strength in having a beard partially grown. Stopping groggy players from walking tired is a straight out buff. There is absolutely zero correlation between a groggy player walking tired and a partially grown beard. Not only do I disagree, but I believe that you are in fact objectively wrong.
  6. Well, it would be cool if wormwood got an additional idle too if a player decides to put gloves on wormwood. I put gloves on him too, thus, I would also miss out on his idle if I decide to play him. It's not just wigfrid who would benefit.
  7. A player reached out to me requesting to be unbanned on my hosted games. I tried to do so by clicking on his name and it displayed another player I had banned. It does this with most of my bans. When I click on different names, the same 3-4 names will be displayed every time and it won't work. The red marking in the picture above indicates what i've clicked. This is what is displayed. It does not match up with the corresponding name. I have either near or over 50 bans but I'm not sure if the number of bans influences this bug. I don't think it's supposed to be this way but I won't be sounding alarms to request to have it fixed either. Just bringing this to light.
  8. I don't code. It's also an animation. I don't think I'm a bad artist, but I don't have the programs to create animations. It's an idea. We have emotes where you type in a / command. I don't know if you know about those. Try /happy and your character will smile and raise their fists in the air. You're welcome for the lesson. But also, pay some spools, and you can get access to emotes such as /chicken which makes your character perform a chicken dance. I'll assume you didn't know about this either, so you're welcome for that info too. So if even emote animations can be purchased in a sense, why not idles? Also, would be a good opportunity to give characters such as Willow and Woodie, Characters who will only use their idle animations with items they will comparatively rarely carry in lieu of items such as a walking sticks or lazy explorers, they would have something cool to have instead of what they have already when itemless. So... @Well-met despite my lack of passion towards wigfrid's idle, there's some good reasons to have weavable idles for characters who may be missing some when not carrying signature items. You also have wurt mains who wish she had something more than just a rub of the horns. Take it as you will. This isn't a bribe. It's dismissive that you would say that. What, so all the skinpacks I've bought are bribes too? Please.
  9. I don't like wigfrid's idle and I will pay big dollars to have an alternative. I'll even pay $100 on a marketplace listing if this option were available. I don't know how difficult this would be to implement into the game, but just to let the animators and devs know, I'm in the market for it. Perhaps a cool idle could be added to other characters with situations idle animations such as woodie and willow with the two of them requiring a specific item to activate their idle replacing them with a itemless/non specific idle with something else. If this were implemented, I'd expect certain idles to be toggled too. Because if Wigfrid had a badass idle available to be woven or purchased and I saw her bow, I would scream.
  10. Yeah, either a cure or a way for plants to germinate or be crafted in the new landscaping tab. I want more berry bushes in my world and it would be a solution to disease as well if germination were also added. I mean, berries have seeds, grass have roots and saplings have seeds too in any reasonable environment. Would be nice to have a method of multiplication when it comes to plants and that in and of itself is one solution to disease. Don't mind the haters, op.
  11. Yeah, whatever. I'd be open to that. If it takes a lureplant to acquire one, so be it. The way I see it, this is quickly becoming a game where teamwork can take place from opposite ends of the map and a root trunk is a good way to facilitate that. Especially if klei will decide to add more islands. It's incredibly easy to find yourself on an island doing a whole 10 minute trip back to where you started because maybe, you forgot some flint or a gem. Having a structure that takes advantage of being on a team is basically the aim of the game. Don't starve together.
  12. When it comes to combat, the first thing that will come to most people's mind is pvp. Dst does not have a combat system suited to that. For pve, it certainly works for what the game is. This isn't a fighting game. You could play any version of don't starve and never fight in order to survive indefinitely in the world. It's a very barebones system and once any player get over the wall of intimidation they reserve for themselves, it's simple. What's punishing about don't starve but less punishing in don't starve together is how death affects you. That's probably what gave combat a lot of it's weight. You slip up in don't starve and your entire world is just gone. No 120 second timer, no life giving amulet bailing you out, you're just dead. Playing together, it's easy to step back and see what combat basically is in the game. Hit and run. That isn't to say that it's boring. You have the fuelweaver fight that demands use from a lot of tools if you want to undertake it yourself. If you want to kill klaus hitless or without damage as quickly as possible, you have to have speed augmentation available and it becomes a different sort of hit and run. A lot more engaging. And as other characters, fighting is different. You have wortox who can do soul tricks, willow with bernie, and my personal favorite, woodie's moose. Each charge has to be calculated enough where you won't be running into danger. Against crowds, fighting is also crisis management. things can tend to get out of hand and your basic hit and run won't always work because in some situations, getting a hit in means getting hit 10 times yourself so you need to figure out how to succeed in that or just retreat. It depends on how you look at it. For the most part, dst's combat works well for what it needs to do, but for pvp, it just doesn't work or prove which player is the better one. I would totally be in favor of a different game mode catered to pvp with emphasis on proper spread out hitboxes when throwing out moves, a dodge mechanic perhaps, keybinds, blocking etc. But even then, it would probably require a totally different team separate from klei. I won't give the cookie cutter answer that's the trend with people on this forum where they say "I'd rather klei just work on dst update, wah wah wah." But the sentiment isn't lost on me. Klei's staff probably have other things on their plate than worrying about the combat in the context of pvp, but again, if it's feasible, having a different team work on a new pvp game mode would be pretty nice to have.
  13. I don't understand why they didn't port the chests. In a game about teamwork, a root trunk would be an even better addition on dst. At spawn, sometimes you can't help but die. It happens, but you join a game in winter or spring (don't ever join in summer. Your very existence in summer in and of itself is griefing) you're prone to freezing or being rained on to death. What better way to welcome a newcomer when you're busy doing a job than to give them a fighting chance. Picking them up from spawn each and every time is too much to ask. Root trunk transporting light at least is enough to do that. There isn't a guarantee to find grass and twigs. ESPECIALLY in winter.