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  1. is that how it works? i've genned worlds with seeds but set pieces weren't always consistent. not even wormhoels'
  2. this is an extremely valuable suggestion as I have pig villages around mctusk. It would add to the decor. I'd also love faux pig guards/captains around pig king with the year of the pig king hat i wouldn't need to replace every so often.
  3. I don't want hamlet house skin because i just want hamlet house eventually. Yes. I think so too. or at least colored flannel tops. And with the thatched houses, layer them up with coats.
  4. Just do it. Do it. It's the right thing to do. Let us mount and tame it. Have specific places to moor it similar in function to a salt lick, feed it kelp. That's fine. If it eats nothing else but kelp, so be it. Or fish. I don't care. Even if it can't really go on land, that's fine. It's not a beefalo anyway. Have it function so you hop off the gator when you get too close to land and when it bucks you off, well, the punishment should be straightforward; You die.
  5. will this mean boats will always be loaded? I can't help but imagine that this will become an issue of performance
  6. i was going to say shanty, but that's major. i saw pogs mentioned in this thread, so pogs. they're so cute and if introduced, hopefully they can be penned as not to grief your chests.
  7. I prefer the new design, but in principal, I don't agree with the change. People would have that skin in their builds that rely on the endtable skin looking like it has since the day it was released and make it look out of place relative to what they were building. Not into changes like this. It wouldn't of hurt to simply release a new skin to purchase or weave in addition to what we already had. For the record, I like the redesign but super not into the premise of it and i hope it doesn't reoccur with other skins.
  8. I put spiders in a backpack on the floor and burned it. when the backpack was destroyed, the spiders emerged and went back to their house. instead of entering, they're stuck in the entry animation looped but they won't go back home. I think I pocketed them when the nest was at stage 3, the queen spawned leaving a stage 1 nest, put them in a backpack, burned backpack and they went back. idk .
  9. I feel like i'm cheating when I switch off wildfires, but honestly they exist literally just to give you worry and stress. If you put out a smolder, that's well and good but usually when the fire is taking place, it's too late. Having said all this, It does feel like i'm robbing the game when I do have it switched off. It's an OG challenge, but I'd like to see ways of more sensible fire fighting than living like a gremlin in your base, being locked in the oasis or living below ground like a germ. Give us more generous methods of fire fighting. A luxury fan clone that does less for temperature and more for extinguishing. That's a start. Or just scrapping the fireproofing of fireproof falsetto and just designating it to be a fire extinguishing machine.
  10. Dst is a type of game that makes do with a modest GPU, but there are factors in a high day count world that slows down gameplay, creates lag and makes shard transitions take excessively long such as entity counts, structures, items in loaded areas that can't really be solved that reliably. I've heard that it's a cpu intensive game along with other indie titles. What are pc or laptop part preferences when running dst? I have a sinister motive for starting this thread as I'm looking to build a pc when my finances are rock steady, but in the meantime, I'll probably need a laptop for day to day and if I can find something bang for buck that can run dst seamlessly in high daycounts, that ticks off an important box.
  11. I like this. I love the idea of Wigfrid paralyzing foes. That's actually so gangster dude. I don't mind this one either. This is pretty gangster too. I'll be objective for a second though, you have too many suggestions on one single thread. Break it down piece by piece. I enjoy a few of your ideas, but some of them seem too powerful and things I don't agree with. This leads to people simply dismissing every single one of your suggestions because they don't like some things you've said. One suggestion at a time for your next thread. Because I don't think any one person is going to agree with every suggestion you've made.
  12. i've advocated for this since day 1. Shot down hard by the forum monsters. Hopefully the hype has made way for common sense. Boss fights are too small a part of the game to merit a wigfrid power exclusively for them. Especially given the fact she does quite well against them without songs. Against mobs, she's hit and miss, more often miss compared to the other characters. Wendy fights armies, Woodie fights armies, Willow fights armies and Wolfgang by default fights armies. All also good at boss fights. As you said, why shouldn't Wigfrid get creative ways for fight armies too? Especially with regards to the one use songs like the tomato song and the song that scares mobs? Almost unneeded songs for team boss fights. Would function better against mobs.