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Questions that don't deserve their own thread.

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Hello Klei- Can the Next new Curio Cabinet Mini-Game that is added to DST please be Wack-a-Moleworm? <3 


We could have Moleworms we need to wack, and uh erm, Something else that if we accidentally wack instead of Moleworm we lose points.


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20 hours ago, NSAiswatchingus said:

After giving the Cracked Pearl to Pearl, why does she keep sending messages in a bottle? 

She's not actually sending the messages to us, the player. She's sending them to the Crab King, who I bet never reads them, the jerk.

But yeah, pretty sure the untold lore is that Crab King and Pearl were once together, and Crab King went off to the ocean, messed with some Lunar magic and became what he is now.

20 hours ago, KeshS said:

Is potato cup more of a cup or a potato?

Edit: this thread sure misses a thinking emoji.

Let's learn our history, people, this is important. *taps the blackboard with one of those presentation sticks*


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Okay back to the questions! 

Is it possible that DS/DST could be merged into one game & that by doing that Players can full access their DST skins to use in the single player portions of the game & also simultaneously at the same exact time be able to also earn new skins while playing single player? (but obviously with an always established internet connection required to access them to avoid “Exploits.”)

Also is it possible that by doing this that they can update the Shipwrecked & Hamlet expansions to support Two-Player Split-Screen or Online play? (when I’ve always campaigned for these expansions to be compatible with DST it has NEVER been about having full on 100% DST Multiplayer with 6+ players...That would be incredibly broken...) 2 player co-op or Split Screen would be more than enough :) 

I would just like to simply be able to play that content with my Dad or my Best Friend- Without having to choose between playing Alone by myself in Single Player, or choosing not to have access to Shipwrecked & Hamlet content & play Multiplayer with them.

Something that through a Mod PC players can already enjoy (and although that content is not official & is buggy..) it makes me sad that the only way us console players are ever going to be able to enjoy that is if Klei decides to adapt those mods as official free content.

But by doing that it raises another question “If” certain mods were ever adapted into official content, (and that’s a HUGE “If”) Would the content of those mods now become Klei’s property- and Klei (not the original mod creators) Would then from that point forward have to keep the content of those mods up to date with the rest of their game updates?

Two more questions then I’m Done.. (sorry)

completely unrelated to all of the Above questions but very relevant to the Future of DST- When playing as Maxwell and while examining a Redbird his quote for them exclaims that “They come from the Firelands.” What does that even mean??
Is there some unexplored literal “fire” land out there somewhere that I suppose that now that we have boats and a means of sailing we could (at least in theory) end up traveling to?

Finally- With Lunar Island in the game it had its very own unique to that area mobs as well as it’s very own “Lunacy Effect” that players only encounter when on/around the island...does this mean that it is possible that we will see future themed islands in further return of them updates like this with their own “Effects” like Lunacy?


I told you guys I was thinking about the very very far off not likely to happen until at least 2022 future for this game franchise, and where I’d like to see it go, maybe this post will give a brief example into that, or perhaps not.. 

Either Way the thread is about asking questions and while I realistically don’t expect ANY of these questions to be answered... I’m still going to ask them.

We have a golden opportunity with this threads existence to ask any questions we want about the game/ DS Franchise, come on you guys get creative! ;) 

Disclaimer: Though don't realistically expect anyone, anyone at all, Dev or not to answer the questions you ask.


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43 minutes ago, Mike23Ua said:

Would the content of those mods now become Klei’s property-

If I remember correctly, Klei already has the property rights to every mod uploaded on the DST Steam Workshop. I would have to recheck though.

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3 minutes ago, thegreatJash said:

Are people actually reading these?

This question is not related to the game therefore it is forfeited ;) 

However- I will now ask a question that’s bothered me for a long time.. what does the “Rescue Me” button do in Server options?

To me it doesn’t appear to do anything at all but what it SHOULD do is Reposition my character a few tiles over so if I had limited movement (like for example some jerk traps me inside a bone cage at the portal) I can hit “Rescue Me” and the game after a few seconds of standing completely still will move me to a more viable location.

Yes... yes I’m totally stealing this idea from State of Decay 2 and how you can reposition yourself/you vehicles should you get stuck and unable to move... 

But game companies politely burrow ideas from other companies games left and right all over the place- This is something that it SHOULD DO....

But it does not answer my question of what does it CURRENTLY Do? 


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25 minutes ago, Mike23Ua said:

“Rescue Me”

From what I can remember, before any RoT updates showed up and the water was no man's land, you could glitch into it in a variety of ways, and the "Rescue Me" option took you out of the water and put you on the closest land. It probably also works when you aren't stuck in the water, too :D

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Why doesn't Webber have 2 favorite foods (one for each of his 2 halves)

Where can I buy a crockpot like Warlys

Why is it that when I'm mapping out the map, I always end up at the spooky swamp when nights almost here?

Why does it take me until day 20 to build the shadow manipulater but I had the alchemy machine by day 1

Why can't we shave Wilson's beard one level at a time and keep that handsome stubble:wilson_bearded:

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27 minutes ago, Brago-sama said:

Why does it take me until day 20 to build the shadow manipulater but I had the alchemy machine by day 1

The rabbits.... it's the god damn rabbits. You always have the stuff to build a shadow manipulator, but never the four god damn rabbits for the hat machine.

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14 hours ago, NotRatty said:

Where is base?

Welp I think we've reached the peak here



Side note why is wurt the only merm who doesn't take care of her pets.

And while we're asking questions why on a island of eldritch abominations and sentient animals is the most unsettling thing a shapeshifting bear.

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