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  1. steering upgrades would make sailing feel less cumbersome. i'm for the concept but idk about your method, op
  2. i am strongly in favor of this and it's a clever way implement catcoon dens. otherwise, the rest of the suggestions don't fly with me.
  3. if it were a warly only skill, 100% it should be in the game. but even so, meat is so abundant the more experienced you become. give it some time. the more u learn. the more meat you'll obtain
  4. Small issue is that if you count hits, you could kill the deer when klaus is almost dead during phase 2. what would be the criteria of enraged klaus? killing deer before phase 1 ends?
  5. This is really good. If this suggestion is to be taken seriously, I'd also like a wood version of this. The whole concept is similar to a suggestion i made a while ago
  6. Refer to title. Health mod on but switched off to see if it were a mod issue, nothing changes. Shortly after to immediately after destroying the meat plant, I will lose connection to the "server" (Hosted game on my own PC, non dedicated) 2nd year autumn, sanity below 20 with wigfrid if that info helps.
  7. Be that as it may, an overwhelming majority of her quotes, mannerisms, playstyle and general look reflects on norse mythology. Abandoning easter eggs in her quotes that reference her past career in the performance arts would be a waste, but on the other side of the coin, leaning into the the performing arts would betray her character as it stands and functions. Not to mention, when it comes to OP's suggestion to improve her efficiency when performing chores through her method acting would serve to be redundant. We already have Maxwell, Woodie, Wurt and Warly who already function as worker bees. What I would find more suitable to her character would be more weapon and armor crafts if we don't manage to see an enhancement of combat abilities
  8. Characters in the constant are rarely what they are in the real world. Wickerbottom can't truly summon lightning, grow crops and put living creatures to sleep when reading a book outside of the constant. In function, Wickerbottom is basically a witch. On paper, her occupation is a librarian. Wilson isn't actually a qualified scientist in the real world but he presented as such in the constant. Wendy couldn't dream to kill spiders with summoner magic outside of the constant but lo and behold, she does this in the constant. She is a summoner mage. Wigfrid being a method actor is just that; a title and a job she had in her past. For what it's worth, everything Wigfrid is in the constant reflects a background of being a functioning valkyrie. In norse mythology, Wigfrid is an excellent example of what a valkyrie is. Chooses the slain and draws power from those she sends to valhalla. As a Wigfrid player primarily, I would feel especially slighted if they backpedaled on the norse mythology angle she represents. I also can't imagine she would keep her weakness of eating meat full time if they embraced the actress angle which is a large part of her playstyle. I strongly disagree with embracing the method actor part of her rather than doubling down on the norse mythology.
  9. I personally dislike the aspect of Wigfrid as a method actor in future reworks and considerations. I would double down on the valkyrie background she has. She's not a worker, she's not a farmer, she's a fighter. No matter how inferior to Wolfgang she may be in raw damage. I truly don't think there's much day to day she can do that isn't being done already by other characters when taken out of the context of combat. One thing I would add to Wigfrid is an intimidating scream that scrambles mobs like pigs, bunnymen, grumble bees, bees, merms, larvae etc so they run around aimlessly so she can pick them off one by one and be safe or do be a refreshing asset to a boss raid or help her do solo raid fights more reasonably. It's not the only feature i'd want in her rework, but it would be a start
  10. So anyway, a refining machine would be a great addition to the game for large jobs and quality of life in megabases especially. I'm behind this 100%
  11. I had an idea for bridges/piers a few months ago that seemed popular in this section of the forum. Take a look. If implemented, it could also apply to the caves too
  12. I don't think Winona is a good enough solution to refining. The time you spend on building your celestial idol, switching character and switching back just to make some boards is too tedious than what it's worth. I hope your idea pops, Arubaro, because it's too much of a pain to spend days refining rope and boards. I had an idea for a green moonlens structure that when standing next to it, refines exactly one entire stack of whatever you're carrying that can be refined. E.G: When you're holding 40 wood, it instantly refines to 10 boards.