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  1. I'm seeing a lot of complaints against the right click attacks on this thread, but OP has gotten a lot of good reactions in the form of hearts and potato cups. I like it a lot. Boss fights are a big grind fest and execution marathon. It's REALLY not the hardest thing to remember a boss's kite pattern. Anyone can do it, but not everyone gets it right 100% of the time. I've only done a hitless dragonfly once with willow. I've fought dragonfly 100 times since then and despite frequently picking damage boosting characters that complete the battle faster than willow, I keep getting hit. A right click attack could probably add depth to fights rather than making them a tedious version of a big mob. I truly believe that Wigfrid's single use songs failed terribly in practice. They're all awful attempts of what OP is proposing. Right click alt attacks would be a great addition to the game, not to mention alternative use for them outside of battle. The burst or whatever could be regulated by the hunger bar. E.G. Wigfrid gets a dash with her battle spear, It consumes 25 hunger. I don't know. Something like that. I think what would be cool is Willow getting a right click for her lighter. Kind of like that object Ron got from dumbledore that takes light from lampshades. Have that be used to consume fires. Could be used to grief, I acknowledge, but it's just a thought and I think it's a cool one.
  2. Spring start doesn't spawn moose goose, does it?
  3. I disagree with most everything you have said. I don't know exactly who you play with, but coordinating strangers to fight a boss is never always easy. Your opinion is one of a burning passion to get your way no matter what and there is literally no argument I could make to change your mind. Your mind is made up regardless of anything anyone will say. Bosses get easier when you fight them. It's logical. You hunt anything be it IRL or in most other games with a group and the endeavour gets easier. A couple of your arguments are made by assuming logic is thrown out of the window because "It's just a game" That statement means that in your head, you have already won every single scenario. I'm sorry, but no. If I have difficulty with a boss or just don't want it to be a time or resource sink, I will call a friend or attempt to make one on pubs to make the fight easier. I have also soloed every single boss in this game and I don't want to make things more difficult by doing the very thing I do now to make boss fights easier. But of course, you have won the argument already and I have lost. Congratulations.
  4. Hound teeth craft that he eats and mitigates the curse. My homies and I hate hound teeth pollution.
  5. Bump. Yeah, no thanks. They did this in terraria on servers and it basically just manured the bed. You have servers on terraria that were most popular having the most co-current players on at one time each doing their own thing and when someone summoned a moon lord, some person chopping trees, mining or swimming in the ocean would count for a HP boost for moonlord all the while not even being involved in a fight. Nah, boss scaling can go F-O. Don't want it, Don't need it. I believe everyone can do anything in this game if practice is exercised.
  6. Shark might almost be beneficial. Their fish drop yield is very reliable if you're prepped.
  7. You might be in the wrong place and hopefully a mod doesn't just delete it, but your problem seems to hit close to home for me too. It takes longer and longer for me to load my worlds. I'm at day 8300+ at the moment. What day are you?
  8. add them klei. add em. you must add them. it's a crime not to have them in game.
  9. This snippet captures their personalities towards a teddy bear perfectly. And also Wortox is very excited.
  10. I call it garden punk. We don't eat tillweeds, we burn em. Anarchist. Eat all the meat. Stick it to the man, and then eat him. The only greens are the ones we wear.
  11. I'm happy for having a lighthouse skin, but I think a lighthouse skin should have been for winona's spotlight.
  12. will this mean boats will always be loaded? I can't help but imagine that this will become an issue of performance